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A fragment of the Garden of Remembering

A Compendium of Fragments

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The Book of Dreams

For the Garden of Remembering

Call it what you will: This, the Book of Dreams, A Very Useful Book, An Assorted Compilation of Events That May Or May Not Be Significant, The World. It may not even be a book, showing up instead as words on a wall, pictures in the air, an app, a game, a dream, a world to fall into. All these little words tied together by invisible threads that twist about and interweave the unrelated fragments, and where does it leave the reader, the player, or perhaps the played? Where, indeed?

From this book, worlds can be written, and rewritten. All that is written and told is here, and anything that is found can be changed, if only one knows how. For those who understand the true nature of words, there is no limit. No limit at all to what can be secreted away and lost forever... and no limit to what can then be later brought into the light.

This isn't what it's all about, of course. It's not all about anything. Things just sort of happen, one after another. Sometimes someone writes them down.