Something vague and sleepy

From Zaori
Posted by Apheori (talk) at 17 February 2013

Consider this a one-finger typed version of filler bunny, or something, except probably not nearly so interesting as said bunny.

So stuff! Chickens! Handwaving! Toes curling in confusion and mild gastric reaction! Uck! Because perhaps I shouldn't have taken that expired cough medicine on an empty stomach? On the other hand I'm not coughi... er, scratch that.

But for lack of updates, here's an update for the week: I got a horrible cold and thus most of the week got lost on grogginess. I vaguely recall maybe doing a mockup, getting irked at gerrit, and arguing with people on IRC, however. But frankly that could describe just about any week in the past several months even with the possibly having yelled at people on bugzilla thrown in...

I should try being nicer to folks, shouldn't I? And more specific. Not a one of these actually goes into ant detail, does it? Oop