A fragment of the Garden of Remembering

Percy is basically a normal college kid, not much of a partier, quiet, keeps up with his studies, and plays basketball for the university - or 'annoyingly well', as far as his sister Maya is concerned. He's not particularly into it either, but years of practice evidently paid off, and having grown into his full height he's as good as the best of them.

He's also member of an online writing community where he does semi-realistic to realistic short-stories, some light-hearted and some horrors, and in this he is much more interested. Roald Dahl is among his greatest sources for inspiration, with some Edgar Allan Poe on the side. He has learned to avoid poetry, however, as to be completely honest he's rather horrible at it.

Though he's made quite a few friends in the community, the only one he's met in person is Alexis Shahanna, who recently moved (back) into the same area.

Percy plays John Quitely in the game world of Sarathi de.

John Quitely

Character: John Quitely
Nickname: John
Profession: Cleric, professional hobby journalist
Weapons: Morningstar and a shield with the holy muffin symbol on it
Experience: Adept
Age: 22
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Religion/Deity: Midriin
Race: Human
Size: Medium
Appearance: Unassuming, short hair, sort of face people immediately forget; wears a sort of half-plate armour with holy muffin symbols all over it
Personality: Down-to-earth and immensely curious at the same time, John is never as bored as he wants you to believe. Outwardly he is a composed and mature person, kind in a calculating way and devoted without being zealous about it. He hides his excited inquisitiveness behind a professional exterior, insisting that questioning everything in life is simply the only road to success in journalism.
Background: John Quitely was named after his grandfather John, with the hopes that he should follow in his grandfather's footsteps. John Smithson had been an adventuring hero, fulfilling the typical childhood dream and bringing home the treasure when he got bored of killing monsters. John jr. was thus sent to a temple, because holy clerics were the thing that drew home treasure like nothing else, and there under the benevolent light of Midriin, God of Muffins (and Wisdom), he learnt all that a great hero should need; to fight with the holy Morningstar, defend himself with a shield (less holy but useful all the same), and cast useful spells like 'cure light wounds' and 'paralyse chicken'. However, he also learned to read and write, and before long he decided that rather than being a hero, he would be a journalist. His family wasn't entirely happy with this decision, but John figured that now when he was strong enough to paralyse all their chickens, not to mention grownups, he didn't have to do just what his parents wanted him to, and so he bought a small spaceship and went out in search for the Scoop of the Year. He might find some pile of treasure or damsels in distress on the way, anyway, just to please the folks at home.