WikiProject stuff/WikiProject mainpage templates

A fragment of the Garden of Remembering

Main wikiproject template example call:

{{WikiProject main
|title = WikiProject Old Ones
|intro = A [[Wikipedia:WikiProjects|WikiProject]] dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of the [[Old Ones]], and to appease their [[List of eldritch dealies|eldritch needs]] within Wikipedia's coverage of related subjects so as to avoid rousing them in full.
|image = Cthulhu-stub.png
|color1 = #6af
|color2 = #086

|module1 = Project discussions
|module2 = Worrisome pages
|module3 = Articles to improve
|module4 = Maps
|module5 = Resources
|module6 = Assessments
|module7 = Related signs

|meta stuff = json info, parent categories, redundancy, whatever (probably all updated by bot?)
|more meta stuff = etc
  • Announcements are pulled from an automatic special module.
  • Table of contents is rendered based on the modules somehow.
  • Canned modules look the same as custom modules on this level, same for minor and major ones.
  • I'm not actually sure what minor modules are.

Notes ?

{{WikiProject mainpage}}
	WikiProject intro header
		..intro blurb
		get involved box {{actionbox}}


	Icon table of contents
		major modules
		minor modules

		{{section header}}
		{{section subheader}}
		{{last updated}}
		{{list}} (full/partial/columns/sectioned/new highlight)
		{{see all}}

		Canned modules:
			Suggested articles to improve
			Hot articles
			Related wikiprojects