Neverwinter Nights

A fragment of the Garden of Remembering


Not satisfied with the chapter 1 ending, all four lines of cutscene, we wrote our own.

Original cutscene

(shot of a naked guy being burned)
Narrator: Desther's punishment was brutal, but his death brought little satisfaction. The horrors of the Wailing Death could not be undone with his execution. Those that had suffered now turned on each other.

(shot of a hanged man)
Narrator: They looked for someone to blame, and found it in Desther's closest friend - Fenthick. The letter of the law found him negligent and he was hanged as a sacrifice to appease the bloodthirsty mob.

(shot of Aribeth kneeling before the hanged man after, the mob gone)
(shot of an angry-looking Aribeth)
Narrator: If any thought the sentence unjust, they remained silent. Duty required all to act as one - it was not the time for divided loyalties. The cult behind Desther's treachery still had to be found.

Narrator: The hunt led to the coastal town of Port Llast. From here the heroes of Neverwinter would continue the search for those behind the Wailing Death... and vengeance would be taken.


Player characters:

  • Gene Valgene: Rogue. Got into this for career building. Doesn't actually care, so... yeah.
  • Jon Jon Wendt: Fallen paladin/fighter. Essentially violating his parole being involved at all, except nobody actually knows who he is because he refuses to take off his helmet, and because they were all so desperate with the whole thing, they allowed it. Also we're going with the notion here that the temple of Tyr will at times flat-out brand their excommunicates as such, literally, because why the hell not. Drama.