A fragment of the Garden of Remembering

Originally from a lovely little corner in the vicinity of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Nathan, 26,... left.

It was actually slightly more complicated than that, but only slightly: first he got himself fired from his riveting job as a 'computer systems analyst'. Then he left.

He used his severance pay to buy one-way plane tickets to Oregon, in part because he figured it would be a nice change in scenery; unfortunately, the part of Oregon in question turned out to have a nearly identical climate and even a similar dirty river going through as the wretched place he'd left.


Now he figures he'll just stay until he runs out of money. It could be awhile, however, since mooching off his one of his friends from WoW, Darren, one of the reasons he chose Oregon in the first place, he does not spend much. In return for a place to stay and free food, he helps take care of the Shahanna place. Whether or not it has occurred to him that running out of money will essentially strand him there with no way to afford the cost to get back, or whether or not he even cares, is unknown.

Nathan plays Kisai Sheelabob in the game world of Sarathi de.

Kisai Sheelabob

Character: Kisai Sheelabob
Nickname: Kisa
Profession: Monk
Weapons: Unarmed, piano wire, throwing knives
Experience: Master
Age: 387
Alignment: Neutral
Religion/Deity: Possibly follows Murias
Race: Elf
Size: Medium
Appearance: Short for an elf, golden hair, always relaxed, regardless of the situation. Stress is pointless.
Personality: Better than you.
Background: A member of the Hallorian chapter of the Adoris na Taliria'tarsis like Alexis' character Diane; Kisa joined the a'tarsis in the hopes of making as much of the world as it might of her.