Apocalypse test

A fragment of the Garden of Remembering

Episode 1.

EXT. Jaynestown

From above, it is a stinking shantytown of derelict boats and scavenged wood, floating in the sea like the corpse of a forest. Rotting wood, rusted metal, and dead fish bob in the waves, marking the border with the open water.

A jet-ski zooms past. Riding it, whooping and hollering, is Angler, current leader of the Crimson Tide, nefarious gang of lady pirates on jet-skis. She attempts a flip, and narrowly manages to not impale herself on a post, quickly blowing it off as nothing as she tries to look as cool as possible.

Elsewhere, Solitaire, a Juggernaut sans suit, is prowling Jaynestown, attempting to reassure himself that everything is in order.

Inevitably, this is not so.

Around a corner, Gang Member Joyce is busy hurling invectives and shoving at Known Merchant Plank.

Solitaire diplomatically inveigles himself into the confrontation with a subtle " ...You two appear to be having a problem."

This doesn't really go anywhere, so when threatening the violent gang member into calming down fails, she advances upon The Chump, gutting knife at the ready. (Shit, I need my guts!) The pale, skinny Solitaire perfectly executes some kind of fucking CQC, Spetnaz, melee expert disarming move right out of some manual, leaving Joyce on the floor, with a face full of board.