A fragment of the Garden of Remembering

Maya is 15, doesn't like pink, can make herself seem invisible, and has an unerring ability to get on people's nerves.

She is a product of her time and her country, but she is also a dreamer and a know-it-all. She likes to read books about advanced stuff so that she can lecture people about it, and she likes to read books of other worlds that she can dream herself into. Her favourite book is Peter Pan and Wendy, and her favourite subject is English, though her best one is Spanish. (Granted this is just because she's in a class with a lot of people who hadn't learnt Spanish as kids, not because she's extremely good in it. Nonetheless, she is rather good with languages.)

All in all, Maya was born, she grew up from being an annoying baby who gulped too much to being a young girl who didn't want to clean her bedroom, and every so often she would fight with her older brother, Percy. She went to school and had a period where she listened to very embarrassing music, dumped a couple of boyfriends for the fun of it and cried for a quarter of an eternity when one of them dumped her - and basically had a very normal life.

Then she decided to follow her brother along to some strangely suspicious gathering he was attending.

Maya plays Mon Jocthees in the game world of Sarathi de.

Mon Jocthees

Character: (Monogram) Jacinth Obsidian Citrine Tanzanite Hiddenite Emerald Essonite Spodumene
Nickname: Jocthees
Profession: Spellthief
Weapons: Spells and spellbreakers, with throwing knives and a larger dagger or two as backup
Experience: Adept
Age: Grownup
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Religion/Deity: Lokshmi and Mira ka
Race: Plane-touched gnome
Size: Small
Appearance: Jocthees is small and pale, with shoulderlenght hair with a fringe, like Maya, but in an electric blue, and matching eyes. She wears traditional assassin garb, as well as a necklace with her namesake jewels, which is her most prized possession.
Personality: Very curious, light-hearted and always on the lookout for treasure. She can seem a bit self-centred at times - well, alright, pretty often - but Jocthees is not cruel. She always lives in the here-and-now, caring little for past and future, except when it involves shiny objects or something else to be desired. She's usually happy, but when her mood swings, it does so in a flash – before reverting back just as quickly, making her a generally nice albeit a bit unpredictable companion.
Background: Born of Cameloperdalis, her mother, and Igneous Gabbro, her father, Jocthees has two younger brothers, Yrrakh and Fradej, and an older sister, Nanijal. In her childhood she learned about treasures, in her adulthood she went out to find them. Now she travels in the hunt of treasure with Vanessa Shimmerwing for the sake of conversation and easy access to more spells.
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