A fragment of the Garden of Remembering

	stare blankly at prototype (if any, or target wiki)
	clone example
	rename and replace every instance of 'example' with skinname
	delete existing css
	break css up into LESS things:
			(ooui will hopefully replace all this with a more sensible styling approach down the line; no idea how to actually interface with that at present)
		screen-full (& -mid)
	choose some colours - consistent design and stuff
		set in variables
		2-3 main colours with 2-3 brightness variants of each
		some greys - borders, backgounds, maybe some text de-emphasis
	stare blankly at unstyled example skin
	set up basic php/html structure
		Use/change/delete unneeded/move skin functions from the bottom
	style all the things for common, add in html containers/ids as needed
	style things for full and mobile separately
	add js
	go through test pages, forms to see what else needs styling
		category:test pages
		check a few random special pages
	create IE8 fallback from -full or -mid (can't handle sizes in @media)
	stare blankly at this horror you have created