Holes/Session 18/raw

A fragment of the Garden of Remembering
Gaurav: I'M HERE
Apheori (GM): Get on skype. We're sortng out what to do.
Ganelon: So I guess I'm going to become the most level-headed character in the group for a while.
Ellemerr: Unless you find the Magic Keyword... yes.
Gaurav: Says the man in the monocle and safari hat.
Apheori (GM): Poor, poor Radek.
Ganelon: Does that thought horrify anyone else?
Apheori (GM): No.
Gaurav: Nope.
Ganelon: Great.
Bear Soup Guy: Things could be worse
It could be Greibel
Gaurav: I'm pretty sure there was a moment back there where people followed Rhu somewhere. As long as we can prevent such madness in the future, we'll be fine.
Dead, but fine.
Where is Frezak?
Apheori (GM): Well, Greibel is pretty reasonable.
Apathetic, but reasonable.
Ganelon: He's reasonable, he just... doesn't know when to draw the line and get serious.
Bear Soup Guy: Except when battling cats
Ganelon: Well, fair enough.
But he would follow Rhu.
Bear Soup Guy: Yeah, he would
Ganelon: And he would likely give Amadi his undivided attention.
Both of these things *have* been productive, admittedly.
Gaurav: It doesn't help if he pays attention to Amadi. We don't believe her because she's crazy, and we don't believe him because he's high.
Ganelon: But I worry for any future where they are done without careful consideration.
Bear Soup Guy: he'd get on his knees and crawl after the porridge if he thought it led to something interesting
Gaurav: what if it led to more porridge?
Bear Soup Guy: Well then that would just be the best day ever.
Ganelon: Sounds like a win to me.
Gaurav: Like with the signs in the lab. We just clean ignored both of them, which makes sense, but presumably that map would have led somewhere if we'd paid attention. And now we
'll never know.
Sorry, growsing.
Ganelon: Well, it would help if the map was visible to a sane person.
Kind of hurts their credibility when they say something's there and nobody else sees it.
Apheori (GM): Yes.
This is why the gods invented faith.
Bear Soup Guy: But everyone else should know better dangit
All sorts of stuff is there and isn't there
Gaurav: Yeah, but who knows how much else we're missing? Anywho. Hopefully here in this college we will meet people who make Greibel and Amadi look sane by comparison, and our faith in them will be restored.
Ganelon: That seems likely.
Bear Soup Guy: Hoping for more pigeon heads
Ganelon: Still, I'm playing a guy who has faith in nothing.
Apheori (GM): Not even himself?
Ganelon: Okay, almost nothing.
Though he wouldn't use those words.
Gaurav: Rhu trusts Hazz'ridan fairly absolutely, but he's given up on getting anything sensible out of Amadi. he still thinks she's brilliant and all-knowing and all that, just ... unlikely to say anything useful.
And ever since he nibbled on a mushroom and tranced through a Hole into an alternate reality, while Greibel ate more than that with essentially no ill effect, he now treats Greibel with a mixture of awe and fear.
Ganelon: That actually is quite impressive.
You would expect someone used to drugs that powerful to be incapable of functioning.
Mentally and physically, even.
Bear Soup Guy: Druids, man
Gaurav: What are the paragon paths for druids like? Can Greibel eventually become a God of Drugs?
Bear Soup Guy: I vote for God of Drugs
Ganelon: I haven't studied them like I have for classes I'm actually playing.
Radek could get a paragon path that lets him replace parts of his body with Warforged mods.
It starts you out with a Battlefist, even, which is essentially a giant robot hand.
Gaurav: how giant is giant?
Ganelon: The only Druid PP I remember is Blightbeast, which is about being a representative of the really nasty side of nature.
I think it's like Warhammer 40k Power Fist sized.
The daily power makes it shoot out like a rocket.
Gaurav: sweet!
Ganelon: I'll be taking a different one that's all about having huge amounts of robot minions, though. Sadly they won't be the kind that count as units, but still.
Gaurav: "count as units"?
Ganelon: In the sense that they don't occupy space, have health, or are able to be targeted.
For example, one of them is a power where you send an army of tiny robots to... I think it's a Burst 1 area, and they just swarm whatever's in there.
Gaurav: ah okay. I thought "minion" meant that they would act like D&D minions (1 HP)
Ganelon: Nah, though there is a wizard PP with a daily power that makes like five of those. Necromancy, in other words.
It's pretty bad, though, because they're just too easy to kill.
Gaurav: do they go after you in the initiative order? then they'd count as five standard actions before they get flattened.
Ganelon: Let me go have a look.
Burst 5 within 20, you must spend a healing surge to use the power, summon up to 5 minions in unoccupied squares within the burst, they count as your allies...
They don't have initiatives. You command them using your actions on your turn.
When you use a standard to make one attack, all the others can also attack a target as they see fit. They can make opportunity attacks and their basic attack immobilizes.
The summon takes a minor action, so you can summon them all and then make them attack before they can get smashed.
Apheori (GM): OKAY.
Ganelon: I see him not.
So y'all just beat a sphinx off Dave's head, only to wind up having her start attacking you too. Fortunately, you were able to kill the sphinx, or something - it disappeared, at any rate.
Frezak (GM): Did we kill Dave?
Ganelon: And Dave stopped attacking us.
Frezak (GM): Or at least remove her arms?
Ganelon: Nah, she just kinda stopped and we ignored her.
Frezak (GM): And take her weapon/s away.
Gaurav: Disappeared in a puff of smoke, right?
Ganelon: She said some ominous things.
Bear Soup Guy: we killed the stories
Apheori (GM): Now y'all find yourselves standing around a suddenly calm courtyard. Gravy is a bit clawed. The porridge fell off Greibel. Dave is standing off to the side pointing at Rhu looking very confused, but she isn't attacking.
Her weapon is on the ground by Radek.
Ganelon: The overgrowth, sadly, disappears.
Frezak (GM): How many surges should I be at?
Ganelon: You can only spend like one per fight.
Since my heals don't take them.
I actually can't select the eyebot anymore, so if someone could remove that, it would be appreciated.
Frezak (GM): I'm.... 37 HP down >.>
Ganelon: Radek picked it up for fixing later.
Ganelon: Just be glad you didn't get downed!
Frezak (GM): I get to roll two times for death saves if I want.
Rhu pokes at the space where the sphinx was a minute ago
rolling 1d20+12 perception check on the space where the sphinx was
Greibel shoots Radek a thumbs-up for great teamwork
Apheori (GM): It smells like old bones and dish soap.
Dave: Everything stays in motion, everything comes around. Need to stay in motion.
To stop is to stop. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have. Now I know. I've always known.
Where is it?
Frezak (GM): Does she still have a weapon/implement?
Radek leans his rifle against his shoulder proudly.
Ganelon: Nah, that's near me.
Rhu gestures to Radek to pick up Dave's implement before Dave notices
Ganelon: Sure, I'll do that.
I don't know how much good it'll do given how she just made it appear last time.
Bear Soup Guy: I'll walk over cautiously to check on Dave
Frezak (GM): Quick! Disenchant it!
Gaurav: Gan: hah, fair point
Ganelon: That takes like 10 minutes.
...I do need more dust, though...
Frezak (GM): Dussssst
Apheori (GM): Dave will stare at, and possibly through, Greibel.
Bear Soup Guy:
rolling 1d20+10 insight check on Dave (because insight is for people, right?)
Ganelon: Insight is for reading people's faces, emotions, etc.
Apheori (GM): She's stoned.
Ganelon: So yeah.
Bear Soup Guy: okay thought so
Rhu: yeah, Heal for health.
Gaurav: sorry ooc
Apheori (GM): And probably not even seeing the same things you are.
Frezak (GM): So what do we do with her?
Just tie her to a tree ?
Apheori (GM): Can I get an Amadi?
Greibel calls out for Amadi
Gaurav: Rhu is bound to protect/stay with her and Amadi. Hazz' says so.
Ellemerr: I am here, I am so here, I did not get distracted by that youtube link at all!
Apheori (GM): Dave needs to ask you something.
Bear Soup Guy: Oh did Hazz want Amadi protected as well?
Staying with her at all times is a bit more...difficult
(To Rhu): Good.
Gaurav: His exact words: "She and Amadi are mirrors, keys. Guard them. They will see you through."
Ellemerr: Is she sitting, lying, or standing?
Apheori (GM): Dave is standing.
Rhu looks skyward and raises a thumb in a "I got ya, Hazz'" gesture
Dave reaches up with a bloody hand and draws a smiley face on Greibel's face with it.
Frezak (GM): Yeah, but Gravy really doesn't care for them.
Given that they're not helping.
Ganelon: Amadi was last appearing in the air above the fight and shining a laser pointer on things in imitation of Radek's laserbot.
Amadi sits down cross-legged in the air in front of Dave, eye-to-eye level. She's wearing a fake moustache.
Greibel blinks
Amadi stares intently at Dave.
Dave looks at Amadi for a moment, suddenly looking perfectly normal and sane, as though this is all just right.
Amadi: ... You still have mushroom in you. But it's not filling the holes. Not filling the holes at all.
Dave: We've been here before. All of this has already happened. Who are you?
Rhu kneels down where the sphinx vanished and says a prayer for its soul. Which thankfully means he misses all that with the blood and smiley faces.
Amadi: I am you as you shouldn't be and her as she wanted to be and me as I'll never become.
Apheori (GM): Rhu: You get a vision of a grin going calm.
Dave: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that.
Didn't think. Can't look back.
Amadi: "The rock is split. Might as well carve it as cry over it."
Dave: The stories already died.
Rhu smiles. He says "I think Devourer is going to be fine, you guys", but too softly for anyone to hear him.
Dave: We played the cards to remake them, but they were just cards. It wasn't right.
Amadi: Or that nonsense about spilt milk, but I don't really like milk. Do you want tea?
Dave: Tea with milk.
Put in a blender.
Amadi: I'll have mine with honey.
Frezak (GM): Mechanically, I don't think you CAN whisper without me hearing.
Apheori (GM): Gravy hears it! So does Greibel.
Frezak (GM): Yeah, my passive perception is good enough to hear whispers on the other side of a door.
Gaurav: Okay, Rhu didn't think anyone could hear him. He muttered it under his breath. If someone overheard him, then so be it.
... or indeed,if *everybody* overheard him. Stupid Gravyvision.
Frezak (GM): Nah, I'm just being picky.
Dave nods.
Frezak (GM): Gravysense!
Dave: Everything died.
Gaurav: Gravyfeels
Amadi: And yet here we are.
The Gravedigger: Well, /I/ didn't.
Dave: It always seemed like such a good idea, but everything changes after. I need to stop.
Rhu stands up and turns around
Dave: I need to start.
You... need to.
Or she does.
Amadi: She can't. Can she? Not while we're all...
Dave: Dead?
Rhu: Everything didn't die! Look at the flowers. Look at the birds. Well, okay, no birds. But there's a ton of pigeons in town.
Amadi: Drink your tea, dear.
Dave: She's not here. She's not even in the other place. With the pigeon.
200 feet tall.
Rhu: If you want some tea, we could go back outside to the sandwich pub. They might have waffles! You mentioned waffles earlier, Dave.
The Gravedigger: More guards than pigeons.
Dave drinks her tea, which looks suspiciously like something bought at a starbucks.
The Gravedigger: Are were-pigeons a thing?
or... pigeon were-guards?
Dave: If you make them a thing.
Gaurav: ha! is starbucks a thing on our home world?
The Gravedigger: Pigeons by night, guards by day?
Amadi sips at her tea, which looks like mist in a soup-bowl.
Dave: All you need is a card.
Dave draws a card with a sphinx on it.
Rhu: Seriously, no end of guards. I think it might be an epidemic.
Amadi: If all you needed were cards, would we really be here?
Apheori (GM): It wasn't us. We weren't the ones.
Amadi unfolds her legs from under herself and stands down on solid ground.
Dave: It wasn't us. We weren't the ones.
Apheori (GM): Oops.
Gaurav: okay, I was checking to see if I had an cards in my inventory, and I've just remembered we have a dead rat we found in the living quarter? Could we put Mr. Mousie into that? I imagine it'd been dead for a while though.
Radek: Oh yes, this town is clearly suffering from a dire outbreak of /order/.
Dave: This is the library. Keep moving. Keep moving, don't look back. Keep moving.
Frezak (GM): You kept the rat corpse?
Amadi: There's no going back. Might as well go forwards.
Ganelon: Why would you even keep a rat corpse?
Anyways, no, Radek is going to BUILD a body for the mouse.
Dave: Where is it?
Amadi: Midnight.
Rhu: Midnight?
Dave: That wasn't me.
Amadi points at a door.
HAve a metalloid Mouse.
(To Ellemerr): Normal door? Like the main door of the main building?
Frezak (GM): Liquid Mouse.
Gaurav: Gan: we might need to bribe a snake.
Amadi: What time is it?
(To Ellemerr): Because something horrible is about to charge out of it.
Amadi looks worridly at everyone.
(From Ellemerr): That's up to you, now, innit~?
Rhu looks expectantly at Radek, as the person most likely to have something technologic-y with a time on it.
Apheori (GM): There's a loud crash and suddenly a giant deformed gorilla monster charges out of the door Amadi was pointing at.
Ganelon: It's, uh...
The Gravedigger: Is that normal?
Ganelon: Gorilla time.
Amadi: ... Yes. That's what I thought.
The Gravedigger: How do we know if that's normal?
Amadi sighs.
Greibel: Luckily I'm wearing my war paint...
Gaurav: We should roll initiative first and ask questions later.
Ganelon: It might charge past us.
Gaurav: Which building (or what sort of building) was this door in?
Ellemerr: Main building. Main door.
Apheori (GM): Several wizards (they are obviously wizards because of their giant hats) run out after it waving mops and brooms and shouting various thing about how terrible this is, how great, what are we doing? Oh look daffodils!
Rhu grimaces and shakes his head unhappily. "Wizards", he mutters.
Amadi watches the spectacle with a sort of bemused expression before eventually getting distracted by a butterfly.
Ellemerr runs to check on her clothes.
Scruffy-looking wizard: Noo! It can't escape! All this work!
Gaurav: So do we want to take evasive action, or just wait and see what the monster and wizards do?
Important-looking wizard: You idiots! I'll handle this!
Important-looking wizard throws the mop as the gorilla monster barrels into a tree.
Ganelon: Evasive action would be great if it's heading towards us.
Frezak (GM): How can we tell he looks important?
Apheori (GM): It's not.
His hat is bigger than all the others.
Ganelon: His beard is larger. Duh.
Apheori (GM): ...that too.
Frezak (GM): Of course.
His staff has a bigger knob?
Ganelon: I can likely speak to these people with great authority.
Apheori (GM): The gorrilla isn't headed toward you. It runs into the tree, falls down, and lies there as all the wizards crowd around it.
Frezak (GM): Radek can talk to anyone with a belief of authority.
That's how Radek talks;
Apheori (GM): A vague-looking wizard wanders away from the group after Amadi.
Gaurav: Everybody but Dave has healed up. Should we try to talk her into doing this, or can we compel her to heal herself somehow?
Ganelon: Well sure, but here it'll be *acknowledged*.
Vague-looking wizard: Butterfly!
Frezak (GM): Okay, so Ridcully, the Bursar...
Radek joins the wizards in their observation of the gorilla.
Frezak (GM): Senior Wrangler? Does one of them look like a horse?
Gardener runs out of the building after them, stops, then turns around and goes back inside.
Apheori (GM): Sure, why not.
Frezak (GM): I'm all for spectating.
Rhu wanders away from the group, muttering something about how a pile of cats would be more helpful than a wizard. Instead, he'll look up at the buildings and the campus.
Radek: What's this, then? An experiment?
Test subject, perhaps?
Scruffy-looking wizard: And experiment? AN EXPERIMENT?
Why, this is nothing less than-
Important-looking wizard: It was supposed to be dinner.
Radek scoffs.
Ellemerr comes back from her clothes and promptly falls over laughing.
Scruffy-looking wizard: No, it wasn't! THIS was the greatest thing-
Another wizard: Is that a claw in its spleen?
Amadi quickly nicks the vague-looking wizard's hat while he's distracted by the butterfly.
Another other wizard: Oh, will you look at that.
It's got a spleen in its hoof.
Another wizard: These readings! My gods, this is an achievement!
What configuration did you use?
Vague-looking wizard: Smell!
Ganelon: Does he have a device, perchance?
Vague-looking wizard: He's holding a fork.
Apheori (GM): He's holding a fork.
Amadi smells the butterfly, which responds by landing on her nose.
Ganelon: ...Arcana. Is it *just* a fork?
Amadi sneezes.
rolling 1d20+11
Apheori (GM): Yes.
Ganelon: Oh gods.
Vague-looking wizard tries to grab and eat the butterfly, but misses.
Ganelon: Okay, insight now. Are they all crazy?
Frezak (GM): That is a dumb question, Gan.
Ganelon: Crazy according to Radek.
rolling 1d20+3
(From Amadi): What do these guys look like... aura-wise?
(From Amadi): Particularly my guy :P
(To Amadi): Brighter than the guards and whatnot, but still fairly dim. Some really strange colours, though. Lots of weird things swimming about.
Gaurav: Crazy like a FOX. A demented, magical fox.
(To Amadi): Yours is the brightest and weirdest of them all.
(From Amadi): But of course.
(From Amadi): Followed how closely by Dawn?
Ganelon: The only things crazy about foxes are the sounds they make.
Dave: Did I stop?
Ganelon: Like... people dying. Horrible.
Dave starts walking in a random direction.
Frezak (GM): Foxes can speak in the tongues of HELL.
And no, not Basque.
(To Amadi): Well, dave/dawn is different. These are mortals. Dawn isn't.
Ganelon: Not Supernal either.
(To Amadi): But then, neither are your other companions...
(From Amadi): Huh. Fancy that. Makes sense, though.
Rhu notices Dave wandering off and shifts position slightly to keep both her and Amadi in view.
(From Amadi): Wait, what?
(To Amadi): According to their auras, they are, technically, immortals.
(From Amadi): WELL. Thank you for that info. xD
(To Amadi): Which is why I could have the sphinx try to eat Gravy's soul - it wouldn't have worked anyway. XD
(From Amadi): You're a mean and awesome lady.
(To Amadi): Thanks.
Ganelon: I still need an answer to the "Do the wizards seem crazy to Radek" question.
Apheori (GM): Yes.
Gaurav: Should we ask the pointy hats about the Holes? Or might that just worry them?
Apheori (GM): Not completely batty, but still...
A bit off reality.
Hearts in nonsensical places.
Weird motives.
Uncertain reliability and usefulness.
Another wizard: OH, LOOK, LOOK.
Ganelon: I guess that means I have to assume the prestigious position of BOSS WIZARD.
Another wizard: IT's blooooming!
Frezak (GM): I'm ready to leave!
Apheori (GM): The gorilla monster's belly starts to bulge.
Frezak (GM): Oh dear.
Ganelon: I take cover behind a wizard.
Vague-looking wizard: (to Amadi) You should eat that. Very bad things are about to happen, and you're too fluttery to take it.
Important-looking wizard: Oh!
Important-looking wizard pokes it.
Gaurav: Have Rhu and Dave wandered far enough away from the gorilla that Rhu can't see what's going on?
Amadi looks startled, for the first time ever.
Gaurav readies exploding sperm whale GIF
Apheori (GM): Only Radek can really see what's going on with it because of the wall of wizards.
Amadi opens her mouth for the butterfly to fly into, and tilts her head back and sticks her tongue out as if catching snow-flakes.
Apheori (GM): Dave walked into a tree and is now staring up at it as though considering climbing it.
Gaurav: Okay. Rhu pays no attention to proceedings then, but if the wizards start running for cover, he's going to grab Dave and pull her behind the tree.
Apheori (GM): The wizards all crowd in closer.
Gaurav: Wizards or party members. He's met wizards before. He's expecting explosions.
Apheori (GM): And stop chattering.
As though holding their collective breaths.
Ganelon: I take cover behind as many wizards as I can without obstructing line of sight.
Apheori (GM): Nothing happens for a bit.
Frezak (GM): I will find a large tree.
Ganelon: I'll attempt to steal the hat from someone in front of me.
(From Amadi): Unless you object to it or my methods, I eat the butterfly.
Apheori (GM): Roll a thingy.
Amadi eats the butterfly.
rolling 1d20+6
Radek's actually trained in thievery because it's used for some mechanical stuff.
Bear Soup Guy: I will continue to observe passively from the spot I was standing in when the gorilla broke through
Apheori (GM): You get the hat but then the guy grabs it back.
Another wizard: Well?
Important-looking wizard: Wait for it.
Another wizard: Yes?
Scruffy-looking wizard pokes it with a broom handle.
Another wizard: Oh, I see! I see it now.
It looks just like you, Aaron. You must be so proud!
Scruffy-looking wizard: Oh, shut up.
Amadi suddenly turns and runs over to Greibel and attempts to climb his shoulders for a better view.
Amadi: (Or for fun. Or for cakes. Hard to tell.)
Frezak (GM): I'll go and pick up Amadi and hold her above me.
She can sit on my head and hold my horns.
Greibel holds Amadi's ankles so she doesn't fall off
Greibel like a child watching the Disneyland parade
Bear Soup Guy: Or that
Greibel passes her over
Gaurav: Greibel, if you've had cakes and been holding out on us ...
Dave climbs the tree and watches too.
Bear Soup Guy: Just "SOME USEFUL HERBS"
Rhu notices the silence and everybody trying to get a view. He crouches behind the tree Dave has climbed up and closes his ears.
Amadi: Wheeee~
Apheori (GM): Nothing continues to happen.
Gaurav: (unless there's a wall conveniently close by, in which case he'll hide behind that)
Apheori (GM): The suspense starts to wear off.
Amadi is having too much fun at her high perch to care.
Amadi rises her arms and exclaims "I'm the Queen of the Worlds!"
Gaurav: Where's the mouse forged?
Apheori (GM): Off on the ground somewhere.
The bulge subsides, and the creature lets out a dying breath and sags kind of horrible.
The Gravedigger: Ew.
Apheori (GM): The wizards all just stare at it.
The Gravedigger: That doesn't look healthy.
Important-looking wizard: Oh.
The Gravedigger: I wouldn't want to eat /that/.
Scruffy-looking wizard: No! All this work! AAALL THIS WORK!
Another wizard: What work?
Amadi "Wheeees" again.
Scruffy-looking wizard: You know, this work.
The Gravedigger: If you want to bury it, I can do you some good rates.
Radek: What was it supposed to do?
Scruffy-looking wizard: Do? DO?
Does this look like a mere DOING THINGY?
Radek: It looks like even less.
Rhu takes his fingers out of his ears, happy that the scary sound of expectant wizards has been replaced by the more normal sound of disappointed wizards. He stays behind the tree, every once in a while taking a glance to make sure the party hasn't left yet.
Another wizard: Someone opened the blocked off closet on the third floor.
Important-looking wizard: We were going to eat it.
Ganelon: Disappointed wizards are pretty calming.
Important-looking wizard: It got out.
NOW can we eat it?
The Gravedigger: (upwards) what about people that don't like chocolate?
Radek: Honestly, if it's sustenance you're looking for, why not just synthesize it?
Amadi bends over Gravy's head to give him a proper look at her perfectly mystified face. "Those people still exist? I thought they were a myth!"
Radek: None of this dreadful business with meat and bones to be concerned over.
Dave dives out of the tree.
Vague-looking wizard: Oh, look, lordy, it's gonna blow.
Scruffy-looking wizard: Well, we could...
The Gravedigger: (upwards)
All the myths are true, kid.
Important-looking wizard: Where would be the fun in that?
The Gravedigger: Somewhere.
Important-looking wizard: You need to eat things. Real things. Running things.
Frezak (GM): I'll jog to cover.
Radek: *I* don't.
Vague-looking wizard balances a mop on his head.
Amadi bends back to normal position and throws her hands in the air again and looks like she's about to say something but then she's just "wheee"ing some more at the jog.
Important-looking wizard: You need to hunt. To take life for your own. To get out and live!
Or get someone else to do it for you.
Apheori (GM): The gorilla thing explodes.
Frezak (GM): Gravy will comically tilt around a tree with his head barely visible, but a whole Amadi sticking out.
Like a hat.
Apheori (GM): Bits of it wind all over the wizards, Radek, and the tree.
Apheori (GM): A huge chunk falls right next to Greibel.
Rhu: http://www.buzzfeed.com/kellyoakes/this-sperm-whale-exploding-is-incredible-and-horrifying
Gaurav: sorry ooc
Amadi whees even louder in an attempt at over-do the explosion.
Frezak (GM): Curse my 20 passive perception!
Gaurav: Did any of it make it to Rhu's tree?
Frezak (GM): My gravy ears!
Apheori (GM): Smaller bits then rain down on everyone's heads.
Frezak (GM): Not my head!
It's protected!
Apheori (GM): Rhu just gets rained on a bit.
Frezak (GM): By a midget!
Rhu sighs.
Apheori (GM): Gravy gets it on Amadi
s head.
Rhu walks back to the rest of the group.
Dave follows.
Amadi looks like the happiest person alive.
Rhu: This is what comes of fraternising with wizards. No offence, wizards.
Frezak (GM): I will go and inspect the meat chunks.
Do they look edible?
Ganelon: I will try to get them off of myself.
Apheori (GM): Strangely, yes.
Frezak (GM): I'll pick a bit off Radek and taste it.
Gaurav: Is that ... are Amadi and Gravy bonding over an exploded gorilla monster?
Greibel natures the chunk that landed next to him
Apheori (GM): The wizards are all standing as they were, and then one of them starts screaming and runs into a building, saying 'EEEWWWWWWW'.
rolling 1d20+12
Apheori (GM): Greibel: It seems like it turned into cured ham.
Amadi picks bits off herself and tries putting them in Gravy's mouth.
Rhu sighs rudely, then closes his eye and says a prayer for the soul of the gorilla monster
Apheori (GM): Gravy: It tastes like ham.
Gaurav: eyes*
Frezak (GM): I will be... fed by this crazy midget, then.
Ganelon: I should hope there isn't too much on me since I was taking cover.
Scruffy-looking wizard: Well, that wasn't supposed to happen.
Important-looking wizard straightens up, trying to look serious despite his ample coating of exploded meat bits.
The Gravedigger: This would be a burial with scraping expenses.
Important-looking wizard: Jorm! Clean this up.
Important-looking wizard then strides inside.
Another wizard: Why me?
Wait, no.
Fred. Clean this up.
Another wizard strides inside as well.
Amadi: Seems like a waste to bury it. Air burial! Or. Hm. If we all grow wings, it'll work! I swear!
Amadi turns towards the another wizard at the name "Fred".
Another other wizard: I am SO ON IT!
Amadi almost falls off Gravy while staring intently at the another other wizard, before wordlessly trying to steer him towards it.
Rhu: Careful, The Gravedigger here is a burial professional. Don't disappoint him.
Another other wizard waves a broom.
Radek: Deranged to the last man.
The Gravedigger is steered.
Another other wizard starts pointing at random chunks of meat, waving the broom all the while, and they start disappearing.
Amadi wheees some more, before calling her Gravedigger to a half before the man.
The Gravedigger halts.
Amadi: Are you Fred?
Another other wizard: Huh?
Amadi: You don't look like Fred. Are you Fred? Someone said Fred! Are you Fred?
Another other wizard loses his concentration, and the meat chunk he was pointing at explodes instead of disappearing.
Another other wizard: I don't... what?
Amadi: But... HE would never do what she did. So you're not... actually a - I mean, you're not FRED. Are you?
Amadi looks even more intently at another other wizard.
Another other wizard straightens up, dropping the broom and giving Amadi his full attention, and suddenly little bits of meat are exploding everywhere around him. A horrible and somewhat familiar smell fills the air.
(To Rhu): It smells like fish.
Another other wizard: I'm Fred, milady.
Ellemerr: What sort of somewhat familiarity are we talking here?
Scruffy-looking wizard: AGH! NO! NO!
What are you doing!
Rhu: ... guys ...
Amadi: ... What ARE you doing? Here?
Rhu: .... GUYS ....
Greibel: It's raining meat! Hallelujah, it's raining meat!
because I smell fish
Rhu looks around in a panic
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20+10
Smelling for fish.
Scruffy-looking wizard and several of the other remaining ones start waving their own mops and brooms, and it calms down slightly, but bits are still exploding.
Radek looks to Rhu desperately.
Ellemerr: I *love* these wizards. :3
Apheori (GM): Frezak: It smells like holes. The bad kind.
Rhu is looking ahead, behind, left, right, and -- more often than not -- straight up
The Gravedigger: Uh, guys?
I smell Holes.
Ellemerr: Sorry about calling Fred out, though. xD
The Gravedigger: Capital H.
Rhu: Why. Does. That. Thing. Smell. Like. Fish???
Another other wizard: Doing? I... uh...
Another other wizard turns bright red, oblivious of the exploding meat.
The Gravedigger: Someone find out what they're doing.
And possibly make them stop.
Ganelon: Yeah, I'm on it.
What are they doing?
rolling 1d20+11
Scruffy-looking wizard: AWAY! AWAY! EVACUATE!
Amadi: You're not fixing anything. Isn't that what you're supposed to do? But you're not!
Apheori (GM): They're all running away now.
Rhu: (to Gravy) WHAT? WHERE?
Ganelon: I mean magically.
Rhu steps behind the nearest tree, wall or bush.
Apheori (GM): They WERE trying to dispell a runaway spell from the distracted Fred.
The Gravedigger: I dunno. Around.
Amadi gives another other wizard a burning accusing glare.
Apheori (GM): But now it's too out of hand to dispell. You sense impeding badness.
The Gravedigger: Evac time, kiddies.
Radek: Listen to the wizards!
Frezak (GM): I'll start moving away.
Scruffy-looking wizard grabs Fred and drags him away from Amadi.
Radek: Evacuate!
Gaurav: That is absolutely the worse kind of badness.
Amadi: You could fix it! YOU COULD -!
Gaurav: Okay, I promised myself I'd do this, so: could Rhu please roll a sanity check against going mad with fish-smell-induced panic?
Amadi seems to forget everything and goes back to "whee"ing as Gravy runs.
Apheori (GM): Do it.
rolling d20 sanity check
Apheori (GM): Some of the wizards summon portals and teleport out that way.
Gaurav: NAILED. IT.
Apheori (GM): Others just run away.
Apheori (GM): Where they were is pretty evacuated now. Did everyone else evacuate too?
Ganelon: It's amazing how many 1s we've rolled on sanity in particular.
Ellemerr: I think Frezak evacuated Gravy and Amadi. xD
Ganelon: Radek would just run inside since he sadly has no portal magic.
Apheori (GM): Rhu summons a portal and evacuates through it as well.
Greibel watches everyone panicking and sits down to meditate
Gaurav: HUH
That was unexpected
Frezak (GM): I'll go and pick up Greibel.
And evac him.
Apheori (GM): Where do you go?
Frezak (GM): OUT
Ellemerr: What will we do without you?
Frezak (GM): Gates!
Apheori (GM): To the street outside the campus wall?
Frezak (GM): Sounds good.
Ganelon: Hm.
Apheori (GM): You all evacuate through a swarm of bees, which definitely weren't there before.
Dave goes and sits cross-legged where the thing exploded.
Does Radek go into a building or out the gate?
Ganelon: In retrospect, let's say he follows Gravy.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
(From Amadi): I keep shouting at Kyrule behind her wheee-ing, in my head or somwhere. Though it might not even have been Kyrule. I'm very upset.
Ganelon: Because:
- The wizards are crazy
- Gravy is not
- These rifts likely do not care about physical barriers like walls
Ellemerr: I'd usually care about Dave but I'm on Gravy's back and that's a fun place to be. Is anyone else caring about Dave?
Ganelon: I'd say Rhu if he didn't just... hop into a portal.
(To Amadi): Why are you upset?
Ellemerr: Yup.
Ganelon: Greibel is pretty much doing the same thing as Dave, too, so...
Let's hope their madness protects them!
Frezak (GM): Gravy really don't care about Dave, no.
And Radek can hope that Gravy+charges is enough to fill a Hole.
(From Ellemerr): I don't know. She didn't expect to see him there, and she's a little... something because of her fractured mind. I don't know! It felt appropriate?
Gaurav: I don't suppose Hazz's command to protect Dave and Amadi would have led Rhu to pull Dave into the portal with him as he went?
Given, you know. Madness.
Apheori (GM): So things get crazy in the courtyard, but you're all out of it.
Ellemerr: She'll probably be fine.
(To Ellemerr): Ah. But that wasn't really him, just someone who happened to have the same name!
Ellemerr: *shifty eyes*
(To Ellemerr): She is so silly.
(From Ellemerr): I know! :D
Gaurav: I'm being kicked out of the room I'm in. I'll be back in a few minutes.
Apheori (GM): Gaura: No.
Gaurav: Figured. Worth a shot, though.
Frezak (GM): I'll peek around to observe what transpires in the courtyard.
Apheori (GM): There is a fine mist of meat everywhere.
Everything looks oddly thin.
Dave is just sitting in the middle of it, looking perfectly fine.
Amadi feeds Gravy another piece of meat that she found in her hair.
Ganelon: Gravy's such a nice guy.
Shame he's gotta go through all this.
(To Amadi): Will you shut up?
Frezak (GM): Yeah, I don't want to go back there.
Amadi: What? Why - you could've - why aren't you fixing things?!
Ganelon: Who is she talking to?
Ellemerr: She's yelling into the empty-ish courtyard.
Ganelon: Alright.
Frezak (GM): I'm glad that wasn't to me.
Ganelon: I need to be sure that nobody is accusing Radek of not fixing things.
Frezak (GM): Oh, and I'll put Greibel down now.
(To Amadi): It isn't time. You will know what it is. Midnight, yes?
Amadi: But that's never now! I've asked and asked and they're not even answering the right question!
(To Amadi): I know, love. You chose this.
Amadi: But I'm - scared...
(To Amadi): We all are.
Radek: Is she alright?
The Gravedigger: Yeah, all I got is sandwiches and shovelling equipment.
I don't know how to deal with melancholic magical midgets.
Apheori (GM): The gate shuts itself in a swirl of bees.
Radek: Arcana please.
rolling 1d20+11
The Gravedigger: OH GODS BEES.
Gaurav: "Amadi feeds Gravy another piece of meat that she found in her hair." -- I presume she still has blood in her hair? Bloody meat, mm.
Stupid bees.
Amadi blinks, then leans over Gravy's head again.
Ganelon: Is this about the bees?
Amadi: YOU aren't scared. Are you?
Ellemerr: No, her hair is fine now.
Except full of meat-bits, and I guess those might be bloody anyway.
Apheori (GM): Radek: When the gate shuts, it is as though the chaotic energy disappeared - presumably the courtyard is shielded, but oddly you don't sense that.
Gaurav: Ellemerr: oh, okay. My bad!
The Gravedigger: (upwards)
Not really
Ellemerr: She's confusing. It happens. Don't worry about it.
Amadi: That's... that's good.
Radek: Hrm...
Amadi: ... You should be.
The Gravedigger: You clearly need a shovel, kid.
Ganelon: How tall is the wall?
Apheori (GM): Rhu: You find yourself standing in a field full of big fluffy white things.
Roll sanity.
Gaurav: How's my sanity?
Oh right.
rolling d20 sanity check
Gaurav: definitely just the fish then
Apheori (GM): Rhu: You vaguely remember casting a spell you don't know, you realise that this is completely bizarre and that the white things aren't sheeps, but 3d paintings of sheeps, and the entire scene is really quite badly done. It seems stable, though.
Gan: Tallish.
You can
t see over it.
Ganelon: ...Can Amadi from her elevated position?
Apheori (GM): No.
Ganelon: Alas.
Ellemerr: Dave is still inside, yes?
Apheori (GM): Yes.
Radek: I think...
Apheori (GM): With the mouseforged.
Ellemerr: Fine company, at least.
Rhu looks confused, then reaches over and touches a 3d painted sheep
Apheori (GM): The sheep says 'baaa'.
Rhu: Oh, er ... hi.
Radek: Either the instability has passed, or this place is shielded.
Frezak (GM): The sheep says "END MEEEEEE"
Radek: Can you open the door?
The Gravedigger: They seemed pretty unfazed by it.
i'll give it a shot.
Frezak (GM): I'll... uh... try the doors?
Ganelon: That's half question, half request.
It might well be impossible.
Rhu looks around the field, looking for a fence or farmhouse or ... anything but sheep, really.
Apheori (GM): The doors buzz angrily as you approach.
They don't want you near.
Amadi buzzes happily.
Gaurav: Did all the wizards run into the buildings? None of them ran for the doors?
Ellemerr: I think most of them portal'd?
Apheori (GM): Rhu: There is nothing - just badly painted sheep, badly painted ground, and badly painted sky in splotchy solid colours. It seems to go on forever.
The Gravedigger: yeah, i'm not going to touch that.
Apheori (GM): Some ran into buildings.
Bear Soup Guy: look for the black sheep!
those always have the shinies
Gaurav: Huh. How many sheep can I see? Or do they stretch into the distance too?
And are any black?
I ... I like shinies.
Radek: Understandable. I have to wonder what's happening on the other side, though.
Frezak (GM): If I hold Amadi up above me, would she be able to see over the wall?
Gaurav: Gan: what about sending the eyebot over? Or did it break in the fight?
Radek inspects his damaged Eyebot, shaking his head. "...A shame."
Ganelon: Dave broke it.
And I did ask earlier - wall's too high up for Amadi.
Gaurav: Can you ssh into the Mouseforged and use its camera?
Ganelon: At least, for Amadi when she's obeying the laws of gravity.
Frezak (GM): Could I throw her over the wall?
Gaurav: What about Radek standing on Gravy?
Apheori (GM): Gaurav: You look for how many, and a number appears in your head - 6^6^6. You look for a black sheep, and one is there, almost as if conjured up by your thought.
Frezak: Yes.
Rhu: 1.0314425e+28 sheep is a lot of sheep.
The Gravedigger: Hey, kid;
If I throw you over the wall, can you see what's going on and come back and tell us?
Rhu: Oh, hello, sheep. I shall name you Thunder.
Amadi: Can who what? But I like it here!
Apheori (GM): Thunder thunders.
The Gravedigger: You can come back!
Rhu tries to coax Thunder to come over to me
Gaurav: him*
Apheori (GM): Thunder comes.
Amadi: No. You can never go back.
The Gravedigger: You can if you have a big rope.
Rhu tries to scratch Thunder's under the chin
Amadi: Why do you need me to go?
Apheori (GM): Thunder grows a chin accordingly.
Amadi: I can't go. Not far.
My time is here.
Rhu sighs, and sits down on the badly painted ground.
Amadi: The Key. Here.
The Gravedigger: To see what's... nevermind.
Where to, Radek?
Rhu: Wait a minute ...
Apheori (GM): Gravy, Greibel: d2s
The Gravedigger: Wait for Rhu to pop up?
Rhu tries to think of a portal back to the rest of party
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20
Apheori (GM): Rhu: A portal forms.
Gaurav: Can I see the group through it?
Bear Soup Guy:
rolling 1d20
Apheori (GM): Greibel: Would you like to talk with the bees?
Bear Soup Guy: Sure...
Apheori (GM): Gaurav: It's opaque.
So no.
Greibel: You go and talk to the bees. They want Gravy to go through.
Rhu thinks of a stick. If one appears, he'll pick it up and poke the portal with it.
Radek: I haven't the slightest idea. These wizards seem to know a thing or two about the Holes - they were attempting to close this one, in fact - but you may have also noticed that they are also distressingly insane.
Amadi: ... I can see many things.
Apheori (GM): Rhu: A stick appears in your hand
Frezak (GM): Maybe we could access their research without dealing with the actual wizards.
Rhu pokes the portal with the stick, specifically testing to see if -- after having stuck the stick through the portal -- the entire stick comes back in one piece
Apheori (GM): The stick goes in and comes out.
Rhu sighs, then sticks his little finger through the portal and then out again. If that works, he'll do the same with his hand, and then his head.
Apheori (GM): It all works. The sheep watch this ridiculous display vacantly.
Gaurav: What does Rhu see through the portal?
Apheori (GM): Nothing in particular.
It doesn't seem to do anything with only parts stuck in it.
Rhu mutters something unprintable about wizards and then steps through
Apheori (GM): Hold that thought.
Gravy: You hear Dave's voice in your head. It sounds as though it's coming from very far away. I'm just going to stick it here because Amadi is totally listening in and I don't want to whisper it twice.
Dave: Gravedigger, hear me.
Ellemerr: Psychic eavesdropping for the win.
My horns are brain-rods!
Dave: I need your help. I am not strong enough to do this on my own, and you are the only one who has the strength of will required.
I need you to come through the bees. They will let you pass, but only you. On the other side, I will do what I can to protect you. Just get to me, and we will fix this.
The Gravedigger: Uh.
Dave: It will work. It must work.
The Gravedigger: I can hear Davenotdave in my head.
Amadi sighs very heavily... and starts attempting to scramble off Gravy's back and nearly falls off in the process.
Radek: Fantastic. Now say something sane just so I can be sure.
The Gravedigger: What, me?
I could talk to you about how to fold metal to make a really good shove, I suppose.
Radek: ...No, that's good enough already.
What does she want?
The Gravedigger: She... wants me to go through this door.
Apheori (GM): A portal opens up in front of Radek and Rhu walks out and runs into him.
Rhu: Oof.
Radek grumbles. Loudly.
Rhu turns around quickly to make sure the sheep don't follow him through
Radek: Do you make a habit of appearing out of nowhere, Rhu?
Apheori (GM): The portal is already gone. No sheep.
Rhu: hi! hi?
nowhere? what?
Radek: Perhaps you're learning more from Amadi than you realized.
I suggest you stop that.
The Gravedigger: That's a terrifying thought.
Amadi mutters with some amazement, "I can't get down."
Rhu: I dunno, I think I could learn something quite important from her. Probably about sandwiches or something.
Dave: Please.
Rhu: What did I miss?
Apheori (GM): Dave's voice is nothing more than a whisper now.
Amadi flails.
Rhu: Where's Dave?
Frezak (GM): I'll get Amadi down.
From this perch.
This really great perch;
Amadi mutters wistfully, "That was fun." Then she pushes at Gravy's back.
Amadi: Now go!
The Gravedigger: Uh.
I don't like the sound of any of this.
i'm a guy with a shovel.
That guy there has magic powers, that one talks to gods.
Rhu walks over to the road and looks up and down for Dave or guards.
Amadi: YOU are not afraid!
Now GO!
Amadi keeps pushing, probably making absolutely no progress.
The Gravedigger: I'm somewhat hesitant!
Rhu is now looking pretty concerned.
Rhu: You guys didn't leave Dave behind, did you? She's important!
Apheori (GM): Rhu: No Dave, some guards that are pointedly ignoring the lot of you.
Radek: Here.
The Gravedigger: Oh, well.
Radek offers Gravy a clockwork bomb.
The Gravedigger buckles on his shield, draws his best shovel.
The Gravedigger: It's Hole Time.
Frezak (GM): ONWARDS.
Amadi: Good. Go go go - wait!
... Can I have a shovel?
The Gravedigger: I'll make you one later.
Amadi: Okay!
Amadi beams.
(To Amadi): But you know there isnt going to be a later.
(From Amadi): Shush, you.
(To Amadi): Not unless...
Rhu is confused, but it looks like Gravy and Amadi have things something that might generously and with an awful lot of imagination be described as "under control"
(To Amadi): Well, you and Dave will have to work together to pretend to be yourselves.
Amadi: Take care of her for me. I'll take care of these.
Rhu waves confusedly at Gravy
Apheori (GM): Do you go through the gate? It's a writhing mass of bees.
Frezak (GM): I CHARGE.
Apheori (GM): The Gravedigger charges into the writhing mass of bees!
The cover him as he disappears into it.
Apheori (GM): And I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back.
Frezak (GM): Suspense!
And bladders!
Amadi waves after him, and then collapses at the ground.
Rhu: (to Radek) I was in a painting with some sheep. It was surprisingly relaxing.
Ganelon: Uh... is Amadi okay?
I hate how often I need to ask that question.
Frezak (GM): Define 'okay' ?
Rhu: To be fair, the answer is usually "yes".
Ganelon: Well, she just collapsed.
Frezak (GM): SHe probably just has jelly legs.
Gaurav: But she didn't vanish. Or get blood on her hair. Or start flying. Honestly, there's many worse things that could happen.
Ellemerr: Well, I'm not going to tell you anything.
Gaurav: Radek should probably check on her, just to be sure.
Ganelon: Sure, when the DM returns.
Ellemerr: Shan't~
You can't make me!
Gaurav: We have ways of making you talk.
Ellemerr: But you can totally roll things and I can tell you things.
Gaurav: Like, asking you questions.
Frezak (GM): I can totes make you.
rolling 1d20+8 Heal
Apheori (GM): Back, sorry.
Ganelon: There's a rolled thing.
Ellemerr: ... I'll leave it to the DM now.
Apheori (GM): She seems exhausted.
Like... something. Or something else.
Gaurav: Is she conscious?
(From Ellemerr): Can I even be unconscious and still present?
Gaurav: Also: I'll have to leave for class in another 55 mins or so.
(To Ellemerr): Yes, but I don't know why you ever would.
Ellemerr: I should sleep before that. >.>
Apheori (GM): I wish whispering weren't so annoying here.
Ellemerr: Am I conscious? I think I am but I'm not sure. xD
Rhu walks up behind Amadi "Don't get up", he says, "put your head between your knees and take deep breaths."
Bear Soup Guy: Kinky
(To Frezak): You come out on the other side of the gate of bees into a maelstrom of red, swirling about with colour showing through to a sheen of black.
(From Frezak (GM)): Oh.
(To Frezak): You can barely make out Dave sitting next to the mouseforged, which is now also sitting up.
(From Frezak (GM)): I'll go poke Dave.
Ellemerr: My automatic response for that is to take off her head and put it between her knees. I don't think that'd make anybody happy, though.
(To GM): rises and holds out a hand you as you make your way through the swirl. "Thank you", you think she says, but the words are immediately lost...
(To Frezak): Dave rises and holds out a hand you as you make your way through the swirl. "Thank you", you think she says, but the words are immediately lost...
Gaurav: Do it!
(From Frezak (GM)): So... You need something.... burying?
Apheori (GM): Oops.
Amadi moves a little and sort of gets one knee up towards her head if not quite there. And she breathes. Probably. It sounds like breathing.
Rhu looks concerned, but defers to Radek as the senior healthsmith.
(To Frezak): We need to bury the space that isn't space. Make it... different.
(From Frezak (GM)): can I.... perceive two different kinds of space?
Ganelon: Well...
How attached is Rhu to his healing surges?
Rhu: I've got 7/8 left, so I can spare one for sure.
Gaurav: sorry ooc
Ellemerr: Amadi probably has surges of her own. That should never ever be used on other people. Probably.
Unless that'd be a great thing to do. It's pretty either-or.
Ganelon: When things get desperate, we can consider it.
Technically I could use your surges to heal you.
But I'll take one from Rhu and see if that doesn't make Amadi feel any better.
Gaurav: Does Rhu notice when you do this? Or is he just puzzled later when he has one fewer healing surge than he thought?
(To Frezak): Not really. Here, it mostly just seems wrong. Then Dave takes your hand and draws you to sit next to the mouseforged, forming a circle of three... and then you sense more. There is normality, in different layers and planes. There is the world. There are holes, in the world, and you are in the middle of one, but with Dave, you see the edges, feel the meaning of the hole. It is real, it is there, and it can be buried.
Ganelon: You'd have to be willing.
And aware, yes.
Gaurav: Ah, okay, yes. For sure. Hazz is very big on the keep-Amadi-alive bandwagon these days.
Ellemerr: Hmpfh.
Ganelon: Well, okay.
Sure, I could steal surges from people while they're sleeping (it would explain where I get the ones from extended rests), but generally speaking it's not something I can just *do* without it being noticed.
Apheori (GM): The surge thing should help Amadi.
Just throwing that out there.
Ganelon: People notice mosquitoes. This is a considerably larger scale affair.
(To Amadi): You're exhausted and you're paying attention to a thing in the courtyard where Dave, the mouseforged, and Gravy are sitting in a circle burying the hole. And you're probably helping, in some way
Ellemerr: Great! You should get her back on her feet just in time for her to fall asleep and poof out.
(To Amadi): And also possibly screaming at them, I dunno.
(From Ellemerr): Sounds delightful and delicious and a little scary and I'm lovin' it.
Gaurav: o.0
It's times like this Rhu wonders if he's backing the right god.
Ellemerr: Since I have to go sleep in,,, 10 mins.
(To Amadi): Poofing out right as the bees disperse would be great.
(From Frezak (GM)): I lift my shovel. Wedge it under an edge of the hole. AND HEAVE. I scoop up reality, cover the hole. I fill the hole with hole; I take all that is, all that is not, all the rest, and fill the hole. I BURY THAT SHIT DEEP.
Ellemerr: I may or may not be able to give you something valuable before that if we use the time right. :P
Gaurav: oooo
Frezak (GM): TYPE FAST
Ganelon: Radek just makes gestures of resignation, like throwing his hands in the air.
Frezak (GM): Presumably after putting his rifle down.
Ganelon: Yeah.
Ellemerr: I am healed, yes?
Ganelon: You are healed.
Amadi sits up, looking groggy.
No, no.
Just science.
And/or magic.
Ganelon: Thank you.
(To Frezak): Dave and the mouseforged are with you, mirroring the motions as you bury the hole. It is smooth, the simplest and yet most elegant hole you have ever dug and buried...
Amadi: Waffles?
(To Frezak): And the maelstrom fades as well, the wrong space folding up and sliding into its grave with each scoop of the shovel.
Rhu: There might be some in that pub on the corner.
So: Dave and Gravy are in there with the Hole?
... may I ask why?
Amadi: We're - they're... anti-digging.
Radek: ...Must be dreadful.
Amadi: Or... something.
Rhu: Huh.
Gaurav: Can I make an acrobatics check to climb the wall?
Ganelon: T'would be Athletics to climb.
Gaurav: D'oh
Ganelon: There's a feat which makes it Acro.
Gaurav: Oooh, I'll look out for that one.
Amadi: It's very important. They're being much more useful than Fred.
... Bloody excuses.
Rhu: Who's Fred?
Amadi: A face to the name? There's never a face to the name!
Rhu opens his mouth to reply, can't think of anything to say, and closes his mouth again. Then he walks over to the door and tries to hear things from the other side.
(From Frezak (GM)): Gravy will hum digging songs.
Amadi sighs.
(To Amadi): You may disappear.
Amadi: He called me "love". I'll forget in... very soon.
Amadi mutters so low only Gravy could've heard it, "And I'm still scared."
Rhu: (over his shoulder) And by "he" you mean ... Fred?
I knew a Fred Nurke once. Strange guy. Smoked gorillas.
Amadi seems to ignore the question, but looks straight at Rhu.
Greibel: What an odd name for a brand of cigarettes
Amadi: Very, VERY soon.
Amadi closes her eyes for a moment and is gone.
Rhu: Gribel: indeed. They used to be called Camels, but I guess they wanted to catchier name.
Greibel: I guess it's easier to imagine a gorilla smoking than a camel
Rhu: Huh. I never thought about it that way before!
I don't suppose it'd be worth it to send Greibel as a flock of birds over the wall to see what's going on? Probably just more damage for everybody I guess.
Greibel: I'm sure it's...fine. Just fine.
Frezak (GM): Nighty-night, Merr.
Ellemerr: Sweet nightmares, y'all.
Rhu: Good night, Ellemerr!
Gaurav: ooc
Bear Soup Guy: adios
Ellemerr: Good luck with things.
(To Frezak): The digging continues as irreality neatly folds itself into its grave. There is only a little bit left before it will finish, but before it can complete, one of the shapes falls away and you are left alone. No, not quite alone - Dave is still there with you, holding onto the shovel, onto you. "No!" she says. "Not now! He can't..."
(To Frezak): But it isn't enough. Now you, too, are falling away, away from the shell of the mouseforged, away from Dave.
(To Frezak): Then there is another voice - like Dave's, but this time it is Amadi - the Amadi who had been with you in your dreams, who had always been there even when you had never known it at the time. "No," she says, much more calmly than Dave, and you feel her lifting you out of the hole, away from the madness of the broken reality as its grave closes over. "You will not fall like this. I will not allow it."
Gaurav: thanks!
Ellemerr: And ask Hazz about Fred. Because I can imagine amusing answers and I like amusement.
Gaurav: o.0
(From Frezak (GM)): Okay, that's pretty cool.
Gaurav: No way, if there's one thing Rhu is NOT going to do, it's discuss Amadi's private life with a god.
(To Frezak): And everything fades away.
Ganelon: But she's important!
It's not so bad if you're inquiring about a celebrity.
Gaurav: hmm. true. but if there's anything to tell, Amadi can tell us that in her own time.
of course, if she were to go missing or something, it might be useful to try to get more out of Hazz on that front
Apheori (GM): Everyone: Shortly after Amadi disappears, the gate of bees opens.
Gaurav: well, more missing than usual
Rhu: Hey! Door's open. (peers inside, avoiding the bees if he can)
Ellemerr: How would you KNOW if Amadi was more missing than usual? xD
Apheori (GM): The courtyard is a bit ruined - it seems the gardener will have his work cut out for him - but everything is calm. Dave is sitting on a bunch of furrowed ground, arm out, staring in shock at the space in front of her. The mouseforged is in a heap behind her.
Gaurav: If she starting missing entire sessions, f'rinstance. Despite her random appearances and disappearances, I think we'd notice that pretty soon!
but I might be grossly over exaggerating our ability to notice obvious things there
(To Ellemerr): You just pulled Gravy into the... well, whatever the Dreamer's realm is called.
(From Ellemerr): I'm awesome.
(To Ellemerr): Quite.
Bear Soup Guy: We're great at noticing innocuous little details though!
Gaurav: BSG++
F'rinstance, does Amadi still have Dave's mask?
Ellemerr: But she's designed to allow me to be gone for entire sessions! That's the point! (Although admittedly, our fine DM has a tendency to still pop her in with lazer-pointers or stuff.)
She does.
... Probably.
Frezak (GM): Nah, BSG. Gravy's perception makes up for my obliviousness.
Gaurav: I should leave in ~10 mins btw
Apheori (GM): Let's call it a session, then.
Ganelon: Are we ending on a cliffhanger?
Apheori (GM) grins/
Gaurav: Dum dum DUM
Apheori (GM): .
Bear Soup Guy: =D
Ganelon: Blasted cliffhangers.
Frezak (GM): Blasted cliffhangers:
Gaurav: don't have a wait a whole week for the (partial) solution, though. only Sunday!
what time Sunday?
or Saturday
Frezak (GM): SUNDAYS.
I'm bought on saturdays >.>
Apheori (GM): What time? Who all will be there? When are we losing Frezak?
Are we losing anyone else?
Did I mix that up?
Frezak (GM): You don't lose me until you change days.
Apheori (GM): That would be... after today.
Bear Soup Guy: I'll be there and I suggest regular time
Gaurav: I'd prefer morning MT (about 2-3 hours earlier than usual), but I can do regular if necessary
Frezak (GM): I probably can't do regular time on Sunday.
Gaurav: well, late morning MT
Ellemerr: I will not be available this sunday. I don't know yet about next one. After that I should be back.
Gaurav: Frezak: what time on Sundays works for you?
Frezak (GM): Uh.
Way earlier than this >.>
Gaurav: I can do that.
If it gets very early, I can just go back to sleep afterwards :)
Frezak (GM): Like... 10-18 GMT (ish) >.>
Ellemerr: What, you're going to DM and play at the same time? O_o
Frezak (GM): Well, I can't play later.
Ellemerr: You're insane.
Frezak (GM): It's that or nothing.
And I have done it before.
Gaurav: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meetingtime.html?iso=20140413&p1=1243&p2=224
Apheori (GM): 13 is the earliest I can get up.
13:00 UTC
Gaurav: I can do 1300 UTC also. BSG? That's 6am for you.
Bear Soup Guy: yeeeahhh...
Is 14:00 okay?
Apheori (GM): Should be.
Ganelon: To be sure... this is earlier than the normal start time for the Other Other Game, right?
Er, is not.
Gaurav: I'm fine with 1400 UTC also
Frezak (GM): We usually start the Other Other Game at about 12 my time. Which is.... uh.... 10-11 GMT/UTC?
Gaurav: Name a city that's in your time zone
Bear Soup Guy: http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc
Frezak (GM): Paris!
Ellemerr: We're mid-Europe, both Frezak and I.
Frezak (GM): Madrid!
Gaurav: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meetingtime.html?month=4&day=13&year=2014&p1=1243&p2=224&p3=187&p4=195&iv=0
Frezak (GM) pushes Merr at times.
Gaurav: I keep forgetting where Gan is, sorry >.<
Ellemerr: MIDNIGHT
Ganelon: Canada.
Frezak (GM): Cyborgia.
Ganelon: It doesn't particularly matter because I can wake up when I like.
Ellemerr: He is very cyborgy on this point. Sometimes I wonder if he even sleeps, but then I wake up early and he can't play GW with me.
Ganelon: But I need a time, and it would be nice if it weren't 3AM if you expect me to stay for 12 hours.
Apheori (GM): Should be 10:00 your time.
Or maybe 9.
Ganelon: EST, yes.
Ellemerr: I'm done with my night-preparations and all that is left is settling my head on my pillow. So I will really go now. Frezak should know as much as me about my schedule. Good luck again.
Bear Soup Guy: Adios merr
Apheori (GM): 14-18 UTC sunday, then.
Frezak (GM): Uh.
What is 18 UTC for me?
Looooking >.>
Apheori (GM): Which translates to I have no idea because of DST for Frezak and Ellemerr, 10am for Gan, 8am for me, and 7am for Rob?
Bear Soup Guy: 8 pm
Ganelon: 10 should be easy.
Frezak (GM): I can't do more than... 17 UTC.
Bear Soup Guy: 14-17 is still a substantial session
Gaurav: 1800 UTC is 8pm in Paris
Apheori (GM): Aiight.
Frezak (GM): Yeah, 17 is as far as i can go.
Gaurav: Sounds good to me. See all you lovely people at 8am MT (1400 UTC) on Sunday! Byeeeeeeeee
Bear Soup Guy: Right-o, bye Gaur!
Frezak (GM): HAVE FUN, RAVE.
Apheori (GM): Eeeek seeyou.
Frezak (GM): And BSG whenever he slouches off.
Bear Soup Guy slouches
Bear Soup Guy: Adios all, till sunday