A fragment of the Garden of Remembering

Yasa went through several names in her youth. Born Miranda Kaitlynn Nihari, somewhere along the way she acquired the moniker Yasa and became a butterfly of sorts. As with all butterflies, she fluttered freely for a time... before falling from a great height.

Though her parents had already separated, then Miranda's schizophrenic mother lost custody when she was eight, so she went to live with him in the hills and woods over the Yamhill. There, she painted, took various names, read up on butterflies, and wandered the woods in daydream.

Then, on her fifteenth birthday, she got her fist laptop, named it Sadie, and entered the realms of digital art and internet, where she truly learned to be bold, a painter with delusions of color, adding colour on top of colour only to make something far more vibrant than could ever be real. She surrounded herself with similarly mad ideas, from hungry driftwood to giant soul-sucking moths to floating, skeletal fishes, making her a truly glorious friend and a highly entertaining enemy.

When her father died during her senior year of high school - complications with a seemingly ordinary gallbladder removal, or something along those lines - Miranda died too, in a way. She didn't really listen as the doctors explained. She did not really listen to much of anything, after that. She graduated with a few honours, became Yasa, went to the first college she could be bothered to apply to, and lost herself in her games.

Yasa plays Vanessa Shimmerwing in the game world of Sarathi de.

Vanessa Shimmerwing

Character: Vanessa Shimmerwing
Nickname: Vanity squared
Profession: Sorcerer
Weapons: Her looks, a hairbrush, apathy, random magic
Experience: Enough, somehow
Age: 120
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Religion/Deity: Shakhi
Race: Fey elf
Size: Medium
Appearance: Beautiful, but with different accents; usually something blue about her - her skin, her eyes, her hair, her clothes. Currently she also sports a set of translucent fey wings to accent her already exotic appearance, though she wasn't born with them. Usually wearing a long flowing dress with sparkles and lace and feathers, if possible.
Personality: Incredibly vain. Besides herself, there are only two things Vanessa cares about: things that glitter, and things that glitter on her. Also very lazy and definitely a sociopath.
Background: She hails from a random little world. She didn't care, so she left and continued to... not care. Then she wandered the galaxy, hitching up with random folks for food or the prospect of sparkles, doing anything from aiding bounty hunters, treasure hunting, modelling, even dancing - she is quite good, but would be a lot better if she... well, cared.

Now she has hooked up with a peculiar little gnome called something... Jessy, Jockidee... something. Whatever it was, the relationship includes both not doing anything and potential treasure, so Vanessa could hardly complain... reasonably.