Holes/Session 17

A fragment of the Garden of Remembering

Apheori (GM) whistles.
Ganelon: Someone move the sphinx to the map layer so that we may finally be rid of it!
Frezak (GM): I could bury it in the void!
Apheori (GM): The villain of this campaign is the sphinx, isn't it?
How did this happen?
Bear Soup Guy: Cats are evil
Ganelon: A long campaign of casual oppression.
Frezak (GM): By it being consistently harmful.
Ganelon: I never want to own a cat.
But I'll gladly exploit my neighbours' ownership of cats and play with the friendly ones.
Apheori (GM): I guess that works.
Are we missing Gaarav?
Ganelon: I don't see his name. 'Course, that doesn't always mean something.
Apheori (GM): Should we go without him?
Frezak (GM): Don't we need our godsworn?
Since that was a requirement when assembling this band of neer-do-wells?
Apheori (GM): Well, maybe.
Ganelon: Hazz did help us with the whole language barrier thing.
Frezak (GM): We don't know that.
We know that we got language, and that Rhu said it was Hazz.
Gravy could have said that he rubbed magic dirt on people to do it.
Gaurav: It was Hazz.
Frezak (GM): And the only difference would be bluff checks.
Gaurav: Everything is Hazz if you think aobut it long enough.
Apheori (GM): But he didn't say that.
Gaurav: or him. Or Him. I don't really know.
Apheori (GM): Everything is Hazz, indeed.
Ganelon: Maybe Radek has just been casting that ritual on everyone at night.
Gaurav: haha
hence the late nights
I kind of thought the people in the town spoke whatever we speak, unlike the people in the village.
It wasn't Hazz though.
It happened around the porridge?
Apheori (GM): Why would Radek deceive you all into thinking gods did it?
Gaurav: NO wait it was Hazz! We went back to the bar and got drunk. That's when it happened. That was right after we lost Azariphale.
Well, misplaced.
Ganelon: Gone like airport luggage.
Gaurav: He'll be back. Rhu has faith.
Apheori (GM): Misplaced your paladin? Get a replacement as Bob's Luggage Emporium!
Ganelon: "Sorry, our paladin stock's pretty low at the moment. You could try digging around, I guess, but be careful - they don't all serve Good gods."
Gaurav: What is more useful, a stick-up-their-ass by-the-rules doer of goody-too-shoes magic or a nice well-made valise?
Frezak (GM): We need a Paladin of Hoar.
Ganelon: Every campaign needs a Paladin of Hoar.
Apheori (GM): Hoar?
Gaurav: "Hoar Construction is a privately held heavy construction company specializing in commercial and industrial buildings, health care, and retail construction"
Apheori (GM): Sounds like ikipedia.
Gaurav: I don't get the reference. Maybe you need to be from Birmingham.
Apheori (GM): w
Ganelon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoar_%28Forgotten_Realms%29
This Hoar.
Apheori (GM): What's it god of?
Ganelon: God of... justice?
Apheori (GM): Oh.
Bear Soup Guy: Sounds like a charming fellow...
Ganelon: He's real big on giving people what they deserve.
Gaurav: Poetic justice, it says.
Apheori (GM): Also y'all just picked up a box of danger, you're headed to a college, and stuff.
Ganelon: Following the spirit of the law and not the letter.
Apheori (GM): Spirit takes too much thinking.
Frezak (GM): We can't go.
We have no world.
Ganelon: He's a god. He's got the time.
Apheori (GM): He'd probably kill himself atthe sight of wikipedia.
Frezak (GM): We need a GM to tell us what the world is.
Rhu asks Dave what the deal was with the priest back there
Apheori (GM): You're in a street. Rhu is chatting up Dave.
Amadi is currently not around.
Gaurav: It's Coffle, the seat of Deslan. There are policemen everywhere.
Apheori (GM): There is a sphinx sitting in front of the Gravedigger.
Random passersby are passing you by.
Guards are standing around.
There are uninteresting buildings.
Gaurav: There's no such thing. Except in Singapore.
Apheori (GM): You were headed in a direction.
Ganelon: Radek is having some small difficulties carrying both his shielding artifact and box of explosives, but damnit, none of you are taking either away from him.
Gaurav: Are Dave and the Mouseforged still on the disk? Carrying heavy things is what it's for, after all.
Frezak (GM): I will carry Radek, then.
Ganelon: Dave is not heavy.
Dave makes some excuse at Rhu and then hastily offers to help Radek.
Radek: Absolutely not!
Can't trust any of you with something this important.
Dave: You trust them with you.
The Gravedigger: That hurts, man.
Dave: And if there is no you, would anything be important anymore?
Gaurav: I don't think I did so earlier, so I'm going to roll a religion check to see what I know about the priests of Kyrule.
rolling 1d20+8 religion check, priests of Kyrule
Apheori (GM): You don't know anything.
Except what you saw.
Ellemerr: Hah.
Gaurav: Just practicing rolling 20s.
Rhu: (to Griebel) Do you still have any of that mushroom I nibbled on right before I led you all to a powerful portal with tentacles in it?
Radek: That depends on whether I have the potential to fix the universe or not.
Greibel grins widely
Ganelon: Obviously not a response to Rhu.
Dave: Do you?
Greibel pulls out a handful of mushroom
Dave takes one.
The sphinx stares at Gravy.
Radek: We won't know until I succeed now, will we?
Rhu: (to Dave) That's ... dangerous stuff. I don't think you should try it, given your propensity to fly into walls and die and whatnot.
Radek: Also, I can't recommend that you eat that.
Dave: Why?
What would happen?
Rhu: (to Greibel) Do you know what it is? You tried some, but you didn't go all ... you know ... crazy.
Radek: The last time Rhu did, he brought the cat back with him.
The Gravedigger: Rhu, I think Greibel is just crazy anyways.
No offense, Greibel.
Dave looks at the sphinx.
Rhu: (to Dave) Well, I went mad and led everybody to a Hole with tentacles on the other end, which lead to a beach and then a darkness and then a city of the dead? I stood face to face with my Lord Hazz'ridan, but I also brought a sphinx back, so I figure it evens out.
Dave looks at the mushroom.
Greibel: It's a hallucinogen. I (glances at Gravy)... I'm just more accustomed to these sorts of things.
Dave plops it into her mouth.
Rhu steps away from Dave
Amadi: So was the good thing seeing ol' Hazz, or getting the sphinx back?
The Gravedigger: Oh dear.
Amadi falls into step beside Rhu.
Rhu: (to Greibel) Hallucinogens don't usually compel you to find a Hole, though.
Dave picks up the sphinx.
Greibel: Well...the good ones do!
Greibel laughs too loudly
Rhu: Huh.
Dave: Would you know? Do you try them often?
I certainly don't know. Never tried a sky before.
Is it supposed to swirl?
The Gravedigger sighs.
The Gravedigger: I'll just... uh.... head on to the college...
Greibel: If the sky is swirling, then yes, it's supposed to swirl.
Rhu: Where I grew up, it .. wasn't hard to help yourself to medicines that you maybe shouldn't have had. I gave up when I left, though.
Radek: Yes, please. Take us to the college.
Dave: The the current situation defines the intent?
Rhu: (to Amadi) Seeing my Lord in all his glory, definitely. Wasn't expecting the tentacles, though.
Amadi: You people never do.
Greibel: The current situation defines...the purpose, yes.
Dave pets the sphinx and contents herself to follow on the disk without saying anything further.
Rhu: In the temples I've seen, we usually represent him as a point in space and time. A fixed point. A final ending.
(looks at Dave) Are you seeing colours around people? That's what I saw. That was right before I went mad.
Dave: Of course.
Gaurav: Please feel free to stop me chattering as soon as we get to the college.
Amadi: Did you see the colours before the 'shroom, though?
Dave: They swirl through time and space...
They're blurrier now.
Gaurav: Rhu can talk to crazy ladies all day and all night.
The Gravedigger picks up Radek
Dave: Words are... um.
Rhu: Huh. I didn't see colours until after the mushrooms. (to Greibel) Did you see any colours? Well ... any *more* colours?
Apheori (GM): What kind of college did I say this was?
Y'all approach an ominous-looking tower.
More ominous in that it's horribly ugly than anything else, though.
Gaurav: Does it remind me of any of the towers I saw in/around the City of the Dead?
Apheori (GM): There's a wall around stuff at the base (probably the actual campus).
It's just really ugly.
Well, actually, it might remind you of a fee.
Because ugly.
Gaurav: The only thing we know about the college from the logs is that the policemen referred to it as "the College".
Dave: No, not really.
Apheori (GM): And now you know it either has a really ugly tower, or you got bad directions.
Gaurav: Why did we want to go to the college again?
again -> cos I've forgotten, not "for a second time"
Apheori (GM): Because answers and people who know things!
Amadi walks into and through Dawn and disappears.
Apheori (GM): And magic.
Dave blinks.
Gaurav: Dawn?
If Hazz'ridan doesn't have the answers, any answers these so-called Collegians have must be flawed or wrong or stupid.
Frezak (GM): Dawn.
Apheori (GM): Dave is probably more Dawn than Dave.
(To Gaurav): YOU DOUBT?
Ellemerr: Dave-not-Dave
Rhu: Of course not, my Lord. I just think the answer is to be found in the Holes, or the laboratory, or with that ... thing Radek found. Books might be interesting but this is pretty darn unprecedented, I think.
Unless ... maybe the people from the lab had dealings with the College?
Gaurav: Any time Rhu mentions the lab he talks softly so that only the party can hear him.
Hazz'ridan: Answers will be given to questions never asked.
You will find them, and find their ends.
Frezak (GM): At least he isn't CREEPY
Apheori (GM): Everyone else ignore that. I forgot to whisper.
Gaurav: Answers to questions never asked is what I'm afraid of.
Rhu: Answers to questions never asked is what I'm afraid of.
Rhu nods at thin air.
Rhu: Yes, dead ends. Good.
Rhu motions to the College
Greibel glances at Rhu
Rhu: Should we go in?
Greibel: Sure you didn't take one of these?
Rhu smiles pleasantly at Greibel
Dave: He's talking to his stars.
Rhu: Oh no, I'm fine, thanks. No drugs for me.
Dave: Tentacles?
Singularities don't have...
Rhu: Oh! That. Yes. Sorry. Hazz'ridan The Magnificent wanted a word. He seems to think the College is a good idea. There might be questions there. Or answers. Or both?
(to Dave) See?! That's what *I'm* saying.
Frezak (GM): I'll plod up to the doors.
Actually, Radek should.
Rhu: Take your torches off your horns first.
Apheori (GM): The doors are shut.
There's no sign of anyone around tem.
Frezak (GM): Locked?
Apheori (GM): them
Frezak (GM): Or just closed?
Apheori (GM): Locked.
Rhu: Huh. Is there a passing town guard?
Apheori (GM): They're around, but not by the doors.
Frezak (GM): NO GUARDS?
On fallow ground, no guards will grow.
Gaurav: They must have salted the ground. Bastards.
Rhu walks over to the closest guard. "Excuse me", he says, "but do you know why the College is locked?"
Apheori (GM): The guard shrugs and says, "They do their own thing."
Rhu: (to Guard) Huh. Do you know how we could get their attention?
Guard: Knock?
Rhu: ...
Guard: I don't know.
Rhu: I'll try that then. Thanks, guard!
Rhu knocks on the door
Ganelon: I'm not arguing with this door until I walk through it.
Guard watches worriedly.
Apheori (GM): The door seems almost to buzz as you touch it.
Ganelon: ...Arcane buzzing?
Frezak (GM): BEES?
Ganelon: Or is he about to be engulfed in bees?
Rhu: Um.
This door is buzzing?
Apheori (GM): Gan: Yes.
rolling 1d20+8 religion check to detect a religious cause for the door-buzzing
Apheori (GM): It reminds you of something.
Kiria's wrath.
Ganelon: ...What?
Or who?
Gaurav: What?
Apheori (GM): Reminds Rhu of Kiria's wrath.
Frezak (GM): Angry hornets.
Apheori (GM): Gan: You should check it out.
Ganelon: Sure thing.
rolling 1d20+11
Gaurav kind of shrugs confusedly at the door
Gaurav: Sorry, Rhu
Apheori (GM): Gan: It's definitely magic. Some sort of puzzle lock.
Frezak (GM): BOMBS
Rhu: Maybe we should try spiders again? It worked pretty well the last time we were up against a locked door.
Ganelon: A puzzle, huh
Is there anything on the door itself that could be manipulated to solve said puzzle?
Bear Soup Guy: Redstone!
Apheori (GM): Well, the door is buzzing.
Rhu: If this is like any college I've ever been too, there'll be undergrads in the closest bar who could let us in?
Frezak (GM): I have shovels, no picks.
Despite picks being an invaluable digging instrument
Gaurav: Actually, nix that last. Rhu's never been to college.
Ganelon: Does it buzz differently at different points on the door's surface?
Apheori (GM): It's the heaviest in the centre, less so away from it.
(To Greibel): It's covered in bees.
Greibel: O_O
Greibel runs around flailing
Radek: Shut up!
This is some sort of puzzle.
Gaurav: Can you tell us more about the Wrath of Kiria?
Ganelon: Either the wrath or Kiria would be appreciated, yes.
Dave: (Still sitting on the mouseforged and not really paying a whole lot of attention to anything) Beees.
Frezak (GM): Kiria's domain is Angry Hornets.
Greibel: Some kind of hymenoptera puzzle
Frezak (GM): I tihnk bees are are a consequence of a puzzle, not a part of it.
Smearing the doors with honey and/or pollen is unlikely to open it.
Bear Soup Guy: Of course not. If you smeared the door with the honey they'd stay right where they are!
Rhu: (shouts over the wall) OY! ANYBODY IN THERE?
Frezak (GM): And then they'd be trapped!
Frezak (GM): And we could open the door in safety!
Greibel: AND BEES!
Rhu: Greibel: can you speak ... bee?
Bear Soup Guy: CAN I SPEAK BEE?
Rhu: You can speak in the tongue of many living things. Perhaps you can calm the door down?
Apheori (GM): Roll nature to speak bee.
Bear Soup Guy: What a lovely sentence
rolling 1d20+12 bee speak
Gaurav: That IS a beautiful sentence.
Apheori (GM): You listen to the bees and discover that they're not supposed to be there, not actually there, and don't want to be there.
Bear Soup Guy: Can I help them to get away?
Ganelon: Might as well ask.
Gaurav: Guys, I know we reanimated a broken mouse soul in the body of a golem, but I think negotiating with guard bees might now be the coolest thing we've done in this campaign.
Frezak (GM): Greibel is gonna steal the show.
I have to do something cooler than useing grapnels to hunt deerbeast from a flying car, now.
Bzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzz
Gaurav: Frezak: you did charge a sphinx with torches tied to your horns
Ganelon: We've all had our moments.
Rhu stares at a buzzing Greibel, surprised, confused and impressed
Apheori (GM): The door buzzes louder, confused, but it doesn't really seem to understand that there is something outside talking to it.
Greibel: I forgot something
Bees don't really talk
Rhu: They can dane
Greibel: Yes, quite gracefully at that
Radek: Would you like me to blast the thing off its hinges?
Greibel: I don't think they're going to give us much trouble
Frezak (GM): I could... uh... shout at it?
Greibel: Somehow I think blowing up a public college door in the middle of town would attract some unwanted attention
Rhu: It's clearly not public, but that might make it worse.
Maybe it's a College of Trappist Monks?
Frezak (GM): And this place IS full of guards.
Radek: Hrmph.
Rhu: They do not speak. They only buzz.
Frezak (GM): Have we knocked?
Greibel: Trappists have beer.
We must find out!
Rhu: This ... isn't a high wall. Maybe we could go over? Or go back and get CAR?
CAR is going to run out of power at some point, though.
But it could get us straight up to that tower, should that be desirable. It'll probably scare that guard army they have, though.
Also, there were philosophers around? Maybe they know how to get into the college?
Amadi pops up as on cue.
Ellemerr: (I had a phone call. >.> )
Greibel buzzes at Amadi
Amadi buzzes back.
Greibel smiles
Greibel: It's okay, she's not a bee illusion!
Dave slides off the disk and lies on the ground.
Rhu: Can bees create illusions? That would be pretty creepy.
Greibel: Whatever put them in that door might be able to
Amadi: Bees can be pretty amazing. Are there bees?
Greibel points to the door
Rhu looks down at Dave -- "are you okay?"
Amadi: Is there honey?
Greibel: Maybe! Inside the door.
Amadi looks at the door, cocks her head to one side and steps forth. Then, after only the tiniest of hesitation, she licks the door.
Rhu: Where there are bees, there must be honey. It's only natural. Although these might be angry hornets?
Greibel: Nah it's cool. They're bees.
Amadi: Deh ang'iest. Mm, 'dis good.
Dave: You were right.
Amadi steps away from the door.
Amadi: I'm never right.
Dave: Was not as right as you were.
Amadi: Well, neither of us are.
Dave: Full of bees.
Rhu: Hey, do you know anything about the Wrath of Kiria, do you?
Amadi: Sure. It hurts.
Rhu: Is there ... can we ... (motions at the door and the tower)
If this isn't getting anywhere, I propose we head back to town adn get lunch.
(From Ellemerr): Should I help?
Amadi: Lunch is good!
(To Ellemerr): With what?
(From Ellemerr): The door, dear.
(From Ellemerr): Or do you want them to... something. I dunno.
Gaurav: Gan? Frezak? Any ideas?
Ganelon: I don't know how to negotiate with bees.
I could try picking the lock, maybe, but there's guards around.
Frezak (GM): Did we knock?
Ellemerr: Do they seem to care?
(To Amadi): Oh.
Ganelon: I think we knocked.
Gaurav: I knocked. That's when I noticed the door was buzzing.
Ganelon: And I think they care.
(To Ellemerr): You can totally open it, yell "AGH! BEES!" and pull out a beehive. And then throw it in the nearest garbage bin.
Bear Soup Guy: Well that last guard didn't seem to care much
Gaurav: Maybe we could do some kind of demonstration of magic? One idea would be to come back with CAR, but maybe something wizz-bangy to attract their attention?
Frezak (GM): I'll give the door a Gravy pounding.
Amadi looks hungrily at the door.
(To Amadi): Unfortunately Dave is way too stoned to do anything like that at the moment.
(To Ellemerr): Which is kind of sad because she'd have to be a bit stoned to do it in the first place.
(From Ellemerr): Heh...
(To Ellemerr): That would be right out of Invader Zim.
(From Ellemerr): I'll let Frezak punch it first. I don't want to just do things for them. Not if they seem to have ideas of their own.
(To Ellemerr): Excellent.
Apheori (GM): You punch the door?
Rhu: That might piss off the bees, but I don't suppose we have any alternatives.
I wonder if the underground lab connects to the college in any way.
Amadi: There's always alternatives.
Frezak (GM): Well, I pound on it.
Ganelon: I'll keep my distance.
Apheori (GM): Roll a pound.
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20+5
Why the hells do I NEVER ROLL STR.
Gaurav: You need to stop trying to hit things and just try to sit on them instead.
Apheori (GM): You pound the door noisily and some dust flakes down.
Amadi catches some of the dust on her tongue.
Amadi: Mmm...
Apheori (GM): The sphinx is sitting on Dave's head.
Like that?
It tastes like honey and aspirin.
The dust.
Rhu: Are you ... hungry?
Amadi: This is good snow. Make more!
Gaurav: No response to the pounding?
The Gravedigger: Oh, sod it.
Let's go have lunch.
Amadi pokes Gravy. "Make more! Please?"
Rhu: Maybe we should leave a note?
The Gravedigger looks down at Amadi.
The Gravedigger: Okay, but if someone comes shouting, i'm blaming you.
The Gravedigger turn around and punches the door.
Apheori (GM): Roll again.
Ganelon: We're having dust sandwiches!
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20+5
Ganelon: Great headache relief!
Rhu: You can have the dust sandwiches. I'll wait for something juicier.
Apheori (GM): You here something click as more dust comes down.
Amadi grins.
Amadi: Mead is juicy, right?
Rhu: ... yes?
Frezak (GM): A click?
Are wtalking breaking knuckles?
Ganelon: Clicking. Could be good, or very bad.
Apheori (GM): The door clicked.
Gaurav: Better than a sullen door, whatever it is.
Ganelon: Could I inspect the thing for changes?
Apheori (GM): Do it.
Rhu is rapidly losing interest and looking around for somewhere to get lunch.
Apheori (GM): And roll something.
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20+20
Gravy Investigations
Amadi leans a hand heavily on the door, but stands reluctantly aside to let Radek and Gravy inspect it. She gathers some dust.
Ganelon: Well that's perception.
I'll do Arcana.
rolling 1d20+11
Gaurav: woo!
Ganelon: Niice.
Gaurav: all the magicks
Frezak (GM): My rolls!
It's you!
Apheori (GM): Gravy finds that the door is no longer locked.
Radek finds a beeive.
Rhu turns around
Rhu: Oh hey, you got it open!
Ganelon: I say...
Send in the porridge first.
Apheori (GM): Rhu: You saw a pub on the corner nearby.
Ganelon: It is well suited to combat angry bees.
Gaurav: YES
The Gravedigger: I engineered it.
Apheori (GM): Radek: You are holding a beehive in your hands for some reason.
It is covered in bees.
Rhu returns in a few minutes carrying a greasy meaty sandwhich
Radek remains motionless.
Radek: Someone remove these bees from my hands at once.
Gaurav: Are we going to send in the porridge first? I really want to see the sentence "The porridge investigates."
Bear Soup Guy: XD
Rhu: (to Radek) ... why are you carrying a beehive?
Frezak (GM): I'm sure my shovel can dispatch the hand-walking bees while leaving you unscathed.
Amadi looks hungrily at the sandwich, then takes something that looks sort of like a tap out of... a pocket? And jams it into the door. She produces tea cups from somewhere else and fills them with a golden liquid, handing it out to anyone who'll accept one.
Frezak (GM): I will drink that shit up.
Ganelon: ...Is it sap or honey?
Dave flails a bit from under the sphinx.
Rhu: No thanks, I prefer my food corporeal.
Ellemerr: It should be mead, though probably not the best mead.
Rhu: I might go get another sandwich after this one, it's good! Let me know if I should bring you back one.
Ellemerr: It'll probably taste strangely of wood and painkillers.
Amadi: Please and thank you.
Radek: Allow me to repeat myself.
Someone remove these bees, from my hands, at once.
Amadi picks up the beehive.
The Gravedigger: Don't loot at me.
I'm not a beesman.
Amadi buzzes.
Rhu: Anybody else want sandwiches?
(From Amadi): "Thank you, kind bees, for your sacrifice. 'Tis delicious."
Gaurav: I don't suppose anyone else has notice that we've opened the door?
Amadi: Sandwiches!
Apheori (GM): BEEEES.
Frezak (GM): What, you mean the guards?
They're probably not allowed to guard.
Apheori (GM): The guards are watching surrepticiously.
Gaurav: Guards, anyone outside, anyone inside. I guess we were pretty quiet doing it, but I'm surprised that they were relying on one lock and one beehive.
No dogs, no guard, nobody out in the yard, &c.
Apheori (GM): Have you opened it?
Ellemerr: I've made mead run from it. That's it.
Frezak (GM): Who will make the first step?
Rhu: I will.
To the pub. For more sandwiches. Nobody else?
Rhu returns in a mo' with sandwiches for himself and Amadi
The Gravedigger: I'm good, thanks.
Rhu: Here you go, Mrs. Teatime.
Ganelon: Do bees linger upon my hands?
Bear Soup Guy: That pub has super service
Amadi: Oh, great.
Amadi refills her teacup and has a great lunch.
Gaurav: I guess maybe they were busier when their biggest neighbours didn't lock their door and guard it with bees?
Must be spring break.
(To Rhu): There were other folks there. Did you talk to any about anything?
Apheori (GM): Radke: The bees come off your hands.
Gaurav: I vote Gravy goes first, with Radek after to talk smart if necessary.
(From Gaurav): Naah, just grinned the grin of a man who hasn't had a decent burger in a while but looks forward to one. Unless someone asked Rhu anything, he'd just have nodded and smiled.
Amadi juggles the beehive with her teacup and a bit of the sandwich that she didn't eat.
Ganelon: Oh good.
(To Rhu): Tsk.
Ganelon: I was going to enact a convoluted plan whereby I use my beard to remove them.
(From Gaurav): burgers come first, adventuring a distant second
Ganelon: Thus becoming Beebeard.
Frezak (GM): I do have a meaty shell.
Apheori (GM): Dave has stopped flailing under the sphinx.
Rhu: (to Greibel) Man, you can speak to bees, huh? That is awesome.
Greibel shrugs
Amadi: It'd be better if they ever said something sensible back.
Frezak (GM): Talent!
Greibel: What she said
(From Rhu): my base perception is 22, so if something jumped out at me, I'd've responded?
Amadi: Can't even say "you're welcome" like civilized horses.
Ganelon: I'll make an effort to get the sphinx off of Dave.
Amadi: But their gifts are appreciated nonetheless.
Rhu takes several steps back from Radek and the sphinx
Ganelon: By using my rifle stock as a lever to pry it off of her from a fair distance.
Frezak (GM): Your hands are full, Gan.
With bombs and shields.
Ganelon: And formerly bees, apparently.
Rhu: Amadi: maybe you're NOT welcome? You are stealing their food, after all.
Amadi shrugs.
Ganelon: I'll have to set those things down, then. Very close to me.
Okay, I don't set the artifact down.
Amadi: In that case they aren't complaining like angry hornets.
So either way...
Gaurav: "A fair distance" for a sphinx is, like, on the other side of a decently-sized ocean.
Ganelon: It might protect me from the sphinx.
Apheori (GM): How do grabs work?
As in you're trying to undo a grab with your rifle.
On someone else.
Ganelon: That would be an escape attempt.
So, athletics vs. fortitude or acrobatics vs. reflex.
Apheori (GM): Dave already gave up.
Ganelon: Well, as an outside party...
A bull rush is strength vs. fortitude to push a thing.
Frezak (GM): I can do that.
Rhu puts a hand on his maul
Ganelon: And you can push things out of grabbing distance of their targets, automatically breaking the grab.
Frezak (GM): I don't get racial bonuses to Bull rush, sadly.
Apheori (GM): Strength, then, from the scrawny old man!
Ganelon: Oh boy oh boy
Frezak (GM): I'll sublty assist, if I can.
rolling 1d20-1+1
Apheori (GM): Yeah, that doesn't work.
Ganelon: I could push it off with magic too, but that's trouble.
It would do damage.
Gaurav: Does Devourer kill him?
Apheori (GM): It looks up at him grumpily.
You know the look when you push a cat without moving it.
Amadi misplaces her juggling... things.
Frezak (GM): Dude, I smacked it about before.
It's an invincicat
Radek: Hmph.
You win this time, cat.
Amadi: It's not a cat.
Rhu: That was a lovely sandwich. Should we go in and check out this college?
Radek: Yes, please.
Greibel: Time to learn!
Apheori (GM): Leave Dave, the sphinx, and the mouseforged outside, then?
Amadi takes Dawn's hand, hands her the remains of her sandwich and the fragile teacup she dropped, and then arm-walks her along.
Apheori (GM): Dave is prone on the ground with a sphinx on her head.
What is arm-walking?
Ganelon: I'm really going to have to make a mouse body for that thing.
And arm it well.
Frezak (GM): A giant mouse-body.
Ganelon: Many defensive countermeasures.
Frezak (GM): A warmouse.
With cannons.
Rhu: oh YES
Ganelon: Well, it's gonna need them to repel sphinxes.
Ellemerr: I forgot the part about dragging her to her feet. And I don't know. It's... walking arm-in-arm. Possibly. I'm not intending to take the sphinx off her head.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Rhu: That pub with the great sandwiches probably knows where to find a rat or two. Food and all that. But the college might have proper surgical equipment. Of some sort.
Ellemerr: I'm really tired and sort of sorry if I make less sense than usual. I'll have to leave you soon.
Apheori (GM): The sphinx is very unhappy about this and is now clinging to her head with legs and wings wrapped around it.
Ellemerr: Perfect.
Apheori (GM): Dave just sort of goes where Amadi pulls her.
Gaurav: But Dave is upright and walking?
Apheori (GM): Aye.
Ellemerr: Amadi is sort of just following Greibel and Rhu.
Gaurav: Awesome. Let's go! Gravy leading?
Frezak (GM): Absolutely.
Ganelon: I don't need an organic rat body to make a warmouse.
Just time and materials.
Rhu: (to Gan) o_0
Apheori (GM): The humanoid body is full of materials.
Rhu: OOC much?
Ganelon: Yes it is.
Apheori (GM): Or...
Ganelon: Why would I need an organic body to make a sentient golem?
Apheori (GM): I dunno.
Ganelon: They don't power those things with actual hearts.
Apheori (GM): Amadi might.
Ganelon: Usually.
Gaurav: So we open the door and enter within.
Amadi: (to Dave) You have a mushroom inside.
Frezak (GM): That sounds horrifying.
Ganelon: "Don't exhale or the spores will escape."
"And we will all be doomed."
Gaurav: We're all already doomed.
Apheori (GM): It's a college campus wit buildings and trees and crap and nobody outside but a gardener, despite it being a really nice day.
The gardener ignores you.
Dave starts flailing again and bats at the sphinx.
Frezak (GM): You're infected with Red Longman.
You are doomed to only speak in limericks, lest you awaken the parasite within you.
Someone with charisma go chat up the gardenator
Gaurav: HA
Apheori (GM): You mean Amadi?
Gaurav: I think that's Greibel? Mine's -1.
Amadi: (to sphinx) I think you're making Dawn uncomfortable.
Bear Soup Guy: lol charisma
Apheori (GM): The sphinx says nothing, but looks horribly uncomfortable and freaked out as well.
Amadi: You might want to reconsider your current placement.
Apheori (GM): It's too tense to let go.
Ganelon: I could talk to him, but you know it won't involve charisma.
This is my offer.
Amadi looks a little annoyed.
Gaurav: I think Radek should go. A college gardner is probably used to being condescended to be superintelligent people.
Ellemerr: I have tons of charisma. I'm full of words.
I do not promise you'd get anything useful out of the conversation.
Amadi picks up the sphinx by the scruff of its neck and holds it before her face, still looking annoyed.
Bear Soup Guy: lol Gaurav
Frezak (GM): Amadi has charisma but is also batshit.
Gravy could... share shovelliar insight, that's about it.
Gaurav: Maybe if we send Amadi first, anybody else will look better in comparison?
Apheori (GM): Amadi: You wind up picking up both the sphinx and Dave.
Gaurav: We could also just ignore him and walk into one of the buildings.
Ganelon: Naaaah.
Amadi looks frustrated.
Radek: You there! Caretaker!
Amadi puts them both down.
Apheori (GM): But the sphinx now looks somewhat uncertain as well as freaked out.
Gaurav: Greibel: do you speak sphinx?
Gardener: Hmm?
Frezak (GM): Gravy will of course plod behind Radek should the latter have to approach the gardeniser
Amadi gives the sphinx a last stern look and walks over to see what the others are doing. She makes a sort of "Ooo"-ing face, without the sound, at seeing the gardener.
Rhu hang back and looks around the garden, but stays close enough to Gravy and Radek to intercede if combat becomes necessary.
Radek: Is this the college?
Apheori (GM): Mmm hmm.
Gardener: Mmm hmm.
Radek: What do they study here?
Gardener: Hmm hhmhhm.
Radek: Other than... beekeeping.
Gardener shrugs.
Radek: ...
Frezak (GM): I love how on top of things Rhu is.
Amadi: The plants here. Did you plant them? Can you remember planting them?
Gardener: Mmhm.
Amadi: Seriously? That's... huh. And did they sprout?
Gardener: Hmm mmm.
Radek looks back to Gravy.
Radek: Utter nonsense.
Amadi: Yes, yes, go on, please.
Gardener shrugs.
Gaurav: Are there any birds in this garden?
Are they mutated?
Apheori (GM): No birds.
Amadi: Pleeeease? I'll trade you a stick!
Gaurav: Flowers?
Gardener: Hmm mm.
Apheori (GM): Roses.
Rhu is distracted by a tree.
Amadi: Well, they're plants and full of dirt. Of course they would have bugs. But what about the... you know.
Frezak (GM): TEETH?
Amadi mimes something incomprehensible.
The Gravedigger: What do you want to do? Just wander around?
Gaurav: Head to the tower? Or one of the buildings?
Radek: In search of someone who speaks in /words/? Yes, that sounds acceptable.
Gaurav: we shold get Griebel to turn into a flock of undergrads and go investigate
Gardener: Hmm mmm hmm.
Frezak (GM): He can do maggots?
Gardener points toward a compost heap.
Amadi looks delighted, and hands the gardener a stick.
Amadi: Oh, thank you, thank you!
Amadi runs towards the compost heap.
Gardener: Mmmhmm!
(From Ellemerr): I have no idea what I'm doing :D But it's fun!
Rhu: I think Mrs. Teatime has made a new friend. Should we warn him that she tends to disappear occasionally?
(To Ellemerr): Same!
(To Ellemerr): Not having to come up with content simplifies things so much.
Gardener goes back to what he was doing.
The Gravedigger: I don't think that would phase him.
Bear Soup Guy: brb
Rhu: Fair enough. To the tower?
Amadi dives into the compost pile and gets buried.
Rhu looks around
Rhu: Did Mrs. Teatime disappear again?
(From Ellemerr): She did, but you don't have to spring it yet. I'll be brushing teeth and stuff and go to bed, but I'm keeping and eye on you for another ten min.
The Gravedigger: Magic.
Yeah, let's go.
Apheori (GM): She ran off to the compost.
Ganelon: To the tower, then.
Apheori (GM): So... you can dig after her.
If you'd like.
Apheori (GM) wants to see Rhu try to convnce Gravy to dig through a heap of rotting stff.
Ellemerr: Heee
Gaurav: HA
How's Dave doing? We'll need Amadi to move Dave if Dave can't move herself.
Ellemerr: I gave the sphinx a stern look, but I'm not sure it helped.
Apheori (GM): Dave still has a sphinx attached to her head.
Ellemerr: And she's full of mushroom, but it's not plugging up her holes.
... I think.
Maybe some of them, but not properly.
Ganelon: I don't think the sphinx is manning the controls.
Gaurav: Yeah, but is she on her feet? If she can walk, we can leave Amadi behind and let her catch up once she's done composting.
Apheori (GM): She's on the ground again.
Bear Soup Guy pictures Amadi playing in the compost like a child in a ball pit
Gaurav: Sigh.
Ellemerr: Heee
Rhu sighs.
Rhu turns to Gravy, points at Dave, then points at the manure.
Gaurav: And looks very unhappy doing it.
Maybe we could get Dave on the disk somehow?
I don't want to leave her behind, given that Amadi will probably pop out of existence sooner or later.
The Gravedigger: You want me to WHAT?
Dig out the Sandwich Kid?
Rhu waves his hands around a bit, hunting for some sort of reasonable reason to do any such thing, but can't.
Rhu: We can't just leave Dave stuck beneath a sphinx, even if it will probably follow us. And we can't split the party.
You don't have to dig her out.
We could blow it up.
The Gravedigger: Oh, alright.
Frezak (GM): I'll start by.. uh... probing for tiny bards.
Gaurav: bards?
Apheori (GM): Probing?
Frezak (GM): Yeah.
Poking my shovel in the pile in a gentle fashion, in order to see whether I can find a hard, Amadi-sized lump.
Apheori (GM): Roll a thingy.
Frezak (GM): What thingy?
(From Gaurav): Sorry, did you say you wanted to see Rhu convince Gravy to dig through a heap of rotting stuff? Here you go.
Gaurav: NOT strength.
ANYTHING but strength.
Frezak (GM): Thanks >.>
Apheori (GM): Strength.
Gaurav: roll charisma
Gentle strength.
rolling 1D20+5
Fucking hell.
Ellemerr: How about new dice? I'd trade. I don't know if mine can roll str, but it's worth a shot, and I'm not overly fond of them most of the time... Though they are very good at rolling okay when I need it the most.
Apheori (GM): You impale something.
Ellemerr: OW!
Gaurav: Amadi kebab.
Ellemerr: Tastes delicious, but you go quite mad after.
... But, uhm, I sort of have to go and sleep now. Sleeeeeep...
Bear Soup Guy: Goodnight and thanks for all the compost!
Gaurav: Haha, same!
Sleep well!
Amadi 's voice comes eerily out of the compost, stating that "The plant makes its own drangling."
Ellemerr: Sweet nightmares. :3
The Gravedigger: I'm not touching that again.
Rhu peers at the manure
Rhu: Where did that voice come from?
Apheori (GM): Dave will now start screaming from under the sphinx.
Greibel: Best not to take the warnings of dung lightly
Rhu: ...
Dave: (muffled screams) Help! Help! Get it off!
Rhu: Guys. I think we're going to have to attack the sphinx.
Greibel: Best news I've heard today
The Gravedigger: Ah, well.
Bear Soup Guy: brb bathroom
Gaurav: BSG: Ha, really? I thought you were okay with the sphinx!
Ganelon: Oh, I know.
Frezak (GM): I activate...
Ganelon: I use Thundering Armor on Dave.
Frezak (GM): Oh, right.
Yeah, do that.
Ganelon: Because we want the sphinx off her face before we attack it.
Apheori (GM): What does that do?
Gaurav: I think I have something that can push it off, possibly. Lemme check.
Ganelon: It's magic.
Like a... expanding forcefield around Dave.
Pushes a thing away from her and gives her some slight defenses.
The push is an attack.
Apheori (GM): It can
Gaurav: Naah, I didn't pick that power. Sorry.
Apheori (GM): t miss, can it?
Ganelon: It can miss.
Apheori (GM): The thing on her, that is?
Ganelon: In the sense that it's an attack against fortitude.
So the sphinx could resist the pushing but Dave would still get the armor bonus.
Apheori (GM): ...roll that, then. >.<
Gaurav: so we roll initiative after that attack?
Ganelon: [Implement Attack]
rolling 1d20+5+1+0
Frezak (GM): really, Gan?
Apheori (GM): That does not get the sphinx off.
Ganelon: I tried.
Apheori (GM): Dave is flailing at it.
Frezak (GM): I'd love to.
Except my init sucks.
rolling 1d20+3 initiative
Bear Soup Guy: back!
rolling 1d20+1
Gaurav: the sphinx will probably kill us all, but I'm not going to wait while it attacks (or .. appears to attack?) a party member
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20+1
Bear Soup Guy:
rolling 1d20+1
Toooooooooooooo stoooooooooooooooooooooned
Gaurav: Should Dave roll also?
Apheori (GM): Dave and the sphinx are stuck to each other. Would this affect initiative, or just what they can do in their turns?
Ganelon: Just what they do.
Frezak (GM): It wouldn't affect initiative.
Gaurav: I don't suppose the mouseforged can help us at this time?
Apheori (GM): Naw.
Gaurav: Is it big enough to hide behind?
Apheori (GM): Sure.
Frezak (GM): THe porridge gets a turn? That's... worrying.
Apheori (GM): Yes.
Bear Soup Guy: Porridge fight!
Apheori (GM): What did that thing Radek did do for Dave?
Ganelon: +1 AC until my turn ends.
My next turn.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Frezak (GM): Daaaave
You can do thi!
Gaurav: Go Dave Go!
Apheori (GM): Dave will try to pry the sphinx's jaws open.
...she fails.
Gaurav: Oof.
(To Greibel): Any ideas for the porridge? I've got nothing.
The porridge drips down Greibel's back.
(From Bear Soup Guy): Attempts to obscure the sphinx's sight with a cloud of brown sugar?
Gaurav: ew
Apheori (GM): Sensing something amiss, the porridge then sends out a cloud of something brown and sweet.
Frezak (GM): AT WHO
Apheori (GM): Just out.
It doesn't actually wind up doing anything. Just sells vaguely nice.
Gaurav: Porridge farts.
Apheori (GM): Rhu: Do something.
Greibel: At least you tried, buddy
Gaurav: Griebel: what's your HP like?
mine's 32, and I'm wondering whether to move in front of you so you can shoot from behind me, or if you'd be fine without anyone to guard you?
Ganelon: He's got a lot of constitution if I remember right.
Frezak (GM): I'll be guarding from in front.
I'll just mark the thing.
Ganelon: He's the kind of druid who can actually take hits when he goes all animal-mode.
Bear Soup Guy: Yeah, 35 HP, high Con
Gaurav: Sweet. Okay, I'll flank right.
Move: 3 squares
Minor: Oath of Enmity against the sphinx
Standard: Radiant vengeance. Divine, radiant, ranged attack.
Bear Soup Guy: I always picture that move as a Final Fantasy-style battle animation where Rhu takes out his Maul and points it at the enemy Babe Ruth style, as a lens flare flashes in the background
rolling 1d20+5 Wisdom vs Reflex
Frezak (GM): There has to be a lens flare.
Even when we are underground.
Bear Soup Guy: Yes
Apheori (GM): Would being stuck impact its reflex?
Gaurav: oof, I think it's the other way around: prone means it's easier to hit melee and harder to hit ranged
other -> wrong
Apheori (GM): It's more grabbed than proned.
Ganelon: Nope.
Grabbed doesn't impact defenses, silly though that is.
Apheori (GM): ...weird.
Gaurav: huh. That is silly.
Apheori (GM): You miss.
Gaurav: DM: you can throw in a +2/-2 if you like.
Frezak (GM): It has more than 20 reflex?
Gaurav: Okay, I'm done.
Apheori (GM): It's a cat. What do you expect?
Gaurav: I'm just hoping that one of us survives.
Frezak (GM): I've seen my cat's reflexes.
Gaurav: GRAVY: go!
Frezak (GM): She couldn't outwit soup.
Gaurav: I have to leave for class in 50 mins.
Apheori (GM): That's wits, not reflex.
Gaurav: Your cat is not from the city of the dead.
Frezak (GM): My cat IS dead.
Gaurav: Actually, I'm kind of hoping we disentangle Dave from the sphinx and then work out some sort of surrender. Because this thing is probably ridiculously strong.
Frezak (GM): My turn?
Gaurav: Yup! I'm done.
Ganelon: We could just go all-out.
Summon the eyebot.
Frezak (GM): Gravy will activate Form of the Fearsome Ram.
Ganelon: Stuff like that.
Frezak (GM): Becoming mightier and faster.
And I will use the Fearsome Ram Attack.
rolling 1D20+7+2
Vs Cat Fortitude.
Gaurav: Yeah, I'd like to take a turn to figure out what the sphinx is going to do, but then it's all encounters and dailys as I can.
Apheori (GM): You hit cat and dave.
Frezak (GM):
rolling 2D10+4
Apheori (GM): Actually you mostly hit Dave, but there's a cat in the way.
Frezak (GM): And I slam the cat 3 sqaures and knock it prone.
Gaurav: *and Dave*?!
Frezak (GM): what?
It's still attached?
Apheori (GM): They're stuck together. You hit both.
Frezak (GM): Well.
THen all we can do is kill dave.
Apheori (GM): What kind of daage was that?
Frezak (GM): Shovel damage.
Apheori (GM): damage
Frezak (GM): And they're both prone.
Gaurav: Radek can heal Dave from a distance, right?
Frezak (GM): And I will Mark the cat and end my tun.
Apheori (GM): What does mark do, again?
Frezak (GM): The cat has -2 to atttacks that don't include me, and I get to do stuff when it ignores that mark.
Ganelon: I can.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Frezak (GM): that's all from me
Apheori (GM): Remind me how escaping from a grab works?
And would you do that before or after trying to get up if proned as well?
Ganelon: It's a move action.
And you can do them in any order you want.
It takes a very specific sort of grabber to force people to get un-grabbed before they can stand up.
Gaurav: Are Dave's attacks mostly melee or ranged?
Apheori (GM): Depends on what she has in her hands.
Gaurav: Given the grab, it might make sense for Dave to delay her next action until right after the sphinxes. Then, if either of 'em can defeat the grab, she can use her turn to move away and get healed and whatever.
Apheori (GM): Okay, the sphinx successfully untangles itself at least somewhat.
And sort of gets up.
The sphinx is still on her, though.
Ganelon: If she's supposed to have an HP bar, I can't see it.
So it might be hard to tell how much she needs healing.
Apheori (GM): Can you see it now?
I dont really know what I'm doing.
Gaurav: Yes, it's now visible!
Apheori (GM): And the sphinx will take a whatever action to arch its back at Gravy and hiss.
Ganelon: Yeah, that worked.
Apheori (GM): Greibel!
Gaurav: Are they still grabbed to each other?
Apheori (GM): Kind of but not really.
Bear Soup Guy: hrrrrrrmmmm
Apheori (GM): As in it's still on her, but separation will be a lot easier now.
Gaurav: Cool.
Bear Soup Guy: So prone cat means ranged attacks don't do well right?
Apheori (GM): It got up. Don't worry about that.
Bear Soup Guy: oh right, okay
Apheori (GM): Do worry about hitting Dave too, though.
Frezak (GM): Don't you have a thing that prones marked guys?
Magic wolves or something.
Bear Soup Guy: I think so.
Frezak (GM): Giant cicadas?
Fey moose?
Bear Soup Guy: Oh no, it does extra damage to marked guys
Apheori (GM): MOOSE.
Bear Soup Guy: 1d6 extra in fact
Frezak (GM): Batsharkscorpionmoose
Gaurav: sweet!
Tusked mouse deers.
Frezak (GM): Dire Mousie.
Fey Duck.
Bear Soup Guy: oh it prones them by default and also does extra damage if marked
how sexy
Frezak (GM): niiice
Bear Soup Guy: now somebody tell me how bursts work http://i.gyazo.com/a226c6ae1445769d661978a0399c22a7.png
Gaurav: Goose with a chip on its shoulder.
You can hit up to 2 targets within 5 squares of you
Frezak (GM): Yeah
Gaurav: I think
Frezak (GM): And you don't provoke Opportunity attacks with that.
Bear Soup Guy: Cools
Frezak (GM): Wow, that's a really nice power.
Gaurav: "The Spirit Pack" sounds like a hippie backpack
Frezak (GM): What, he flings bags at people?
Bear Soup Guy: Does it damage allies as well?
Frezak (GM): What, from fuuuumes?
Bear Soup Guy: oh wait one /or/ two
so it's targeted, okay
okay so uh
rolling 1d20+5
vs cat reflex
Gaurav: Hey, so, it's 3pm, and I don't think we're going to finish by 3:30pm. If we run out of time, would anybody be interested in meeting again after 1.5 hours to finish this encounter?
We should immobilize the cat somehow. Its reflex is insane.
Frezak (GM): Ordinarily, I could, but I'll need to sleep. >.>
Bear Soup Guy: I'd love to but I might be busy
Gaurav: What about later this week sometime?
Bear Soup Guy: Friday would work for me
Ganelon: Any time's good for the Ganster.
Frezak (GM): I can do pretty much any day.
Apheori (GM): I suppose we can't all just show up again tomorrow.
Frezak (GM): Except saturday
I can do tomorrow.
Ganelon: Ditto.
Apheori (GM): Soup?
...mango soup?
Bear Soup Guy: Actually tomorrow is fine for me
Gaurav: I can go until 12:30pm MT tomorrow
but I can start at any time
and then I'm free again sometime between 2pm and 3pm tomorrow
Apheori (GM): So you can go until around when we usually start?
Gaurav: What about 10am MT tomorrow? An hour earlier than usual?
I have to leave at 12:30pm MT, which is 1.5 hours after we usually start.
so we'll have 2.5 hours and then can meet again nowish if we STILL aren't all dead
Apheori (GM): It usually takes us upwards of that long to get started, but given that it's one day between in this case it could work, aye.
What do the rest of you think?
Frezak (GM): Sure.
Bear Soup Guy: yeah I can probably drag myself out of bed before then
Gaurav: That's 1600 UTC to 1830 UTC tomorrow.
If that helps.
Ganelon: I normally wake up like three hours before our usual start time
Gaurav: I would seriously consider skipping class today, but I've been skipping homework in order to finish my thesis proposal and I think my lecturer's a little pissed off about this
Ganelon: I'll be fine.
Apheori (GM): Hopefully the skirmish won't drag on too long.
Gaurav: to be honest, I'd be surprised if the sphinx leaves us alive that long
okay I have 20 minutes now! who's on first?
also thanks everybody for working around my schedule!
Bear Soup Guy: No worries
I rolled a 16 vs the Sphinx's reflex
Apheori (GM): Yeah, that missed.
Bear Soup Guy: butts
Gaurav: this sphinx is crazy agile
Bear Soup Guy: okay I end my turn
Gaurav: just hope it doesn't trip us all again
Apheori (GM): Gogo Radek.
Ganelon: Move down to here and toss an infusion at Dave.
She heals her surge value +2 without spending a healing surge.
Apheori (GM): Shiny.
Ganelon: Then, Scouring Weapon.
Which basically means acid bullets.
Gaurav: NICE
Apheori (GM): Hey, that might actually hurt it!
Bear Soup Guy: WOO
Ganelon: Unlike whacks with a shovel?
Apheori (GM): It's like whacking a pillow.
Gaurav: Curse our fluffy adversary.
Ganelon: I'll face the horrible consequences of possibly killing this possibly dead sphinx later.
Gaurav: It's not dead, is it? I have a really awesome power against the undead.
Apheori (GM): It doesn't act dead.
What's the numbers?
Ganelon: [Weapon Attack - Rifle]
rolling 1d20+3+5+1+0
vs. AC.
Frezak (GM): Dave doesn't act dead either.
Apheori (GM): Nope.
Ganelon: It came from the land of the dead. I don't know if that means anything.
Then I end my turn.
Gaurav: GO DAVE GO
Apheori (GM): Dave will get up and try to pull the sphinx off in one move and not really succeed because she's freaking out and didn't stop to do it properly.
So she gets up and there is still a sphinx on her, though no longer wrapped around her head.
Gaurav: that's progress! porridge?
Apheori (GM): Hold on.
Dave has no idea what's going on and something just attacked her, so she'll blast it.
Gaurav: Sorry. Just trying to see if I can get another attack in before I have to run so you can all go for another round!
Frezak (GM): A round of HELLL
Apheori (GM): So an area burst is...
Gaurav: delicious, sphinxy hell
http://dnd-newbie.blogspot.com/2010/06/d-4e-rules-blast-and-burst.html shows you blast-vs-burst pretty well
Apheori (GM): What does this mean? 'Area burst 1 within 10 squares'
Frezak (GM): Area burst 2 within 10 means you pick a sqaure within 10 sqaures and affect anything 2 squares from the target.
Gaurav: burst just means around you. so "within 10 squares" of you.
blast means in a square starting from a square adjacent to you
Ganelon: It's like this:
Gaurav: oh oof my bad
Apheori (GM): Ah, okay.
Gaurav: I was thinking of close burst again.
Apheori (GM): So she blasts at Gravy.
rolling 1d20 + 6 vs ref
Gaurav: would that blast hit the sphinx also?
Frezak (GM): Wait is this a close blast or close burst?
If it's an Area Burst, then the cat can make a free attack at her.
Apheori (GM): Area burst.
Gaurav: It's an area burst
Frezak (GM): Which I can in turn interrupt with shovelage.
Gaurav: yay!
Apheori (GM): She's holding the cat. It's not fighting her specifically.
Frezak (GM): But that would hit me.
Gaurav: right, but an area burst is like a grenade: it hits one square and affects an area 1 square around it
she could potentially hit Gravy, Rhu and the sphinx if she places it right
Apheori (GM): Okay, how does the cat opportunity attack?
Gaurav: or if she throws it randomly and it comes down somewhere
urk I should leave everybody, sorry
Frezak (GM): It makes a Melee Basic attack.
Gaurav: you should make Rhu delay his move so you can finish another round
Apheori (GM): Which is generally what? The first thing?
Bear Soup Guy: Bye GauRhuv!
Apheori (GM): Okay, sphinx bites Dave.
And you somehow interrupt that?
Frezak (GM): yep
Apheori (GM): Bye mango soup guy.
Frezak (GM): Warden's fury!
rolling 1D20+7+2
Vs Fort.
Apheori (GM): What does that do?
Frezak (GM): bah
Gaurav: if you use a daily against the sphinx, remember that Rhu has an encounter power which lets you reroll an attack roll. byeeeeeeeeeeee
Mango soup guy? Excplain later. BYE!
Apheori (GM): Woah, you hit it.
Frezak (GM): Awesome.
rolling 1D10+4
And it grant Combat Advantage until the end of my next turn.
Which gives us +2 to hit it.
And then he can carry on with his attack.
Apheori (GM): What kind of damage?
Frezak (GM): Shovel.
I don't have anything that's not shovel damage.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Ganelon: Not even churning earth?
Apheori (GM): Okay, sphinx bites Dave for... uh...
Frezak (GM): Roots of Stone might be stone damage.
PLanet damage.
Gaia Damage.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d8 + 4
Did Dave's blast hit Gravy?
Frezak (GM): yep
Eh, i can take it.
i'm made to take damage.
I'm solid Gravy.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 2d6 + 5
So you take 13 lightning damage and a -2 penalty to defenses.
untl her next turn.
Bear Soup Guy: ouch
Dave: What is going on?
Apheori (GM): She's freaked out.
Like the sphinx.
Should we stop now?
Bear Soup Guy: should we?
Ganelon: Probably.
Dave: Sphinx!
Frezak (GM): We could keep going until Rhu's turn.
Ganelon: Also wow, how'd she get so hurt?
Apheori (GM): Sphinx bit her.
Ganelon: Friggin' cats.
Apheori (GM): I don't know if I used the right numbers, though.
Ganelon: Max damage hits tend to be a pretty big deal.
Apheori (GM): I guess the porridge will ooze over to Gravy and slime up his leg.
Frezak (GM): ewewew
Apheori (GM): This has no functoinal effect unless you think Gravy would be sufficiently put off for it to have one.
Frezak (GM): Ehhh.
He's filled with cat-hate.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Frezak (GM): So do I seem to have damaged this cat at all?
Apheori (GM): Yes, just not very much.
Frezak (GM): Gorram.
if only Radek was the sort of Artificer that could enchant my shovel.
Apheori (GM): And it's now Rhu's turn, so we should probably call it a day unless someone wants to hijack him.
Frezak (GM): Nahhh, not if we're playing tomorrow.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
See you all then!
With any luck, you won't all die.
Bear Soup Guy: Yay tomorrow!
Frezak (GM): If half us die killling this cat, I'll call it a win.
Ganelon: Eyebot comes out next turn.
For precision sphinx removal.
Frezak (GM): I have push 1 on top of my MBAs now.
So i can just start... shovelling cat.
Apheori (GM): Dave's still holding it (it's partially stuck in her dress/skin), though. You'll need a lot of it.
Precision, I mean.
Frezak (GM): Blarg.
I suppose I can just try to make some grabs.
Apheori (GM): Oh, look on the bright side - if it weren't so out of sorts, you all would already be dead!
Frezak (GM): It's out of sorts?
Apheori (GM): Or maybe not. I dunno.
It's stuck and freaked out.
Really freaked out.
Frezak (GM): We can try and deal with that when it's not mincing davenotdave
Apheori (GM): Aye.
Also Dave is still stoned. I forgot about that.
How should that affect things?
Frezak (GM): Up to you.
She might be fine with fighting stoned, like Greibel.
Apheori (GM): He's the experienced one.
It's probably a feat, stoned fight.
He got it long ago.
Ganelon: Like Blind Fighting.
Bear Soup Guy: =D
Frezak (GM): Radek better not make his healing syringes using Greibel blood, or we're in trouble.
Apheori (GM): XD
Bear Soup Guy: XD
Frezak (GM): You're there, fighting some bandits, you take a few hits, call out to Radek.
And bam, you feel life returning to you.
You take a swing.
and BAM, bat country.
Apheori (GM): Bat country?
Ganelon: Unfortunately, he does have a lot of surges.
Frezak (GM): I have more.
I have 14.
Its a Fear and Loathing reference.
Apheori (GM): Ah.
Gaurav: Hello!
Skype is still starting, I'll be on there sometime in the next three hours.
Apheori (GM): That slow, is it?
Gaurav: It is deranged.
I uninstalled the Skype app from my phone because it was just ridiculously awful. The Mac app isn't much better.
... and also just that slow, yes >.<
Apheori (GM): The linux app is relatively decent.
My guess is this is because it hasn't been updated in several years.
Bear Soup Guy: ^
Gaurav: Ha! Nice. My laptop takes several minutes to get from login screen to functional anyway. I think Apple just assumes you're always going to sleep instead of shutting it down or something.
Apheori (GM): My laptop takes about 30s.
29 of which are me mistyping my password.
Bear Soup Guy: XD
Gaurav: Nice.
Does the little red dot mean that Dave is bloody?
Apheori (GM): Yes.
Cat bites are scary.
Gaurav: Damnit.
Bear Soup Guy: They can get a nasty infection
Gaurav: And if she does die and then we manage to kill the sphinx, she'll be stuck with it in the City of the Dead at least for a while.
Bear Soup Guy: XD
Gaurav: Is it time to start using dailies? Or is that just going to hurt Dave more?
Ganelon: I can use mine safely. Don't know about the rest of you.
Frezak (GM): I'm already in the middle of my daily
Apheori (GM): Dave is stoned, so she may not remember if you do hurt her.
Frezak (GM): Oh, good.
Ganelon: That just makes hurting her an even more irresponsible thing to do.
Frezak (GM): She'll forget the 2D10
Are we responsible now?
Ganelon: Well, no...
Gaurav: Oh, I don't care about that; this whole thing is about saving her, and if we end up saving her by killing her, that would be kind of sucky.
Ganelon: Oh, don't worry.
I'll just make a MouseDaveForged.
Apheori (GM): To recap: Dave is holding the sphinx (still partially stuck to her, but enough not that both can now attack), and ya'all were trying to get it off, and the porridge is on Gravy's leg, and it's Rhu's turn.
Gaurav: Hey, what if I get behind her and try to pull her away? Is there any way to justify that as an acrobatics check (+8) instead of an athletics check (+1)?
Ganelon: Everyone who dies while Radek is still alive gets stuffed into the Warforged body.
Apheori (GM): If you just pull her, you'll wind up pulling both of them.
Physics, what?
Frezak (GM): Legionforged.
Frezak (GM): THis cat must have some serious grip
Gaurav: I think they're entangled
I've had cats stuck to sweaters before
Apheori (GM): Claw snag.
Gaurav: I think this encounter might end with us burning everything.
Do I have to charge in a straight line at the sphinx if I want to charge? That'll require more than one square run-up, right?
Ganelon: I have several sources of fire damage that can even be shared with you lot.
Frezak (GM): yarr
Apheori (GM): Assume both the sphinx and Dave are in the same square.
Frezak (GM): Burn clothes, heal Dave.
Gaurav: oh nvm I can use this power without charging. There's just extra chargy benefits I don't need. Cool.
Apheori (GM): I just can't actually do that because not aligning to grid uses a key I can't use.
Gaurav: I move two steps to maneuver beside Dave and beside the cat.
Frezak (GM): Rave, you get +2 to hit the car.
Ganelon: I think Frezak might be able to do that for you.
Frezak (GM): *cat
Ganelon: Uh.
Apheori (GM): What...
Gaurav: I think it's fine; we know how that works. I'll just get confused if I can't see their stats separately.
Gaurav: And destroyed a universe.
Frezak (GM): I have no idea what happened.
Apheori (GM): I tried to type and it deleted everything. o_O
Frezak (GM): WHAT
is some Hole power.
Gaurav: Ha. This game is going meta!
Apheori (GM): OKAY.
Rhu was doing stuff.
Continue please.
Ganelon: Let me... get our initiative numbers from the log.
Gaurav: Can we get initiative working again first? I just want to make sure I know when the cat and Dave go after me.
Apheori (GM): AGH.
Frezak (GM): I'm going right after you, so I can push the cat if they're seperated.
Ganelon: Rhu: 18
Radek: 3
Gravy: 18
(Rhu should be before him)
Greibel: 4
Bear Soup Guy: GOOD AS NEW
Frezak (GM): "Good as stoned!"
Apheori (GM): Excellent.
Gaurav: Naah, I can't separate them. I'm just going to hit the cat and hope that I don't hit Dave.
okay, so Rhu moved two squares to maneuver behind the cat
then he hits it with a Whirlwind Charge, which, weirdly, no whirlwinds
Apheori (GM): If you're behind the cat, you're behind Dave and Dave is between you and the cat.
Gaurav: oh wait
I kind of imagined they were just a maelstorm of arms and fur at this point
Apheori (GM): This game doesn't have the best mechanics for cats.
Gaurav: can I undo my move then? no point hitting dave.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Gaurav: thanks! Instead, I take a step N to get on the Gravy (i.e. not-Dave) side of the cat.
THEN Whirlwind Charge
rolling 1d20+5 Wisdom vs AC
Gan: did you say I get a +2 on top of that?
Ganelon: That wasn't me.
Frezak (GM): You get a +2 from your Weapon Proficiency.
With all your Weapon attacks.
And you get another +2 on top from my Warden's Fury.
Ganelon: Not to mention a 1/2 level bonus that you might be counting already
Gaurav: I've got the 1/2 level, I don't have the +2 weapon because the power says "Wisdom vs AC", which means a straight Wisdom attack, right?
Ganelon: Nah.
Apheori (GM): Tell me what this attack looks like so I can determine if you hit both of them.
Gaurav: I did NOT count your Fury though. 22+2=24, woo!
Ganelon: If the power has the Weapon keyword you add proficiency bonuses of that weapon too.
Frezak (GM): Except if a power has the Weapon keyword, you get to add your Weapon Proficiency.
Gaurav: DAMN
I did not know this.
24+2 = 26.
DM: It's a melee attack, targets one creature, and has the fluff text: "As you charge your foe, divine light surrounds you in a
protective nimbus, then erupts at your foe."
Frezak (GM): SEAR IT
Gaurav: One flambéed cat coming up.
Apheori (GM): Go on.
(It is a hit.)
Gaurav: Yay!
"Wisdom modified damage" means without the half level, right?
Frezak (GM): Correct.
rolling 2*(2d6)+4
That's it. That's the damage.
Apheori (GM): What kind is it?
I have to keep asking because the sphinx resists some kinds of damage.
Gaurav: Right. There's no kind associated with this power.
Ganelon: That's not actually the correct way to do a damage equation.
Apheori (GM): Sword?
Ganelon: He uses a maul.
Apheori (GM): Ah, okay.
Frezak (GM): Hammer damage.
Gaurav: It's a Divine power, so, like, Hazz is involved. but the attack itself doesn't have any keywords.
Ganelon: 2[W] means you roll twice as many damage dice as you would normally, not that you multiply your damage dice result by 2.
Gaurav: Oh. Right. Then that.
Ganelon: So like...
rolling 4d6
Gaurav: oh!
rolling 2*(2d6)
Gaurav: my bad
rolling 4d6+4
Ganelon: Also, damn. That 21.
Gaurav: Why 21?
Ganelon: No, no, just what I rolled. Of course it was high when I was just demonstrating.
19 is quite good too, though.
Gaurav: ah right! yes. mauls are painful.
I'll use my minor to make a diplomacy check to convince the sphinx to give up.
Rhu: "Let her go! We don't want to hurt you!"
Apheori (GM): You just hit it.
Ganelon: Gravy probably does want to hurt it.
Rhu: (is a diplomacy check a good minor?)
Apheori (GM): Roll.
rolling 1d20+0 diplomacy check
Frezak (GM): Good lord;
Ganelon: Sorta. Talking is a free action.
But a minor is more fair because talking isn't necessarily meant to accomplish anything.
The sphinx hisses.
Gaurav: given that my CHA is -1, I assume I just flat out told it that we all really wanted to kill it
that's the end of my turn
Frezak (GM): Well, you rolled a 20.
Apheori (GM): Gravy!
Frezak (GM): So you were literally as charming as you can be.
Gaurav: Critical charm.
Frezak (GM): Okay, he's still granting Combat advantage for this turn.
I'll smack it with Strength Of Stone.
rolling 1D20+7+2
Frezak (GM): NEXT
Gaurav: That was my encounter btw. My daily gives me a healing surge, so I'll save it until I need healing.
Frezak (GM): And it's no longer granting Combat Advantage.
Apheori (GM): >.<
Frezak (GM): It is still marked, however.
Apheori (GM): The sphinx will lick itself and Dave and then hack up a hairball on Gravy.
Frezak (GM): It's not trying to disentangle itself?
Apheori (GM): Something else took priority.
How do monsters handle surges?
Frezak (GM): They technically have one.
Ganelon: They all have 1/day.
Apheori (GM): And the value?
Gaurav: Bearing in mind that the Mouseforged was fine before the sphinx drooled on it, you might not want to touch that hairball.
Frezak (GM): 1/4 max HP.
Ganelon: Well unless sphinx drool causes your soul to bleed out your eye sockets, those two things may have been unrelated.
Also, if sphinx drool does that, we're killing this thing.
Frezak (GM): But normally monsters don't have a way of SPENDING surges
Apheori (GM): Gods dammit.
Also how.
Apheori (GM): I tried to delete what I'd typed into chat.
Frezak (GM): You have the power to delete players.
Apheori (GM): Chat wasn't selected.
Bloody hell.
Bear Soup Guy: THIS IS OKAY
Time is just hiccuping
Frezak (GM): That sounds pretty relevant to me.
Gaurav: Or going into the sphinx-drool manufacturing industry.
Apheori (GM): Okay, Gravy has a hairball on him.
Also Dave got partially healed.
Frezak (GM): Does the hairball DO anything?
Apheori (GM): It's gross and sticky.
...so no, not really.
Frezak (GM): So's the cat.
Gaurav: phew
Ganelon: And the porridge.
Bear Soup Guy: Gravy is very uncomfortable
Ganelon: He's being flanked by two gross, sticky things.
Frezak (GM): I hate my job.
Gaurav: What if the porridge eats the hairball and turns into a sphinx?
Ganelon: Then Greibel is never allowed to complain about me making "abominations" like the Mouseforged ever again.
Apheori (GM): Greibel, go!
Bear Soup Guy: Okay!
move one square
And I will use thorn whip, which is the coolest attack in my complete arsenal of cool attacks
Gaurav: huh, I'm pretty sure Rhu was just south of Gravy, but I'm okay with this arrangement too.
Bear Soup Guy: So Apheori, this attack is big vines coming out and trying to snatch the cat and pulling it two squares if it hits
for reference
Apheori (GM): Okay, roll.
Bear Soup Guy:
rolling 1d20+5 vs cat fortitude
Frezak (GM): I hate you people.
Apheori (GM): And roll again for no apparent reason.
Gaurav: woooooooooooo!
Bear Soup Guy: A d20?
Apheori (GM): This one's for Dave.
So just reroll to see if it hits both.
Bear Soup Guy: oh right
rolling 1d20+5 vs fortitude
Apheori (GM): Because this has the potential to pull them apart.
Okay, hits both.
Bear Soup Guy: technically the move only hits one creature, but you're the DM :/
Apheori (GM): Aye, but they're stuck together.
So I'm treating it weird.
They've been FYUUUZED.
Frezak (GM): I'm sorry I said we should do more fighting >.>
Bear Soup Guy:
rolling 1d8+4 damage
Apheori (GM): Sorry.
Ganelon: Sphinx got crit, though.
So that's max damage, which is 12.
Bear Soup Guy: And Dave and the sphinx are pulled two squares in my direction
Are you ready?
Ganelon: FINISH IT
Also, I did get the fusion reference.
Gaurav: I don't suppose we get opportunity attacks as Dave-sphinx whiz by?
Greibel: oh sweet, crit on the sphinx
Apheori (GM): Yarp.
Ganelon: I just can't remember the exact wording of the other guy who got all annoyed about his friend wanting to fuze bloody everything.
You don't get opportunity attacks for forced movement.
Apheori (GM): You also probably should have gotten opportunity attacks when the cat was licking Dave.
Ganelon: There are just a few powers that simulate that effect using different rules.
Apheori (GM): Oops.
Ganelon: Like, uh... Bards can knock someone around and grant one ally a basic attack against them.
But their own knocking-around attack doesn't do much damage and it can't be abused by sticking someone in a big mob of melee guys so that they all get attacks.
It's really hard to force a thing to grant opportunity attacks. Dominate effects are one of the only ways and they're really tough to get powers for.
Bear Soup Guy: okay if there's no opportunity things then that's it for my turn
Ganelon: Okay...
First, I summon the eyebot.
Apheori (GM): Adorable.
Bear Soup Guy: AWWWWWWWW =D
Ganelon: It is floating in the air (though it can't technically be attacked anyways)
Apheori (GM): Not even by a cat?
Frezak (GM): Actually, it can.
Ganelon: It can?
Apheori (GM): Cats'll attack points of light.
Frezak (GM): Anything you summon can be attacked.
Ganelon: What HP does it have?
Frezak (GM): There's a line about Constructs.
Apheori (GM): Including seed turrets.
Frezak (GM): It has your defences +4, HP= your surge value.
Ganelon: Ah.
Okay, so it's just really hard to hit on account of being so small. Also, it's 5 squares above the battle here, so 25 feet in the air.
Gaurav: Cats are pretty good at flying objects: http://tumblr.ggvaidya.com/post/78985664218/traxits-jinxamataz-commissarcuddles
Ganelon: Whenever an ally of mine makes an attack against an enemy of mine, the eyebot shoots a laser at that enemy, which does 5 damage.
The attacks you guys make need to hit, though.
Gaurav: Does Dave count as an ally?
Ganelon: Yeah, but it won't help her kill any of you.
Apheori (GM): Does the porridge?
Ganelon: Because you aren't enemies.
I... guess?
Gaurav: Fancy!
Ganelon: Anyway, then I'll give Dave some more fancy drugs, but this isn't one of my normal heals.
This is a... Restorative Infusion.
Frezak (GM): Radek's note: include sentient breakfasts in Eyebot IFF.
Ganelon: Which is more like a "prevent more damage" thing than a "fix existing damage" one, because it gives her 20 THP.
Gaurav: I'm imagining Greibel eyeing that infusion as it goes by.
Apheori (GM): Does it counter psychedelic mushrooms?
Ganelon: Not unless you say so.
Apheori (GM): Let's just treat the effects like poison. Anything that can fix poison should fix mushrooms.
Ganelon: But no, I'm doing this so that these guys can keep accidentally hitting her and she'll be relatively unharmed by it. For a while.
Apheori (GM): Neat.
Gaurav: She's no longer bloodied, is she?
Apheori (GM): Right.
Ganelon: Eyebot activation is a standard and that was a minor, but I don't need to move so that's my turn.
Also, not quite.
In fact, it's not advisable to even track THP by just adding it to existing HP.
Because it goes away when the fight ends.
Apheori (GM): So how do you track it?
Ganelon: Normally, I put a number on a status icon.
Like... this.
Except, of course, this is 20 THP and these can only handle single digits.
Apheori (GM): ...damiit.
Ganelon: So either we need two status icons or to just remember she's got 20.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Bear Soup Guy: open a .txt or something to keep track
Apheori (GM): What are all your passive perceptions?
Ganelon: It's a bit awkward but you can only have three numbers on a single token.
18 here.
Gaurav: Man. One of my powers can give me 5 THP. 20 is ridiculous.
Bear Soup Guy: 20
Gaurav: Passive perception 22.
Ganelon: You're not playing a healer-man, though. You're a Striker.
Gaurav: I know! I just didn't know such things could be.
Ganelon: To be fair, this was also a daily (utility).
It has an additional effect as well. Dave can use a minor action to give away any amount of her THP until it runs out for whatever reason.
So there's probably some weird magic involved too.
Gaurav: I'm being impressed. Just let me be impressed. From way back here, Rhu can't really see what's going on, except Dave looks way more resilient somehow and a robot like the one we sent through the portal is now hovering ominously. This bodes well.
Ganelon: Except this robot has a button on it.
Frezak (GM): It better be red.
Gaurav: Rhu is tech-un-savvy enough not to notice. Or care.
Ganelon: And nobody, including Radek, knows what it does.
Apheori (GM): Cue Amadi appearing out of nowhere just to press the button.
Bear Soup Guy: XD
Ganelon: I'm making you decide what the button does, DM.
Since you have such an affinity for madness.
Gaurav backs away from the computer screen
Apheori (GM): Was Radek mad when he put it there?
Ganelon: He was drunk, which for him is almost as good.
Apheori (GM): Ah.
Well, she won't do this just yet.
Dave's turn, then...
...punches Greibel in the face.
Bear Soup Guy: Fair enough
Apheori (GM): How do you roll that? >.<
Ganelon: Unarmed attacks?
It's just a d20 + 1/2 level + strength mod.
1d4+strength damage.
Counts as an "improvised" weapon.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 1
Gaurav: Why would anybody attack Greibel?!
Bear Soup Guy: vs what?
Apheori (GM): He yanked her... armful.
Ganelon: AC.
Bear Soup Guy: yeah, miss
Gaurav: But look at his face!
Ganelon: They're really not accurate even if you're a strong guy.
Gaurav: fair point about that yank though
Ganelon: I would slap Greibel but nothing intended to do meaningful damage.
Bear Soup Guy: Greibel could use a good slap now and then
Ganelon: Bonks on the noggin, too.
You know, the kind of physical abuse meant to restore sense to the senseless.
Bear Soup Guy: indeed
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d6
Would 17 hit or is that still too low?
Bear Soup Guy: Still low
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Bear Soup Guy: For such an uncoordinated stoner, Greibel's defenses are awesomely robust
Apheori (GM): Dave shakes the sphinx at Greibel and cusses at him.
Bear Soup Guy: XD
Apheori (GM): The sphinx does not look happy.
Frezak (GM): Reflex is evasion.
AC is the ability to dodge AND parry AND Deflect AND ignore damage.
Ganelon: I can't even remember how we got his defenses that high.
Frezak (GM): His AC is him just being too stoned to notice.
Bear Soup Guy: I think it had to do with all the special constitution stuff
Ganelon: But the only class that can use Con as its bonus to AC is... well, Warden.
Apheori (GM): The porridge, meanwhile, will finish climbing Gravy, perch on his head for a moment, and then launch itself at Dave.
Bear Soup Guy: Primal Guardian adds con as AC as well, apparently
Ganelon: Oh!
Well then.
Apheori (GM): Dave and the sphinx now have porridge splattered all over them.
Bear Soup Guy: and yeah, Greibel totally just stumbles around narrowly avoiding attacks unwittingly
Apheori (GM): Also can you put the porridge on them too? >.>
Frezak (GM): Dunno how you'll be able to SEE anything in that pile.
Apheori (GM): Put it off to the side slightly?
Frezak (GM): I'll take a few steps back...
Ganelon: There's a sphinx in there somewheres.
Frezak (GM): And use Goring Charge.
If I go to the square next to Rhu am I flanking the cat?
Apheori (GM): Arguably if you're in front of it, you should be flanking with dave. I think. I'm not sure.
Frezak (GM): According to rules, I just need an ally in the square across from me to flank.
Apheori (GM): Huh.
Well, greibel is across.
So... sure!
Frezak (GM): But since we're not following rules....
So, Goring Charge.
rolling 1D20+9+1+2+2
Apheori (GM): Right, Dave could be in the way, but I think it's fine here.
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D6+4
Horn damage, and the cat is prone.
And I keep the mark going on it.
Ganelon: Eyebot shoots a laser for 5.
Frezak (GM): Lasers!
And that's all from me.
Gaurav: Is the sphinx sticking out of the mess in any particular direction? Is there a way to maximise my chances of not hitting Dave?
And does anybody know the minimum distance for a charge?
Frezak (GM): More than 1 square away.
So, at least 2 free spacs.
Apheori (GM): Suppose Dave is facing the porridge direction. Anything not behind her should hit the sphinx, anything from the side is less likely to hit her.
Frezak (GM): jeebus.
Gaurav: So if I attack from the east or southeast, Dave has better odds? Or do I have it backwards?
Apheori (GM): Also Gravy got porridge bits all over his horns.
Just so you know.
That's backwards.
Gaurav: Cool. Woah, eyebot's lookin' cool.
Rhu goes around Gravy and comes at the Dave/sphinx/porridge complex from the NW
He attacks with a Bond of Retribution.
Frezak (GM): Cat is prone so you get CA.
Ganelon: What does that do?
rolling 1d20+5+2+2 wisdom vs AC +2 CA +2 weapon proficiency
Apheori (GM): Nope.
Gaurav: essentially nothing. I'm out of encounter powers, and I'm saving my daily for when things get bad/I get hurt. So it's just at-will powers for now.
oh oh
Ganelon: I forgot about this, but the eyebot also negates enemy concealment within its range (which is 3).
That's not relevant here.
But if there's like smoke or darkness, we can use it to spot targets for us too.
Gaurav: when the oath of enmity target is the only enemy adjacent to me, I can make two attack rolls and use either result
so let's try that again
rolling 1d20+5+2+2 wisdom vs AC +2 CA +2 weapon proficiency
Apheori (GM): Rhu, Gravy: You notice the gardener running into one of the buildings, giving y'all a wide berth on the way.
Apheori (GM): NOPE.
Frezak (GM): SLAY HIM
Gaurav: more diplomacy for my minor, I guess
Rhu: "It's not too late to seek atonement for your crimes!"
Gaurav: oh wait actually
I'll use diplomacy against Dave
The sphinx grins at Rhu.
Gaurav: try to convince her we're trying to help and not to punch Greibel in the face pls
rolling 1d20+0 diplomacy check against Dave
Apheori (GM): Snrk.
Ganelon: She's going to betray us now.
Frezak (GM): So Rhu just said "COME GET SOME, SKANK"
Gaurav: end of Rhu's turn
Bear Soup Guy: XD
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 5 vs will on Rhu.
Gaurav: years from now, when we have all been tortured by the slaves of Queen Dave of The Entire Universe and thrown into her vast dungeons to rot through all of eternity, we will look back on this moment and laugh. Or weep, one or the other.
Frezak (GM): Wait.
What is the car doing?
Apheori (GM): Grinning.
I assume you meant cat?
Frezak (GM): yeah >.>
If that's an attack roll, I get to interrupt again.
With more fury.
Apheori (GM): It's a grin.
Frezak (GM): Or miffed-ness.
Is it attacking his will defence?
Gaurav: It's vs will. That sounds like an attack roll to me.
d20 vs Will, I mean
Frezak (GM): My things trigger on any offensive action, not just physical ones.
Ganelon: Rolling against defenses plus having negative effects generally means the rules call it an attack.
Apheori (GM): How do you interrupt a grin?
Alright, but it makes no sense.
Frezak (GM): By hitting the cat with a hammer.
Ganelon shrugs.
Frezak (GM): Or shovel.
Because it's not looking at me, basically.
Ganelon: The idea is that the cat is ignoring Gravy to do unpleasant things to his allies.
And that makes him mad.
Or possibly jealous.
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20+7+2
Vs Cat Fortitude.
Apheori (GM): Probably the latter.
Gaurav: Gravy sees the Cat start to grin and hits it.
Ganelon: It doesn't stop the grin, of course.
Apheori (GM): You hit the grin with a shovel.
Ganelon: There just might be some teeth missing.
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D10+4
And I slide it one square southeast and it grants Combat Advantage.
Apheori (GM): The grin twists and swirls around the shovel like a snake oozing through the sphinx's fur.
Ganelon: Oh gods, that's creepy.
Ganelon: I need more magic dust!
Apheori (GM): Can you move that... pile for me?
Ganelon: Oh right.
Gaurav: eep
Ganelon: The eyebot lasers it for 5 again.
Gaurav: I'm glad the shovel got between me and that grin
Frezak (GM): Pile moved.
And now it can complete the grin.
Apheori (GM): It didn't get between it. If anything, it made it worse.
Frezak (GM): Unless the grin is melee only.
Ganelon: Pew pew.
Apheori (GM): Rhu has a -2 to all defenses.
Gaurav: ugh
save ends?
Apheori (GM): Er, attacks, not defenses.
Yeah, I think.
Gaurav: oh phew
minor phew
a melee grin sounds terrible
Ganelon: Probably a Close Burst, one target
Because the idea of a grin provoking attacks from non-defenders really is silly.
Apheori (GM): You saw the grin twist through its fur. It can target anything looking at it.
Ganelon: I would just like to remind Rhu here that HE brought this thing to us.
Apheori (GM): Hee.
Gaurav: we should all stop looking at the sphinx
Ganelon: Even if cats don't really care what their "owners" think.
Apheori (GM): The sphinx will get up and try to disentangle itself again.
It fails.
And then it licks itself and Dave again.
Bear Soup Guy: Quick noobie question
I think I've asked this before too
With encounter powers, is it you can only use one encounter power per battle, or each encounter power can be used max once per battle?
Ganelon: The latter.
You can use many encounter powers per battle, but each one only once.
Bear Soup Guy: okay cool
Ganelon: Gonna do the, uh...
Grass Thing?
Apheori (GM): This sphinx really needs to get unstuck.
Bear Soup Guy: Oh I was just asking to make sure
Haven't planned the move yet
Apheori (GM): All it can really do at present is attack Dave and preen.
Ganelon: We're trying to get the yowling monstrosity off of her, it just isn't working!
Apheori (GM): You've made progress! It's just... not enough.
Bear Soup Guy: Okay, thorn whip again because all my other powers are against reflex pretty much :P
rolling 1d20+5 vs cat fort
ah poo
Apheori (GM): Alas.
Roll again for Dave just in case?
Bear Soup Guy: eek
Gaurav: That's a at-will power, right?
Ganelon: Don't worry dude.
Bear Soup Guy: yeah it is
Ganelon: Dave still has her 20 THP.
Bear Soup Guy:
rolling 1d20+5 vs Dave fort
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Bear Soup Guy: ah, cool
Apheori (GM): You didn't even get a pile of porridge back.
Ganelon: You couldn't actually hurt her even on a crit.
Just chip away at that shield.
Bear Soup Guy: cool
Apheori (GM): Anything else?
Bear Soup Guy: that'll do
Ganelon: I use my move action to relocate the eye.
And... Thundering Armor on Dave.
That one which pushes.
[Implement Attack]
rolling 1d20+5+1+0
Gaurav: woooooo
Bear Soup Guy: \o/
Ganelon: So... force expands outwards from Dave, and I should dearly hope that's enough to push the sphinx away from her.
Apheori (GM): It still has a claw snagged.
But it definitely pushed it.
Ganelon: Well it still takes the damage, which is normally a 1d8+5, but with a crit that's maxed... meaning 13.
Force damage.
Wait no.
Thunder damage.
So it's like, uh... sound?
Apheori (GM): Staticky spinx.
Don't touch it.
Ganelon: ...I could play a mean air guitar with this power and my rifle.
Gaurav: Do you hear the people sing / singing the song of destroying sphinxes
Ganelon: Dave also gets a +1 to AC until my next turn ends. And I end this turn.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Dave gets up, disentangling the last claw, and drops the sphinx on the ground.
Gaurav: YES!
Apheori (GM): She then sets Gravy on fire.
Frezak (GM): Delightful.
Gaurav: ... wait
Bear Soup Guy: collateral damage
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 8 vs reflex on Gravy
Frezak (GM): Yep
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d10 + 5 fire damage, and ongoing 10 fire damage (save ends)
Frezak (GM): awesome.
Rhu gapes in horror at the giant horned flaming figure beside him
Bear Soup Guy: Not relevant at the moment, but glancing at my char sheet I just noticed that I have a feat that lets an ally re-roll initiative
so I'll try to remember that next time Radek rolls a 3 >_<
Rhu: oooo nice!
Frezak (GM): Awesome!
Apheori (GM): She is also shouting something about how the curtains are open and how the light is all wrong, nothing like Spain.
Gaurav: It might make sense for Radek to stay near the end of the initiative order so he can put out any fires we start. Sometimes literally.
Nothing is ever like Spain.
Bear Soup Guy: Good point
The porridge reforms and starts bouncing around, jiggling all the while.
Gaurav: Dance, porridge, dance.
Frezak (GM): Lucky the porridge isn't still on me
or we'd have flapjacks
The porridge: Snrk.
Apheori (GM): Er, ooc.
And that's it for them.
Frezak (GM): I will use my Font of Life
Gaurav: Helvetica?
Frezak (GM): to make a save against fire BEFORE my turn starts.
rolling 1D20
Bear Soup Guy: ooo, nifty
Frezak (GM): And the flames die out.
Gaurav: YAY!
Bear Soup Guy: Gravy puts a hand up against the flames and they disperse like smoke
Apheori (GM): You're terrible.
Ganelon: Wardens, man.
Frezak (GM): So, the cat is detached.
No, she means the pun.
What am I actually doing?
Hitting anything?
Because that's all I can do.
Gaurav: We could keep hitting the sphinx and maybe Dave will help. or maybe she'll side with the sphinx, which will make an uneven battle even unevener.
Apheori (GM): Agh, dammit, I keep forgetting things.
Bear Soup Guy: Dave has pretty low health although no we've TP'd her >_<
Ganelon: She looks fine to me. Not even bloodied.
Gaurav: can we leave initiative of our own accord? give Dave and the sphinx time to sort out their unentangled differences?
Bear Soup Guy: now*
I meant in case she sided with the sphynx
She got bloodied pretty easily earlier
Ganelon: Oh.
Well yeah, controllers have pretty bad HP normally.
Bad defenses, too. You're supposed to protect them.
Bear Soup Guy: ah, makes sense
Our party definitely hasn't failed at that at all
Gaurav: talking is a free action, right? someone shout at Dave and see where she's going? Maybe someone who didn't critically fail at talking to her last round?
Ganelon: Well, the THP is my way of protecting her.
Bear Soup Guy: Good point
Ganelon: I'd suggest Gravy since it's his turn and she just set him on fire.
Frezak (GM): I can... uhh... Intimidate her.
Gaurav: that might scare her into siding with the sphinx.
Ganelon: You can't possibly be less diplomatic than Rhy.
Frezak (GM): I tihnk I could.
Gaurav: Maybe intimidate the sphinx (which won't work) then talk to Dave so she snows where we stand?
It's not a diplomacy check. You're just saying hi, hello, how are you, is it good to get the sphinx off your face, are you going to kill us all
The Gravedigger: Stop burning me, Dave!
It's really rude!
Dave: Sauce!
The Gravedigger: I refuse to be barbecued!
Dave: The gleamings, the dark towers shining!
Gaurav: Is this the psychotropics talking? Could a Heal check help with that?
What cures poison?
I just remembered two important things.
Ganelon: Heal checks to administer first aid.
They take a standard action.
Frezak (GM): I could /try/ that.
I have... uh.. 2.
Gaurav: One is that I have to leave in 10-15 mins, but I will be back in 1-2 hours, if you all want to hang around for that. It looks like you might be able to finish the battle without me, which would be totally fine with me.
The second thing is that Hazz'ridan has specifically commanded Rhu to guard Dave.
(and Amadi)
so if the party turns on Dave, Rhu is going to have to switch sides
Frezak (GM): I'll try and administer first aid.
rolling 1D20+2
Gaurav: he hasn't realised this yet because he's an idiot but he will if anybody tries attacking Dave.
Frezak (GM): fuck yeah
Dave: Does this prompt attacks of opportunity?
Apheori (GM): ooc, sorry.
Frezak (GM): Nope.
Ganelon: You would think so.
Frezak (GM): SHH YOU
Apheori (GM): How does it not?
Is there magic?
Frezak (GM): Because if it did then once the healer goes down so does the whole party.
Gaurav: If Gan can throw healing stuff across the room, I think Frezak can distract Dave long enough to jab her with some healing stuffs.
Especially on a 20.
Ganelon: Well, my healing stuff is a limited resource.
Apheori (GM): What about the spinx?
Ganelon: I actually have two of these per encounter, plus the big THP one once per day.
Frezak (GM): Administering first aid is not an action that provokes opportunity attacks, according to core rules.
Apheori (GM): You have two hostiles right next to you and you're trying to jab one of them with something pointy.
Frezak (GM): If you want to change that you're the dm.
Ganelon: First aid is for stuff like helping other people make saving throws, using their second winds without requiring an action, and... stabilizing dying people.
Gaurav: Gravy didn't move past the sphinx, he moved up to it, but yeah, I do see that the sphinx might swipe at Gravy as he's distracted. Or something.
Plus, you're healing someone who is a little nuts and thinks you're the enemy.
Apheori (GM): Do core rules have anything about administering first aid to unwilling/hostile patients?
Ganelon: Nope.
Gaurav: So that might attract its own oppty attack from Dave.
Apheori (GM): Seems like it should be treated as an attack roll.
Frezak (GM): She's getting better whether she wants to or not.
Apheori (GM): Which would also explain the lack of opportuity attacks provoked.
Ganelon: Amusingly, it doesn't even say that you administer first aid to an ally, just a "character".
Gaurav: Which suggests it was a really smart move sending Gravy in to do the imposed healing.
Ganelon: So like, for Greibel's weird hippie star-magic thing which explodes when enemies save against it?
Apheori (GM): You should have a roll to see if you actually hit her.
Frezak (GM): Oh, fuck it
Ganelon: By the core rules, you could HELP an enemy save against it to blow them up.
Frezak (GM): I attack the cat instead.
Forget it.
Apheori (GM): >.>
Gaurav: In D&D mechanics, healing someone is like diplomacy: you can compel someone to be charmed or have an effect on them even if they don't want it.
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20+7+2
Cat AC.
Turn over.
Apheori (GM): Nope.
Frezak (GM): because trying to help Dave is clearly too much work.
Apheori (GM): Are we continuing without Gaurav?
Gaurav: Gaurav still here
Apheori (GM): Dealing with psychotics is quite difficult, yes.
For NOW.
What about when he isn't?
rolling 1d20+10 heal check against Dave
I don't know if that's a standard or a minor
Ganelon: Standard.
Bear Soup Guy: I imagine we can finish the round and then take a break till he gets back
Apheori (GM): Was that to heal or to hit? Roll to hit first. She'll be trying to dodge your efforts.
Gaurav: dodge?
did you say dodge?
rolling 1d20+8 acrobatics check to counterdodge
Apheori (GM): ...in her mind.
Gaurav: naan that makes sense
I was just pleased I'd get to do an acrobatics check
+8 and all that
Apheori (GM): Acro... eh, whatever.
You successfully get to and heal her. I need to look up how healing works.
Gaurav: okay I HAVE to run so whatever the consequence of those actions are
my minor is going to be
Ganelon: I can just tell you. PHB1, page 185.
Either the target gets a +2 to their next saving throw or you immediately give them a saving throw.
rolling 1d20+8 religion check pray loudly to Hazz'ridan to show Dave that we -- and particularly Rhu -- means to guard her no matter what and she needs to deal with this sorry.
and BOOM
Bear Soup Guy: BYE GAUR
Ganelon: If they're dying, they stop making death saving throws until they take damage again... so they stop bleeding all over the floor.
You can also use a first aid attempt to let them use their second wind if they haven't already, taking up your action rather than theirs.
Apheori (GM): Does it treat poison?
Ganelon: That is typically a Save Ends effect. You can treat *disease* with it, however, which is something a little more long-term.
Endurance is used to fight disease but heal attempts can let the healer replace someone's endurance roll with their heal result (if it's good enough to make things better).
That's supposed to happen over a long period of time, though.
Apheori (GM): Huh.
This is weird.
Ganelon: It's almost like nobody thought to make up rules for people tripping on mushrooms.
Bear Soup Guy: If only D&D had been created in the 60s
Apheori (GM): Meh, I guess it'll just up her... uh... general resistance to the effects, or whatever.
So Dave will fall over in response.
Gaurav is gone, but we might as well at least finish the round.
Ganelon: Sure.
Bear Soup Guy: Yeah
Apheori (GM): The sphinx grins at Gravy.
rolling 1d20 + 5 vs will
So that's a -2 to attack rolls, save ends.
Bear Soup Guy: Sphinx turns into a ball of ethereal flame
Apheori (GM): And then it pounces at Rhu.
Frezak (GM): What is a punce?
Apheori (GM): An attack.
Why it would attack him, I don't know.
Frezak (GM): From where it is?
Bear Soup Guy: http://gyazo.com/a4382f1d7c81a059840c51fce99822e1
Apheori (GM): Yes.
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20+7
Cat Fort
rolling 1D10+4
It grants CA, and I push it to here.
Apheori (GM): Is that with or without the penalty?
Frezak (GM): Without.
That's 23 against cat fort.
Apheori (GM): Then you fail.
Frezak (GM): Of course I do.
Bear Soup Guy: pretty sure the cat has lower fort than 21
Frezak (GM): I don't fucking know anything anymore.
Bear Soup Guy: or 23 even
Apheori (GM): Cat had lower when it was stuck to Dave.
Bear Soup Guy: I guess that makes some kind of sense
Apheori (GM): Dave will shout 'KITTY!' as it flies overhead.
Since pouncing involves movement.
rolling 1d20 + 8 vs reflex
Does anyone have Rhu's character sheet?
Er, wait, that was supposed to be +11 for a pounce.
Bear Soup Guy: Does diagonal count as being in an adjacent square?
Apheori (GM): It should.
Bear Soup Guy: okay
well, this http://gyazo.com/4e4e6e95e7a7eecaf440f23f33517341
And by melee basic attack I assume it means my staff implement
Ganelon: It means your staff as a weapon, unless you have a power that can replace your melee basic.
Bear Soup Guy: only other melee I have requires morphing to beast so staff it is
Apheori (GM): Is this before or after sphinx attack hits? Since it apparently does unless I forgot something, which is likely.
Bear Soup Guy: good question
Apheori (GM): What did I forget?
Ganelon: It's an immediate reaction.
It takes place after the triggering action.
Apheori (GM): Okay. And what am I forgetting that would impact whether or not the attack hits?
Bear Soup Guy: Rhu's defense stat
Frezak (GM): Is this leap a shift?
Or a leap?
Bear Soup Guy: Oh I'm sure his reflex is higher than 11
Apheori (GM): It seems to be a leap.
What does that mean?
Frezak (GM): It's a jump.
But I would normally get an opportuniy attack as he goes past.
And he has -2 to attack Rhu.
Because I marked it.
Ganelon: There's virtually no chance that this hit Rhu on a roll of 3.
He's a dex secondary Avenger, right?
Actually that doesn't even matter. Int is their other secondary.
So either way he's going to have at least 14 reflex, and with the mark penalty that's not good enough.
Apheori (GM): Yeah, Rhu winds up with an armful of fluff.
Bear Soup Guy: Okay so
One part of my sheet says my staff is 2 attack 1d8-1, and another part of my sheet says it's 5 attack 1d8+4
Ganelon: That's because it can be both a weapon and an implement.
As a weapon it uses your strength modifier, so 1d20+Str+1/2 Level+Weapon Proficiency.
Which is 1d20+(-1)+1+2.
As an implement it uses your wisdom, which is much higher at +4.
Bear Soup Guy: Ah, okay, good to know
Ganelon: That said.
Bear Soup Guy: What are the rules for when it should be used as a weapon or an implement?
Ganelon: Based entirely on the attack.
The power will have either the weapon or implement keyword.
Greibel has a power for when he's in beast form called Pounce that replaces his melee basic attacks with a pounce that scales off of his wisdom rather than his shitty strength.
Actually wait, no. That's only for charging.
...So really, your melee basic attacks are always going to be weak and inaccurate.
Bear Soup Guy: cool
and if diagonal is in fact adjacent, should I need to move a square to use this reaction melee thing?
Apheori (GM): The sphinx is on top of Rhu.
Ganelon: Not if it's on top of him. Also, you can't really move on someone else's turn unless that's part of the reaction power.
Bear Soup Guy: It is not but apparently it's on top of him so okay then
Ganelon: Although it does let you charge, so if you were in beast form (you're not, though), you could charge and pounce as a reaction.
Apheori (GM): You're adjacent, I just cant show it because I cant move things properly.
This is all I can do.
Which is useless.
Bear Soup Guy: yeah, should've beasted over last turn
woo circle!
okay, I think I have enough information to roll a missing attack roll now
Thanks Gan, you are the awsomest
rolling 1d20+2 vs cat AC
Apheori (GM): Miss.
Bear Soup Guy: lovely
Apheori (GM): You guys need will attacks. These things have crap for will.
Or a laser pointer.
Or colourful masks.
Bear Soup Guy: I'm planning on using my daily weird magic slowdown thing which attacks against will
oh my turn so I think I'll do that RIGHT NOW
Apheori (GM): Well, first the sphinx slides out of Rhu's arms.
Just so it's not on top of him anymore.
Now go.
Bear Soup Guy: Oh okay then before my turn
Apheori (GM): It's your turn.
Bear Soup Guy: Yeah but I have another encounter that the sphinx just activated by moving
Apheori (GM): It was a shift.
Bear Soup Guy: oh, is that different?
Apheori (GM): A waterfall of fluff.
I think so.
Bear Soup Guy: bah
Okay then
move one square and the Faerie Fire
120+5 vs cat will
rolling 1d20+5 vs cat will
Frezak (GM): use Rhu's reroll power.
If that still works.
Apheori (GM): No, that's actually good enough.
Ganelon: In that case, eyebot shoots a laser.
Bear Soup Guy: Ah yeah, this cat is going down
cat is slowed and grants combat advantage
slow save triggers damage
actually that attack would have done damage even if it missed
it's such a cool power
Gaurav: "Well, first the sphinx slides out of Rhu's arms."
also: hi!
Apheori (GM): What's the damage?
And hi. You back?
Gaurav: I am~!
things ended waaay earlier than I thought
Bear Soup Guy: The damage if it had missed or the damage triggered by a save?
Oh hi Gaur!
Apheori (GM): Oh, okay, nevermind.
I misunderstood how it works.
Bear Soup Guy: Yeah, it's pretty complicated
Gaurav waves at BSG
Bear Soup Guy: cool so we can just keep going
Oh and that's the end of my turn
Sorry, I keep forgetting to end them
Ganelon: Aggravating Force.
This is just a straight-up bullet. It makes the target's AC a little easier to hit for one of you guys, though.
[Weapon Attack - Rifle]
rolling 1d20+3+5+1+0
Vs. AC.
Apheori (GM): Yup.
rolling 1d10+5
Force damage, and... I was wrong, it has nothing to do with AC.
Next person to attack the sphinx gets a +2 to their hit roll.
I'm comfortable standing over here, so I'll end turn.
Apheori (GM): Dave is lying on the floor.
She says something about waffles, and then blasts at the eyebot.
Did the eyebot shoot the sphinx just now?
Ganelon: Nah, it doesn't shoot for Radek.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Ganelon: Which is kind of a shame, but them's the rules.
I do need to see an attack roll, of course.
Gaurav: That is a shame. You'd think that'd be like one 'if' statement commented out.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 +8 + 2 vs reflex
Ganelon: Not even. All you'd have to do is add:
If (allies || radek)
What's the +2 from?
Apheori (GM): It's in the air.
Ganelon: So?
Apheori (GM): On the other hand, that might just cancel out her being on the floor.
She has a thing that adds to the roll against isolated targets.
At least I think she does.
On the other hand she just saw something move and threw something at it,so I'm not entirely sure that counts.
Ganelon: Can you tell me the name of this isolated target thing?
Gaurav: ally(Radek, Radek)
Apheori (GM): Heaven's Arrow
Gaurav: so rare you get to make a Prolog joke
Ganelon: So it's a... power?
Apheori (GM): Apparently.
She's throwing magicky stuff.
Ganelon: I can't even find such a thing on my builder.
Apheori (GM): Oh, the arrow is a feat. It applies to powers.
Ganelon: Well, whatever.
Radek's impressive reflexes aren't enough that a 2 would make the difference.
What's the damage.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d6+5
Ganelon: It's busted.
Gaurav: darnit
Apheori (GM): And she loses her implement.
Since she wasjust sort of waving it around and then dropped it.
Dave: Waffles.
The porridge flattens itself out into a waffle shape.
Apheori (GM): Odds are nobody notices that, though.
Ellemerr: Everyone's killing the sphinx.
Gravy: Your turn.
Frezak (GM): I save against grin
rolling 1D20
Gaurav: While the porridge has a turn, could you please describe Dave's implement again? I've forgotten what it looks like.
Apheori (GM): Yes you do.
Frezak (GM): Second Wind.
Apheori (GM): A cane with an eyeball on the end.
Frezak (GM): Shift.
Gaurav: Thanks!
Frezak (GM): Mark.
Turn over.
Gaurav: So there was no response to Rhu's prayer to Hazz'ridan last turn, right?
I save against grin at the end of my turn, right?
Apheori (GM): Nothing immediate.
Rest assured he is watching closely.
Gaurav: Yay!
Did I really not suffer any damage when the sphinx jumped on me?
Apheori (GM): Dave didn't even notice.
Gaurav: Poor Dave.
Apheori (GM): The sphinx missed with claws and teeth.
Gaurav: YAY
Then Rhu strikes the sphinx with a bond of retribution.
Do I still get a +2 to attack the sphinx, or has that expired?
Apheori (GM): I think Greibel added a thing for combat advantage, and there's a mark.
I... really don't understand half of this. >.<
rolling 1d20+5+2-2 Wisdom vs AC +2 weapon proficiency -2 grin
that's the bits I'm sure about
if that doesn't work, let's add CA and see what happens
Bear Soup Guy: yeah it grants combat advantage until it rolls a successful save
Gaurav: so +2 CA from Greibel. I don't think CAs stack. So 21 should be the final number vs AC
Apheori (GM): And/or Radek's thing... it hits.
Gaurav: My maul crashes into its head
Ganelon: If you didn't count that? Yeah.
First attack gets a +2 to hit.
rolling 2d6+4 Hammer damage
Bear Soup Guy: I am learning so much in this battle, guys
Apheori (GM): The sphinx hisses and takes a swipe at you.
Do you do anything else?
BSG: I know, right? >.<
Gaurav: minor: I say some terrible things about the sphinx's mother.
move: naah.
rolling 1d20 save against grin
end of turn
Apheori (GM): The sphinx looks confused at the terrible things about its mother, looks around, and then says, 'Story?'
Gaurav: huh
is there a story I can tell the sphinx in the ~15 seconds that a round lasts in D&D?
Rhu: The last man on earth sat in his living room alone. Then he heard a knock on the door.
Bear Soup Guy claps
Gaurav: end of turn
Apheori (GM): The sphinx demands a story. A proper story. The one about its mother. What is it? Tell. TELL.
rolling 1d20 + 8 against will compelling you to tell it.
If you don't tell it, bad things.
Bear Soup Guy: "The story goes....MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT!"
Gaurav: hahaha
Apheori (GM): Does that... 'hit'?
Does Gravy smack it?
Gaurav: I was going to anyway, but that totally hits.
Rhu starts making up a story about the an elven lady who inexplicably gives birth to an angry, unhappy, spoilt cat.
but each round in D&D is like 15 seconds or something, so it's going to take a while
Rhu: Once upon a time, an elven lady gave birth to a sphinx ...
The sphinx: That...
Is not...
The sphinx sticks its face in Rhu's face.
Rhu: What story?
Which story?
It's a story.
It might be a good one. I don't know yet.
Apheori (GM): You mentioned its mother. Its real mother. The mothers of sphinxes. The origins. In your mind, you are compelled to tell it, but you don't know it, and the pressure builds...
Gaurav: o.0
Do I start getting a sense that this is what it means, or does it just hurt?
Rhu: Er ...
Um ...
Apheori (GM): Yes to both.
rolling 1d6 +4
Rhu: There's a ... mother ... of sphinxes
she didn't, actually, you know. Give birth to them all. but she is all their mothers.
And they all ... love her?
Apheori (GM): STOP.
It's a psychic attack. You only get one try per turn.
Rhu: Oh okay.
Gaurav: Sorry, ooc.
Then Rhu flubs around trying to work a mother into the elven woman story and fails miserably.
was that 9 psychic damage?
Apheori (GM): For now you just take some damage and are dazed or whatever it is.
Gaurav: done. I have no idea what dazed does >.<
I've picked a random icon for dazed, but feel free to replace it if there's a better one I missed.
Apheori (GM): Combat advantage, can't take immediate actions or opportunity attacks.
Ganelon: One action per turn.
Apheori (GM): It'll end on the next sphinx turn.
Ganelon: In addition to what she said above.
Gaurav: got it. thanks!
Apheori (GM): Ah, right.
The sphinx will then glare at Rhu and hack up a hairball.
Bear Soup Guy: Roll to save
Apheori (GM): Greibel!
Bear Soup Guy: for the thingy thing
Apheori (GM): Oh, right.
Bear Soup Guy: I think so
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20
Bear Soup Guy: was it 10 or more to save?
Apheori (GM): I think so.
Bear Soup Guy: We are so good at this game
Apheori (GM): Totally.
Bear Soup Guy: okay
rolling 3d6+4 radiant damage to cat and it grants combat advantage till the end of my next turn but is no longer slowed
Gaurav: WOAH
Bear Soup Guy: C-C-C-C-C-COMBO
Ganelon: Boom.
Bear Soup Guy: the smell of burning fur wafts through the air
If the cat's still alive I'll take my turn now
Apheori (GM): Yup..
Bear Soup Guy: Right-o
Gaurav: Why does it look like Dave's health bar is near zero? Did she burn through those THPs already, or am I reading something wrong?
Apheori (GM): Gravy's nameplate is covering it.
Ganelon: Yeah, she ought to be fine.
Gaurav: Ah, okay. Cool.
Bear Soup Guy: So how does charging work, and if charging uses the pounce power in place of a melee attack, does that mean the attack roll is against AC instead of reflex?
Frezak (GM): I'm gonna go now, Gan has my sheet.
Ganelon: It replaces the attack completely.
Bear Soup Guy: Adios Frezak
Apheori (GM): Aww, bye.
Bear Soup Guy: Okay, that still confuses me
So what's the benefit of charging with pounce as opposed to just using it as any other power?
Ganelon: You get a bonus to hit while charging, for one.
Gaurav: Not related to pounce, but lots of my powers get bonuses if I do them while charging
Ganelon: Moreover, it lets you replace charges with a power that scales off wisdom rather than the basic version which is strength.
You can't charge and use any power.
It's just ones that specifically let you.
Bear Soup Guy: OH okay, that makes sense
Ganelon: No prob.
Pounce also does some other thing, I think, which makes it better than a basic attack
Bear Soup Guy: Grants CA to the next person who attacks
And I picture a charge involving the ability to move some squares as part of the attack, but am I totally wrong about that?
Ganelon: No, that's right.
You can move and then charge.
Even move backwards.
Bear Soup Guy: And that doesn't take a move action?
Not that it matters in this instance since I'm not gonna be needing an extra one
Gaurav: I think that depends on whether you need to move first in order to charge.
Ganelon: It takes a standard.
And it ends your turn unless you spend an action point.
Gaurav: if not, you can charge and then use the move. but I think you're too close to the sphinx to charge, so you'll have to move action to back away, then use the standard to charge in
Ganelon: So if you charge at the start, you aren't allowed a move or minor after that.
But you can move and minor, then charge, and technically move twice because the charge moves you.
Bear Soup Guy: Okay, awesome
How far back do I need to be to charge?
Ganelon: At least two squares. So back up 1.
Bear Soup Guy: Okay, once again I definitely have now accumulated all the information I need to get a 3 on the attack roll =P
Gaurav: haha
Bear Soup Guy: move back one, minor Wild Shape to turn into a bear or something, and then charge with pounce
rolling 1d20+5 vs cat reflex
oh and +2
because CA
Apheori (GM): Miss.
Gaurav: "bear or something"?
Bear Soup Guy: bah
Gaurav: what about an ostrich? aren't they great kickers?
Bear Soup Guy: Yes
Apheori (GM): Otrich!
Bear Soup Guy: I've changed my mind and I am an ostrich
Apheori (GM): Ostrich
Bear Soup Guy: okay turn is over
if anybody has any powers vs will, we're gonna need those
Gaurav: It turns out ostriches are decent kickers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0HkAIyZRn8
Ganelon: I don't.
AC is the best I can offer. Have another bullet.
[Weapon Attack - Rifle]
rolling 1d20+3+5+1+0
Rhu: Trust in Hazz'ridan the Great. He will keep our will safe.
Apheori (GM): Yup.
rolling 1d10+5
Much better than last time.
Rhu: niiiiice
Ganelon: And same as before, last attacker gets +2.
Gaurav: ooc, but it works either ways
+2 to ACC or damage?
Ganelon: To attack.
Which is honestly way better than to damage.
Apheori (GM): That it?
Oh, Amadi appears sitting in midair where the eyebot was and shines a laser pointer on the sphinx when you shoot it.
Gaurav: ...
Apheori (GM): What?
Ganelon shrugs.
Gaurav: Nothing. I'm not sure why Amadi's oddness still surprises me, but there you go.
Ganelon: Well, she's covering for what my eyebot doesn't do.
I'll thank her for it later.
Gaurav: With a laser pointer.
Ganelon: That is all I do.
Gaurav: I mean, if the sphinx was looking straight at it, that would help, but unless you've got laser-guided bullets ...
Bear Soup Guy: I swear to god, if that laser pointer succeeds where fireballs and bullets have failed...
Gaurav: haha
I'm just waiting for Amadi to come in and restore the sphinx to full health
Bear Soup Guy: YOU FOOL
You can't give her ideas like that!
Apheori (GM): Dave will shout 'Waffles!' again and wave at Amadi.
Gaurav: We should really get Dave some waffles at some point.
Bear Soup Guy: Maybe they serve waffles at the sandwich bar
That's an excellent idea.
Apheori (GM): And then she'll get up and try to grab Grvy.
Gaurav: That's a _terrible_ idea, Dave.
Ganelon: That would be a strength + 1/2 level roll, against his reflex.
Breaking the grab is another matter. He could probably accomplish that easily enough.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 1
Ganelon: Nnnope. 14 reflex.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Bear Soup Guy: the dead city is trying to fight back
Gaurav: it can try
Apheori (GM): Is this right? Where was eerone?
Gaurav: I wrote down a bunch of initiatives: Gravy - 18, Dave - 21, Porridge - 20, Cat - 8
Ganelon: Oh gods, I don't know.
Gaurav: It looks right to me.
And I'm glad Amadi's on the map.
go porridge go!
Apheori (GM): Okay, the porridge lets out a cloud of waffle-smelling dust.
Greibel and the sphhinx feel inexplicably hungry.
Gaurav: A third bond of retribution at the sphinx: "Whirling divine energy promises swift retribution if one of your
foe’s companions attacks you."
Apheori (GM): It has companions?
rolling 1d20+5+2+2-2 Wisdom vs AC +2 from Radek's power +2 weapon proficiency -2 got grinned at
It doesn't, alas. Otherwise I'd get another benefit from this attack.
Apheori (GM): Miss.
Gaurav: It's a melee attack, so I can reroll.
rolling 1d20+5+2+2-2 Wisdom vs AC +2 from Radek's power +2 weapon proficiency -2 got grinned at
Apheori (GM): Hi... just kidding.
Rhu: (to Dave) Are you okay?!
rolling d20 save against being grinned at
Dave: Huh?
rolling d20 save against dazed
Dave: Who are you?
Gaurav: so: no longer dazed, still grinned?
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Rhu: I'm Rhu. We've been traveling together for some time. We found you in a tank.
Gaurav: End of turn. I'm going to keep chatting with Dave, though.
Rhu: Remember? You rode around on Radek's disk and then flew into a wall.
Dave: Waffles?
Rhu: Greibel says there might be some in the pub with the sandwiches.
Apheori (GM): Gan: Will you play for Gravy, then?
Gaurav: Oh actually no I'm still dazed until the end of the sphinx's next turn.
Apheori (GM): Or should we give this up?
Oh, right.
Ganelon: I can play as him.
At this point there's really nothing to it.
Strength of Stone.
rolling 1d20+7 vs AC.
Sphinx, of course.
Apheori (GM): Yup.
rolling 1d10+4
Gaurav: That's some strong stone you got there.
Apheori (GM): Shovel damage, I assume?
Ganelon: And Gravy gains 4 THP, which I can't put on him so that's up to you.
Apheori (GM): Amadi shines the laser pointer on Gravy.
Ganelon: That's all.
Turn over.
Apheori (GM): The sphinx watches the laser pointer for a bit and then starts licking itself.
Then Amadi shines the laser pointer on it again and it flips out and jumps at Rhu to get away from it.
Gaurav: darnit
Apheori (GM): It likes you.
Gaurav: I know. That's why it's going to be particularly hard to kill it.
Apheori (GM): Why do you want it dead so badly?
Gaurav: ... for me. Rhu sees a giant wild animal jumping at his face and lets out a high-pitched squeal.
Ganelon: Because it does stuff like attack people?
Apheori (GM): You attacked it!
Ganelon: Sitting on Dave's face.
She freaks out.
It bites her.
Gaurav: If Rhu could sit down and think about it, he'd say it's 'cos it's unpredictable in warfare. We don't know if it'll help us or run away.
Right now, though, it's 'cos he likes Dave and thinks of her as part of the party now, and the sphinx -- who is definitely not part of the party yet -- attacked him.
Ganelon: Forget run away. I'm concerned it would hinder our efforts in a fight.
Gaurav: oh right sorry that's what I meant. attack us.
one of the nice things about D&D is that no PC-led attack has to be fatal
Ganelon: This is correct.
Apheori (GM): I guess the sphinx mauls you.
Ganelon: You can just say "nonlethal damage".
Gaurav: I think we should get the sphinx's HP down to zero, then wait until Frezak returns before deciding if we want to kill it or ... I don't really know what the alternative is.
but that can be a decision for another day.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 11 vs reflex
Gaurav: until the end of the sphinx's turn I am giving it CA
Apheori (GM): Is it -2 or -4?
Gaurav: +2 to the sphinx' attack
Apheori (GM): Oh.
Er, right.
Gaurav: 'cos I'm dazed
two sphinxes jump at me and I try to dodge both
Apheori (GM): One of them is actually Amadi.
rolling 2d8 + 8
Congratulations, you get to live.
Ganelon: ...Yaaay?
I've saved a heal, at least.
Gaurav: you'd never have rolled a perfect d8 ... I hope
but a crit hit would have been fatal :(
Apheori (GM): Amadi shines a laser pointer in your eye.
Gaurav: ow
Rhu: Ow!
Gaurav: end of sphinxes' turn, I am no longer dazed. woo!
Apheori (GM): Yup.
Gaurav: Radek: I have a daily that I can use to spend a healing surge, so unless Dave attacks me, I _should_ be okay. I think.
... and of course it's possible that between Greibel and Radek, there won't be a sphinx left by the time my turn rolls around ...
Ganelon: Well, what else do you want me using the heal for?
Gaurav: Fair point, everybody is very healthy right now.
Ganelon: I guess if you go unconscious it would revive you.
Since it's not dead when you get negative HP, it's just dying.
Bear Soup Guy: oh, I guess it's my turn
Gaurav: A surge only gives me 8 HP, so your heal + my daily would get me up to 90%
I wonder if there's any way we can use the porridge's ability to make people hungry against our enemies
Bear Soup Guy: so can I just charge on pretty much any turn?
Gaurav: I'm a little surprised that Greibel can run in a straight line.
Bear Soup Guy: I think I'm gonna risk using my lousy staff on the knowledge that the sphinx has lower AC than Ref
Ganelon: Well, you would provoke an attack of opportunity for not shifting to move away from the sphinx.
And you can't shift far enough away to charge it.
But you could, say, shift away and then charge someone else.
Bear Soup Guy: bah, effort
Apheori (GM): Heh.
Bear Soup Guy: okay, minor to change back to elf then, and then I'll try Fire Hawk
rolling 1d20+5 vs cat reflex
right, end turn
Apheori (GM): Amadi shines the laser pointer on Greibel.
Ganelon: More bullets!
[Weapon Attack - Rifle]
rolling 1d20+3+5+1+0
Pow pow!
rolling 1d10+5
Apheori (GM): It hisses.
Bear Soup Guy: That gun is so great to have around
Ganelon: Move to here.
And I won't heal Rhu this turn, I suppose.
Gaurav: Could you, though?
It'd help a lot!
Ganelon: You sure?
Apheori (GM): Amadi shines the laser pointer in Rhu's eye again.
Rhu: Ow! Again. Why?
Gaurav: Yes. It'd get me past bloodied, then I should be able to get to semi-full health by myself.
Amadi: Why not?
Gaurav: which will let me survive another 2d8 damage from the sphinx
Amadi pauses for a bit, then tries again and shines the light in Radek's eye.
Ganelon: Alright.
Gaurav: Thanks!
Amadi: Eyeball bot?
Ganelon: Surge +2.
Radek: Gah!
Gaurav: No longer bloodied!
Radek: No, that isn't how it works! Stop that!
Gaurav does the no-longer-bloodied dance
Amadi: How?
How does it work?
Amadi turns upside-down, facing Radek.
Radek: Ask me later!
Amadi: It's later now.
And now.
And also now.
Radek: Ask me never and I will /tell/ you the answer at my own discretion.
Gaurav: It could be Radek's last words to Amadi.
Apheori (GM): Amadi's turn?
Ganelon: Well I hope you aren't asking me.
Apheori (GM): Hmm.
I don't know.
Dave picks up the sphinx.
Gaurav: So Amadi did nothing?
Amadi shines a laser pointer in Dave's eye.
Apheori (GM): Pretty much.
Gaurav: If she gets entangled with that sphinx again ...
Rhu: Don't pick him up! He's dangerous!
He was attacking you not five minutes ago!
Apheori (GM): Well, she's still stoned.
Dave: He? Who?
Rhu: Devourer! The sphinx!
Dave: It is you.
You're not here.
This isn't here.
Rhu: Um.
Dave: This.
Dave shakes the sphinx a bit for emphasis.
Rhu: It ... he ... was attacking you ...
Amadi shines the laser on Rhu.
Apheori (GM): ...and then Dave just stops, staring at the laser...
Rhu shields his eyes from Amadi
Gaurav: (or looks away etc.)
Apheori (GM): Dave screams and attacks Rhu. You may have an opportunity attack.
Gaurav: Against who?
Apheori (GM): Dave.
If you want to.
Ganelon: Just knock her out.
Apheori (GM): Since she's, like, attacking you.
Gaurav: Do I get one if she's attacking me? Wouldn't that just be a normal attack? It's her turn.
Apheori (GM): It's a ranged attack.
Ganelon: This is correct.
Gaurav: I keep forgetting that.
So I get a basic melee attack?
Apheori (GM): If you want to.
Gaurav: OH
Resonant Escape
Lvl 2 utility, immediate reaction
Bear Soup Guy: That sounds promising
Gaurav: oh no ugh
it only works against melee attakcs
would have been perfect
okay, Rhu won't attack Dave because Hazz told him to guard her and all that
Apheori (GM): Gan: Will Gravy?
Gaurav: is there any way I can try to whack the thing doing the attack (her hand or whatever) out of the way without hurting her too much? If not, then Rhu will take it like an elf.
and will be super happy that Radek healed him up earlier
Ganelon: His will?
Gaurav: no, he can opportunity attack Dave also
and he is not enjoined to guard her
Ganelon: Oh, I see.
I could have sworn he got some thing for this.
Oh, there it is. Never mind.
rolling 1d20+7
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 8 vs reflex on Rhu
And Gravy hits her with a shovel?
rolling 1d10+4
We can assume all damage against Dave from Gravy and Radek is nonlethal.
So when she goes down, it's just unconsciousness.
Gaurav: miss
Apheori (GM): Amadi will shine the laser on Gravy.
The porridge won't do anything in particular.
Rhu will do something.
Gaurav: It must be pretty cold porridge by now.
Rhu will shift away from the action
and then attack the sphinx with my daily power: Renewing Strike
"You draw on your deity’s power to smite your foe with divine
lightning and to heal your injuries."
Apheori (GM): Hazz'ridan lightning?
Oh deary.
Bear Soup Guy: it turns all the sand it strikes into an impassable glass wall
rolling 1d20+5-2 Wisdom vs Reflex -2 grinned at
it's a daily
my reroll power says "an ally within 10 squares" ... so I can't use it against myself, right?
Ganelon: Sadly no.
Gaurav: ah well
half damage then
rolling 0.5*(2d10 + 4) lightning damage
and I spend a healing surge
Ganelon: Rounds down, so 4.
Gaurav: bah
rolling d20 against grinned
end of turn
Rhu sulks.
Ganelon: Would you let Gravy restrain Dave, and if so, how?
Apheori (GM): Grab her and hold her?
Ganelon: Alright.
rolling 1d20+5 vs Reflex
Mm, probably not.
Gaurav: Make sure Gravy renews his mark on the sphinx so it can't act out.
Ganelon: He marks in bursts, so he can actually get both of them here.
Gaurav: oh, sweet
Ganelon: And I think we have cause to believe Dave is no longer an ally.
Gaurav: I think she still counts as a deluded ally
Ganelon: Given how she's been attacking us all encounter.
Gaurav: and she is actually a drugged one
but restraining her is a good move
Ganelon: Still a justifiable reason to want her *not* attacking us.
Gaurav: oh yeah definitely
Amadi: Oh, is she still holding the sphinx?
Ganelon: She is.
Apheori (GM): Er, oc.
The lightning thing wouldhave hit her too.
Gaurav: Oh. Then I'm glad I didn't do too much damage.
Ganelon: That's his turn over, though.
Apheori (GM): Sphinx bites Dave.
rolling 1d2 + 8
rolling 1d20 + 8
What does the mark do?
Ganelon: -2 to attack rolls and Gravy gets to interrupt that with another swing of the hammer.
But the -2 is always there. The interrupt is a Defender thing.
Well, I should be specific.
Apheori (GM): Bad news.
The sphinx is stuck to Dave again.
Gaurav: sigh
Apheori (GM): It got its teeth stuck in her dres.
Gaurav: how much THP does she have left?
Ganelon: Marks impose a -2 to attacks which do not include the marker as a target.
Apheori (GM): 1
Ganelon: Here's his interrupt.
rolling 1d20+7 vs. Fort
Gaurav: does the interrupt ... interrupt the attack? if so, can you swing that hammer before the sphinx gets its teeth into the dress?
Ganelon: Pfft.
Gaurav: ... i guess not
Ganelon: Yes, that would be how it works.
If it worked.
Apheori (GM): Sphinx spends the rest of its turn getting its teeth out of Dave's dress.
Amadi shines the laser on Greibel.
Bear Soup Guy: Greibel attacks with his staff
rolling 1d20+2 vs cat AC
Apheori (GM): Nope.
Bear Soup Guy: bugger
moves to there and turn done
Apheori (GM): Cat takes a swipe at you.
Attack of opportunity. Right?
Bear Soup Guy: I think so
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 8 vs ac
Bear Soup Guy: hit
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d8 + 4
Porridge also takes a swipe at you. Your leg feels sticky.
Gaurav: That's an adorable if slightly icky swipe.
Apheori (GM): ...by 'swipe', of course, I mean half of it climbed into your pants.
Gaurav: ew
Bear Soup Guy: like corn starch and water mixture floating on a speaker
Gaurav: on a speaker?
Bear Soup Guy: On a speaker!
Apheori (GM): Radek
's turn?
Gaurav: BSG: WOAH
Ganelon: Yep.
I move up to here.
Thundering Armor on Gravy, targeting the sphinx.
[Implement Attack]
rolling 1d20+5+1+0
Bear Soup Guy: yeah, non-newtonian fluids are awesome
Ganelon: Fort.
Apheori (GM): Nope.
Ganelon: He still gets an AC bonus.
Turn over.
Gaurav: That is a well-fortified cat.
Ganelon: Seriously, what is the thing's fort?
Amadi turns over again in middair and then disappears, dropping the laser pointer on Gravy's head.
Bear Soup Guy: Higher than 23 at least
Apheori (GM): Something around there.
Dave... runs away.
Ganelon: Opportunity attack?
Apheori (GM): Taking the sphinx with her.
Rhu: Um.
We kind of need that sphinx. For fighting with.
rolling 1d20+7
rolling 1d10+4
Apheori (GM): All her THP are gone.
Ganelon: Where is she even running? We're in an enclosure.
Apheori (GM): Away.
Then she falls over for no apparent reason.
Well, aside from the obvious.
Especially since it was a pretty wobbly run to begin with.
Ganelon: Greibel.
Apheori (GM): And drops the sphinx.
Ganelon: You know what you must do.
Turn into dogs and dogpile her.
The porridge climbs Greibel and reforms on his shoulder.
Apheori (GM): Rhu.
Rhu: move 7 south
Radiant Vengeance against sphinx
Bear Soup Guy: Or turn into American Football players and dogpile her =p
rolling 1d20+5-2 Wisdom vs Reflex -2 grinned
no CA against the sphinx, right?
Ganelon: Probably none.
Apheori (GM): Not that I can think of.
Gaurav: urk
Apheori (GM): And it misses.
rolling d20 vs grinned
end of turn
Apheori (GM): Gravy time.
Ganelon: Could he, essentially pin Amadi to the ground like this?
Just another grab, probably, but still.
Apheori (GM): You mean Dave?
Ganelon: ...Yes.
Apheori (GM): Sure, why not/
Ganelon: You have to move him over there for me.
Actually, if Dave's prone I think he can just stand on her and she can't get up.
Apheori (GM): Like so?
Ganelon: Sure.
In that case, sphinx shoveling.
Weight of Earth.
rolling 1d20+7 vs AC
Apheori (GM): Nope.
Ganelon: Alas.
That's all.
The sphinx hisses.
The sphinx gets up and shakes itself off a bit and looks at Gravy with absolute murder in its eyes and pounces at him.
Ganelon: It's likely that Gravy looks back with just as much murder.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 11 vs reflex
Ganelon: Hits.
As if I had to say it.
Gaurav: oof
Apheori (GM):
rolling 2d8 + 8
Ganelon: Take that off his THP first.
And you have to do it, as before.
Gaurav: OOF
Apheori (GM): The sphinx then twists itself into a horrible grin again, but this time it encircles its entire body, swirling toothily from end to bloody end.
...as it slides back to the ground.
Gaurav: 0.0
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 5 vs will on Gravy
rolling 1d20 + 5 vs will on Rhu
Gaurav: My will is exactly 16. Is that a hit?
Ganelon: Hits Gravy.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 5 vs will on Dave on the off chance it matters with Gravy on top of her.
Gaurav: then: hit
Ganelon: Yes.
Apheori (GM): -2 to attack rolls, save ends.
Greibel: You're up.
Ganelon: How has this fight even gone on for so long?
Apheori (GM): Sphinx is overpowered, people are slow, and I'm a terrible dm.
Bear Soup Guy: thorn whip in the foolish hope of rolling a crit
rolling 1d20+5 vs Sphinx fort
Gaurav: I think it's mostly the Dave complexity (do we attack her or not, does she interfere or not) and the fact that while victory is pretty inevitable now, we're all out of dailies so we have to kill it with a hundred cuts now.
Amadi flashing frickin' laser beams into our eyes doesn't help.
Apheori (GM): Yeah, that misses.
Bear Soup Guy: Complexity smhmexity, Dave's been pretty well protected for most of the fight
Gaurav: That's what I mean: if she was just clearly the enemy (instead of the reason we got into this fight in the first place), we wouldn't be helping her stay alive.
Bear Soup Guy: alright, turn done
Gaurav: so she'd be dead or unconscious and not a factor in the battle earlier
Bear Soup Guy: ah, good point
Ganelon: Well I'm banking entirely on the "knock her unconscious" plan.
Apheori (GM): Do it!
Ganelon: I have to keep shooting the sphinx as one of the guys who can actually hurt it, though!
Gaurav: we've been knocking on the sphinx for ages ... it must be running out of HP by this point. I think I'll keep focussing on that.
Apheori (GM): Then shoot it!
Bear Soup Guy: "one of"
Ganelon: I shoot it!
[Weapon Attack - Rifle]
rolling 1d20+3+5+1+0
Apheori (GM): Miss.
Gaurav: you wouldn't want to reroll that, do you?
Ganelon: Then I'll move over here and pick up my poor Eyebot.
Uh... sure.
Gaurav: I think we're all out of dailies and encounters, right? So no use saving it up?
Ganelon: If we have nothing left but at-wills, mine do the most damage.
Gaurav: exactly. do it.
Ganelon: Okay.
[Weapon Attack - Rifle]
rolling 1d20+3+5+1+0
Much better.
Apheori (GM): AC? Yeah.
Bear Soup Guy: I've got a couple encounters left but they're reactions and really aren't effective unless I hit something with other attacks anyway
rolling 1d10+5
Next attack, +2, same as usual.
Gaurav: Daaaaaaaave
Ganelon: And yeah, I'll retrieve the eyebot that I seem to have lost the ability to select.
Turn over.
Apheori (GM): Dave stares at the colours and tries to figure out what she's seeing through them.
Ganelon: It's Gravy's legs.
Apheori (GM): Can she even do anything with Gravy there?
Ganelon: Let me look something up.
She can attack, that I know.
"If your space is occupied by
another creature, you can shift 1 square, as part of
this move action, to stand up in an adjacent unoccupied
space. If your space and all adjacent squares are
Ganelon: occupied by other creatures, you can’t stand up."
Standing will take her move action, though.
And she'll still be next to Gravy after that.
Apheori (GM): She does that.
And then she just stares at him.
Ganelon: Gravy doesn't get moved away, though.
She just moves off him.
Rhu: Does Gravy get an opportunity attack if she moves out from under him?
Gaurav: sorry ooc
Apheori (GM): That was just so I could get to her thing.
Ganelon: Yeah.
And no, he doesn't.
Because this is a shift.
Dave: Everything is wrong.
Ganelon: If it were a Move, she could go further than one square and he would.
Apheori (GM): She doesn't actually do anything else, though.
Porridge doesn't do anything either.
Gaurav: oh right shift
so dave did move into that square, right? she's not still under gravy?
Apheori (GM): Right.
Gaurav: Rhu moves one square south and attacks the sphinx with Radiant Vengeance
rolling d20+5+2-2 Wisdom vs Reflex +2 from Radek -2 grinned
Ganelon: Why are you even doing reflex attacks, dude?
Gaurav: because with Dave blocked me, I can't get in close enough to do melee
Ganelon: We know its reflex is impossibly high and its AC is not.
Sure you can.
You don't need to be afraid of a squishy caster's opportunity attacks.
She doesn't even have a weapon.
Gaurav: hmm okay
I'll try that next time
end of turn
Ganelon: She tried to punch you earlier and it had no bonus to hit, and would have done 1d4-1 damage.
Gravy, more of the same. Shovelings.
He'll shift down 1 first.
Apheori (GM): Left or right?
Ganelon: Oh, is he...
R20's messing up for me again.
Never mind the shift, then.
Apheori (GM): >.<
rolling 1d20+7 vs AC
Apheori (GM): Mope.
Ganelon: End turn.
Apheori (GM): Sphinx bites at Gravy.
rolling 1d20 + 8 vs ac
Ganelon: That's a miss.
Apheori (GM): Then it backs away along... er... I guess there's a wall there.
Ganelon: Shift or move?
Apheori (GM): Shift.
Ganelon: Alright.
Apheori (GM): Greibel!
Ganelon: Poor Greibel can't do anything like this.
Bear Soup Guy: I can attempt a charge with my staff I guess
Speed is just high enough
Ganelon: You can just move first, you know.
Bear Soup Guy: er yeah, speed is high enough to move
Ganelon: Like that.
Bear Soup Guy: OH!
That is exactly what I'll do
And the charge adds +2 to attack right?
Ganelon: Just +1, unfortunately.
Bear Soup Guy: ah, okay, still something
Ganelon: You could also do this as some form of animal, mostly just to look less silly.
Gaurav: A roadrunner!
Bear Soup Guy: pah, Greibel concerned with looking silly? =P
Gaurav: Does Greibel still toke while in animal form?
Bear Soup Guy:
rolling 1d20+2+1 vs sphinx AC
Ganelon: A fair point.
Bear Soup Guy: he eats little sugar cubes with LSD in them
Gaurav: aw, so cute
Ganelon: It's probably difficult to manipulate handheld objects as one.
Apheori (GM): Cute?
Ganelon: I would be shocked if he said that he didn't try at least once.
Gaurav: right, I was wondering if we could only transform into creatures capable of drugging themselves.
Ganelon: Oh, certainly not.
Bear Soup Guy: A gorilla probably could /and/ would be badass
Gaurav: I'm imagining a savage dread bear covered in the blood of its enemies licking little LSD sugar cubes and seeing purple rainbows
Bear Soup Guy: Or an octopus if we were underwater
Ganelon: If we were underwater, you would be the only survivor.
Bear Soup Guy: Okay, so 13 attack definitely missed
Remind me what kind of action a shift is again?
Gaurav: you can't shift, you've used up your move action
Bear Soup Guy: okay, that answers my question
Apheori (GM): Yup
Bear Soup Guy: end turn
Apheori (GM): RAAAIDECK.
Ganelon: Charging takes up all of the actions you have left.
Bear Soup Guy: Oh right, that too
Gaurav: it's a move action, instead of moving 5-8 squares you move a single space, but do it careful so as not to attract opportunity attacks.
Ganelon: You should have action points, though.
In fact, those are the one thing we haven't used up yet.
Radek shoots.
[Weapon Attack - Rifle]
rolling 1d20+3+5+1+0
Bear Soup Guy: Yeah we do have the action points
Can those be used for any action?
Ganelon: Yes.
Bear Soup Guy: cool
Ganelon: Though standards would be the most efficient way of using them, of course.
That's still a miss like it was last turn, I take it.
DM? Hello?
Gaurav: Greibel: I think it's a good idea to stay there. Makes it harder for the sphinx to run away.
BSG, rather
Apheori (GM): Oh, sorry.
That misses.
Ganelon: AP and shoot again.
Ganelon: [Weapon Attack - Rifle]
rolling 1d20+3+5+1+0
Apheori (GM): That hits.
Gaurav: VERY nice
rolling 1d10+5
Good damage, too. Much better.
End turn.
Bear Soup Guy: Gaur: Yeah, might as well too since my strategy has pretty much changed to "HIT IT WITH A STICK AAAAAAAAAA"
Gaurav: Mine too! Mo' sticks mo' damage.
Bear Soup Guy: Oh NICE AP use
Dave: No, stop...
What are you doing?
Apheori (GM): She backs up and rubs her head.
Radek: I'm sending this awful thing back to where it came from.
Apheori (GM): Doesn't attack.
Dave: The stories.
It has the stories.
Ganelon: And it's just going to come back.
Dave: You're killing the stories...
Apheori (GM): Rhu's turn.
Rhu: It keeps attacking you. We can't have it attacking you. You're important.
Gaurav: Move to sphinx
Bond of Retribution
Dave: Heart and stone.
Gaurav: hey, I can't charge and then do an at-will, right? it has to be a simple melee?
Ganelon: Correct.
rolling 1d20+5-2 Wisdom vs AC -2 grinned
Ganelon: That's why there are powers which make an exception to that rule.
Dave: Error.
Gaurav: do I get a +2 from Radek's gun?
Apheori (GM): Nope.
Oh, maybe.
Ganelon: You do, but also.
Gaurav: OMG YES
Ganelon: Is that not a weapon attack?
Gaurav: +2 weapon proficiency +2 radek
20. boom.
Ganelon: The reason weapon proficiencies exist is because AC is normally higher than other defenses.
Gaurav: Unless you're ganging up against a poor, scrawny cat.
Ganelon: And almost all weapon attacks target AC.
Gaurav: is 20 vs AC a hit?
Ganelon: Yeah, a poor scrawny cat with fortitude that would rival the gods.
Gaurav: it feeds well.
Apheori (GM): I think so.
Gaurav: hahaha
Ganelon: Ties are a hit.
Apheori (GM): It needs that fortitude to survive the gods.
Gaurav: okay, so, assuming that hit ...
rolling 2d6+4 Hammer damage with maul
Apheori (GM): Anything else?
Ganelon: AP and do it again!
Gaurav: seriously?
Bear Soup Guy: ^
Gaurav: it is unanimous
Ganelon: Why not?
Gaurav: we should get APs and a TON of XP in the near future for sure
Ganelon: Unless you think we'll need it today.
And uh, if so, maybe using all of our dailies in one fight was ill-advised.
rolling 1d20+5-2+2 Wisdom vs AC -2 grinned +2 weapon
Ganelon: You tried.
Bear Soup Guy: ah well, good effort
Gaurav: hang on
Apheori (GM): Gravy?
rolling d20 against being grinned
does that work?
Ganelon: Yes.
Gaurav: whee!
Ganelon: A 10 is exactly good enough.
Rhu looks down at the cat, proud of his attack.
Ganelon: Gravy also saves at the start of his turn.
rolling 1d20
Rhu: (to Dave) Sorry, you were saying?
Ganelon: Fancy.
rolling 1d20+7 vs AC
Apheori (GM): Dave doesn't answer, and that misses.
Ganelon: AP and another, 'cause why not.
[Weapon Attack - Rifle]
rolling 1d20+3+5+1+0
Wait, wait.
That's not even Gravy. That's Radek's attack button.
rolling 1d20+7
Ganelon: There. And another miss.
Rhu: It's hard to hit a cat with a shovel.
Ganelon: That is all.
Apheori (GM): Sphinx attacks gravy.
rolling 1d20 + 11 vs reflex
Ganelon: Hit.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 2d8 + 8
Ganelon: Once again you'll have to take the damage off.
Gaurav: oof
Apheori (GM): Another grinslide back to the ground, this one somehow even more horrible than the previous, as though the creature is becoming all grin, and somewhat transparent and smoky.
rolling 1d20 + 5 vs will on Gravy
rolling 1d20 + 5 vs will on Rhu
Ganelon: Miss.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 5 vs will on Greibel
Bear Soup Guy: baaaaaaaaaaaaah
Gaurav: miss
Apheori (GM): So that's -2 to attacks.
Gaurav: 'dyu know what, I'd feel slightly worse about attacking the sphinx if he'd bothered to grin at any of the enemies we've faced so far
... or did he and I forgot?
Apheori (GM): There only was one fight.
Ganelon: Never to any meaningful effect I could recall.
Gaurav: He attacked a skeleton, but I don't recall a brain-twisting grin.
Bear Soup Guy: what's the name of the effect that does the -2
Apheori (GM): Grin.
Oh, the effect...
Ganelon: Effects don't have names.
Gaurav: I like to imagine that people who have been grinned are forced to grin until saved.
Ganelon: Rattled is probably the closest.
Bear Soup Guy: oh okay
Ganelon: Rattling being a fear-based keyword on certain powers that makes them impose a -2 attack penalty on things they hit.
It's not save-ends, though.
I should say, most effects don't have names.
Apheori (GM): It's possible this was supposed to be that and I forgot.
Oh well.
Ganelon: Obviously things like Slowed or Immobilized do.
Apheori (GM): The sphinx now does something horrible at Gravy.
Ganelon: With what actions?
Apheori (GM): Action point sort. I dunno.
Gaurav: uh oh
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 +6 vs fortitude
Ganelon: Not even close.
Gaurav: phew
Apheori (GM): And nothing horrible actually happens.
Ganelon: I would appreciate knowing what it attempted to do, though.
Apheori (GM): It tried to eat his soul.
Ganelon: Marvelous.
Gaurav: Yum.
Apheori (GM): Greibel.
Bear Soup Guy: oop
right, need to roll crit to do any damage so
I shall use Second Wind
Ganelon: Wait, what?
You're at full health.
Bear Soup Guy: I got 8 taken off earlier actually
Ganelon: Oh.
Go for it, then.
Also, I have a request.
Bear Soup Guy: So now I'm at full health I guess
And also +2 to defenses
Ganelon: Could you shift back a little and use your utility?
Bear Soup Guy: Sure, where to?
Ganelon: Uh...
Just somewhere up around Radek. It makes a zone.
A zone of total concealment.
Bear Soup Guy: Oh the stealth one?
okay will do
Ganelon: Yeah, but concealment is powerful defensively too.
Bear Soup Guy: oh, right on
Ganelon: Sorry, it's... "heavily obscured".
Still, means almost the same thing.
Bear Soup Guy: burst two within ten squares, so I stand within two squares of Radek?
Ganelon: No, no.
You just might want to back up from the Sphinx.
It's a Burst 2 area, with the origin within 10 squares of you.
This is a burst 2 area.
Bear Soup Guy: aaaahhhh, okay
Gaurav: are you trying to conceal the sphinx and people around it, or Dave as well?
Ganelon: So just draw one of those near him.
Gaurav: I'm a little worried what a concealed Dave could do.
Ganelon: Not at all.
Bear Soup Guy: so shifting, and then this thing let's see
Ganelon: I'm trying to get Gravy out of trouble.
Gaurav: you and me are going to heal him up though, aren't we?
unless I kill him like I killed Dave
Ganelon: With what?
Heal checks don't heal people in combat, they just allow someone to use their second wind.
Gaurav: oh! and he's all second winded out?
Bear Soup Guy: right okay that's move and minor
Ganelon: Yes.
Since you only get one.
And you took my last heal.
Understand now?
Bear Soup Guy: And another question
Gaurav: not completely :-P this is complicated
Bear Soup Guy: Do I understand correctly that rolling critical will do damage even if the defense is higher, or is that not a thing?
Ganelon: It was a thing in 3.5.
Bear Soup Guy: also don't know why I took back my second wind, I had the moves for that. Second Wind again.
Gaurav: so when you healed me earlier, I spent my second wind? And I'm second wound up too?
Ganelon: No.
I have a healing mechanic as part of my class that allows you to heal as if you spent surges.
Second Winds are available to everyone.
The Heal skill is also available to everyone, but only allows a target to use its second wind off-turn.
I didn't use my heal skill on you, I used an Artificer power.
Gaurav: Ah!
That makes sense.
Ganelon: You probably still have yours, but that doesn't do Gravy any good.
Gaurav: So I still have my second wind (you healed me once, and the other time I used a healing surge it was a side-effect of my daily), but ... right. Doesn't help Gravy.
Ganelon: Correct, but my heals don't consume your surges so you've only spent one.
Gaurav: dude, the eyebot just keeps getting better and better.
right. gottit!
Ganelon: That has *nothing* to do with the eyebot.
It's an unrelated science.
Bear Soup Guy: XD
Gaurav: yeah, I know :) I just noticed that the eyebot had picked up an "x" of some sort since I looked at it last.
Ganelon: Oh.
Gaurav: sorry, easily distracted.
Ganelon: Yes.
Bear Soup Guy: Yeah I found that cute too
Okay, Radek's turn
Ganelon: And now it's like the safari up in here.
And I'm hunting sphinx.
Gaurav: WOAH
Ganelon: [Weapon Attack - Rifle]
rolling 1d20+3+5+1+0
Fuck yes.
Bear Soup Guy: I'd describe what all of that made me picture but it's too awesome for text
Ganelon: 15 damage and the same +2 to... probably Rhu's attack.
Tell me it's over.
Apheori (GM): It's over. The sphinx goes completely cloudy and then it is as though nothing was ever there.
Gaurav: clearly, coming up with a great one-liner before attacking something works extraordinarily well
Ganelon: Then I recommend we stop and deal with the aftermath when everyone's here.
Gaurav: given that you guys have been playing for eight hours straight, I think that's a good idea
Apheori (GM): You hear a voice on the wind that says, "One more for the collection."
And yes.
Gaurav: so we don't want to try to leave it unconscious but alive? Assuming that's even an option?
Ganelon: I don't think it's an option.
Bear Soup Guy: The priest mentioned that the sphinx couldn't be killed I think
Apheori (GM): It's not an option now.
Ganelon: Nor would I be inclined to show it any sort of mercy if I were aware that it tried to eat Gravy's soul.
And thank the gods that failed, because I don't want to be the guy responsible for making decisions that led to his character dying (or worse?) while he wasn't even around.
Apheori (GM): Heh.
Gaurav: He might have had words to say about that.
Ganelon: I suspect he'll have unkind words no matter what, but this is better than the alternative.
Gaurav: hahaha
the sphinx is gone
that's ... something
nobody died or had their soul sucked out, which is even better
Apheori (GM): You've killed several important plot points.
I hope it was worth it.
Bear Soup Guy: Just tell him you killed a demon jungle cat with a shot right between the eyes while on safari and he'll surely forgive you
Gaurav: ^
Ganelon: Time will tell, DM.
Gaurav: We've still got Amadi and Dave. Hazz'ridan didn't seem *too* fussed about the cat -- at least I didn't receive any obvious commands one way or another. Rhu will be sad but he will also sleep (much, much) easier.
Apheori (GM): Have you?
Ganelon: Well he's *here*.
She. Dave.
Is here.
Apheori (GM): Aye.
Ganelon: Unless you want to nitpick about the hallucinations.
Gaurav: ... are we actually out of initiative? Or is Dave still in initiative?
Ganelon: Most likely out of it
Gaurav: phew
Apheori (GM): Out.
Gaurav: I'm just a little scared that the next time I bring home a sphinx, they'll probably kill me *before* they skill the sphinx
Ganelon: Your text could use work.
Bear Soup Guy: My handwriting is just as bad
Apheori (GM): "I say! Smashing!"
Gaurav: Needs a classy Victorian moustache.
instead of the Gandalf beard he's got going on
Ganelon: I totally didn't ask for the instantaneous underbrush just so I could roll a headshot and look cool.
There was a tactical benefit to it which just didn't become relevant.
Bear Soup Guy: And yet, here we are
Ganelon: Currently I have no regrets.
That may change when Apheori tells me next session that the world is doomed because we killed a sphinx.
Gaurav: HA
Ganelon: Or The sphinx. I've no clue.
Gaurav: so it really can't make that much of a difference
Ganelon: Well, you've got me there.
Bear Soup Guy: Yeah, I'm pretty sure we just dispensed one problem in favor of several larger ones sprouting up
Gaurav: a sphinx. there were others where I met him. This one might hav been particularly important, though.
Ganelon: Yeah. So he might have been The sphinx.
Anyways, apparently I have somewhere I need to be even though it's like 8 PM here.
So I'll see you guys later.
Bear Soup Guy: Adios, thanks for all the help today
Gaurav: Bye, Gan! Have a great 8pm thing!
Ganelon: No prob
Gaurav: It looks like everybody might have left, but if not, thanks for a brilliant bunch of gaming yesterday and today and putting up with my running off at random times! See you all next week!
Bear Soup Guy: Bye Gaur and likewise!
And by everyone else who already left!
Gaurav: :) bye, BSG!