Freak Show/Background

From Zaori

Initial submitted backgrounds are as follows.


You are lost amongst the sea of cities, the vineyards you no longer can find. Born of the noble faun, you do not fully understand the workings of man. You tell tales of mighty Zeus and of festivals held by Dionysus. You inhale the magic dusts singing of wine and women, or do you just dream? You may guide those in need, but you may also lead them astray. Your home may be gone forever, but your new family you hold dear to you.


I will bring the character to life by being her, and playing her as I see her - older than most, but young for a faun, one of the last to come into the world. Most of her tales are at best heard second-hand, and she has seen only the fleetingness of man and forest alike as the gods were forgotten, the vinyards turned alien, the forests settled and managed. But she still longs for the festivals of her stories, the joy and energy and colour of the gods, dreaming of a day when they might return, inviting others to dream with her. It's little things, mostly. A little bit of happiness brought to her family here, person by person. A bit of comfort by company or wine. A story of things long lost.

Mostly outsiders only see her confusion at the new world. What they don't see is the deep sadness from which it is born. It's not that she cannot understand the way of things or what it is that people truly need when she leads them astray. It's simply that she does not want to.