Holes/Session 55/raw

From Zaori
5:27PM    Frezak (GM):  Right.
Frozen dudes.

5:27PM    Ganelon:  This I remember.
I think one of them was killed horribly by Amadi?

5:28PM    Frezak (GM):  I believe so, yes!

5:28PM    Apheori (GM):  Yes.
You're past those specific ones now, but there are others here, too.
These look black, twisted, almost.
Some are on the ceiling.
All still frozen.

5:29PM    Frezak (GM):  Twisted frozen ceilingdudes?

5:29PM    Apheori (GM):  So you've got Gravy, Rhu, Radek, Amadi, and Kyrule.
Rasputin is on Gravy's shoulder.

5:29PM    Frezak (GM):  Do they look like they were frozen while spiderclimbing, or was there a different gravitational pull?

5:29PM    Apheori (GM):  Rob: Do your pipe thing.
The latter.

5:30PM    Ganelon:  Black and twisted, eh?

5:30PM    Bear Soup Guy:  A pipe slowly slides out of the corner of the "mouth" of Rasputin

5:30PM    Ganelon:  That sounds unhealthy.

Rasputin gums it

5:30PM    Apheori (GM):  Yes.

5:30PM    Frezak (GM):  Gravy lights the pipe.

Rasputin opens widely

5:31PM    Rasputin:  Thanks, bro!

5:31PM    Frezak (GM):  EW

Rasputin closes

5:31PM    Frezak (GM):  EW

5:32PM    Apheori (GM):  So this is the "mouth" opening all weird and grotesquely every time Greibel wants to speak. It just opens, stays open while he talks, rippling a bit, and then closes with a wet slap.

5:32PM    Ganelon:  I'm so
to be a witness to this.

5:32PM    Frezak (GM):  I could do without the sound effect descriptions, thanks.

5:33PM    Bear Soup Guy:  The wet slap is essential

5:33PM    Apheori (GM):  So the frozen folks here are just milling around all blackened-like. Any interest in stopping for this, or for the porridge?

5:33PM    Gaurav:  Or for lunch?

5:33PM    Apheori (GM):  Or do you just go around the floor ones?
Well, you were already eating lunch.
You didn't stop for that, did you?

5:34PM    Frezak (GM):  FOUR KINDS

5:34PM    Gaurav:  ^ exactly

Kyrule offers Rasputin a sausage.

5:35PM    Apheori (GM):  Just waves it in front of the pipe or something.

5:35PM    Ganelon:  Well we're definitely going around the floor ones.

5:35PM    Gaurav:  So we have some people running out of this area, and some people milling around. Maybe something awful happened to some of them but not others?

5:35PM    Ganelon:  It'd be difficult to take a close look at the ones on the ceiling.

5:35PM    Apheori (GM):  Someone roll perception.

5:35PM    Frezak (GM):  I thought Kyrule wasn't here?

5:35PM    Ganelon:  At least for those of us who aren't Gravy.

5:35PM    Apheori (GM):  I thought she was.
Like, she wasn't before, but then rejoined you.

5:35PM    Frezak (GM):  Hey, Rhu has eyes too, Gan.

5:35PM    Gaurav:  Kyrule came back after Hazz' was pushed down a hole.

5:35PM    Apheori (GM):  With a sausage in your hair.
Which reminded you of your sausages.

Rasputin greedily devours the sausage whether Kyrule is here or not

5:36PM    Apheori (GM):  Hence lunch.

Rasputin making ungodly slurping noises

5:36PM    Gaurav:  Greibel could have flown up to the ceiling to check it out or something.

5:36PM    Apheori (GM):  Wet and almost crunchy slurping noises.

5:36PM    Bear Soup Guy:  Yes

5:36PM    Apheori (GM):  Pull him out of the porridge, then.

5:36PM    Gaurav:  Are any of the gods disturbed by the ungodliness on display here?

5:36PM    Apheori (GM):  If you want him to.
I bet Amadi joins in.

5:37PM    Rhu:  rolling d20+15 perception check
( 13 ) +15 = 28

5:38PM    Frezak (GM):  Gravy is unfazed by the noises.

Amadi gets her own sausages. They're green. She doesn't manage quite as ungodly a display as Rasputin, though.

5:38PM    The Gravedigger:  I'm not cleaning up after you two.

5:39PM    Apheori (GM):  Rhu: There's a trap. It looks like an old lady with muffins. Obviously a trap.
Rhu: d20

5:39PM    Bear Soup Guy:  If this campaign has taught me anything it's that old ladies are always a trap

5:39PM    Rhu:  (whispers) Can anyone else see the old lady with muffins over there?

5:39PM    Gaurav:  The weasel lady was not a trap! She was just sleepy!

5:40PM    Rhu:  rolling d20
( 1 ) = 1

5:40PM    Frezak (GM):  rolling 1D20+14+10
( 13 ) +14+10 = 37
Perception check for old ladies with baked goods.

Radek stares ahead, hollow-eyed and bitter. He does his best not to acknowledge the nonsense occurring behind him.

5:40PM    Apheori (GM):  Rhu: It's your mother.

5:40PM    Rhu:  Mom?

5:40PM    The Gravedigger:  If only your father could see you, he'd die of shame.

5:40PM    (To Frezak):  It looks like a trick of the shadows more than anything else. Magically made to be more real?

5:40PM    Rhu:  What are you doing here? And why are you a trap?

5:41PM    Frezak (GM):  HAH

5:41PM    The Gravedigger:  BEGONE, SHADOWS OF THINGS

The Gravedigger activates eyebeams

5:41PM    Apheori (GM):  Are these literal eyebeams that emit light?

5:42PM    Amadi:  Why didn't I ever have a trap-mum? Or even a muffin mum! This is so unfair.

5:42PM    Frezak (GM):  Yeah, it's his magic headlight supervision thing.

Rhu is initially paralysed by indecision, but then steps slowly up to his mother.

5:42PM    Rhu:  Mom?

5:42PM    Frezak (GM):  He twiddles a horn and his eyes turn into headlights.

5:42PM    Kyrule:  You didn't have a mum at all.

5:42PM    Gaurav:  Hee.

5:42PM    Ganelon:  Is this plainly visible to the rest of us?

5:43PM    Kyrule:  (to Amadi)

5:43PM    Apheori (GM):  Okay.
And yes, yes it is.

5:43PM    Gaurav:  Does Rhu's mom look hurt or happy to see him or anything?

5:43PM    Amadi:  Exactly! So unfair!

5:43PM    Apheori (GM):  She looks happy and glad to see him.

5:43PM    Gaurav:  Aww!

5:43PM    Apheori (GM):  And holds out the muffins, beckoning him closer.

5:44PM    Kyrule:  Pretty sure that was your own doing.

5:44PM    Frezak (GM):  How okay is Amadi with being hurled at the trap?

5:44PM    Kyrule:  You COULD have had a mum. If you'd wanted to. At the time.

5:44PM    Rasputin:  IT'S A TRAP! (slap slap slap)

5:44PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Totally okay. Though she'd prefer hurling muffins at it.

5:44PM    Gaurav:  Since Rhu knows it's a trap, can he roll Endurance or use his will or something to resist picking up a muffin?

5:44PM    The Gravedigger:  Amadi! Fire!

Radek sighs and raises his rifle at the muffin tray.

The Gravedigger points dramatically.

5:45PM    The Gravedigger:  FIRE AT WILL!

Amadi digs muffins out of her pockets and starts throwing them willy-nilly.

5:45PM    Ganelon:  If this somehow fails, I will shoot muffins out of Rhu's hands.

5:46PM    Rhu:  rolling d20+8 insight check against mom
( 17 ) +8 = 25

5:46PM    Apheori (GM):  You love her and she's your mother.
But the fact that she is not saying anything is incredibly odd.
But she's still your mum.
Amadi: Roll attack.
Two attacks.

5:47PM    Apheori (GM):  With muffins.
Or three.

5:47PM    Rhu:  (smiles at Mom) What
you doing here? (reaches out for a muffin) ... But why aren't you talking?

5:47PM    Amadi:  rolling 1d20 + 7
( 3 ) +7 = 10
rolling 1d20 + 7
( 19 ) +7 = 26
rolling 1d20 + 7
( 9 ) +7 = 16

5:48PM    Frezak (GM):  I just had to ask Ellemerr if Amadi was proficient with muffins.

5:48PM    Apheori (GM):  Rhu gets bopped in the head with a muffin.

Rhu walks around behind Mom and tries to see if she's alright.

5:48PM    Apheori (GM):  Pretty hard, in fact.

5:48PM    Rhu:  rolling d20+15 heal check on Mom *without* touching her
( 6 ) +15 = 21

5:48PM    Ellemerr (GM):  I'm very happy with hitting Rhu.

5:48PM    Apheori (GM):  This knocks some sense into him.

5:48PM    Gaurav:  Damage?

5:48PM    Apheori (GM):  When he looks back to actually look at her properly, it's just shadows and rock.

5:48PM    Ganelon:  It's a muffin, not a rock.

5:48PM    Apheori (GM):  And some muffins on the ground.

5:48PM    Rhu:  What?
Did you guys see that?

5:49PM    Amadi:  Muffin attack! I'm the best!

Rhu backs away from shadows and rocks.

Amadi air-punches.

5:49PM    Radek:  Yes, I saw it.

5:49PM    The Gravedigger:  I SEE ALL!

5:49PM    Kyrule:  Indeed.

5:50PM    Rhu:  It was a trap. It was... that was...

5:50PM    Kyrule:  Not your mother.

5:50PM    Radek:  An aging domestic servant. With victuals in hand.
Don't be so gullible, Rhu.

5:50PM    Rasputin:  I TOLD YOU!

5:51PM    Rhu:  Right... yes...

5:51PM    Apheori (GM):  (squiiiick, slapp!)

5:51PM    Rhu:  I need to sit down for a second.
But maybe we should just keep moving and get out of here before stranger things happen.

5:51PM    Ganelon:  I was going to type out "the only food safe to eat in these parts is what Amadi offers us", but then I took a second to think about it.
And no, it's probably not.

5:52PM    Bear Soup Guy:  XD

Radek glances at Gravy.

5:52PM    Radek:  Can you support another passenger?

5:52PM    Kyrule:  Butterflies sure are nice.
Sorry, did I say that aloud?

5:53PM    Rhu:  No, I'm... I'll be okay. Let's keep moving and get to that damn hole.

5:53PM    Amadi:  Mmm, yes... butterflies...

5:53PM    Kyrule:  Yes. The damage only spreads.

Kyrule makes some glowing butterflies and sends them ahead into the darkness.

5:53PM    Gaurav:  Pretty!

5:54PM    Frezak (GM):  I could carry Rhu for a little while.
Fireman carry sort of thing.

Amadi makes a decorative candy butterfly (that also shines) and eats it.

5:55PM    Ganelon:  Sounds like he's fine enough to refuse to offer, at least for now.

5:55PM    Gaurav:  Rhu will protest but not too strongly.
But we really should keep moving. Rhu has had enough traps/holes/Japanese high school fantasies for now, I think.

5:58PM    Frezak (GM):  Yarr

Kyrule leads everyone onward, following vaguely after one of the butterflies.


5:59PM    Rasputin:  EVERYTHING IS HORRIBLE (wet semi-belch) ERR.... EXCUSE ME

5:59PM    Bear Soup Guy:  I don't know why I'm yelling
It just seems like the right thing to do

6:00PM    Apheori (GM):  Because you're speaking from a long way through porridge.
Or something.

6:00PM    Bear Soup Guy:  Yes

6:00PM    Apheori (GM):  Even though you're right there.
But not.

6:00PM    Bear Soup Guy:  Indeed

6:00PM    Apheori (GM):  I really do look forward to the moment when Greibel climbs out of that tiny space.

6:00PM    Gaurav:  We should probably retrieve him before our next encounter or something.

6:00PM    Apheori (GM):  It'll be like a newborn god unfolding into the world.

6:00PM    Gaurav:  ''Another''

6:01PM    Apheori (GM):  ...feeling left out?

6:01PM    Frezak (GM):  Ugh! GODS.

6:01PM    Bear Soup Guy:  All wet and slimy

6:01PM    Gaurav:  Says the god.

6:01PM    Apheori (GM):  SAYS A GOD.

6:01PM    Bear Soup Guy:  And shivering

6:01PM    Gaurav:  BSG: EW!

6:01PM    Apheori (GM):  Jiggling.
Sometimes bits fall off.

6:01PM    Bear Soup Guy:  XD

6:01PM    Ganelon:  You people and your

6:01PM    Apheori (GM):  Sometimes bits ooze back on.
Wait, that's the porridge.

6:02PM    Gaurav:  It would be hilarious if this campaign ended up with just Radek and a bunch of gods.

6:02PM    Apheori (GM):  Uh, anyway, onward. I think I had notes.

6:03PM    Bear Soup Guy:  As a druid I'm sure that Greibel will eventually become one with porridge

6:04PM    Apheori (GM):  Okay, I found some notes.
They are insane.

6:04PM    Gaurav:  That certainly sounds like this campaign, then.

6:04PM    Apheori (GM):  Oh, this was the porridge.
This makes sense, actually.
Does Gravy have a sarcophagus lid shield?

6:06PM    Frezak (GM):  Yes.

6:06PM    Apheori (GM):  How long has he had this?

6:07PM    Frezak (GM):  Since he got back from being killed.

6:07PM    Apheori (GM):  Mmkay.
So, uh, hour and a half on the Ellemerr?

6:09PM    Frezak (GM):  Slightly more.

6:11PM    Apheori (GM):  AIIGHT.
You go on.
It gets cold.
Really cold.
Which doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

6:13PM    Ganelon:  I don't think I'm equipped to deal with cold.

Amadi starts pulling coloured blankets tied together at the corner out of her pocket.

6:13PM    Ganelon:  ...Wait, yes I am.

6:13PM    Apheori (GM):  It levels out at a level of seriously annoyingly cold.

6:14PM    Gaurav:  Is that above or below freezing?

Radek stabs himself with a syringe the moment it seems like he might be caught shivering.

6:14PM    Frezak (GM):  I actually have Endurance training!

6:14PM    Apheori (GM):  Below.

6:15PM    Ganelon:  I give myself Resist 5 Cold until the end of the encounter (which means basically until we take an in-character break).

6:15PM    Apheori (GM):  Right, Gan's fine.

6:15PM    Gaurav:  Fancy!

6:16PM    Apheori (GM):  Endurance from Rhu and Gravy?

6:16PM    Rhu:  rolling d20+4 endurance
( 10 ) +4 = 14

6:16PM    Apheori (GM):  Frezak, Gan: What would 14 man?

6:17PM    Ganelon:  DC to "endure extreme weather" is 15.

6:17PM    (To Amadi):  You should totally start throwing blankets on them the moment they look cold.

6:17PM    Apheori (GM):  What's 'extreme'?

6:17PM    Ganelon:  The effects of failing are not detailed here in the builder.
Presumably stuff like blizzards.
Dangerously cold temperatures.

6:18PM    Gaurav:  I'm imagining hurricanes.

6:18PM    Apheori (GM):  Okay, what should the DC for being mildly inconvenienced by annoying weather?

6:18PM    Ganelon:  Well you're not going to
gale-force winds.

Ganelon shrugs.

6:18PM    Ganelon:  Less than 15.

6:18PM    Gaurav:  Fair enough.

6:18PM    Frezak (GM):  DC to not be irritated by weather?

6:18PM    Apheori (GM):  That.

6:18PM    Frezak (GM):  I'd hazard a 10.

6:18PM    Apheori (GM):  So Rhu won't look cold?
He doesn't look cold, and doesn't get blankets thrown on him.

6:19PM    Gaurav:  He is pretty wiry.

6:19PM    Ellemerr (GM):  It should depend on the person, really. I would be annoyed by cold or sleet very, very easily. Like, DC 3, maybe.

6:19PM    Apheori (GM):  Heh, aye.
Well, fine. It gets cold. You're all fine. Nobody gets blankets piled on them. Unless Amadi wants to pile them on herself.

Amadi makes a blanket fortress on top of Gravy, peeking out through an opening between his horns.

6:21PM    Gaurav:  That sounds awesome. I want a picture of that.

6:21PM    Apheori (GM):  If I could draw, I would totally draw one.

6:21PM    Frezak (GM):  I imagine it's like a soft Samurai helmet thing.

6:21PM    Apheori (GM):  But I can't, so there.

6:21PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Liar.
Who did the Queen of Ductape, huh?


6:22PM    Gaurav:  YAY!

6:22PM    Apheori (GM):  Queen of... what?
Wait, that's not the angel, is it?

6:22PM    Ellemerr (GM):  It's the one hanging upside down. With the hair.

6:22PM    Apheori (GM):  Oh, er.
What was she?

6:23PM    Ellemerr (GM):  "Title" of Duct tape.
Queen, Goddess... something.

6:23PM    Ganelon:  I tell people that I can't draw, too, yet they still make me doodle foxes on their world maps.

Takes me literal days but do
care? Of course not.
They just want foxes on their world maps.

Ganelon grumbles.

6:25PM    Bear Soup Guy:  Who doesn't want a fox on their world map

6:25PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Unfortunately, I just have her saved as "060105a".
So, when do we encounter the war between Lokshmi and Mira Ka?

6:30PM    Frezak (GM):  Cold.

6:31PM    Apheori (GM):  http://wiki.zaori.org/wiki/File:Amadi_blanket_fort.svg
When you return to these folks'proper universe.
Because gods, yes, that would TOTALLY happen now after what Lokshmi has put in motion. It would be the perfect excuse.

6:33PM    Bear Soup Guy:  awwwwwww

6:34PM    Apheori (GM):  So ANYWAY.
Y'all come to a bit of a tumble of rocks. This actually doesn't seem to be connected to the rest of the weird cracked earth, but a crack opened up some sort of chamber, apparently.
Enter the chamber, peer inside, check for traps, turn a goat inside out, turn around and leave, what?

6:36PM    Gaurav:  Turn a goat. For sure.

6:37PM    Apheori (GM):  There are, obviously, other options.

6:37PM    Frezak (GM):  What can we see of the chamber?

6:37PM    Apheori (GM):  Shining a light in, it looks like something of a crypt. With old bones and stuff.

6:37PM    Gaurav:  Rhu would like to leave, but given the kind of day he's had, that's not surprising.

6:37PM    Apheori (GM):  And some frozen zombies and a couple of wraiths just floating there.

6:37PM    Frezak (GM):  Any symbology within the tomb that would indicate anything?
Such as cryptee, or favoured god?

6:38PM    Apheori (GM):  Some sorts of bird glyphs carved into the wall.
Roll religion or whatever?
Or history.
Is that even a thing?
Hell if I know.

6:38PM    Frezak (GM):  Do I get bonuses from knowledge of funerial rites?

6:38PM    Apheori (GM):  Uh, sure.

6:38PM    Frezak (GM):  rolling 1D20+9
( 15 ) +9 = 24
Religion of DEATH

6:39PM    Rhu:  rolling d20+10 religion check on bird glyphs
( 10 ) +10 = 20

6:42PM    Apheori (GM):  Gravy: The glyphs are ravens, possibly associated with Neiryo, the goddess of wisdom in some parts. There was something mad here. They wanted to ward it.
Rhu: It's some important figure or something. Riddles might play into it.

6:45PM    Frezak (GM):  Can anyone tell where the Hole is in relation to our present location?

Apheori (GM) shrugs.

6:46PM    Apheori (GM):  Kyrule seems to want to go through.

6:47PM    Gaurav:  Maybe it's a gods-only sort of deal.

6:47PM    Apheori (GM):  It's a crypt.

6:48PM    Gaurav:  Maybe Kyrule can duck in and do whatever she needs to and then we can go on?

6:48PM    Frezak (GM):  I'll peer interestedly to see if she gets turned inside-out.

6:50PM    Ganelon:  Go, you say.
Go forwards, or go into the crypt?

6:50PM    Apheori (GM):  Through it.
The crack you were heading down lead to that.
And seems like it will keep going after.

6:50PM    Ganelon:  Then yeah, we haven't much choice.

6:50PM    Apheori (GM):  Basically two open amounts of space intersected.
Hey, you could turn around and try something else.
Or ask Kyrule.
Presumeably she has options.
Or butterflies.

6:51PM    Gaurav:  What about that butterfly she was following?

6:51PM    Apheori (GM):  No sign of them anymore.
Also the zombies are glowing.
So's one of the wraiths, for that matter.

6:52PM    Frezak (GM):  Unless objections, i'll got inside and look for a door.

6:53PM    Gaurav:  I'll stay behind Gravy in case of trouble.
Well, Rhu will.

6:54PM    Apheori (GM):  I'll try drawing.
Okay, that's tiny, but...

6:56PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Looks like a robot.

6:56PM    Apheori (GM):  So you all are the blob at the rifty thingy.
Other blobs are zombies/wraiths.
The parallel lines are stairs.
The things on the walls are sarcophagi or something.

6:56PM    Gaurav:  Only three tombs? This is a very inefficient use of crypt space.

6:57PM    Bear Soup Guy:  XD

6:57PM    Frezak (GM):  Need room to breathe, man.

6:57PM    Apheori (GM):  Most of it's shelves and crap.
And I suck at drawing shut up.

6:57PM    Bear Soup Guy:  They're probably very posh upper-class tombs

6:57PM    Apheori (GM):  Oh,and the thing on top is a door.

6:57PM    Gaurav:  A sign saying "This crypt is managed by GEORGE"
What kind of door? I mean, does it just look like an entryway or does it look like it's sealing something?
This whole thing look worryingly like a video game where the monsters aren't activated until we step into the room or something.

6:58PM    Apheori (GM):  It's a stone door that looks like it's mostly there to separate this room from another or something.
It's true, the monsters aren't activated.
What are y'all doing?
Going in? Standingthere? Arguing?

6:59PM    Gaurav:  Is the slightly large blob on top of the stairs also a zombie/wraith?

6:59PM    Apheori (GM):  Yeah.
Er, those are stairs down.

6:59PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Play bagpipes!

6:59PM    Ganelon:  Yeah, what's the nautilus shell?

6:59PM    Apheori (GM):  But yeah.
A wraithy.

7:00PM    Ganelon:  Not anymore it ain't.

7:00PM    Frezak (GM):  You going aggro?

7:01PM    Apheori (GM):  What ain't what?
Ellemerr: Roll perform or whatever for bagpipes.
I want to know how good it is.

7:01PM    Gaurav:  "Wraithy" makes them sound adorable. I want one now.

7:02PM    Apheori (GM):  So.

7:03PM    Ellemerr (GM):  rolling 1d20 + 13
( 18 ) +13 = 31

7:03PM    Apheori (GM):  Ellemerr: It's good bagpiping.
You definitely think so.

7:03PM    Ellemerr (GM):  ... I hope wraithies like bagpipes.

7:03PM    Apheori (GM):  Dunno about the others.
The wraiths and crap don't seem to notice. They are all frozen.
March in?

7:03PM    Gaurav:  I'm imagining us standing around silently peering into the crypt when suddenly slow quit mournful bagpipe music starts from Gravy's head.

7:03PM    Bear Soup Guy:  XD
Can I slide a small whistle out of Rasputin and play along?

7:04PM    Frezak (GM):  I'll head towards the stairs.

7:04PM    Apheori (GM):  Always.

7:04PM    Gaurav:  The whistle slides
of the pipe.

7:04PM    Bear Soup Guy:  While he's still smoking the pipe out of the corner of his mouth of course

7:04PM    Frezak (GM):  See if anything reacts to me.

7:04PM    Apheori (GM):  Gravy and Kyrule head in, to absolutely no undead response whatsoever.

7:04PM    Bear Soup Guy:  Oh god or out of the pipe yes XD

7:05PM    Apheori (GM):  These are frozen just the same as the other... folks.

7:05PM    Bear Soup Guy:  Okay, that happens

7:05PM    Apheori (GM):  Apparently.

7:05PM    Frezak (GM):  So, yay.

Rhu follows them in.

7:05PM    Ganelon:  Well, we might as well kill 'em while they're frozen.

7:05PM    Frezak (GM):  Aaaaand Rhu is devoured by the floor.
If they're frozen in time, they'd be invincible.
Since there's no time in them for them to be hurt.

7:05PM    Apheori (GM):  Kyrule takes a swipe at a nearby zombie with a semi-transparent sword and it explodes into glittering dust.

7:05PM    Frezak (GM):  Okay, she's cheating.

7:06PM    Apheori (GM):  Yes.

7:06PM    Ganelon:  Good enough for me.

7:06PM    Apheori (GM):  You can, technically, bring them into your time.

Radek hangs back. He enters the room last.

7:06PM    Gaurav:  Explodes slowly or in normal speed?

7:06PM    Frezak (GM):  Gravy will look disapprovingly and continue onwards.

7:06PM    Apheori (GM):  Normally, but then the dust slows down and just hangs there.
Does anyone do anything with any of them?

7:07PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Not past bagpiping.

7:08PM    Apheori (GM):  There's a weird design on he floor of the lower room.
It looks like a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in utter insanity.
But it's mostly empty aside from the wraith.
Another doorway (open and rather large) out the bottom, and your ravine cleft thingy continuing on out the other side.

7:09PM    Frezak (GM):  I'll wait for Kyrule to designate the one that's closest to the Hole.

7:09PM    Rhu:  rolling d20+10 religion check on insanity on floor
( 2 ) +10 = 12

Kyrule points down the cleft ravine thing.

7:10PM    Apheori (GM):  Rhu: It's pretty insane.
Also very religious. There's power behind it.

7:11PM    Ganelon:  I'm not touching no frozen zombies.
In fact, Radek probably has his shielding thingy out rather than his gun.

7:12PM    Gaurav:  I take it we're not investigating the door or the gate, then?

7:13PM    Frezak (GM):  I'll go peek down the ravine.

7:13PM    Apheori (GM):  It looks like ravine.

Rocky, dark, glowing

7:13PM    Ellemerr (GM):  I feel informed.

7:13PM    Apheori (GM):  And more intensely the further down it gets.

7:13PM    Frezak (GM):  Lovely.

7:14PM    The Gravedigger:  Is this it?

7:14PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Should we start praying for the Dark Mother to pass us by?

7:14PM    Ganelon:  Let's see.

7:14PM    Apheori (GM):  Possibly.
Amadi, Rhu, Radek: d20s.

7:14PM    Ganelon:  rolling 1d20
( 18 ) = 18

7:14PM    Rhu:  rolling d20
( 13 ) = 13

7:14PM    Kyrule:  Not far now.

7:14PM    Ellemerr (GM):  rolling 1d20
( 2 ) = 2

7:14PM    Gaurav:  Glowing horribly seems to suggest we're on the right track, I guess.

7:14PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Heh...

7:14PM    Apheori (GM):  Gan, Ellemerr: It might be gleaming. It probably isn't.

7:15PM    Ganelon:  I don't remember/know the significance of gleaming.

7:15PM    Apheori (GM):  That's fine.
D20s, everyone.
Sorry, I just looked at my notes.

7:15PM    Ellemerr (GM):  rolling 1d20
( 20 ) = 20

7:15PM    Ganelon:  rolling 1d20
( 4 ) = 4

7:15PM    Bear Soup Guy:  rolling 1d20
( 4 ) = 4

7:15PM    Rhu:  rolling d20
( 18 ) = 18

7:16PM    The Gravedigger:  rolling 1D20
( 7 ) = 7

7:16PM    Gaurav:  If we do stop the Hole, does that mean the zombies and wraiths and thing will fall out of their time split and start chasing after us? In that case, we might want to throw sausages at them to make them explode before we continue.

7:16PM    Apheori (GM):  Waste of good sausages, that.
But if they're frozen, to them you would be moving too quickly to see.

7:16PM    Frezak (GM):  Do we know if the Hole is related to the differentiated time?

7:16PM    Gaurav:  We could use muffins instead, then.
Right, I'm worried they'll unfreeze after we fix the Hole. But I guess Kyrule could jump us all back out at that point.

7:18PM    Frezak (GM):  I'll ask Radek.

7:19PM    Ganelon:  I'll ask the DM.

7:19PM    Apheori (GM):  I think Kyrule mentioned you were outside of time, but didn't say why.
Radek: Arcana.

7:20PM    Ganelon:  rolling 1d20+16
( 2 ) +16 = 18

7:20PM    Apheori (GM):  It could be related. Definitely wouldn't be unprecedented as a result.

7:20PM    Ganelon:  I need a reroll thing for Arcana.

7:21PM    Apheori (GM):  Kyrule overhears and mentions this might be partially her doing.

7:22PM    The Gravedigger:  Go oooon.

7:24PM    Gaurav:  I can give allies rerolls, but only when they attack my oath of enmity target.

7:26PM    Kyrule:  Time and space are already off here. This can be used, and it can be broken, but for now, we're only partially here to begin with. Tethered to the place, in a single point in time.

7:27PM    Rhu:  Only partially here? Where's the rest of us, then?

7:27PM    Kyrule:  Outside.

7:28PM    The Gravedigger:  Hmmmm.

7:28PM    Rhu:  (clearly not seeing) I see.

7:28PM    Kyrule:  The mathematics are extremely complicated. Just trust that you are here, but not, and thus you will reach your destination.

7:29PM    Amadi:  I can play two bagpipes at once. Harmonizing.

Rasputin gets a slightly disconcerted face

7:30PM    Rasputin:  I can only do one...

Rasputin toots the whistle sadly

7:30PM    Radek:  The only reason my inquiry will cease at that explanation is because our own timeframe is clearly
Let's move on.

7:31PM    Frezak (GM):  I'll throw a rock down the cleft.
To estimate depth, and see if anything horrible happens.

7:34PM    Apheori (GM):  Radek could probaly technobabble a real explanation out of her, but she's certainly not going to try one on Rhu.
Well, actually, under different circumstances, she might.
Just to fry his brain.

7:35PM    Gaurav:  Hee.

7:35PM    Ganelon:  He would, but this isn't the

7:36PM    Kyrule:  Indeed.

7:36PM    Gaurav:  It wouldn't work, he's not smart enough.

7:36PM    Ganelon:  Do you see what I did there?


7:36PM    Apheori (GM):  Nope.
Frezak: Rocks falls a bit and bounces. There's a bit of a drop out.
The thing is very ravine-y.
But there's a ledge you can walk on on the side.
A bit annoyingly, but it should totally work.

7:37PM    Frezak (GM):  Allright.
I'll get my movin' on.

7:37PM    Apheori (GM):  GREAT.
Wait, dammit, I forgot again.

7:39PM    Gaurav:  Ugh ledges.
Should we light a light or something?

7:40PM    Apheori (GM):  You have light
With you.
Just a general unsourced light.

7:40PM    Bear Soup Guy:  What part of glowing butterflies don't you understand?!

7:40PM    Apheori (GM):  Also butterflies.

7:40PM    Gaurav:  Oh right.

7:40PM    Ganelon:  Sadly Light is not one of the things my gloves can do.

7:41PM    Gaurav:  More light. Against the more dark. Or we could throw a light ahead of us or something.

7:41PM    Frezak (GM):  Headlights.

7:41PM    Apheori (GM):  No, no, the light moves with you.
Or do you want light ahed?
You have buterflies.
They show... more ravine stuff.
It's actually really boring.

7:42PM    Gaurav:  Hah. Okay.

7:44PM    Frezak (GM):  Gravy hums.

7:45PM    Apheori (GM):  Blah blah blah walking you come to a grand cavern.
It's very large.
Some older, full of stalagmatigites and crap.
And pools and things.

7:46PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Pools!
Tell me more.

7:46PM    Apheori (GM):  Some bits newer and just shattered and bubbled, walls carved not by water over time but broken reality.
The pools are varied. Some are small, just little puddles. One large one spreads out ahead of you, perfectly glear apart from the glowing tendrils spreading through it and the flickering sheen of dark on the surface forming fractal patterns in the light...
Also a tower thingy of little pools dripping down nearby.

7:48PM    Gaurav:  Walls carved by broken reality is terrifying.

7:48PM    Frezak (GM):  Gravy looks at Radek until Science happens.

7:49PM    (To Frezak):  It feels wrong. The idea of the shovel lingers in the back of your mind.

7:49PM    (To Amadi):  Whole place feels like an impending caving.

7:49PM    (To Amadi):  Cave in.

7:49PM    Gaurav:  Do these pools look anything like the ones near the last Hole we closed?

7:49PM    (To Radek):  This is probably the heart of it. The hole is very close.

7:50PM    (To Rhu):  Here. You must close it.

7:50PM    Apheori (GM):  The tower is a similar cave pool.
None of them are all dark and wonko, no.

Amadi puts away her bagpipes and looks wide-eyed at the pools. Jumping off Gravy, she runs over, picking a flat rock from anywhere convenient (possibly her hair).

7:50PM    Amadi:  This might cause a cave-in, guys. Just so you know. If it doesn't, something else probably will.

Amadi skips the stone.

7:50PM    Rhu:  Hazz'ridan says it's here. The Hole, I think he means. We must close it.

7:51PM    Radek:  Your god is, shockingly, correct.

7:51PM    The Gravedigger:  Hmmmmm.

7:51PM    Radek:  But we'll know when we see the source. This is only close to it.

7:52PM    Rhu:  See? I told you he was good for something!

7:53PM    Apheori (GM):  So let me get this straight...
Amadi was riding Gravy in a coccoon of blankets playing bagpipes this entire time?

7:54PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Yeah, duh.

7:54PM    Frezak (GM):  That sounds about right.

7:54PM    Apheori (GM):  Good, good.

7:55PM    (From Frezak (GM)):  a little quiet voice in the back of Gravy's head recalls that he's only holding the concept of the shovel. Metaphorical gears turn.

7:56PM    Frezak (GM):  Gravy looks at Radek again.

7:56PM    Ganelon:  Radek shoos him forwards. We're not there yet.

Kyrule hums h

7:57PM    Kyrule:  Er, wrong button.

Kyrule didn't say any of that.

7:57PM    Apheori (GM):  Sorry, I spilled my drink on my computer. >.<

7:58PM    (To Frezak):  Geeeaaaaaars.

7:59PM    Frezak (GM):  Gravy is preeeeety sure this is the Hole.

7:59PM    The Gravedigger:  But... Hole?

7:59PM    Kyrule:  Over there. Beyond the water, and, for now, the light.

7:59PM    The Gravedigger:  Hmmm.

7:59PM    Kyrule:  I'm uncertain light will even shine onthis one. Should be an interesting effect.

The Gravedigger plods forwards.

8:00PM    Apheori (GM):  Y'all head around the edge of the big centre pool?

8:00PM    Ganelon:  Yep.
Still holding that artifact for my own protection.

8:02PM    Apheori (GM):  A few metres on you find that the entire cavern is cut off at the edge into another deep cleft.

8:02PM    Gaurav:  Rhu will bring up the rear. He's had a rough day.

8:02PM    Apheori (GM):  For some reason the water was sliced as cleanly as the ground.
So there's just this massive cliff.

8:03PM    Gaurav:  Huh.

8:03PM    Apheori (GM):  It's about a 3m gap.
Then the cavern continues on as normal.
Does that make sense?

The Gravedigger tosses rocks

8:04PM    Ganelon:  As in, there's a 3m wide slice leading down, and past it is normal?

8:04PM    Apheori (GM):  Yes.
It slices the water too.
On both sides.

8:04PM    Ganelon:  Yep, makes perfect sense visually.

8:04PM    Apheori (GM):  Only the tendrils underneath continue on where the water should be.
Across the ravine.

8:05PM    Radek:  This should be it.

8:05PM    Rhu:  Across the ravine?

8:06PM    Kyrule:  Aye.
Space seems to have shattered around the epicentre.
This is not good.

Kyrule glides over the ravine.

8:07PM    Gaurav:  Showoff.

Kyrule scoots on ahead to check it out, leaving y'all behind.

8:08PM    Ganelon:  Pfft, as if.
Radek makes a hardlight bridge.
Or a magic one. Take your pick.

8:08PM    Gaurav:  Sweet!

8:08PM    Ganelon:  Either way, the power works the same way.

8:09PM    Apheori (GM):  Y'all follow, then?

Radek steps across his own bridge first. He knows it's stable.

8:10PM    Ganelon:  The bridge will not expire until I have a need for minor actions.
So we can actually come back to it later. Maybe.

8:11PM    Frezak (GM):  Sure.

Rhu will bring up the rear once everybody else (which, right now, is just Gravy carrying half the party) is across.

8:11PM    Ganelon:  I'll even dare to look down into this chasm.

8:11PM    Apheori (GM):  Gan: d20

8:11PM    Ganelon:  rolling 1d20
( 14 ) = 14

8:13PM    Apheori (GM):  Radek: The chasm doesn't end. Reality was simply sheered, torn apart. Below there is nothing, and light that is not light. Light full of laughter, full of fear and loneliness. Full of other things, too, things you can't quite feel, things you know you should remember, because they've always been there, somewhat at a tangent to your perception...

8:14PM    Frezak (GM):  Like what Spam tastes like.

8:15PM    Ganelon:  This light contains the dread of growing old and becoming a burden upon your loved ones without even realizing it.

Apheori (GM) cackles.

8:15PM    Apheori (GM):  Yes, well, nothing really comes of it.
Do you?

8:16PM    Ganelon:  Pffffth
It would be tragic if Radek cared even slightly.

8:16PM    Apheori (GM):  Okay, so onward a bit you find another chasm.

8:18PM    Bear Soup Guy:  When Radek stares into the abyss

8:18PM    Apheori (GM):  This one, though, is much bigger, and much more distinct. It is as though a great hole was punched through the space of the cavern, both above and below, with huge cracks spreading out around it, outward, and in various circles connecting them.

8:18PM    Bear Soup Guy:  The abyss stares back into him and flinches

8:18PM    Apheori (GM):  Bit like how glass does.
Except this time the ravine, the hole, isn't what stands out.
What stands out is the
hovering utterly still in the middle of it.

8:20PM    Ganelon:  The dreadful rhombus!

8:20PM    Apheori (GM):  It's round and pointed on the ends. Littler bits form teardrops drawing away from it, but the main one is metres across, and more tall, covered in gleaming, but black, black, black.
It whispers.
Filling your mind, full of nothing, full of everything, hinting at the worlds. Here, you know that nothing is true.
Here, there is no need, no desire, only a vague, growing dread, only the purring, only the underside of the realms.
Kyrule is standing in front of it, utterly dwarfed by its shape, looking dim and colourless.

8:22PM    The Gravedigger:  Gosh.

8:23PM    Apheori (GM):  And since it's 10:23pm we should probably stop.

8:23PM    (From The Gravedigger):  So, as an entity that has several times popped through realities, that has fondled inexistence and mucked around with what might be existence, what does this thing

8:24PM    Ganelon:  Yes.

8:24PM    Bear Soup Guy:  Leaving off just as we find the thing we've been searching for. I'd honestly have it no other way.

8:24PM    Gaurav:  IIRC, it didn't take us long to close the last Hole, the problem was fighting the shadows afterwards. I imagine this Hole is going to be trickier, though.

8:25PM    Bear Soup Guy:  This hole has another hole inside of it
The hole on the inside is bigger somehow
And also on fire

8:25PM    Gaurav:  YES.

8:25PM    (To The Gravedigger):  It feels... slippery. Like nothing, really, but capital Nothing. The Nothing that is indeed a thing, the Nothing that slips between the other things, making its own space, balancing out, fitting perfectly. But this Nothing has slipped too far, and changed, and punched its way through, because within the Nothing there is another something, something else. Something that did not care for the balance. Something that wants to get
. Or thinks it does.

8:26PM    (To The Gravedigger):  It's the underside of things.

8:26PM    (From The Gravedigger):  Do I think that Nothing could manipulate this Nothing?

8:28PM    (To The Gravedigger):  You don't know. It's all so alien, twisting and sliming. You can only see it at the edges of your mind - approaching the ideas head on, it flits away, and doesn't fit. You weren't made for this understanding, and as much as you remake yourself to see it more and more, with each new exposure, every passing day beyond, you're also losing the old you... it's too big.

8:28PM    (To The Gravedigger):  ...maybe?

8:30PM    (To The Gravedigger):  Kyrule knows. She's different. She sees the behind, the beneath. The twisting, sliming, slipperiness, it looks a bit like sides of her, which stand out so abruptly when she's up against it like this. Two people in one, one living and real, one dark like the backside of the universe...

8:31PM    Apheori (GM):  Has Ellemerr gone to bed?

8:33PM    Ellemerr (GM):  She should, but she's busy talking with someone else and ignoring you. >.> (Sorry about that.)

8:33PM    (To Bear Soup Guy):  You're totally right, you know.

8:33PM    Apheori (GM):  Snrk.
You should read Frezak's pms.
It's relevant to Amadi.

8:34PM    (From Bear Soup Guy):  Yay ^_^

8:34PM    Ellemerr (GM):  I have.

8:34PM    Apheori (GM):  Good.

8:34PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Only the ones he SENDS, though, of course.
Since you ain't sending to gm.

8:35PM    Frezak (GM):  Because now half the players are DMs.

8:35PM    Apheori (GM):  Oh, er... can you look over his shoulder?

8:35PM    Frezak (GM):  I can read 'em out for her?

8:35PM    Apheori (GM):  I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING.
Do it.


8:35PM    Apheori (GM):  YOU'RE NOT EXPECTED TO!

8:35PM    Gaurav:  Why are you all shouting?

8:35PM    Apheori (GM):  BECAUSE.

8:35PM    Gaurav:  FINE

8:36PM    Bear Soup Guy:  IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO

8:36PM    Hazz'ridan:  WHY WEREN'T YOU?

8:36PM    Bear Soup Guy:  :O

8:36PM    Hazz'ridan:  YES, MAKE YOUR FACES!

8:37PM    Gaurav:  Is ''Hazz'ridan'' a GM on this game too, now?


8:37PM    Bear Soup Guy:  Hazz'ridan is a GM in life

8:37PM    Hazz'ridan:  Yes.

8:37PM    Gaurav:  TRUE DAT
in life, in death, in tentacles

8:37PM    Frezak (GM):  I don't shout for ''you'' , Hazz.
One day you're going to get yours.
Just you wait, 'enry 'iggins.

8:38PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Right, sleep.

8:38PM    Apheori (GM):  Sleep, yes.

8:38PM    Ellemerr (GM):  The thing I would've done some time ago if I hadn't done all this other stuff.

8:39PM    Bear Soup Guy:  Adios, friends

8:40PM    Frezak (GM):  Toodle-pip

8:40PM    Gaurav:  Bye everybody!