A fragment of the Garden of Remembering

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Apheori's game: D&D campaign set (mostly) in the universe of Arling Tor. Concerns the appearance and proliferation of holes opening up between universes for unknown reasons, and some sort of grand quest in the midst of this to possibly resolve the situation, or at least not go insane after dealing with an overabundance of idiots getting in the way at every possible opportunity.


Player characters:

  • The Gravedigger (Frezak): Very large individual. Digs graves and buries things. Will someday bury a house.
  • Radek J. Fulvius (Ganelon): A mad engineer. Very, very smart. And cranky. And engineery.
  • Rhu Patrick Doughtery: (Gaurav) Token idiot religious zealot. Worships a god of dead ends.
  • Greibel (Bear Soup Guy/Rob): Stoner druid. Sees things that are there.
  • Amadi (Ellemerr): Insane bard who will just as soon give you snacks as scream at you. Also apparently a god fragment.

Former characters:

  • Aziraphale: (Wen) Uptight paladin of order who went mad and fell in a hole and became a god.

Everything else is an NPC, though some NPCs may wind up controlled by players at times for various reasons, including DM laziness.


Now broken into arbitrary parts with labels. These all really, really need to be formatted and catalogued.

Part 1: Sarathi, the broken world

The party goes to investigate the broken world Sarathi and they encounter complete insanity as the laws of physics dissolve around them.

Part 2: The wrong planet

Part 3: Arah, city of golden light

Part 4: The zombie times

Part 5: Directionless

Other stuff

Non-session chunks

Full dump