Holes/Session 52/raw

From Zaori
4:55PM    Apheori (GM):  ELLEMERRRRRR.

4:55PM    Ellemerr:  Oh. Yes.

4:55PM    Apheori (GM):  Let's do stuff.
I just need to figure out what.

4:56PM    Ellemerr:  Alright!

4:58PM    Apheori (GM):  Gravy, or whoever he even was anymore, since he didn't really seem to be Gravy at all, died.
And you went after him.
Into Midnight.
Which was an insanely bad idea.
But you know he's there.
And holy crap, I think Amadi might have been the part Eapherod lost. Which might explain why she was so crippled later.

4:59PM    Apheori (GM):  What the hell.

4:59PM    Ellemerr:  It's Gravy! I'm sure he'd execute insanely bad ideas for me, too.

4:59PM    Apheori (GM):  Oh, of course.
It's a terrible idea. The worst. Like that thing with the treehouse and the dogs and all that cheese that one time.
Except this one might just work.
He was lost, but you're not lost. And here, in the black between blacks, even as small as you are, you're powerful.
You can do anything, make anything, find anything, if only you know it to be doable.

5:01PM    Ellemerr:  Hey, I'm always powerful. I have sandwiches.

5:01PM    Apheori (GM):  The thing is, you should have found him by now. If he were ''Gravy'', you would have.
Well, yes.

5:01PM    Ellemerr:  Well, I'll just have to look for the-thing-that's-in-Gravy's-mind-when-he's-out-of-it.

5:02PM    Apheori (GM):  Hieron.

5:02PM    Ellemerr:  Exactly!

5:02PM    Apheori (GM):  You don't actually know him that well. He's like Gravy, but now. He's a protagonist. He's... small.
What, exactly, would you like to do to find him?

5:04PM    Ellemerr:  I shall taste the air for the scent of strange madness! The sort of strange madness that compells a man to run off with a corpse and gibber, rather than simply bury it nice and cleanly where he is, without a fuzz.

5:06PM    Apheori (GM):  There isn't air here. There isn't really anything, beyond memories and half-constructed dreams, but you make some air regardless, and you taste it. It's like a piece of the dream you left, full of broken pieces and misconstructed objects.
There are things here. Other things. Lost things. Things you can't quite see or make out, colours that don't exist, realities that never were. It tasts of THEM.
And they taste you.

5:06PM    Ellemerr:  Delightful.
Well, I ''am'' looking for a lost thing.
I let the lost things know that they shouldn't mess with me by giving one of them a lick. And then I query them for lost people.

5:12PM    Apheori (GM):  Sorry.
Does 21 get through your fortitude?

5:15PM    Frezak (GM):  Yes.
She has 14.

5:16PM    Apheori (GM):  Amadi: The lost things don't seem to respond in any intelligible fashion, though you do wind up licking a while.
The whale makes sad whale noises and drifts into the black.
And you suddenly feel a bit ill.
Licking a whale, that is.

5:17PM    Ellemerr:
rolling 1d20
( 18 ) = 18

5:20PM    Apheori (GM):  Okay.
I'm capable of doing this.

5:21PM    Ellemerr:  I have webcomics. They help.

5:21PM    Gaurav:  The whale later shows up wearing an "Amadi licked me!" T-shirt.

5:21PM    Apheori (GM):  The... ''things'' don't really respond, but you push them anyway, and there seems to be a leadingness in a direction of sorts. You don't actually need to move to follow it, of course, but that direction becomes you and the things shift.
Some of the things look very, very familiar.

5:22PM    Frezak (GM):  "I was licked by a midget and I liked it"

5:22PM    Gaurav:  Heeeee

5:23PM    Ellemerr:  I inspect things and move direction to me.

5:24PM    Apheori (GM):  Things include a cat that is not entirely you (though it is, very definitely, 'Amadi'), something that feels like a dark, horrible shadow version of Hazz'ridan, spread out against the underside of the universes much like how the Hazz you know spreads throughout the perceived insides...
And also a whole lot of really, really random things. Trees. Buckets. A big, huge pile of poop. Marbles everywhere. Lots of spoons. Moose.
A bunch of cenva staring at you.

5:25PM    Gaurav:  A dark, horrible shadow version of Hazz'ridan? Does that mean there's a light, sunny version of Hazz' somewhere?

5:25PM    Apheori (GM):  But the Hazz. It's not Hazz. It's also not the underside. It's just... a different existance than your own, except it isn't different at all, is it? This is where YOU came from, after all. Part of you, at least. The part that kept losing everyone before.
Well, her.
You're not ''really'' her, now are you?

5:26PM    Ellemerr:  Of course not.

5:27PM    Apheori (GM):  You could try to identify it. Would you like to identify it?

5:28PM    Ellemerr:  Will doing so help me find Gravy?

5:29PM    Apheori (GM):  I have no idea.
Probably not directly.
So keep going?

5:29PM    Ellemerr:  Yes.

5:29PM    Frezak (GM):  There's a Jolly Old Uncle Hazz

5:29PM    Apheori (GM):  I assume 12 doesn't get past your will at this level.

5:30PM    Frezak (GM):  Always ready to dispense tales of youthful follies and provide fizzy drinks that taste of chemical.
Amadi's will is 18.

5:30PM    Apheori (GM):  Heh, nice.
Oh, you can turn on timestamps in the options now.

5:33PM    Gaurav:  WOAH

5:33PM    Apheori (GM):  Yay feature discoverability!
Okay, so Amadi goes to find. d20!

5:34PM    Frezak (GM):  WYVERNS?

5:34PM    Ellemerr:
rolling 1d20
( 8 ) = 8

5:35PM    Gaurav:  How long can you travel through an infinite void of sheer dreamspace before you forget what you came in there for?

5:35PM    Ellemerr:  I don't know, but it's why I'm focusing on my task.
Or one reason, anyway.

5:36PM    Apheori (GM):  If she rolls a 1, she forgets.
Or something.
So Gravy... er, Hieron, you're dead. This means absolutely nothing to you. You don't even technically exist. It's just lots of nothing. You're lots of nothing. Whee.
Amadi: You're not sure where you're going. I mean, you know he's here somewhere. EVERYTHING is here somewhere.

5:38PM    Frezak (GM):  What memories do I have?

5:38PM    Apheori (GM):  This is basically everything. And nothing. And all the things that almost became something and then weren't. Or were something and then weren't. Or will be. Or would be. Or could be.

5:39PM    Frezak (GM):  Need to figure out who I am.

5:39PM    Apheori (GM):  Frezak: Nothing. You're dead. Except also all of them. Even the ones you never had. The ones you would have had in other realities, other parallel universes, the ones you could have had but didn't, the ones you will yet have elsewhere, or elsewhen. Or after.

5:40PM    Frezak (GM):  I think this Gravy gestalt will just cosmically go 'hmmm'

5:40PM    Apheori (GM):  Amadi: You suddenly realise you don't know how to find him. He's here. Or somewhere. All of here is here, after all. Somewhere.

5:40PM    Frezak (GM):  And pretend to know understanding.

5:40PM    Apheori (GM):  Frezak, Ellemerr: D20s.

5:40PM    Ellemerr:  Does that mean it's time to wander aimlessly and yell a lot?

5:40PM    Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20
( 7 ) = 7

5:40PM    Ellemerr:
rolling 1d20
( 20 ) = 20

5:40PM    Apheori (GM):  Always.

5:41PM    Ellemerr:  I yell REALLY LOUDLY!

5:41PM    Apheori (GM):  Actually you hear a vague 'hmmm'.

5:41PM    Frezak (GM):  I don't know if that's good or bad;

5:41PM    Apheori (GM):  The loudly bounces off the hmmm.
It bounces off Kyrule.

5:41PM    Kyrule:  Yo.

5:41PM    Apheori (GM):  She's next to you.
She's also... not entirely Kyrule.
You... know her. I mean, you know Kyrule in general, rather well in fact, but she's... more than Kyrule. She's... your sister?
Or ''her'' sister.

5:42PM    Amadi:  I'm not trying to find you I'm trying to find Gravy. You're not helpful. I need to find Gravy and you might distract me. It's easy to forget things here because there's so much here and I don't need sisters I need to find Gravy.
... Can you help?

5:43PM    Kyrule:  Yes.
Don't worry, you've done this before.
Or after.

5:43PM    Frezak (GM):  That sounds like no god I know.

5:43PM    Amadi:  Are you sure that was me?

5:43PM    Kyrule:  ...nope!

5:43PM    Amadi:  Maybe it just ''could've'' been me.
No matter! I'll find him!
... How can you help?

5:44PM    Apheori (GM):  Amadi: d20.

5:44PM    Amadi:
rolling 1d20
( 4 ) = 4

Kyrule offers Amadi her hand.

5:45PM    Frezak (GM):  Okay, now that sounds like a god I know.

Amadi takes hand.

5:45PM    Apheori (GM):  Without detaching it, of course.
OR anything TOO weird.

5:45PM    Ellemerr:  ... Oh.
Well, I guess I can take it anyway.

5:45PM    Apheori (GM):  ...sorry.

5:45PM    Ellemerr:  Eh, it's okay. Maybe next time.

5:46PM    Apheori (GM):  You're both very, very small.
Surrounded by so very, very much.
Would you LIKE a spare hand?
She has some skeletal ones, or stuff.

5:47PM    Ellemerr:  Of ''cou'' - er, I mean, no. I want Gravy. Yes. Important things.

5:47PM    Gaurav:  I'm imagining Amadi tugging hopefully on Kyrule's hand, then disappointed when it doesn't come off.

Kyrule pulls a skeletal arm, complete with a grasping, skeletal hand, out of her pocket and starts waving it around like a divining rod.

5:47PM    Apheori (GM):  Amadi: d20

5:48PM    Ellemerr:
rolling 1d20
( 10 ) = 10

5:49PM    Apheori (GM):  You find a cat, a skeleton, and a pile of clothing.
Would you like to investigate any?

5:50PM    Ellemerr:  Yes.
The clothing.

5:50PM    Apheori (GM):  They are all, er, relevant, though perhaps not to this.
The clothing...
Was Gravy.
Then it was Hieron.
And before that, it was someone else entirely.

5:51PM    Apheori (GM):  You get a sense of a room, small and barren, and sedatives, and a horrible, overbearing loneliness.
As you and Kyrule settle down around the clothing, your feet drop to a floor that is suddenly there, and a room forms around you, though this is a much different room than the other.
This one is large and wooden, rustic, with the stuffed heads of dead animals on the walls. It's a bit distasteful.
You should refill the clothes. He's here, just not ''here''.

5:53PM    Ellemerr:  Er... okay. I do that!

5:54PM    Apheori (GM):  The pile of clothes is suddenly not a pile of clothes at all, but an elf, fully clothed and conscious and there, sitting on a sofa that is suddenly also there.
Kyrule sits down on another sofa.
Feel free to add any objects or whatever to the room.
Which one of you is this?
You're conscious and there, but who you are at this point is entirely up to you, so go wild. Or not.

5:54PM    Apheori (GM):  ENTIRELY.

5:56PM    Graves:  Well.

5:57PM    Amadi:  Hooray!

5:58PM    Apheori (GM):  Whoever you are, you're in a room. It's familiar, though you can't quite place it as anything specific. There are two women there, too, one sitting nearby as though waiting for something, the other seeming quite happy. They look... familiar. You do know them, don't you?
Graves: One thing about all this stands out. You are utterly calm. Everything here is reasonable, but for the most part, it doesn't matter.

5:59PM    Graves:  Someone fucked up. Even I can tell that much.

5:59PM    Kyrule:  Yes.
It wasn't even ME this time.

5:59PM    Amadi:  It wasn't me!
... I think.
I guess it might have been.

5:59PM    Kyrule:  Nope.

5:59PM    Amadi:  Wheee!

6:00PM    Apheori (GM):  Actually, whose fault was this?
I don't even remember. >.<

6:01PM    Ellemerr:  I'm not even sure I knew in the first place.

6:03PM    Apheori (GM):  Graves: Who are you?

6:04PM    (To Amadi):  This isn't Kyrule. It's Coraline. You've found her.

6:04PM    (To Amadi):  Though you don't necessarily remember who she actually is or why you'd have been looking for her at all. It's all very, very old.

6:05PM    Apheori (GM):  Aaaaagh crumbs everywhere.

6:06PM    Frezak (GM):  I'm a purpose.
I'm a narrow path, with walls that blind.
I'm a thought and a buried past.
I'm what The Gravedigger makes and where he put the past.
I'm the idea of a god, a cobbled-together watcher made of scraps of doctrine.
I'm Gravy's creation and his maker.

6:06PM    Frezak (GM):  I'm an approximation of sanity.
And I'm not happy at being removed.

6:07PM    Kyrule:  Hello, Graves.
Do you remember who you are?

6:08PM    Amadi:  Can you feel the rest of you?
Can you wriggle your toes?

6:08PM    Graves:  For a given understanding of memory.

6:08PM    Apheori (GM):  Amadi: You see his graviness. You see how it fits into his pasts and futures. You could do stuff with all of it. You're not sure it'd be a good idea.

6:09PM    Graves:  I'm a concept, kid. I don't have toes.

6:10PM    Apheori (GM):  Mean-mean-meanwhile, back in the broken lands where the Gravedigger's body is mostly dead and all the others are still in the dream, slightly before the current stuff is really happening, Greibel is plying Gravy with drugs.

6:11PM    Frezak (GM):  At least I'm being treated by an expert!
Or at the least a frequent user!

6:11PM    Apheori (GM):  Greibel: It seemed like a good idea at the time. You'd been in this really weird dream, where everything was anime, but then you'd needed to wake up. It'd been kind of awful, the horribly dragging waking up of a too early morning to go deal with things you just don't deal with, but then a moment later you'd realised the need. He needed drugs. You probably needed drugs too.

6:12PM    Amadi:  No, no; not your toes, ''your'' toes! It's a metaphor! You know; no word is free from it?

6:12PM    Kyrule:  I'm a concept too. We all are.

Kyrule hikes up her robe and wiggles her own toes for emphasis.

6:12PM    Kyrule:  No world is free from it.

6:13PM    Amadi:  Exactly.

6:13PM    Frezak (GM):  Graves doesn't reply.

6:15PM    Kyrule:  This concept of the Graves, of the underlying purpose, it is who you are. Your core and your idea, your ballance of sanity and madness. The person is an extension of this.

6:16PM    Apheori (GM):  Amadi: I seriously suggest telling him to do utterly ridiculous things, and then making up deep-sounding reasons for them.
....that probably should have been a whisper.

6:16PM    Ellemerr:  I can do one of those. :P

6:16PM    Graves:  Look, all I know is about digging holes in the dirt and putting dead things in them. That's the scope of my knowledge and understanding.

6:17PM    Kyrule:  That's fine.
Wiggle your toes.

6:17PM    Graves:  Just fix this mess so I can fix the Digger.

6:17PM    Amadi:  Pffff, that's rubbish. Can't you dig holes in other things?

Kyrule glances over at Amadi.

6:18PM    (To Amadi):  He is the Digger. It's just... a bit more missing. Needs balance.

6:18PM    Graves:  I don't ''do'' anything.

6:18PM    Amadi:  Like... compost. Could you dig a hole in compost?
Or concrete!
... Kidney beans?

6:19PM    Apheori (GM):  A shadow of the Gravedigger appears, looming over the entire scene.

6:20PM    (To Frezak):  This is basically normal gravedigger, but not aware of the context. Basically he's just in a room, with a self of his and a friend and some weirdo and this is all perfectly normal.

6:20PM    (To Frezak):  So, uh, have him do whatever he'd do.

6:20PM    Amadi:  I know! You could dig through a carousel!

6:20PM    The Gravedigger:  Hey, Sandwich Kid!
And some lady!
And... oh.

6:21PM    Graves:  Yep.

6:22PM    The Gravedigger:  ''Oohhhh''

6:22PM    Amadi:  ... Hi! Carousels?

6:23PM    Apheori (GM):  There's a table between you all, a low coffee table sort of thing.
It has a large shovel impaled in it.

6:24PM    Frezak (GM):  Tell us more.

6:25PM    Ganelon:  It's like the sword in the stone.

6:25PM    Apheori (GM):  The shovel is large, but conceptual, much like Graves. It's not the shovel Gravy had been after, but very much like it, the idea of it, sticking out of the table like something perfectly, utterly normal.

6:25PM    Ganelon:  He who can draw the shovel from the coffee table will inherit the right to... dig graves, I guess.

6:25PM    The Gravedigger:  That's a cool shovel.

6:26PM    Frezak (GM):  And hit people really hard upside the head.

6:26PM    Apheori (GM):  Around the edges of the room, other shadow figures linger - versions of Gravy past and future, and versions that may not be of him at all. Hieron. A boy with a cat on his head. A grave god. A prisoner. A student covered in silly string. A madman, who, though quietly waiting, seems as though he could explode at any moment.
A Gravedigger-shaped Gravedigger-sized pile of Rasputin.
...the porridge starts jiggling, though the shape mostly holds.

6:28PM    Kyrule:  It's yours. A part of you.

6:28PM    The Gravedigger:  I don't like this place.

6:29PM    Frezak (GM):  He'll try to take it.

6:29PM    (To Amadi):  This place is HIM.

6:29PM    Frezak (GM):  Doesn't feel right without a shovel in hand.

6:29PM    Apheori (GM):  If he breaks it, he breaks himself.

6:29PM    Amadi:  We probably ought to go, if you can wiggle your toes.

6:29PM    Apheori (GM):  Oops.
That was supposed to be pm.

6:30PM    Amadi:  The others might be slightly annoyed at having to wait for is.

6:30PM    Apheori (GM):  Gravy: Roll wisdom.

6:30PM    Frezak (GM):  Gravy tries to wiggle his toes.

6:30PM    Apheori (GM):  The toes wiggle fine.


6:30PM    Apheori (GM):  IT'S A DC OF LIKE 10. GEEZ.

6:31PM    Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20+4
( 6 ) + 4 = 10

6:31PM    Apheori (GM):  SEE?
The shadow of Gravedigger pulls out the shovel, and with it comes the Graves - suddenly they are one and the same, standing in place, holding the shovel.
The shadow figures around the edges of the room shift and reassemble, now in a different order, in different places, with different possibilities among them.

6:33PM    The Gravedigger:  Right.

6:34PM    Frezak (GM):  Gravy tries to feel for the way out.
Everywhere is a hole.
There's edges and gaps.
Where is UP?

6:35PM    Apheori (GM):  The entire place is a hole. As you feel about, the figures on the edges shift, some becoming more, others less.
Dp you pay any attention to the figures?
Also d20 for up.

6:36PM    Frezak (GM):  Gravy wouldn't.

6:36PM    Apheori (GM):  Would Amadi?

6:36PM    Frezak (GM):  Something tells him to not look too deeply.
rolling 1D20
( 1 ) = 1

6:36PM    Apheori (GM):  Up isn't a thing.
It is, however, a lot of things, or at least 'out' is. There are many outs. In many directions, many possibilities.

6:37PM    Kyrule:  (to Amadi)
We can let this continue, but if we do, we may never be able to go back.

6:38PM    Amadi:  Are you coming back with us?

6:38PM    The Gravedigger:  Hmmm.

6:38PM    Apheori (GM):  The furniture is gone. You're just in an empty room now, much too large, full of cracks and holes, leading out to everywhere.

6:39PM    Amadi:  ... C'mon, Gravy. We're going back, now.

6:39PM    Apheori (GM):  Amadi: Of all the figures, the one that stands out most is the porridge. The others... well, it's an okay balance. He's not looking, so that helps. But you're right. You should get him out of there.
This is good enough, better than, really.

Amadi takes Gravy's hand and tries walking him Out.

6:41PM    Frezak (GM):  Dammit, I was writing that he was going to take her hand!
Damn you whore!

6:41PM    Apheori (GM):  You take each others hands.

6:42PM    Frezak (GM):  Hey now!
Only one each!

6:42PM    Apheori (GM):  Two hands are involved.
Or something.
Amadi: You draw him out. This is so natural now. You've done this so many times, it comes like laughter, though not so long ago even laughter would be hard.

6:43PM    Ganelon:  "You wield Amadi with both hands."

6:44PM    Apheori (GM):  And with him comes all the other selves, being drawn up with him, trailing behind like strings of baby words, pasts and possibilities, graves and trails and cake.

6:44PM    Frezak (GM):  She is a 2D6 weapon with the Loon and Godling properties.

6:44PM    Bear Soup Guy:  Oh hey I completely missed a thing

6:44PM    Apheori (GM):  BSG: DRUGS.

6:45PM    Bear Soup Guy:  Drugs indeed

6:46PM    Apheori (GM):  Kyrule just sits down on the fading ground, smiling to herself as the room drifts vaguely back into the black of Midnight.
Greibel: The Gravedigger is dead.
You may have drugged him to death. Are you alarmed?

6:47PM    Bear Soup Guy:  Not particularly

6:47PM    Apheori (GM):  THIS IS BACK IN THE... uh, mostly real world.
You do anything?

6:47PM    Frezak (GM):  Thanks, BSG :D

6:48PM    Bear Soup Guy:  :D
Where am I and where is everyone else and is Gravy's body here?

6:48PM    Apheori (GM):  You're in the tunnel near that hole Radek was going to close.
All the others were asleep.
Gravy died.
Radek, Rhu: Feel free to wake up.
Greibel: Oh, Amadi and Kyrule are just gone.
So it's you, Gravy (dead), Radek (waking) and Rhu (waking).

6:50PM    Bear Soup Guy:  Greibel plays with a yo-yo while thinking about something

6:50PM    Ganelon:  What kind of awakening is this?

6:50PM    (To Frezak):  Hold on, you'll realive about as soon as everyone else is awake.

6:50PM    Ganelon:  Given that we blew up the dream-sim.

6:50PM    Apheori (GM):  Horrible.
Interpret that how you like.

Rhu wakes, gasping, and stares about him goggle-eyed.

6:52PM    Apheori (GM):  Midoriki Kano suddenly appears and graps Rhu's arm and forcible hauls him upward.
Onto his feet.
And crap.

6:52PM    Rhu:  Ack!
Did we do it? Is Gravy safe?

6:53PM    Apheori (GM):  Er, Hano.
Radek: Do something. Unless you want to be unconscious for a bit.

6:55PM    Midoriki Hano:  FINE.

6:55PM    Apheori (GM):  Er, ooc.

6:56PM    Gaurav:  Gravy's fine?

6:56PM    Apheori (GM):  ...no.

6:56PM    Midoriki Hano:  Safe. Yes.

Radek cackles in his sleep. Then the realization hits him that he's not asleep because sleeping is an unproductive waste of time. His eyes open, staring ahead and unfocused, but unmistakably furious.

6:57PM    Rhu:
rolling d20+8 detect sarcasm
( 16 ) + 8 = 24

6:57PM    Apheori (GM):  Rhu: You're reasonably sure your god was being sarcastic.
Also she's still a very large-breasted anime-ish schoolgirl.
Except a real-looking one.
Which is both better and worse.

Rhu ignores Hazz' and runs over to Heal Check Gravy

6:58PM    Frezak (GM):  Eeeek

6:58PM    Ellemerr:  Mostly worse.

6:58PM    Rhu:
rolling d20+15 Heal check on Gravy
( 17 ) + 15 = 32

6:58PM    Frezak (GM):  With giant eyes.

6:58PM    Apheori (GM):  Rhu: He's dead.

6:58PM    Frezak (GM):  Yeeerrrrrgh

6:58PM    Apheori (GM):  The body is in good shape. Just dead.
Nothing overtly wrong. Aside from the deadity.

6:58PM    Gaurav:  Yes, well, he's fresh.

6:59PM    Frezak (GM):  Smoke him!

6:59PM    (To Ellemerr):  Okay, at any point now feel free to reappear and revive him.

6:59PM    Gaurav:  (looking around for Kyrule) Where's the other one? The competent one?

Radek curses, loudly and in a number of languages, as well as by reciting what might be actual curse incantations and several scientific terms that likely don't make sense as a means of expressing one's displeasure.

6:59PM    (To Amadi):  Like, just appear or whatever.

6:59PM    (To Amadi):  And he'll wake up with.

6:59PM    Ganelon:  He gets up.


6:59PM    Amadi:  Hey, what's *that' supposed to mean?!

7:00PM    Apheori (GM):  Amadi suddenly appears somewhere.
Doing something.

7:00PM    Ganelon:  Question directed towards the grump?

Amadi glares at Rhu.

7:00PM    Apheori (GM):  And then the Gravedigger starts gasping for breath.

7:00PM    Rhu:  He's de-- aaaah!

7:01PM    The Gravedigger:  Aaaah!

7:01PM    Apheori (GM):  And no, no sign of Kyrule anywhere.

7:01PM    Amadi:  Yeah, what do you take me for?
... "The competent one"... I ask you!

7:02PM    The Gravedigger:  Hello, Rhu.

7:02PM    Midoriki Hano:  (to Amadi) I see we were equally insulted this time.

Rhu sits down, his back to the wall of the cave, and breathes deeply.

7:02PM    Rhu:  Well, that was terrifying.

7:02PM    Amadi:  ... Well, she ''is'' more competent than ''you''.

Amadi sticks her tongue out at Hano.

7:03PM    The Gravedigger:  (to Hano animetart) Which one are you?

Rhu notices Amadi and Hano glaring at him.

The Gravedigger looks at Amadi.

7:03PM    Rhu:  ... what?

7:03PM    The Gravedigger:  Right, ''that'' one.

7:03PM    Amadi:  Yep!

7:04PM    Midoriki Hano:  Oh?

7:04PM    The Gravedigger:  I feel somewhat woozy.

7:04PM    Midoriki Hano:  It will pass.
You were dead.

7:04PM    Amadi:  I think you might have been somewhat dead for a little bit.
Not ALL dead, though. No worries.

7:04PM    The Gravedigger:  Gosh.

7:05PM    Midoriki Hano:  (to Amadi) If that was not ALL dead, then what is?

The Gravedigger looks accusingly at the party.

7:05PM    The Gravedigger:  AND I WASNT BURIED?

7:05PM    Radek:  ...We were ''unconscious.''

7:05PM    Rhu:  We just got here! We were in ... somewhere.

7:05PM    The Gravedigger:  That's a rubbish argument.

7:05PM    Ganelon:  He refuses to say "dreaming".

7:05PM    The Gravedigger:  I need disciples.

7:05PM    Amadi:  (to Hano) Somewhat dead. Duh.

7:06PM    Rhu:  We were at a school. He (indicates Radek) had a fan club.

Midoriki Hano gives Amadi a disapproving look.

7:06PM    Apheori (GM):  Like she considers Amadi just... beneath her.

Amadi sticks her nose up at Hano.

7:07PM    The Gravedigger:  That would explain the boobs.

7:07PM    Amadi:  I don't think any of these could do a good burial, Gravy. And I was making sure you didn't go all dead.

7:08PM    The Gravedigger:  The could have ''tried'' !

7:08PM    Apheori (GM):  I guess Greibel is doing drugs?
Since he's all quiet and crap.

7:08PM    The Gravedigger:  0 out of 10 on effort, guys.

7:08PM    Apheori (GM):  Actually, Gravy, you do have a lot of drug bits on you.

7:08PM    Bear Soup Guy:  Yo-yo

7:08PM    Apheori (GM):  So clearly Greibel tried.

7:08PM    Bear Soup Guy:  Still concentrating on the yo-o

7:08PM    Apheori (GM):  Something.
Burying you.

7:08PM    Bear Soup Guy:  yo-yo*

7:08PM    Apheori (GM):  In drugs.
Oh, did I miss the yo-yo? >.<
Yay, yo-yo.

7:09PM    Bear Soup Guy:  Indeed

7:09PM    Apheori (GM):  Are you proficient in yo-yo?

7:09PM    Bear Soup Guy:  Should I roll for yo-yo proficiency?

7:09PM    Apheori (GM):  Or if you just yo-yo a lot in general that'd probably do it.
I just want to know whether or not you'd need to intentionally smack someone with the yo-yo, or if it might just happen at random.

7:10PM    Gaurav:  Smack Hazz' with the yo-yo!

7:10PM    Apheori (GM):  For instance.

7:10PM    Radek:  Would you prefer to be buried even if there was a chance that you could be resurrected?

7:10PM    Bear Soup Guy:  I think Greibel is reasonably good at yo-yoing

7:11PM    The Gravedigger:  Burying is super important!
I'd forgive you!
Also I could probably get out.
Grave tricks.

7:11PM    Apheori (GM):  BSG: Okay, good. Feel free to smack anyone if you want to, but only if you want to.

7:12PM    Radek:  Pfah.

7:12PM    Ganelon:  More towards the notion that he wouldn't want to come back.

7:12PM    Apheori (GM):  Getting out of a grave seems like something Gravy would really disapprove of.

7:13PM    Ganelon:  He's not disrespecting the act of burial or underselling its importance.

7:16PM    Apheori (GM):  Okay, so y'all just stand around? You maaay have lost your primary purpose for being here (Radek showing off and/or doing science). Except the science could still hold.
Also you have an anime Hazz.
For some reason.

7:17PM    Frezak (GM):  Gravy's going to generally avoid acknowledging Hazz if her can.
Also I don't remember where we are or why.

7:18PM    Apheori (GM):  You're in a cave system near a hole that Radek was going to close. For reasons.
I don't remember.

7:18PM    Ganelon:  You mean the hole's closed?

7:18PM    Apheori (GM):  Mostly you were just trying to keep him from making new holes.
Probably not.
Not that you know of.
The hole is still ahead.

7:19PM    Ganelon:  Then I don't see how we've lost our primary purpose.
(Also pardon me, my attention is divided at present)

7:19PM    Apheori (GM):  Okay, good.

7:19PM    Gaurav:  I guess we wanted to show off to Kyrule

7:19PM    Frezak (GM):  ALLRIGHTY

7:19PM    Gaurav:  which we can't do if Kyrule's gone missing

7:19PM    Frezak (GM):  LETS DO SCIENCE
We can pretend.
Ask Amadi to pretend to be Kyruley

7:20PM    Apheori (GM):  You have Gravy. He's a bit of a god too.
And Amadi is literally a bit of a god.
Squirrel just seems to be gone. Interesting.

7:21PM    Gaurav:  Yeah, but Kyrule is the most sciencey of the Gods. Radek and she were bonding over ... science or something.
Anywho, we can always show off to Hazz'ridan.

7:21PM    Apheori (GM):  If there's even any reason for this version of Hazz'ridan to stick around.
I don't even know.
I guess without Kyrule you're pretty vulnerable and need an escort.
Stupid-arse hole.
Man, all three of them.

7:22PM    Apheori (GM):  It took ALL THREE OF THEM.
Four, arguably.

7:24PM    Radek:  Have we all recovered everything of importance?

7:25PM    Amadi:  I recovered Gravy! And myself!
And almost Coraline, but she didn't come along.
I thought Gravy was more important anyway.

Radek nods, and longingly strokes his beard again.

7:25PM    Radek:  Good.

The Gravedigger pats Amadi.

7:26PM    The Gravedigger:  Thanks, sandwich kid.

7:27PM    Ganelon:  I better ask before I assume, but is this place still all messed up and awful?

7:28PM    Apheori (GM):  Yes.

7:28PM    Amadi:  Anytime!
Maybe a lot of times, too.
I'm not sure.
Time is weird.

7:28PM    Apheori (GM):  Perhaps a slightly different awful. But still awful.

7:29PM    Radek:  Well...

Radek wobbles a bit now that he's on his feet.

7:29PM    Radek:  If this blasted vertigo is any indication, we still have a task to finish.
Do any of you need a moment to collect yourselves?

7:30PM    Midoriki Hano:  Yes, hurry it up, if you please.

7:30PM    Ganelon:  He's not truly being considerate, he's actually hoping someone else will say "yes" so that he can act like they're the ones holding us up rather than him.

7:30PM    Gaurav:  Nobody asked you, _God_.

Midoriki Hano mostly just looks bored.

7:31PM    The Gravedigger:  Let's do science!
Let's what Radek do science!

Rhu stands up again and is clearly ready to keep going.

7:33PM    Rhu:  How did we even end up at that ... school? Was that the Hole?

7:33PM    Midoriki Hano:  To put it very simply, yes.

7:36PM    (To Amadi):  Are you reliable?

7:36PM    Radek:  Hmph. All the better to end it once and for all.

7:36PM    (From Amadi):  Not in the least. What do you need+

7:38PM    Rhu:  Let's keep going, then. The sooner we fix the hole, the fewer schools we'll fall into.

7:38PM    (To Amadi):  They all have... bits of hole in them. I'd rather not come into proximity for fear of a reaction. Could you get them out?

7:38PM    (To Amadi):  I'd ask Hazz, but I really don't want to ask Hazz.

Greibel raises an eyebrow at Rhu incredulously

7:39PM    Rhu:  What.

7:39PM    (From Amadi):  Ugh Hazz. Well, um... get ''them'' out or the holes, and which ''out'', anyway?

Greibel goes back to doing yo-yo tricks

7:41PM    (To Amadi):  The holes in their minds, their souls. The corruption within them. Separate it from them and get rid of it, I suppose.

7:41PM    Gaurav:  So: keep walking?
I like that nobody is concerned about our missing Squirrel at all.

7:42PM    (From Amadi):  Okay!

Amadi starts jumping around Griebel, making OooooOOooooOOooo ghost sounds.

7:43PM    Apheori (GM):  Amadi: Roll... intimidate?

7:43PM    Bear Soup Guy:  ^

7:44PM    Midoriki Hano:  What... are you doing?

7:44PM    Frezak (GM):  Jeez, Hazz.
You're none too sharp.

7:44PM    Amadi:
rolling 1d20 + 8
( 19 ) + 8 = 27

Apheori (GM) cackles.

7:44PM    Apheori (GM):  Amadi: Yeah, that does it on him.

Greibel drops his yo-yo and looks sheepishly at Amadi

7:45PM    Ganelon:  It's hard to be concerned when they disappear and reappear spontaneously.

Midoriki Hano fwips out a tentacle and sticks it in Rhu's head.

Rhu squeals.

7:46PM    Rhu:  Don't do that! God.

Ellemerr beams happily, pats Greibel on the head, and runs over to Radek. Then she drops low to the ground and starts stalking around him, like some demented kitten.

7:46PM    Apheori (GM):  The tentacle flips away and vanishes.

7:46PM    Ellemerr:  Except Amadi does that.

7:47PM    Rhu:  What'd you do that for, anyway?
rolling d20+8 insight check on Hazz'
( 12 ) + 8 = 20

7:47PM    Apheori (GM):  Amadi: Hazz just did it for Rhu. Feel free to do him again if you want, though. Out of spite or whatever.

Amadi suddenly swipes a paw - er, a hand - at Radek's beard.

7:48PM    Apheori (GM):  Rhu: You're not sure what the point of it was, but Hazz doesn't seem to have meant anything bad by it.
Probably helpful?

7:48PM    Ganelon:  I'm gonna need you to roll for that one.

7:48PM    Midoriki Hano:  A simple fix.

7:48PM    Ganelon:  Radek defends his beard.

7:48PM    Rhu:  Geez. You're all touchy-feely here, but when we actually need your help, you're nowhere to be found.

7:48PM    Apheori (GM):  Roll to swipe and intimidate!

7:48PM    Ellemerr:  I have no idea what I even roll. Unarmed attack vs AC?

7:49PM    Midoriki Hano:  You do not even know what you face, you impudent twat.

7:49PM    Ganelon:  More likely this is a grab.
But it's up to you.

7:49PM    Ellemerr:  Oh no. No no no. Not a grab. A swipe.

7:49PM    Ganelon:  Strength+1/2 level besides.

7:49PM    Ellemerr:  Like a kitten attacking a dangling string.

7:49PM    Midoriki Hano:  Dex swipe vs reflex?

7:49PM    Apheori (GM):  Er, ooc.

7:50PM    Ellemerr:  Sure. Any sort of attacky thing will be horrible anyhow. I might get the intimidate if I'm lucky. :P
rolling 1d20 + 3
( 9 ) + 3 = 12
Dex vs ref!

7:51PM    Apheori (GM):  Unless he has negative dex, the swipe is fended off by fervent beard guarding.
And I don't think he has negative dex.

7:52PM    Ellemerr:  I doubt it. Even though he IS old.
Should I still intimidate?

7:52PM    Apheori (GM):  Yes.

7:52PM    Ellemerr:
rolling 1d20 + 8
( 17 ) + 8 = 25

7:52PM    Apheori (GM):  Yup, he's sorted too.

7:52PM    Ganelon:  I haven't the faintest idea what you're doing.

Amadi cackles and bounces over to Gravy, jumping onto his back and leaning over to lick his ear.

7:53PM    Apheori (GM):  You could religion or arcana to try to find out.

7:53PM    Ganelon:  ...Really?

7:53PM    Apheori (GM):  Yes.

7:53PM    Ellemerr:  It's godly stuff.
So very godly.

7:53PM    Ganelon:  Don't think I've got religion. Let's see.

7:54PM    Rhu:  (to Hano) Don't we? DON'T WE? We've lost a party member to a Hole, we're in the wrong universe, and the world is falling apart. We've all died, like, half a dozen times, including having my intestines torn apart by eels. We

7:55PM    Ganelon:  No religion.
rolling 1d20+16 Arcana
( 12 ) + 16 = 28

7:56PM    Rhu:  re miles from Sarathi, we don't know what we're doing, but we need to save ... everything ... somehow. Isn't saving everything your job? And if you'd like us to help you do it, a little help now and again would be nice. That's all I'm saying.

7:56PM    Midoriki Hano:  And this hole will ''shred'' you. One hole, one instance. I have always been with you when needed, even as you faltered, even as you insult me and harang me and push me away. You need me now, here, and so I am here.
If you do not want my help, then you may die alone, be destroyed by the hole, but do not condemn your companions for your own blindness. This is bigger than you.

7:57PM    Apheori (GM):  Gan: Something about... a cure. She's purifying you all. Somehow.

7:58PM    Rhu:  Yes. No. I ... I'm sorry. We do need your help, and I am glad You're here. Thank you.

7:59PM    Midoriki Hano:  You are doing your part, no matter how small or large it may be.

Rhu bows respectfully.

7:59PM    Gaurav:  Ugh. I wish Dave was around to talk Rhu out of this.

8:00PM    Apheori (GM):  Out of what, now?
Go on.

8:00PM    Gaurav:  Rhu is returning to his religious roots. I'm not sure it suits him, but maybe it suits Hazz'?

8:00PM    Apheori (GM):  Awww.
I'm sorry.

8:00PM    Ganelon:  Radek still doesn't appreciate being attacked in a catlike manner.

8:00PM    Gaurav:  It's all your fault.

8:00PM    Apheori (GM):  Gan: Better than tentacle rape. >.>

8:00PM    Ganelon:  ...Yeah, fair enough.

8:01PM    Gaurav:  I'm sure Amadi could attack Radek in a doglike manner if that'd help.

8:01PM    Frezak (GM):  Or ferretlike.

8:01PM    Ganelon:  I would prefer crowlike if at all possible.
Just have her hop towards me.

8:01PM    Frezak (GM):  What, and have her EAT YOUR EYES?

8:01PM    Gaurav:  Or like a wasp, immobilizing him and taking him home to feed her young.

8:01PM    Ganelon:  Yeah, sure.

8:01PM    Apheori (GM):  Amadi: So there's still Gravy and Rhu, sort of.

8:02PM    Ganelon:  ...No, wasplike sounds less pleasant.

8:02PM    Ellemerr:  I'm licking Gravy's ear.

8:02PM    Apheori (GM):  Oh, right.
What did Gravy do?

8:02PM    Gaurav:  Rhu has been Touched by His Noodly Appendage.
And Gravy's a god.

8:03PM    Frezak (GM):  Gravy is... being licked, apparently.

8:03PM    Apheori (GM):  So he doesn't react?

8:03PM    Ganelon:  Become LIKE STONE.

8:04PM    Apheori (GM):  Okay, Amadi, more intimidate.

8:04PM    Ellemerr:
rolling 1d20 + 8
( 11 ) + 8 = 19

8:05PM    Frezak (GM):  I don't even know what that's against.

8:05PM    Ellemerr:  I'm not even sure it's against you.
Also it's sort of my bedtime. >.<

8:05PM    Apheori (GM):  That... doesn't work.
It actually bounces a bit.
Which is weird, because you were just IN his head.
Not just his head, even. His everything.
It wasn't even ''there'', then.
Except maybe it was?

8:06PM    Apheori (GM):  And it was also here. Before.

Amadi is confused.

8:07PM    Amadi:  Your ear tastes weird.

8:07PM    The Gravedigger:  No-one has ever told me that before.

8:08PM    Amadi:  I might have to try something else.
I really thought that would do it...

Amadi climbs onto Gravy's head and hangs over it to be face-to-face. Upside down.

8:09PM    The Gravedigger:  Evenin'.

Amadi narrows her eyes.

Midoriki Hano comes over to watch up close.

8:09PM    Apheori (GM):  Awkwardly close.
Right next to them.

8:09PM    Gaurav:  All of this is happening as we're walking towards the Hole, right? Or are we just standing around?

Amadi licks Gravy's nose.

8:10PM    Ellemerr:  I think we're walking.

8:10PM    Apheori (GM):  Yeah, you're probably walking.

8:10PM    Ellemerr:  Well, I'm riding.

8:10PM    Apheori (GM):  It's not overly interesting. Just cave and crap.
Shadows everywhere.
Rocks that look like people.
Amadi: More intimidate.

8:10PM    Amadi:
rolling 1d20 + 8
( 19 ) + 8 = 27

8:10PM    Frezak (GM):  Probably moving a little slower than usual due to visual obstruction.

8:11PM    Apheori (GM):  What's an assist, +2?

8:11PM    Frezak (GM):  Yeah.

8:11PM    Apheori (GM):  Multiple assists don't stack, do they?

8:12PM    Frezak (GM):  I.. think they do.

8:12PM    Apheori (GM):  Huh.

8:12PM    Frezak (GM):  I don't recall any rules specifying that you can't have multiple assists.

8:12PM    Apheori (GM):  Would you... like to try to assist Amadi?

8:12PM    Frezak (GM):  Though not from the same source, of course.
No, because Gravy has no idea what she's doing.

8:13PM    Apheori (GM):  Well.

8:13PM    Ellemerr:  And he's letting that stop him?

8:13PM    Apheori (GM):  TENTACLE TIME.

8:13PM    Frezak (GM):  I mean, if he doesn't know what she's doing he can't help her, regardless of whether he wants to help her or not.

Midoriki Hano wraps Gravy's head in tentacles, probably getting Amadi in the process as well.

8:15PM    Midoriki Hano:  Mostly it just goes right through Amadi.

8:15PM    Gaurav:  Where do the tentacles come from? Do her hands turn into tentacles, or what?

8:15PM    Apheori (GM):  Er, ooc.

8:15PM    Frezak (GM):  He's going to try and put holes or Holes into Hazz.

8:15PM    Apheori (GM):  Space.
Do it.

8:15PM    Gaurav:  Um.

8:15PM    Apheori (GM):  And then we'll end after this or something so Ellemerr can bed. >.<

8:15PM    Frezak (GM):  Start with ordinary holes.

8:16PM    Apheori (GM):  What does he do?

8:16PM    Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20+11
( 10 ) + 11 = 21

8:16PM    Apheori (GM):  Exactly how.

8:16PM    Frezak (GM):  He's trying to gouge Hazz with his shovel.
Chop and heave.
Combat shovelling.

8:16PM    Apheori (GM):  Oh.
What's anime schoolgirl god AC?
Oh, whatever. You bonk... her with the shovel, maybe not the best gouger, but decent. It just bounces off.

8:19PM    Frezak (GM):  Right!
That's it!
I attack with the concept of shovel to place the concept of holes in this TENTACLY ASSHOLE

8:20PM    Ellemerr:  You know I think she might actually be trying to help for once...

8:20PM    Apheori (GM):  She is. But this is funny.
I need a d20 and a... er...

8:22PM    Frezak (GM):  From who?

8:22PM    Apheori (GM):  Oh, you.

8:23PM    Frezak (GM):  Would this be a Charisma or Strength-based Intimidate?
Also, here's the D20
rolling 1D20
( 18 ) = 18

8:23PM    Apheori (GM):  Whichever.

8:24PM    Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20+5+7
( 9 ) + 5+7 = 21

8:25PM    Apheori (GM):  You move the holes.
Conceptual holes.
Old holes.
Holes that have even become a part of you.
You move them, and you put them in Hazz, and then the tentacles retract and suddenly she's just standing there all normal-like and tentacle-free again.
She nods at you, satisfied, and then backs away a bit.

8:26PM    Amadi:  ... I guess that does it.

Greibel looks around

8:27PM    Greibel:  You people are really strange, you know that?

Amadi leaps off Gravy and runs over to Rhu, walking backwards in front of him.

8:28PM    Amadi:  Are you sure you're all good? Can I have a look?

Amadi doesn't really care about waiting for an answer, or what the answer might be, but drags his eye wide open and peers closely at it. She probably has to walk on air to get high enough to do this.

8:28PM    Rhu:  Um.

8:29PM    Gaurav:  If someone is dragging his eye, Rhu's not going to move until the draggings' done.

8:29PM    Ellemerr:  Well, she'll only be touching the lids.
But yes.

8:30PM    Apheori (GM):  Insight him.
His eyeball.
His innards.

8:30PM    Gaurav:  Oh dear.

8:30PM    Ellemerr:  Oh dear. Not perception?


8:30PM    Ellemerr:  ... Fiiiiine.
rolling 1d20 + 3
( 12 ) + 3 = 15

8:30PM    Apheori (GM):  THE END.
Amadi: He's turning into a walking dead end. It's very alarming.

8:31PM    Frezak (GM):  This game suddenly got dark.

8:31PM    Apheori (GM):  You're not sure if there's anything off about it or not.
You should probably just fix him just in case.

8:31PM    Gaurav:  Gravy ripped a high school pie eating contest judge apart last week. I don't think "suddenly" is the right word there.

8:32PM    Ellemerr:  ... I'm sorry but that sort of sounds like important stuff we can start with next week. >.<
... Except you'll be on a plane next week.
Or be HERE?

8:32PM    Apheori (GM):  Okay!
I'll be there! Though I dunno how times work.

8:33PM    Ellemerr:  I guess we might be able to do some playing.

8:33PM    Apheori (GM):  I'll probably be late.
When does it start in your time?

8:33PM    Ellemerr:  Late.
Like... 18:30

8:33PM    Apheori (GM):  Oh.
I'll probably be on a train then. >.>

8:33PM    Ellemerr:  We shall see.

8:33PM    Apheori (GM):  Yes.

8:33PM    Ellemerr:  Now I shall sleep.


8:34PM    Gaurav:  I'll put it on my calendar anyhow.

8:34PM    Greibel:  I'll put it on my calendar of maybes


8:34PM    Bear Soup Guy:  err OOC but as always I like it if Greibel just says that out of context

8:34PM    Apheori (GM):  ESPECIALLY GREIBEL.

8:35PM    Ganelon:  Hrmph.

8:35PM    Ellemerr:  Sweet nightmares dearest.

8:35PM    Ganelon:  See you next time.

8:35PM    Bear Soup Guy:  adios friends

8:35PM    Frezak (GM):  Goodnight darlings!

8:35PM    Gaurav:  byeeee!

8:35PM    Apheori (GM):  Dream well, pudding.

8:35PM    Gaurav:  Mmm, pudding.