Holes/Session 39/raw

A fragment of the Garden of Remembering
Apheori (GM): That last session was probably the 23 of november. This is 3 december.
Well, I suppose we don't technically need Ellemerr, what with her character being dead, and all.
So Amadi's dead.
Frezak (GM): Hag won't be here until later.
Apheori (GM): Okay. What's Gan's excuse?
Gravy was shaking Amadi. Radek wanted a defibrillator, but couldn't he use his hands? And magic?
Bear Soup Guy: Defibrillator hands
He got them at insane old genius school
Gaurav: We should try to get Dave involved in this. Maybe she can talk some sense into deadAmadi, godling to godling.
Ganelon: Maybe if he was a wizard.
But he can't do electricity.
Gaurav: Gerbil could turn into an electric eel.
Apheori (GM): How does he do thundering armour? That seems shocking.
Bear Soup Guy: heh, Gerbil
Apheori (GM): Man, I didn't even catch that. O_o
Frezak (GM): It's thunder, not lightning.
Ganelon: Thunder is more like waves of invisible force, or just high-intensity sound.
Gaurav: Rhu had an attack with the lightning keyword, but he used it in the last encounter.
Ganelon: Lightning is, in fact, its own damage type.
And Radek has an encounter power to shoot someone with it, but that's really not going to help. It's not a measured amount.
Gaurav apologizes to Gerbil for misspelling his name
Ganelon: Much like how hooking up a dead person to the power grid does not bring them back to life. It just gives you an extra-crispy corpse.
Bear Soup Guy: I'm sure that Gerbil is sometimes right
when he needs to get under doors or into tight spaces
Apheori (GM): What, you got an autocorrect or something?
Gaurav: Also: defibrillation can only kick a misfiring heart back into rhythm AFAIK. Once the heart stops entirely, it's time for chemicals.
Apheori (GM): Okay, so what do you all do? Amadi's dead. Gravy is shaking the water out of her. Radek wants a defibrillator.
Gaurav: Or Gravy punches. Or *something*.
Bear Soup Guy: Right you are, Gaur
Apheori (GM): Greibel has chemicals.
Frezak (GM): I don't think that Gravy's fists can solve this.
Apheori (GM): You could have your characters stand around arguing about how to bring someone back to life.
I'd like to see this.
Gaurav: Can Rhu pray to Dave, or somehow invoke Dave through a religion check? He'd shout her name, but I don't think it'd carry in this cave.
Bear Soup Guy: Gravy's fists might break her
Gaurav: I apologize for all typos in advance, I've been sleeping terribly all week and last night was no exception.
Frezak (GM): I'm going to make Amadi into sandwiches.
Gaurav: Can we put her soul somewhere in the meantime? Or is to too late for soul extraction?
Frezak (GM): It's what she'd want.
Apheori (GM): The religion skill is primarily about knowledge more than your actual skill at summoning gods. But you've applied that knowledge successfully in the past...
I seriously do want to see the characters just start arguing about how to bring someone back to life, though.
Can you do that? Respond to Radek's comment.
*kitty eyes*
Also, Guarav etc: Don't ask to do skills. Just do whatever you want to try to do. Roll it and say what it is. Worst that will happen is something horrible.
Frezak: So you make her into sandwiches?
Frezak (GM): I'd need some really big bits of bread, I think.
Rhu: (to Radek) What about the robots? Don't they have electrical ... wires and things?
rolling d20+14 perception check on the footsteps: do they go back the way we came, through the secret door, or is there another way out of here
Radek: ...
Gaurav: footprints*
Apheori (GM): Remind me what footprints these are, and what secret door? >.<
Radek: I don't have enough time to jury rig something like that when she's /already dead/.
Rhu: What about her soul? Can you save that in some way, like you did for Mr. Mousie?
Ganelon: Good question, actually.
George: You sure she's dead? That stuff went into her.
Ganelon: Is that a matter of Arcana, though?
Frezak (GM): I want t bury her in extradimensional space.
Apheori (GM): Totally arcana.
rolling 1d20+12 Arcana
Ganelon: Does she even have a soul?
Gaurav: She was burbling up funky water a minute ago: "The dead Amadi burbles up some funky water."
Ganelon: I feel like we're making a lot of assumption about how the godling works here.
Apheori (GM): Radek: You don't manage to do what you meant to do, but you do discover that whatever she has/had, there's horrible blackness in the way. Hungry blackness. It sees you.
Gaurav: Assumptions is all we got! It's a medicoreligious emergency!
Or are you just messing with me?
Is Gravy still holding Amadi?
Gaurav: I'm trying to find them! Okay, we definitely came through a secret door to find this cave.
Frezak (GM): Gravy is still holding Amadi.
Apheori (GM): You came in through a natural cave entrance. O_o
Gaurav: That Rhu found. Because he's awesome like that.
Apheori (GM): Oh, earlier on?
Radek: Damn it...
Apheori (GM): That was at the top of the main cavern. You're probably several hundred feet down now.
Gaurav: Yup, that one. I thought there was something about footprints somewhere but I guess not.
Radek: No, Rhu, I cannot save her soul, because this /darkness/ is in the way.
Rhu gives Radek a quizzical look
Rhu: You mean like the darkness-beast thing in Midnight?
Ganelon: I dunno, does it seem similar?
Apheori (GM): Gravy: Amadi wakes up and starts struggling.
It seems to be trying to bite Radek.
Frezak (GM): I slam Amadi against the wall a few times.
The Gravedigger: No bitey!
Bad Amadi!
Apheori (GM): Rhu: From your perception check, you can't really tell if there are footprints in here or not (that ain't your own), but you do notice that there seem to be lighter patches on the floor where the black stuff sank in... and there are too many of them.
Gaurav: Years from now, we're going to be sitting in an inn laughing about the day Gravy bashed a godling into a wall.
Apheori (GM): Okay, Amadi gets a bit crushed.
Gaurav: Lighter = less hairy?
Apheori (GM): The hairs are longer.
Radek tugs on his beard in frustration.
Radek: Why, yes. Quite a bit like that.
You may recall that none of us had a solution then, and things have not changed since.
Apheori (GM): Gravy: Amadi stops struggling and glares at you with horrible black eyes.
Rhu tries to touch the longer hairs
Apheori (GM): Touching them does nothing.
rolling d20+14 perception check on the longer hairs
Does ... anybody else see patches all over the floor, or is that my blindness acting up again?
Apheori (GM): They look like longer hairs. Longer seems to indicate lighter. Or perhaps shorter. They seem to be outlines of people...
Rhu: (to Radek, distractedly) Um ... Codrichun helped? Maybe ...
Rhu stops talking and stares at the outlines of people
Apheori (GM): Amadi hisses something and then Dave appears.
Dave looks very, very confused.
Well, Dawn, I mean.
Gaurav: Are they outlines evenly spaced throughout the room, or are they clustered around the pool or where the shadows died? Are they just standing about or doing something?
Radek: Ah, fantastic.
Apheori (GM): Just all over. Look like folks fell over and got burned into the floor. Sorta. There seem to be about eight altogether.
Radek: Hello, Dave. We were just about to debate the merits of having your better half possessed by a demon in the hopes that it might destroy the entity currently possessing her.
Do you have any insight on this matter?
Dawn pokes Amadi.
Dawn: You know, it is a bit like a demon.
Hi, demon. How are you?
Amadi hisses something silent and unintelligible, looking quite upset.
Dawn: Sorry, but if you're not her, I'm not doing what you want.
Why are you all looking at me like I should know what to do?
The Gravedigger: Hey, I wasn't.
Rhu: What's she asking you to do?
Dawn: Radek here is a lot of everyone, okay?
She just wants me to destroy you all.
Rhu: Oh, okay.
Dawn: Weren't we supposed to be immune to this? How much have we lost...?
Gravedigger, hold her still, please. I got an idea.
Radek: Just... leave me out of this. I am not an exorcist.
Apheori (GM): Can an avenger still do divine stuff if pissed at their god?
...and the feeling is mutual?
Dawn takes Amadi's head in her hands and then headbutts her really hard.
Ganelon: I don't have an answer for that within the rules.
Dawn reels away, tears streaming down her face, saying "ow ow ow ow ow."
Apheori (GM): ...and that was her idea.
Gaurav: PHB2 strongly suggests that the answer is no, that avenger powers are prayers that are answered by your god, not divine power channelled by you.
Apheori (GM): Okay, thanks. Don't let me forget.
The Gravedigger: I can do that too.
Ganelon: No divine class channels power from itself. Only the race, Devas, can do that.
And it's because they're former angels or something.
Apheori (GM): And Dave. Dave can do that.
Well, Dawn.
I do recall something about pally powers being more faith-based than actual prayers, though. So they could still work so long as there's faith, even if the god is gone...
But those ain't avengers.
I dunno.
Gravy: DO you do that too?
Rhu: Is that the shadow Amadi in there? Where is Amadi? Maybe she's ... elsewhere. I feel a silence that I haven't felt before.
Frezak (GM): No, I do not.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 7 against rhu will
Frezak (GM): Can I just dump this creature in the Elemental Plane Of Sandwiches?
Apheori (GM): Does that succeed?
Gaurav: Nope! 18 Will.
Apheori (GM) mumbles something incoherent about saves.
Apheori (GM): Aiight, she says something horrible Rhu can just make out the words 'All of us'.
Gaurav: Ha! I kinda want to try to intimidate this daemon horde thing. Does anybody have good intimidate?
rolling d20+9 religion check to exorcise daemons
Frezak (GM): Gravy's intimidate is... 6.
Now, if you just want me to stare really hard at them, THAT I can do.
Gaurav: It's worth a shot. You've already slammed her into the wall once.
Ganelon: Radek is precisely as intimidating as a weak old man.
Apheori (GM): Can Radek find the elemental plane of sandwiches?
Ganelon: Sure, if it exists.
Apheori (GM): Well, if Gravy wants it, he'd have to get your help, then.
Gaurav: Greibel: what are you up to?
Apheori (GM): Gravy: What do you do?
Frezak (GM): Sandwich is clearly an element.
Bear Soup Guy: Greibel's fidgeting with his bong
Rhu: Have we tried using the Orb of Protection thing? Maybe it'll scare these things away.
Frezak (GM): Gravy is still holding Amadi right now.
He's not going to suggest the Sandwich Plane if he can't do it himself.
The Gravedigger: You say there are demons in Amadi?
Apheori (GM): He doesn't know how to do it, I'm afraid.
Radek: It repels energy, Rhu.
Rhu: The darkness thing might be energy.
The Gravedigger lifts up Amadi to shout really loudly in her ear.
Dawn: They're not demons, just like demons.
They're also not really... multiple, either.
Apheori (GM): Gravy: Want to roll intimidate?
Frezak (GM): Eh, why not.
rolling 1D20+6
Apheori (GM): Man, these character sheets are amazing.
Gaurav: Greibel: Do you have any anti-demonic powers? If not, would you mind doing a survey of the cave system, maybe as a flock of bats or something? It might be useful to find a way out if we need to.
Radek: ...Allow me to elaborate.
If it were capable of solving this problem for us, it would just as easily expel your soul from your body the instant you came into contact with it.
Greibel: Groovy
Rhu: Oh.
Greibel: You'd like traveling the astral plane, Rhu
It's freaky at first but then it's /freaky/
Um, right...cave survey
Apheori (GM): Gravy: There's a bit of a struggle in Amadi, but it seems to have worked: she calms down, looks a bit confused, and then starts speaking perfectly normally again.
Greibel turns into bats and flies away
Apheori (GM): Well, relatively normally, anyway.
Rhu: Do we even know that Amadi is still in there? Maybe she's gone back to Midnight or something.
Amadi: Agh! What?
Oh! It worked!
Amadi: They're... nice, I suppose?
The Gravedigger: DECEIVER!
Amadi: Eh?!
The Gravedigger shakes Amadi vigorously.
The Gravedigger: OUT DEMONS OUT
Amadi: No, no, I'm not a demon.
I'm... okay, this is going to sound completely insane, but I'm possessing the... demon. Stuff.
Which is apparently possessing your friend.
Rhu: You're ... *stronger* than the demon possessing Amadi?
Amadi: Well... not really. But you guys did apparently give it a bit of a jostle...
Or something.
The Gravedigger: I shouted really loudly.
Amadi: My name is Haerevan of Salas Vittan. I came here to give you something, though I'm not entirely sure how to entirely go about that at this stage.
Frezak (GM): Does that name mean anything to anyone?
Amadi: Your shouts transcend the normal barriers of reality?
The Gravedigger: It was really loud.
Rhu: Don't shout really loudly at it again, this person makes more sense than Amadi usually does.
The Gravedigger: Aw.
rolling d20+4 history check on "Salas Vittan" and/or "Haerevan"
Apheori (GM): The name is the same pattern as the names given for the kings. Anyone who was paying attention might remember that.
Well, if they're like smart and stuff.
Frezak (GM): I'm smart!
Apheori (GM): Rhu doesn't know anything about that one in particular.
Rhu: We've been told that we are on Arling Tor, although that was several leaps through space and time ago.
I think that was another planet.
Amadi: Yes, this is Arling Tor.
(to Gravy) Can you put me down, please? I don't think anything too horrible is going to happen.
The Gravedigger: Hmmm.
I'll be watchking.
The Gravedigger puts the creature down.
Gaurav: King of All Watches
Amadi: (nodding) I would expect nothing less.
The Gravedigger: I can also watch really hard.
Rhu: (to Amadi) How did you end up in Amadi, then? Did Gravy's shout call you? Were you just ... passing?
George: Is Arling Tor another name for Cerris?
Amadi: Well, I was really trying to hitch a ride through the rift, but got a bit caught up in all the shadowstuff.
This wasn't exactly my first idea, you know.
And no, Arling Tor is all of this. It includes Cerris, and Ord, and all the other fragments you call planes as well.
Rhu: Shadowstuff? We were just fighting shadows a minute ago.
Amadi: The extent of the universe is the name, and beyond that, other universes have their own names.
The Gravedigger: I hit them really hard.
Amadi: They must have been given some sort of medium with which to manifest,
Amadi holds out her hand and a ball of light appears over it.
Amadi: ...creation.
Gaurav: Does the sudden light hurt our delicate elven eyes?
Apheori (GM): Naw, it's not that bad.
Wait, do you have any lights at all?
Maybe it does.
I can't remember.
Frezak (GM): I think we all have magic elf-vision.
Apheori (GM): Oh.
I guess it's a bit bright, but not so much so as to hurt you.
It throws weird shadows everywhere, though.
Rhu: ... that might not be the best idea. Weird shadows are how our friend died. Or didn't die. Or whatever.
Amadi: All light casts shadows. A good light creates nothing to be feared.
Rhu: (to Amadi) Do you know anything about Holes and Darkness Made Solid, where you're from? We seem to be having problems with both today.
Rhu clearly doesn't buy this, and glances warily at the shadows from time to time.
Radek fidgets and grumbles in the background.
Amadi: The holes are the deterioration of the universe, spread by contact with other universes. Your own was particularly badly damaged, which is how you came here.
Amadi fiddles with the ball, making it do various nonsensical things, trying to reshape it.
Rhu: To this planet? Or this cave?
Amadi: To Arling Tor.
And Cerris.
(to George) You know they're aliens, right?
They're totally aliens.
George: Um... okay?
Gaurav: We prefer "space elves", thank you very much.
Frezak (GM): "No, I have birth certificate, not fake."
"No alien, no"
Radek: ...Is that remarkable in this universe?
Rhu: (to George) Well, we're from another planet. We were on another planet, then another one, and then we were nowhere, and then we got here.
Amadi shrugs.
Dawn: Space aliens would be a bit odd here, I think. Ord is the one where they get that.
But she means in that you're from another universe.
(to not Amadi) You're an Emissary, aren't you?
Apheori (GM): The ball of light turns into a ball of sludge and starts dripping.
Amadi: Agh! This is not working.
The Gravedigger stares.
Amadi gives Gravy a nervous look.
Radek: What, exactly, are you trying to do with that?
Amadi: I'm trying to recreate an object that was... destroyed.
Except I don't entirely know what I'm doing.
You know, we're supposed to have the power of gods and then some, but it's like I never got all the memos or something. I'm not even close to a god.
I'm a baker, for crying out loud!
Amadi shakes some gloop off her hand.
Amadi: ...I should have really let someone else take this one.
It was supposed to be a box. Full of stuff. And a letter. About the box. I'm trying to remake it and it's just not working.
Rhu: Are you ... sure ... we're in another universe? There are a lot of planets, you know. We might just be stuck on a particularly primitive planet. No offence, George.
Amadi: From where you started out? Yes. Definitely different.
You're from Arikdirin Vak.
Frezak (GM): What did the magical teleporting lady give us?
Rocks, was it?
Amadi: I can tell THAT much, at least.
Apheori (GM): Yeah, little stones with carvings on them.
Gaurav: They should be in Greibel and Rhu's inventory.
Radek waves a hand dismissively.
Bear Soup Guy: They sure are
Radek: It hardly matters any longer.
Dawn: You're in a piece of a King. Full of Midnight. Of course it wouldn't work properly.
Amadi stops and stares at Dawn.
Amadi: A King?
Dawn: I... don't know. Maybe?
Gaurav: (to Dawn) Midnight! Do you think taking Amadi back to Midnight might help her kick this darkness thing out?
Er, IC, sorry.
Rhu: ... No, on second thoughts, the darkness-monster thing seems to be even more powerful there.
Dawn: No, no, the emissary should be able to get it out once he finishes what he's doing.
Rhu: ... Oh. Cool.
Ganelon: Should that make sense to me?
Because it doesn't.
Apheori (GM): Naw.
Gaurav: Which bit?
Apheori (GM): I think.
I don't even know.
Gaurav: We know that It is Ajirahd and Irundha of Akrikdirin Vak who reign king of the sandcastle. So maybe that's the King they mean? And we've been to Midnight.
Apheori (GM): She's trying to force some magic and it's not working.
Amadi drops an ooze on the ground and it starts bouncing away.
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20+3 Religion to spout zen sayings about calm
Amadi glares at it angrily.
Gaurav: If that's an arcana check, maybe Radek can help? They could exchange jargon checks or something.
Amadi glares at Gravy.
Amadi calms down a bit.
Apheori (GM): Yeah, actually, which bit?
Most of it really shouldn't make sense.
The thing about trying to recreate a specific object might mean something to Radek. He was, in a way, trying to do quite similar with his reality bomb.
Also, whoever brought up the rocks was spot on. You should totally use them.
Or drug Amadi.
Frezak (GM): "use" them?
Apheori (GM): Or get Radek to show her how to actually do science.
Apheori (GM) shrugs.
OR something else.
Gaurav: We should dunk Amadi in the funky water until her situation improves.
Frezak brought up the stones. Rhu is way too thick to think of them right now, although that other idea ...
Rhu: (to Amadi) Radek knows how to build things! Check out that eyebot! And that robot on flames! Maybe he can help you?
The Gravedigger: You got a /box/ ?
We just got some scribbled rocks that some crazy teleporting lady shoved at us.
Ganelon: The robot is probably just a wide burn mark on the floor by now.
The Gravedigger: What's it like, being a baker?
Amadi: No, I don't have the box. That's the problem/
It got destroyed. Well, more 'unmade'.
Scribbled how?
The Gravedigger: I dunno, they had squigglies.
Who has the rocks?
Rhu: We got the scribbled rocks from multiple sources. otherAmadi gave me one right before I ended up in the city of the dead and found a sphinx! (takes out the two rocks he has and shows them to Amadi)
Greibel has the others, but I think he's still several bats.
Amadi: Baking is nice. Calming. No stress, no problems bigger than I am.
Rhu: Unless you make a very large cake.
Amadi: Cakes are NOT problems.
The Gravedigger: Unless they've caught in fire.
I dig graves.
I have never buried a cake.
Gaurav: I am going to be very disappointed if Gravy doesn't get to bury a cake by the end of this campaign.
Radek: Hmph.
Frezak (GM): Great, now we're going to fight a cakebeast.
Amadi: I could bake you some coffins later if you'd like.
I mean, if you're ever in the area.
Gaurav: *Were-cake*
Amadi gestures for Rhu to hand over the rocks.
Radek: I suppose you're trying to bake an object into existence too, is that it?
Gaurav: 29 days it sits in a diner never appearing to get stale, then on the 30th it turns into a man.
Rhu hands them over.
Ganelon: Could I just...
Cast Make Whole on this ball of sludge?
Rhu: GREIBEL! Where are you?
Amadi looks at Radek skeptically.
Amadi: Would that... work?
Apheori (GM): What does make whole do?
Gaurav: You might end up with a whole ball of sludge, but at the least that might help Haerevan start over.
Frezak (GM): It repairs broken objects, basically.
Amadi looks the rocks over, goes, "Oh... oh!" and then hastily hands them back.
Apheori (GM): Hmm.
Ganelon: Make Whole does exactly as it sounds.
It fixes things.
Returns mundane objects to their... well, I can't say original state.
Apheori (GM): So it won't fix the molecular composition of something that isn't what it's supposed to be, I take it.
Rhu: (to Amadi) What? Have you seen them before?
Ganelon: It would fix a broken sign, or door.
Even if all the parts weren't present.
Amadi: Well, no, but these also shouldn't exist, so that actually helps quite a bit.
Hold on.
Ganelon: I suppose Radek will just watch.
Amadi makes another glowy ball and starts fiddling with that one.
Amadi makes some progress and then gets stuck again.
Amadi: Well, this is... closer.
Apheori (GM): It's lumpy and vaguely box-shaped.
Gaurav: We could try making assist rolls. I'm hesitant to call Hazz' but that is also an option.
George: The pinnacle of creation.
Frezak (GM): Gravy remains alert in case of anything that needs burying.
Apheori (GM): You could go find that ooze that bounced off and bury that.
Greibel bats congregate in the air and mush together, Greibel falls down with a thump
Greibel: What was I looking for, again?
Rhu: A way out, I think.
Apheori (GM): The ooze makes sad noises as it is burried.
Greibel: Oh, right
Radek grumbles quietly.
Radek: ...Bloody divines have it so easy and they still can't do anything right.
Greibel: Did I find one?
Rhu: Also, Haerevan expressed an interest in the stones we've found. The ones with symbols on them.
Amadi: I am most certainly NOT a divine.
You take that back!
Greibel: Here, take em
Greibel shoves his pack at Rhu
Apheori (GM): The pack is a mimic.
Rhu takes the stones out of Greibel's pack and shows them to Amadi
Gaurav: Unless the pack eats me first, I guess.
The pack is a bat.
Apheori (GM): No, it just smells funny.
(To Greibel): Although now I want it to really be a mimic, and it's just so stoned from all the drugs that it doesn't even do anything...
Gaurav: I may have to leave in around 40 minutes. "May" because the person I'm supposed to be meeting hasn't confirmed the meeting time yet. Grumble, grumble.
Amadi: Yeah... hold onto them, please. This woman's pockets seem to be portals to other planes.
Apheori (GM): >.<
That's the worst.
Radek: Why should I take it back?
Here you are, puppeting about a god's corpse, trying and failing to abuse the power of creation.
You're practically halfway there already!
Rhu takes back stones, puts them into the appropriate packs and returns Greibel's pack to him.
Rhu: But what are they? What do they mean?
Amadi: (to Radek) Oh, that's a good point.
She's a god, she should have power of her own.
And she should know more than I do about this stuff...
So if I can just use that...
Rhu: If we are in another universe, and if this *is* the same Cerris that we landed on after Sarathi ... then have we been in another universe since Sarathi?
Bear Soup Guy: Incidentally, the three stones Greibel has are the Mask, Dragon, and "contagion symbol"
Gaurav: We need some sort of "How To Control A Possessed God" manual.
Amadi: No, you left Arikdirin Vak via Sarathi, came here, then just took a rather squiggly path through space and time.
Amadi sets the box down, sits down as well, and gives the entire thing a big long think.
Rhu: Huh.
Dawn sits down too, opposite Amadi, and also stares at it.
The Gravedigger: Hmmm.
Dawn: It's simple. Do it like normal, but be her instead of you.
Amadi: She's a god.
Radek: You could attempt being insane.
Dawn: Gods can do things properly too, you know. They just don't most of the time.
Amadi: Insane?
Dawn: Like spiders.
Dawn does various finger motions to imitate spiders.
Radek points a thumb towards Dawn.
Radek: ...Like /her/.
Dawn: Exactly like me.
Pretend you're me!
Amadi: Or I could...
Dawn falls over.
Ganelon: I... don't even know if I want to suggest this out of character, but something tells me that Greibel's packing something that could help.
Apheori (GM): YES.
Ganelon: When it comes to making people not think properly.
Apheori (GM): Dawn's already there, at least.
Dawn stares blankly at the ceiling and says, "Wuaaaaaagh."
Amadi: Er... are you okay?
That... wasn't supposed to happen.
Dawn: Such ceiling... Much universe...
Apheori (GM): She's totally out of it.
Rhu: (to Greibel) Did you find a way out that doesn't involve climbing all the way back up the secret door? I don't like this cave with its ghostly outlines and shadows, and we could have this conversation outside.
Bear Soup Guy: DM, did I see anything?
Apheori (GM): Oh, uh... yeah. You can follow the river out fairly easily.
Greibel: The voices in my head say we can follow the river out!
Dawn: Wow...
Gaurav: Could someone please suggest the drugs idea to Haerevan IC? Rhu is far too stupid to come up with it, alas.
Ganelon: I have the same problem.
Well, in that my character would never suggest that in a million years.
For different reasons.
Dawn: Many drugs...
Gaurav: Heh. Greibel might be our only hope, then.
Apheori (GM): That's the best Dawn can do.
Rhu: I think we should go outside. Unless there's more science to be done with the funky water?
Apheori (GM): I think the guy in Amadi is just glad you're not attacking her after she apparently knocked out Dave.
Well, Dawn.
Radek: Did you ever check the status of the thing?
The pool/hole.
Ganelon: He did not!
Apheori (GM): Probably should.
Radek: Give a moment to find out, Rhu.
Ganelon: The most immediate question is, is the hole gone?
Apheori (GM): It seems to be. Roll arcana to verify.
Gaurav: DM: you mentioned a couple of times in the last few sessions that there's a specific reason we've been brought to this cave. Have we sorted that out? It wouldn't do to leave that unsorted.
Apheori (GM): Mostly.
It isn't ruled out at this stage.
Gaurav: Cool.
rolling 1d20+12 Arcana
Apheori (GM): You think it's gone, but you're not entirely sure. The water is a bit weird too, but it doesn't sssseem to be related.
Frezak (GM): We could chuck shit at it.
Gaurav: "bit weird" is a major step down from where it started.
Ganelon: Hrm.
Well, I'm going to take a water sample. If I remember right, the last time we had a hole and water interacting, the water actually went back to normal when it was separated.
...Radek has more samples of weird shit than my gnoll fighter has trophies of all the things he's killed.
Apheori (GM): Eeexcellent.
Radek: Everything looks solid.
Everyone want to head out?
Rhu: (to Amadi) Greibel has drugs. Would drugs help? They helped me find the way to the City of the Dead.
Radek: Amazingly, we seem to have done it.
The hole is closed.
The Gravedigger: Really?
Rhu: Seriously?
The Gravedigger: But all we did was hit shadows?
Really hard.
Radek: If I had to guess, I would say they were... excess material.
The problem was solved when they were created.
Amadi: They would have been created when it was closed.
Radek: They just happened to be, well, a different problem.
Amadi: Related, though.
The Gravedigger: So.... how did it close, then?
Radek: My device worked, of course.
The Gravedigger: Really?
Radek frowns.
Radek: Doubtful, were you?
Rhu: And ... do we really want to close them any more? If we really are in another universe, they might be our way back to our own universe.
The Gravedigger: Good job, Radek!
The Gravedigger winds up to smack Radek heartily on the back but thinks better of it.
Dawn: Real science...
Amadi: Hold on, I've got this, I've got this!
Radek looks appreciative at being spared a violent congratulations, if not so much at being doubted in the first place.
Amadi does something magicky and the box explodes.
Ganelon: Oh my.
Amadi: Dammit!
Dawn: (still lying on the floor, pointing vaguely at the ceiling) Larks... it's larks.
Rhu: ... outside might actually be a better place for explosions. Less chance of a cave-in.
I wonder if the bats will come back now that the Hole is gone. (to George) I guess at the least you should get fewer zombies.
George: Yeah, looks good.
Now if only I'd get paid for this.
I hope you lot weren't expecting to get paid. I don't even get paid and this is supposed to be my job.
Well, not THIS, obviously, but...
George grumbles.
Rhu: Don't you get a promotion, given that you boss went all ... (does chomping motions)?
Radek scoffs.
Radek: For this? This is hardly work. I /enjoy/ this.
Now, if I could be paid to keep present company... well. It would be a more sensible reason than any I currently possess.
George: That wasn't my boss.
Frezak (GM): Yeah, wasn't he from outside the town?
Apheori (GM): Yeah.
George finally takes off his earmuffs.
George: Oh, hey, I can hear!
Apheori (GM): So what, do you all head out? Does someone pick up Dave and shuffle the possessed possessed zombie out?
Frezak (GM): Can't it walk itself?
Apheori (GM): Well, probably.
Ganelon: I lack the strength to carry anyone.
Apheori (GM): Just tell her to come with or something.
Frezak (GM): Gravy automatically picks the Amadi-thing up out of habit.
Gaurav: I guess we could come back to the cave if we need its hairiness or something.
Amadi: Agh, what?
Frezak (GM): Gravy whistles.
Gaurav: So I guess our new goal is to help Haerevan make the box-thing that will save Amadi somehow?
Ganelon: I'm not sure that's what it will do.
George picks up Dawn and slings her over his shoulder.
Greibel looks around
Greibel rolls the porridge up into a long porridge snake
Greibel slings the porridge over his shoulder
The porridge wiggles.
Apheori (GM): Okay, you all head out. Is this when we should break?
Frezak (GM): This is where Greibel turns around to reveal his godhood.
Apheori (GM): Shhh, no spoilers.
Gaurav: I'm sure he could found a religion just based off his ability to turn into animals.
Can he turn into plants?
Bear Soup Guy: That's a good question
Frezak (GM): By definition of the 4E power;.. uh....
ONly ressembles 'natural or fey beasts'
So possibly the closest you could get is a... Myconid hound.
Apheori (GM): Also you all should level up.
Gaurav: yay!
Does levelling up change your max HP without increasing your HP to match until the next time yo sleep?
Ganelon: I think you just... count as if you had a full rest when you level up.
That said, often you don't level up until you rest.
Apheori (GM): Okay, so prepare to level up? >.>
Ganelon: It's probably one of those "varies by DM" things.
Apheori (GM): Amadi spends the entire journey out trying to figure out how to heal you all.
Gaurav: I accidentally levelled up ages ago, so I should have a lvl 6 Rhu ready to go.
Apheori (GM): I'll tell you how it goes next time.
Frezak (GM): I really don't need it.
The healing.
Gaurav: When is next time? Next Wednesday, same time as today?
Apheori (GM): Aye.
Gaurav: Cool.
Apheori (GM): Unless anyone can't.
Gaurav: I much prefer the weekend, but Wed and Fri are the only days I don't have to leave two hours ago, so ... it'll do.
only other*
Ganelon: Oh, Radek can do the healing thing.
If no-one trusts Amadi-twice-removed to pull it off correctly.
Gaurav: I'd prefer A2r to focus on figuring out the box-cure-thing
I'm going to go try to wake up further before my next meeting. Thanks for a great game, sorry for being so out of it today, and see you all next Wednesday at 1730 UTC!
Bear Soup Guy: I'd like to echo all of those sentiments
Frezak (GM): Wednesday!
Bear Soup Guy: Except having a meeting to go to
Gaurav: BSG: you can come to my meeting if you like! We're talking diatoms!
Bear Soup Guy: That does sound fascinating but I think I'll pass for a shower and Hearthstone :P
Gaurav: Awesome. Have fun. Bye everybody!
Bear Soup Guy: Bye!