Holes/Session 54/raw

From Zaori
5:08PM    Apheori (GM):  Food mornaing.

5:08PM    Frezak (GM):  Phnragh!

5:09PM    Gaurav:  Bless you.

5:09PM    Apheori (GM):  I guess we have everyone we're going to get.
I have no idea what happened, who was present, or really much of anything.

5:11PM    Frezak (GM):  There were shadows.

5:11PM    Apheori (GM):  But, uh, apparently y'all killed some shadows, Amadi turned the remainders into rain, and... yes.
Anyone know what the porridge was up to?

5:12PM    Frezak (GM):  GLooping?

5:12PM    Gaurav:  Oh right. Rain and umbrellas.

5:13PM    Apheori (GM):  How big was it?
You know what, it doesn't even matter.

5:13PM    Gaurav:  Porridge didn't do anything. I asked if it had initiative and Frezak said it had the speed of oats.

5:13PM    Frezak (GM):  Quantum!
I was probably right.

5:13PM    Apheori (GM):  The porridge oozes over and covers Greibel.

5:13PM    Frezak (GM):  it sounds right.

5:14PM    Gaurav:  What kind of AC boost does being covered in sentient porridge give you?

5:16PM    Frezak (GM):  The Armour of Oats.

5:17PM    Ganelon:  Not enough to wash away the shame.

5:17PM    Gaurav:  Hee.

5:19PM    Frezak (GM):  The cleansing power of oats:

5:20PM    Apheori (GM):  So none of you do anything about it?

5:20PM    Gaurav:  About Greibel and his glooping porridge? Noooooo

5:20PM    Ganelon:  I have both doubts about my ability to do anything about it, and also the actual danger posed.

5:20PM    Gaurav:  Never get between a man and his porridge, my mum always taught me.

Rhu tries to hand the drugs Greibel handed him earlier back to him.

5:21PM    Apheori (GM):  More and more porridge seems to be covering him.

5:21PM    Ganelon:  Anyone got a hollow tube handy so he doesn't suffocate?
Also, another important point - does he even care this is happening?

5:22PM    Apheori (GM):  Frezak suggests Radek's rifle.

5:22PM    Ganelon:  That's not hollow on both ends.

5:22PM    Apheori (GM):  He seems to be trying to walk.

5:22PM    Ganelon:  Also no.

5:22PM    Frezak (GM):  IT COULD BE

5:22PM    Apheori (GM):  But it's not working very well.

5:22PM    Ganelon:  ''''No.'''''

Rhu pokes at the porridge.

5:24PM    Ganelon:  But really, unless you want me to set him on fire to try and bake the porridge, I haven't really got a way to stop a completely amorphous entity from covering someone.

5:25PM    Rhu:  rolling d20+15 Heal check on Greibel
( 7 ) +15 = 22

5:25PM    Gaurav:  Mostly, I want to check if the porridge is affecting Greibel's brain function in any way.

5:26PM    Apheori (GM):  You ascertain that the porridge seems to be alive and growing.

5:26PM    Gaurav:  ... growing?
Uh oh.

5:26PM    Apheori (GM):  You recall Greibel was in there, but there isn't much sign of him anymore.
It's basically just a large, lumpy, vaguely conical lump.

5:27PM    Frezak (GM):  I POKE IT
With a stick

5:27PM    Gaurav:  It's too late. Greibel has been consigned to an oaty grave. We should bury him and move on.

5:27PM    Frezak (GM):  to see if there's a druid in there

5:28PM    Gaurav:  I wonder what would happen if he were to transform into a swarm of bees right now.

5:28PM    Frezak (GM):  They would be really upset bees?

5:29PM    Gaurav:  I mean, would each bee be wrapped in a tiny bit of porridge, or would they all be stuck as a ball inside all of the porridge. What if a bee escapes? Stuff like that.

5:30PM    Ganelon:  We've already pondered the question of how druid swarms even maintain a gestalt intelligence.
In short, it's weird and magic.
And I don't think they can separate from the same close area.

5:30PM    Apheori (GM):  The stick goes in slightly and then gets stuck.

5:31PM    Frezak (GM):  I relinquish the stick.

5:31PM    Gaurav:  Ah, never mind then.

Rhu remembers that one of the shadows was consumed by an invisible thing beside Greibel, and he starts saying "Hello?" and waving his arms in the empty space.

5:31PM    Rhu:  rolling d20+15 perception check
( 8 ) +15 = 23

5:34PM    Apheori (GM):  Rhu: You see porridge tracks.

5:34PM    Frezak (GM):  More of a trail, really.
like an oaty slug

5:35PM    Apheori (GM):  Little porridges coming together into big porridge...

5:35PM    Frezak (GM):  A porridge singularity:

5:35PM    Gaurav:  We're heading towards a Hole. We're doomed anyway.

Rhu follows the trail.

5:36PM    Frezak (GM):  Yeah, but we could do with LESS dooms.

5:37PM    Apheori (GM):  ...any trail in particular?

5:37PM    Gaurav:  If we got a comically large magnifying glass as part of our Sarathi expedition supplies, Rhu will take it out and do his best Elmer Fudd impression.
Do the trails converge on a point? Is that point Greibel?

5:37PM    Apheori (GM):  The little ones all go off in random directions.
And yes.

5:38PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Amadi hands the porridge a cup of hot chocolate.

5:38PM    Gaurav:  Any trails heading towards one of the walls, or do they go down the corridor?

5:38PM    Frezak (GM):  Can I x-ray the Porridge Form for a bong?

5:39PM    Apheori (GM):  Instead of accepting the hot chocolate, all the porridge collapses into the floor and disappears, leaving something of a horrible dark hole behind.

5:39PM    Frezak (GM):  Because Greibel wouldn't be without it.
It's the soruce of his power.

5:39PM    Gaurav:  Ew.

5:39PM    Frezak (GM):  GREAT

5:39PM    Apheori (GM):  Gaurav: All of the above.

5:39PM    Gaurav:  We should try offering more of our enemies hot chocolate.

Rhu follows the largest trail that leads towards the wall. He'll poke at the trails as he goes, looking for clues.

5:40PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Um. Where's Greibel?

5:40PM    Gaurav:  Towards ''a'' wall, I guess. The nearest wall.

5:40PM    Frezak (GM):  I shine my Space Elf issue Flashlight down this new hole.

5:40PM    Apheori (GM):  Rhu spends the next hour following all the porridge trails up walls, down floor, etc etc. He finds they all just sort of randomly start out of nowhere and needs to give me a perception check.

5:41PM    Rhu:  rolling d20+15 perception check on random trails
( 10 ) +15 = 25

5:41PM    Gaurav:  ''Up walls''
. Nice.

5:41PM    Apheori (GM):  Rhu notices the shadows at the edge of the light and doesn't walk into them and get devoured.

5:41PM    Frezak (GM):  oats don't bow to gravity.

5:41PM    Gaurav:  YAY!

5:41PM    Apheori (GM):  Unless he really wants to or something.

5:42PM    Frezak (GM):  Hug your doom!

5:42PM    Gaurav:  No no. Undevoured is fine.

5:42PM    Frezak (GM):  Embrace it like a comfortable bear!

5:42PM    Gaurav:  Rhu's doom is waiting for him at a dead end somewhere.
Anyway, brb. I'll be back in 10 mins.

5:44PM    Apheori (GM):  Okay, so presumably that didn't actually go on for an hour.

5:44PM    Frezak (GM):  Gravy shouts down the hole.

5:45PM    The Gravedigger:  GRAAAAAAAAVES

5:45PM    Frezak (GM):  Maaaaybe it's echolocation.

5:45PM    Apheori (GM):  It completely fails to echo.

5:45PM    Ganelon:  The real question is whether it's a hole or, you know, a Hole.

5:45PM    Frezak (GM):  Maybe he's just shouting.
Damn you, echolocation!
You fail me in my most dire of hours!
10-foot poles!
Deploy a drone?
Probably safer than spelunking.

5:47PM    Ganelon:  A fair point.

5:47PM    Frezak (GM):  That said short of evil darkness, Gravy could probably just jump down most caves.

5:48PM    Ganelon:  But I want to know what we're dealing with before I even toss junk in there.

5:48PM    Frezak (GM):  No light, no echo....
Does it smell like a Hole?
A capitalised hole?

5:49PM    Midoriki Hano:  It smells like a dead end.

5:49PM    Frezak (GM):  ...
Gravy pushes hazz down the hole.
Roll to punt:
rolling 1D20+11
( 11 ) +11 = 22

5:52PM    Apheori (GM):  Something.
She's knocked flying into the hole.

5:53PM    Frezak (GM):  Against MYSTERY
Have at thee, mystery!

5:53PM    Apheori (GM):  Kyrule appears behind Gravy and giggles.

5:53PM    The Gravedigger:  Oh, hey.

5:53PM    Kyrule:  Ahem. Yes.

The Gravedigger shouts down the hole.

5:53PM    The Gravedigger:  OKAY IN THERE?

5:53PM    Ganelon:  I can't really disagree with this course of action.

5:54PM    Kyrule:  I'm sure he's fine.

5:54PM    Radek:  What about Greibel?

5:54PM    The Gravedigger:  Well, he's not here.

5:54PM    Radek:  Is he "fine"?

5:55PM    The Gravedigger:  Difficult to say.
You know.
He's not here.

Amadi shrugs.

5:55PM    Amadi:  Soft landing. Oaty.

Kyrule leans over and peers down into the hole.

5:55PM    Kyrule:  I'm not sure there will be much of a... landing.

The Gravedigger 's eyes light up.

5:56PM    The Gravedigger:  Jetpacks!

5:56PM    Kyrule:  You'll see him again.

5:56PM    Amadi:  Well, a cushioned fall that... doesn't end.

5:56PM    Kyrule:  You might even see both of them again.
Though I do hope not.

5:56PM    The Gravedigger:  Hey!
I quite like Greibel!

5:56PM    (From Ellemerr (GM)):  Where's my bong?

5:56PM    The Gravedigger:  Somehow!

5:57PM    (To Ellemerr):  Your bong is just... gone. But also not. It's... right here, in fact?

5:57PM    Kyrule:  I'm kidding. Mostly.

Radek grumbles.

Amadi leans over the hole, looking a tiny bit like she's about to just fall into it.

5:58PM    Amadi:  He's... not terribly gone... somehow.

The Gravedigger throws drugs down the hole.

5:58PM    The Gravedigger:  In case he gets lonely.

5:59PM    Amadi:  I wonder what'd happen if he used...

Amadi mumbles.

5:59PM    Frezak (GM):  Perception to clarify the mumble!
rolling 1D20+14+10
( 1 ) +14+10 = 25

6:00PM    Gaurav:  Mumbling intensifies.

Kyrule points at Gaurav and laughs.

6:01PM    Kyrule:  Er, ooc.

6:01PM    Apheori (GM):  ...sorry. >.>

6:01PM    Frezak (GM):  Even the gods mock you!

6:01PM    Gaurav:  Yes. They do.

6:02PM    (From Amadi):  "I wonder what'd happen if he used my/his mumble-bumble-thingy-whatsnot to blah blah blah..."

6:02PM    Apheori (GM):  So your god just got shoved in a hole.

6:02PM    Gaurav:  I'm just going to say that Rhu was peering intensely at a wall while his god was unceremoniously dumped into a torn piece of the fabric of the universe itself by his so-called friend.

6:03PM    Frezak (GM):  If pushed, Gravy will blame Amadi.

6:03PM    Ganelon:  It wasn't that kind of hole.

6:03PM    Apheori (GM):  Gaarav: Perception.
Also literal hole in the floor.

6:03PM    Rhu:  rolling d20+15 perception check
( 3 ) +15 = 18

6:03PM    Ganelon:  Also the world is better off without.

6:03PM    Gaurav:  I like Hazz'. But then I like Dave, so what do I know.
Sorry, Dawn.

6:04PM    Frezak (GM):  Gravy whistles.
Scuffs a foot in the dirt.
Hands behind his back.
hands that hold a giant sarcophagus lid and a shovel.

6:04PM    Apheori (GM):  Rhu: Okay, fine, you missed the exact details, but you definitely heard something get hit with a shovel and saw Hazz anime boobchick fall into the floor hole.

6:04PM    Rhu:  HEY!

6:04PM    Apheori (GM):  And now there's Gravy. Doing that.

6:04PM    Amadi:  Hello!

6:04PM    Gaurav:  Hee, boobchick.

6:04PM    The Gravedigger:  Hey?

6:05PM    Apheori (GM):  Oh, and Kyrule's back to normal.
Just grey and godly and masked and not an anime boobchick.
Also her hair is a bit crazy, and in a completely different style from before.
There seems to be a sausage embedded in it for some reason.

6:05PM    Rhu:  (runs up to Hole, peers inside) HELLO? HELLO?
(to Gravy) Did you just shove my god in there?

6:06PM    Apheori (GM):  Not a rift hole, just a broken floor hole.
It looks dark and rocky and there is no echo when you shout down.

6:06PM    Gaurav:  Oh, sorry. I misinterpreted what Hazz' said before his exit.

The Gravedigger looks at his shovel.

6:06PM    The Gravedigger:  Um. No?

6:07PM    Rhu:  Not cool, man, not cool.

6:07PM    The Gravedigger:  Hey, he killed me.
Tit for... uh... tit.

6:07PM    Rhu:  You know he's pissed off at me already, and I'm pretty sure we need all the godly intervention we can get for this stupid suicid-- wait, what?

6:08PM    The Gravedigger:  Yeah.
Your god's a bit of a dick.

Kyrule tries to look innocent and inconspicuous behind Gravy.

6:08PM    Amadi:  I tried to stop her. But I'm not Squirrel.

6:08PM    Gaurav:  Which is totally doable, given Gravy's size.

6:09PM    Apheori (GM):  Also Kyrule is really big, so she's not actually managing to hide at all.
So you can totally see this.

6:09PM    Rhu:  (looks from Gravy to Amadi and back again, then shouts down the hole) DID YOU KILL HIM?

6:09PM    Gaurav:  Psh, like Rhu would notice.

6:09PM    Frezak (GM):  So tempted to punt Rhu in.

6:09PM    Gaurav:  omg do it

Kyrule whispers behind Gravy, "You know you want to."

6:10PM    Frezak (GM):  The votes are in!
Gravy just whacks Rhu on the butt.

6:10PM    Gaurav:  That's one PC and one reasonably competent god against nil.
I got 17 reflex. What you got?

6:10PM    Frezak (GM):  Also the GM herself is egging me on.
rolling 1D20+11
( 20 ) +11 = 31

6:11PM    Apheori (GM):  Rhu topples into the hole.

Radek edges further away from the hole - and Gravy.

6:11PM    Ganelon:  I'm not going to be next.
No way, man.

6:11PM    Gaurav:  Gravy, solving this party's problems one character at a time.

6:11PM    Apheori (GM):  Gravy, Amadi: You think you see a tentacle reachng up to meet him right as he disappears entirely into shadow.

6:11PM    Frezak (GM):  MEET YOUR GOD

Amadi smacks Gravy over the back of the head. (She might have to climb onto him to do this.)

6:12PM    The Gravedigger:  Okay, now we can get some work done!
That's.. uh... you, Radek.

6:12PM    Radek:  ...Yes. Well.

6:13PM    Gaurav:  Important question: did Amadi ever actually get off Rhu's shoulders? She was braiding his hair when the last encounter began.

6:13PM    Radek:  ...Onwards, then.

6:13PM    Frezak (GM):  HAHAHAHA

6:13PM    Apheori (GM):  O.o

Apheori (GM) falls over laughing.

6:13PM    Kyrule:  Actually, maybe... you shouldn't have done that.

6:14PM    The Gravedigger:  Ooops.

6:14PM    Kyrule:  Maybe.

6:14PM    Apheori (GM):  Hmm.
Let's see...
rolling 1d3
( 2 ) = 2
Okay, Amadi was on him, but fell off when he got punted in.

6:15PM    Frezak (GM):  Whew!

6:15PM    Apheori (GM):  She was just by the edge of it.
And now she's on him punching Gravy.
Which I guess is why you both would have been able to see the tentacle, yeah.
Also we should... go buy food.
Because we're all horrible at planning.
So, uh.

6:18PM    Gaurav:  BYE

6:20PM    Apheori (GM):  Right, we'll be back in a bit, sorry about.

6:20PM    Gaurav:  I'm in no rush. Take your time and have a nice dinner!

6:48PM    Apheori (GM):  Okay, we got dinner for tomorrow and stuff.
And breakfast.
And lunch.
There was arguing.

6:49PM    Gaurav:  Any porridge?

6:52PM    Apheori (GM):  That was dinner.
So to recap, the current situation is...

6:53PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Dinner today.

6:53PM    Apheori (GM):  Gravy pushed Hazz and Rhu into a hole in the ground.
Greibel is gone.
This leaves Gravy, Radek, Amadi, and Kyrule in the tunnel around a hole in the ground?
Is this the point where you head out onwards as Radek suggested, and stop for a relaxed lunch along the way?

6:55PM    Gaurav:  I don't suppose Rhu is in a position to shout up out of the hole at everybody else?

6:56PM    Apheori (GM):  Rhu is gone.

6:56PM    Gaurav:  Well then.

6:56PM    Apheori (GM):  ...I should probably figure something out with that.

6:57PM    Gaurav:  We can figure that out next week if necessary. I'm pretty excited, since this is a particularly messed up time in the Rhu-Hazz' relationship for them to be stuck together somewhere, which should be fun.

6:58PM    Apheori (GM):  Uh, care to have a nice chat with your god?

6:58PM    Frezak (GM):  They can play games!

6:58PM    Apheori (GM):  One on one? All alone?

6:58PM    Frezak (GM):  WITH NO ESCAPE IN SIGHT?

6:58PM    Gaurav:  You say that like Rhu doesn't do that every few weeks anyway.

6:58PM    Frezak (GM):  ...
That's a really good point.

6:58PM    Gaurav:  Up to you. I'm happy to watch everybody else adventure for a while, too.

6:59PM    Apheori (GM):  Have a chat.
I don't expect it will last long.

6:59PM    Rhu:  ...so.

6:59PM    Apheori (GM):  Rhu: You are suspended in blackness.
As far as you can tell.
Also Hazz.
Though you can't actually see him/her.

6:59PM    Frezak (GM):  Doesn't he have Hair-o-Vision?

7:00PM    Apheori (GM):  It may be in his bag.

7:00PM    Gaurav:  Yeah, I don't think I have it on. Do I have my bag with me?

Rhu attempts to move around in the empty blackness.

7:00PM    Frezak (GM):  I'm not aware that you were disequipped?

7:01PM    Gaurav:  It might be a blackness of the mind and not the body, in which case I might not have access to my things.
I -> Rhu

7:01PM    Hazz'ridan:  So.

7:02PM    Rhu:  I don't suppose you ''did'' kill Gravy.

7:02PM    Hazz'ridan:  I did.

7:02PM    Frezak (GM):  As if Gravy would lie!

7:02PM    Apheori (GM):  Hazz isn't going to either.

7:02PM    Gaurav:  As if Gravy would shove party members into holes!

7:03PM    Apheori (GM):  Well.
Things happen.

Rhu sighs.

7:03PM    Frezak (GM):  Frankly, blame Names on that one.

7:03PM    Rhu:  This is a pretty crazy party.

7:03PM    Apheori (GM):  You didn't HAVE to.


7:04PM    Rhu:  Is there any way to get back to the others, or do we have to wait for Mrs. Teatime to come rescue us again?

7:04PM    Frezak (GM):  You are your own downfall.

7:04PM    Gaurav:  I am Rhu's downfall.
Which is fair, really.

Hazz'ridan chucks Rhu back up out of the hole.

7:04PM    Gaurav:  What.
Like undercooked meat.

7:04PM    Apheori (GM):  So Rhu comes up with a tentacle, bounces off the ceiling, and lands in a heap next to Radek.
Comes up flung via tentacle, I mean.

7:05PM    Rhu:  Ow.

7:05PM    The Gravedigger:  Hey!
Done with so soon?

7:05PM    Apheori (GM):  Is Gan still here

7:05PM    Rhu:  Hi. I think we're all even now.

7:06PM    Gaurav:  Any tentacles still in the area?

7:06PM    Apheori (GM):  A small chunk of porridge jiggles on Gravy's shoulder.
No tentacles, though.

7:06PM    The Gravedigger:  Hokay!

7:07PM    Rhu:  rolling d20+10 religion check to thank Hazz' for his redemption/rescue
( 7 ) +10 = 17

7:07PM    Apheori (GM):  You don't need to roll for that. You thank your god. He's thanked. Yadda.

7:08PM    Gaurav:  Shh. This is Rhu's first chat-with-god religion check in ''ages''. Let him have his moment.

7:10PM    Ganelon:  I'm back.

7:11PM    Apheori (GM):  Rhu got flung back at you.
He landed next to you.
You were about to just head out anyway?

7:11PM    Ganelon:  Yes.

7:12PM    Frezak (GM):  Radek remains as STEEEEEL

Radek grumbles and shakes his head as he steps over (not on top of) Rhu.

7:12PM    Radek:  It's a wonder anyone fears the unknown these days...

7:13PM    Ganelon:  Damn youngsters don't even appreciate the unspeakable terrors they find themselves facing.

7:13PM    Kyrule:  People don't know what unspeakable horrors lie beneath. Easy to only see what you see.

7:15PM    Radek:  Hmph. Only because you've all gone ''soft''. Back in my day, we were never this blind.

7:15PM    Ganelon:  Damn gods keeping us mortals ignorant for our own well-being.

7:15PM    Amadi:  I'm not actually blind, I'm just wearing shades in the middle of the night. It's a fashion statement.

Kyrule pulls the sausage out of her hair and mutters, "yeah, blind," and then starts munching on it.

7:16PM    Ganelon:  He'll be heading down this tunnel, whether or not anyone actually cares to follow him.

The Gravedigger 's eyes widen.

7:16PM    The Gravedigger:  Sausages!

Amadi draws out some sausages for Gravy.

7:17PM    Ganelon:  ...That sounds like an answer.

7:17PM    Apheori (GM):  Y'all head after Radek.

The Gravedigger produces his own sausages (ALL FOUR KINDS) and declares this to be The Time Of Lunching As Soon As We're Out Of This Cave

7:17PM    Ganelon:  Damn sausages, stealing my thugs' attention away from matters of great import!

Rhu cheers.

7:18PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Answer to what?
Right then!
Are there moles?

7:22PM    Apheori (GM):  Uh, okay.
You head down the tunnel. Passage. Thing.
No moles.
Not even dead ones.
There are some... people.
They're all frozen in place.

7:22PM    Ganelon:  Oh, that's remarkable.

7:22PM    Apheori (GM):  In the middle of actions.

7:22PM    Frezak (GM):  BASILISKS?

7:23PM    Ganelon:  What's keeping them frozen?

7:23PM    Apheori (GM):  The first one you come to is running as if in utter terror.
Behind him are others, as though following, chasing or whatever.
Nothing apparent is keeping them frozen.

7:24PM    Frezak (GM):  I poke one.

7:25PM    Apheori (GM):  Which one? The first one?

7:25PM    Frezak (GM):  Closest, yeah.
With a shovel.

7:25PM    Apheori (GM):  Kyrule stops you, or at least moves to stop the shovel with a hand on it. Like, you know. Gestury. Of stopping. Like someone... stopping...

7:25PM    Frezak (GM):  Sure.

7:26PM    Apheori (GM):  The one in front is some sort of warrior-looking guy in leathers and stuff. He has swords, but they're not out. The chasers look like an odd mixture of soldiers, peasants, and aliens.
A few of them are glowing.

7:26PM    Ganelon:  Sounds like magic is afoot.
Shall I roll the thing?

7:26PM    Frezak (GM):  I halt my pokage?

7:26PM    Ganelon:  The understanding thing?

7:27PM    Apheori (GM):  Roll all the things.

7:27PM    Gaurav:  Aliens?

7:27PM    Ganelon:  rolling 1d20+16 Thing
( 18 ) +16 = 34

7:27PM    Apheori (GM):  Also it would help if I could remember if anyone ever mentioned this.
Gan: Looks like some sort of temporal distortion - they're not actually frozen. Probably.
Well, relative to you they totally are, but from the ambience you get the feeling that really you're just moving really really fast and they're normal.
Aliens as in... not elven or human, but I guess they're humanoid or something. Maybe.
I dunno.

7:29PM    Gaurav:  It's times like this that we need to ask ourselves the important question: what would Greibel do?

7:29PM    Ganelon:  "What drug would Greibel do in these trying times?"

7:29PM    Frezak (GM):  Get high?

7:29PM    Ellemerr (GM):  I can produce drugs if you want them.

7:29PM    Frezak (GM):  I'm... good, I think.
And with godly fortitude, probably pretty resistant to drugs.

7:33PM    Gaurav:  I... thought maybe throw porridge in their faces, but that works too I guess.

7:33PM    Rhu:  Can either of you gods unfreeze them somehow?

7:33PM    Kyrule:  We're currently kind of outside of time.
I wouldn't touch them.

7:34PM    Rhu:  What happens if we touch them?

7:34PM    Amadi:  Separate time-streams! Like two rivers running at different speed. Which can totally happen.

7:35PM    Radek:  Consider this, Rhu.
An object moving at sufficient speed relative to its observer is effectively undetectable.
If we have even the slightest semblance of mass, contact with these people could potentially annihilate them.

7:36PM    Kyrule:  You can break the weak forces within atoms.
It's fun.

7:36PM    Ganelon:  Gods!
No sense of responsibility!

7:36PM    Frezak (GM):  rolling 1D20+4
( 17 ) +4 = 21
Gravy trying to grasp science

7:37PM    Rhu:  So it's something to do with the observer's relative. Hmm, interesting.

7:37PM    (To Frezak):  (whispering) Also this is totally wod magic and I have no idea how well it even works according to the laws of physics or anything anyway.

7:37PM    The Gravedigger:  It's fine, the differential in temporal rates is vast enough that the slipstream would only shear off a minor value of particles.

7:38PM    (To Frezak):  (whispering) So who even knows what could happen.

7:38PM    The Gravedigger:  Or so they say.

7:38PM    Rhu:  I think Holy Kyrule is right, though. I think it will be fun.

7:38PM    Radek:  ...Just leave them undisturbed.

7:38PM    Frezak (GM):  FUN?!

7:38PM    Kyrule:  That was sarcasm.

7:38PM    Rhu:  Oh.

7:38PM    Ganelon:  How minor is Gravy talking here?

The Gravedigger runs around them in slow motion.

7:38PM    The Gravedigger:  Toooooo faaaaaasssssst fooooorrrrr yyyyooouuuu
Caaaaaant caaaaatchhhh meeeee
Iiiiiiiim theeeeee giiiiingerrrrbreaaaaad maaaaaan

Radek clears his throat. Loudly.

The Gravedigger stops immediately and salutes.

Kyrule goes up to the fleeing guy and almost - very nearly - touches him.

Kyrule just looks really, really sad for a moment and back away.

7:41PM    Amadi:  rolling 1d20
( 6 ) = 6

Amadi tries to drop a sausage into their time-stream, right in front of a runner's face.

7:42PM    Gaurav:  Amadi: YAY!

7:42PM    Radek:  Let us continue.

7:42PM    Gaurav:  I know this might destroy the universe as we know it, but I approve strongly.

7:42PM    Apheori (GM):  Amadi tries this on one of the pursuers.
...it explodes.

7:42PM    The Gravedigger:  Noooooo!

7:42PM    Apheori (GM):  Both pursuer and sausage.

7:43PM    Amadi:  ... Oooops?

7:43PM    Apheori (GM):  ...and a bit of the floor underneath.
But in slow motion.

Radek facepalms.

Amadi whistles and skips after Radek.

7:43PM    The Gravedigger:  Maybe don't do that again?

7:43PM    Amadi:  Yes, let's go!

7:43PM    Apheori (GM):  Just a weird expanding explosion.

7:43PM    Gaurav:  Uh oh.

7:43PM    Apheori (GM):  Getting bigger really, really slowly.

Kyrule face-palms.

7:43PM    The Gravedigger:  Let's go.... a leetle faster?

Rhu nods at Gravy and is clearly ready to run for it.

7:44PM    Frezak (GM):  Hustle!

Kyrule hangs back and puts out the explosion while y'all run away and then suddenly appears with you again a moment later.

7:46PM    Apheori (GM):  Also Kyrule did something else with the fleeing guy but nobody cares. Ahem.

7:46PM    Gaurav:  What?

7:47PM    Ganelon:  It was probably someone important to her.

7:47PM    Frezak (GM):  He is now wearing a fez

7:48PM    Apheori (GM):  Yes.
That is now canon.

7:49PM    Frezak (GM):  Sweet!

7:51PM    Apheori (GM):  Now I need to look up what actually happens here. Uh.
Actually no, there was no visible change at all and she just grumbled a bit and left him there. Sorry.
No fez.
Also the guy looked utterly terrified, though I forget why I might have thought this was important.

7:54PM    Apheori (GM):  So y'all go on down the passage.
There's more folks, all frozen, but now they're more just milling around or clustered. There are a couple on the ceiling.
Roll sanity?

7:54PM    Amadi:  rolling 1d20
( 11 ) = 11

7:55PM    Frezak (GM):  rolling 1D20
( 6 ) = 6

7:56PM    Ganelon:  rolling 1d20
( 5 ) = 5
Hoo hooooo

8:00PM    Frezak (GM):  ONe day we'll get snake eyes again.

8:00PM    Apheori (GM):  Okay. That's weird. There's weirdness. And stuff.
And light.
And distortion.
It's not night.
Yadda yadda.
We should go to bed.

8:00PM    Apheori (GM):  Goodbyw.

8:01PM    Rhu:  rolling d20
( 7 ) = 7

8:01PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Mhm! Sweet nightmares.

8:01PM    Gaurav:  Good night, all. Are we playing any more this week?

8:01PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Veeeeery doubtful.

8:02PM    Gaurav:  Cool. See you all next time, then!

8:02PM    Ellemerr (GM):  Have fun!

8:03PM    Apheori (GM):  Rhu: Schoolgirls.

8:04PM    Frezak (GM):  Pervert!

8:04PM    Gaurav:  Rhu is thinking only of his god.

8:16PM    Apheori (GM):  His god is one. HEEE ISSSSS.
So y'all are in the horrible tunnels...