Because I'm supposed to be keeping a blog about this OPW thing

From Zaori
Posted by Apheori (talk) at 20 January 2013

So. It's this internship thing. GNOME's paying for it (well, sort of - other folks are doing a lot of the sponsoring), I answer to the WMF, and stuff has been happening. Consider this an update on the entire thing: there have been cabal motions and piles of wikitext and research and shiny little drawings and everything. I'm sure it's terribly interesting. Would probably be even more interesting if I could remember much of any of the specifics, but having a nail in the head is apparently not too good for the memory. Not that it's a literal nail, but whatever is causing the nail in the head feeling, that clearly isn't too good either.

At any rate I'm not terribly in the loop with myself at the moment.

Tomorrow should be better. They're going to all the trouble to fly me out to SF for the week, so it'd damn well better be better, at least. Be a bit of a waste if it weren't. Meantime I just need this nail in my head to not set off a metal detector in the airport.


sindhu 24 January 2013 at 8:10 am


i'm an intern with the GNOME documentation team. which conference will you be attending? I'm going to Brno, CZ in Feb for Docs Sprint myself.

Apheori 12 February 2013 at 6:32 am

No conference, just work. I was working. Yay work.

Except that wasn't sarcasm this time.