A fragment of the Garden of Remembering

Predominantly a UX designer and MediaWiki developer. I have many projects. Last updated 2020.

Work experience

Wikimedia Foundation

Project Grantee - Timeless/Post-deployment support (2018 - 2019) (report)
  • Consolidation of bug reports and user feedback into actionable tasks
  • Outreach to relevant stakeholders to prioritise development and better understand audience needs, including RfCs to determine paths forward
  • Bugfixes and features development within Timeless, both to increase inter-compatibility with external components and improve the effectiveness of included components
  • Development on and documentation of the underlying skinning system in MediaWiki core to better support needs of all skins
  • Updates and compatibility fixes across myriad skins and extensions in order to improve compatibility and consistency across the overall MediaWiki frontend ecosystem
Project Grantee - WikiProject X/CollaborationKit MVP (2018 - 2019) (report)
  • Extension review and task triage to ensure up-to-date status information
  • Resolution of technical debt: style changes, deprecated functions, upstream and cross-compatibility with other extensions
  • Determination and resolution of current deployment blockers, including setting expectations for the extension as well as upstream requirements
  • Updates and maintenance for onwiki and community outreach channels, including general newsletters and direct liaising with relevant stakeholders
IEG Grantee - Designer and Developer for WikiProject X Renewal (2016 - 2017) (report)
  • MediaWiki extension development, design, and review
  • Collaboration with upstream teams to fix bugs and implement new features
  • Creating and implementing skin-agnostic designs based on earlier prototypes
  • Vetting potential new hires
IEG Grantee - Designer for WikiProject X (2015) (report)
  • Collecting user stories, and comparing components across successful WikiProjects
  • Creating design documents to track existing and potential user workflows
  • Prototype layout design and development, testing, and iteration
  • Presentations to various stakeholders at conferences
Design intern - Flow (2013) (report)
  • Testing for usability problems with the existing interface
  • Component wireframes and high-fidelity interactive designs for initial testing
  • Design changes to ease transitions between different interface styles

Freelance work

Website development and graphic design (2011 - present)
  • MediaWiki extension and skin development and design, with focus on those needing cohesion with other aspects of an organisation's site
  • Art commissions and logo design, branding and visual identities
  • Website building and updates for deployed platforms

Measured Progress

Scoring Team Leader, Supervisor (2016 - 2020)
  • Coordinating with other team leaders and supervisors
  • Performing quality assurance to ensure consistency over time
  • Managing team(s) of scorers
  • Evaluating edge cases and translation issues and determining new rules consistent with existing standards
Scorer (2014 - 2017)
  • Consistent evaluation according to standardised rules
  • Finding unestablished edge cases

Quest Product Development

General assistant (2007 - 2009)
  • Quality assurance testing, database sanitisation, clerical duties, and other tasks

Volunteer work


MediaWiki developer (2011 - present)
  • Skin development, maintenance, and design, especially for mobile, providing distinct visual identities for MediaWiki sites
  • Presentations on current work and training sessions walking people through the processes involved
  • Extensions and better interfaces for remote authentication and database imports, screenplay formatting, others
  • Liaising between volunteer and staff developers in bug reports and discussions
  • Adding built-in support for new CSS specs while also supporting fallback options for older browsers
  • Mentoring Google Summer of Code participants, as well as other new users
  • Filing and following up on tasks for improved usability and accessibility of various interfaces, internal and external
Content contributor and editor
  • File uploads and editing, including watermark removal and adjustments for better digital viewing
  • Editing Wikipedia and sister wikis
  • Organising and facilitating meetups, editing events, and other outreach
  • Administrating the mailing list for the Wikimedians in Colorado User Group


Head of User Experience (2013 - present)
  • General site branding
  • Extension and tool design and review
  • Skin and extension maintenance and upstream coordination with MediaWiki core projects


Director of Semi-visible Operations (Uncyclomedia) (2013 - present)
  • MediaWiki extension and script development
  • Interface and tool development in response to changing user needs and upstream changes
  • Project management of system and server administration
  • Prerelease testing and live deployments
  • Community organisation and outreach
Editor and administrator (2010 - 2015)
  • Image manipulation, creation, and editing, as well as logo design
  • Community management, cat herding, and countervandalism and antispam maintenance
  • Article writing, editing, and review

Skills and tools

UX and Design Research
  • Data collection: Surveys, interviews, community discussion, testing out and surveying existing content/processes
  • Evaluation: Persona and heuristic evaluation, A/B testing, contrast checkers and colourblindness simulators
  • Throwing random stuff at the wall and seeing what happens
Software Development
  • Languages: PHP, JavaScript, Python, SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, LESS, SASS, SVG
  • Codebases: MediaWiki, WordPress
  • Collaboration platforms: Phabricator, Bugzilla, Gerrit
  • Version control: SVN, Git, IRC, email
  • Raster editing: GIMP, Photoshop
  • Vector editing: Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, Fontforge
  • Other: Balsamiq Mockups, Firefox developers tools, pencil and paper
  • Grantmaking, documentation, reports
  • Team leadership, project planning, inter-team collaboration
  • Ubuntu and Arch Linux system administration, Nginx, Apache, mdadm


CU Boulder - Bachelor of Science Computer Science (Human-Centered Computing track) - 2013
  • Studies in algorithms, computer systems, software engineering
  • Studies in psychology with an emphasis on neuroscience and human-computer interaction
  • Studies in 2D, 3D, and user experience design
  • Studies in startup and business management, basic marketing