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Frezak (GM): Hokay.
Frezak (GM) waves.
Apheori (GM): This thing is daft.
Frezak (GM): Daft?
rolling 1D8r+1D6+7
Apheori (GM): You said stuff and it put it off the screen instead of scrolling down to it. >.<
What's the icon?
Frezak (GM): I dragged a Kobold.
Because all maps are better with Kobolds.
Apheori (GM): How are we supposed to know it's kobold?
Frezak (GM): there.
Apheori (GM): Hmm.
How are you supposed to move the camera?
Frezak (GM): Rick-click+drag.
with the hand toool.
Kobold Horde: BEHOLD.
Frezak (GM): So.
The tools.
Apheori (GM): What's the comb tool?
Frezak (GM): it's a ruler.
Apheori (GM): This UX is awful.
Frezak (GM): What?
Apheori (GM): Design. Stuff.
Frezak (GM): Don't knock it, lady.
It's free.
Apheori (GM): Pfft, mediawiki is free, but at least we LABEL things...
Frezak (GM): So that was the initiative tracker.
Apheori (GM): What was?
Frezak (GM): You can right-click tokens to add them.
The popup there.
The clock button.
the gear button can sort them once all the initiatives are typed in.
The arrow moves it 1 along.
Apheori (GM): Huh.
Frezak (GM): On a token, one click gives 3 bubbles and 2 buttons.
The bubbles can be edited from the main view.
If you click the popup gear icon.
You get fun options.
The other button adds markers to track effects and shizzle.
Apheori (GM): I have no idea what this means.
Frezak (GM): Okay, the edit screen for a token.
Represents Character means you can bind a token to a Journal character.
I have made the Kobold Horde in the Journal.
That's the... third icon above the chatbox.
By changing one token to be bound to the Kobold horde character, I change it's name.
Apheori (GM): Well, those have labels, at least.
They got about everything else wrong, though...
It moved.
Frezak (GM): I dragged it.
WHen you drag a token, it looks like it slides for everyone else.
SO they can see how it moved.
Kelly (GM): Cool.
Frezak (GM): You can do all kinds of stuff with the token buttons.
if you have a token that represents a character, you can go to a journal entry and click Edit and bind the token to the entry.
SO dragging the name from the Journal would reproduce the token.
Great for placing players on a new map.
Kelly (GM): How do you make tokens?
How are players...
Frezak (GM): Two ways.
Either you drag a picture from your machine onto the map.
Or you go to the second button above the chat and search for a token.
Kelly (GM): To chrome? Not bloody likely that that'd work...
Frezak (GM): WELL TRY.
Frezak (GM): NO.
Escusage isn't a thing I do.
Kelly (GM): What's the egg on the horde?
Frezak (GM): It's a ninja head I think.
I just pressed the dot popup on the token dropdown and added it.
It's for tracking states and effects easily.
Kelly (GM): Huh.
Frezak (GM): The box Button on the side menu is... well, fairly self-explanatory.
In any layer, can't mess with the others.
Kelly (GM): There. Twilight character.
Frezak (GM): So you don't accidentally start shifting pieces of background.
Frezak (GM) sighs.
the skies sob.
Kelly (GM): Totally.
I lack good icons.
Can I use blobs for everything?
Frezak (GM): You /could/
You sure you can't drag things onto the map?
Kelly (GM): It seemed to work?
Except it's really slow because it's all on another computer because my harddrive failed.
Frezak (GM): This is a bunny.
Kelly (GM): It doesn't support svgs.
Frezak (GM): Whatever that is.
Kelly (GM): A fairly standard format for icons and other simple designs.
Frezak (GM): Well, you can use the inbuilt image search.
Rick-cliking on things can let you do the copypasta stuff and flip them between layers.
Kelly (GM): Er.
Frezak (GM): What?
Kelly (GM): It's slow.
Sure I can't just use blobs?
Frezak (GM): Ehhhh.
You /could/.
Might get a bit boring after a bit >.>
But that's up to you.
The next thing is more D&D related.
Encounter building, specifically.
Kelly (GM) panics.
Kelly (GM): Also, ghah, why does this thing expect me to CLICK on it to do stuff?
Frezak (GM): Gan will give you a thing.
Kelly (GM): What the hell is wrong with it?!
Kelly (GM) panics some more.
Kelly (GM): Thing?
Frezak (GM): Thing.
The Dungeon Master's Guide.
It has tables and list and help.
Kelly (GM): Ah.
Frezak (GM): You'll be wanting the Monster Manuals eventually.
For monsters.
Right now, we want to look at page.... uhh
Kelly (GM): Dude, it's still downloading.
Frezak (GM): Okay, so.
There are... 4 types of monster.
And I think 5 'classes'
Frezak (GM): Solo.
Minions are cheap (XP wise) and only have 1 HP.
Elites are tougher than standard monsters, and Solos can take on a whole party by themselves.
Of course, the tougher the monster, the more XP it's worth.
Kelly (GM): Right.
Frezak (GM): When you're building an encounter, keep XP values in mind as that's the real thing that determines how many beasties of what kind.
Monsters can be... soldiers, skirmishers, controllers, brutes and Lurkers.
It's a guideline on what they do in a fight.
You'll want to see that you have monsters that work together.
Like building a deck.
I have some example monsters here.
Frezak (GM): Encounter level 1 for 4 players is 400 XP.
I have... A level 1 brute worth 100 XP. an L1 minion skirmisher for 25 and an L2 artillery for 125.
(artillery. Knew there was a monster class I missed)
Ya'll want to keep things varied.
So just spamming minions won't do, since a few AOE powers will clear them out in no time.
Kelly (GM): Oh, there will be a room full of fanged hams.
Frezak (GM): So i'll go for... 1 L2 artillery. 2 L1 brutes. And fill the rest with minions.
THis is for general encounters.
Kelly (GM): Ah.
Frezak (GM): You're totally free to make things up.
LIke, have a room where monsters pop out of holes every turn.
Kelly (GM): Sounds plausible.
Frezak (GM): ANd the party has to cross the room and close the door or be eaten.
FOr that, you're not using normal encounter design.
Page 42 will also be very helpful.
As a DM, it's the best page.
You'll be using that if someone pushes someone else into a brazier, or traps them under a falling pillar.
Or drops a chandelier on someone.
Kelly (GM): Is there a skill for grabbing?
Frezak (GM): yes.
Yes there is.
The Gnoll is built on it.
DO you have the Player's Handbook?
Kelly (GM): Nope.
✦ Target: You can attempt to grab a creature that is
smaller than you, the same size category as you, or
one category larger than you. The creature must be
within your melee reach (don’t count extra reach
from a weapon).
Frezak (GM): ✦ Strength Attack: Make a Strength attack vs. Reflex.
Do not add any weapon modifiers. You must have at
least one hand free to make a grab attempt.
Hit: The enemy is immobilized until it escapes
or you end the grab. Your enemy can attempt to
escape on its turn.
Frezak (GM): ✦ Sustaining a Grab: You sustain a grab as a minor
action. You can end a grab as a free action.
✦ Effects that End a Grab: If you are affected by a
condition that prevents you from taking opportunity
actions (such as dazed, stunned, surprised, or unconscious),
you immediately let go of a grabbed enemy.
Frezak (GM): If you move away from the creature you’re grabbing,
you let go and the grab ends. If a pull, a push, or a
slide moves you or the creature you’re grabbing out
of your reach, the grab ends.
Kelly (GM): Fancy.
Frezak (GM): And there's a roll to drag people you're grabbing, too.
LIke drag them and push them off a cliff.
We made up rules for picking people and hurling them.
The Gnoll picked up a giant bug and threw it into an acidic ooze monster last session.
Kelly (GM): Neat.
And oh dear.
Frezak (GM): Oh dear what?
Kelly (GM): This is scary.
A lot to deal with.
A lot of stuff.
Frezak (GM): It's a lot simpler and faster once you've dealt with it a bit.
This is what a monster stat block looks like.
You can always reflavour how they do things and totally ignore powers if you want.
Kelly (GM): What's shifting?
Frezak (GM): Hokay.
Two main types of move you'll see in the game.
First one is a straight move.
You move you speed (Six for just about everything)
But moving away or around an enemy with a simple move will give them a free stab as you go past.
A shift is you moving just 1 square, but not provoking Opportunity Attacks.
Frezak (GM): It's moving carefully while keeping your guard up.
Kelly (GM): Ah.
Frezak (GM): Normally difficult terrain costs 2 squares of movement.
To move into.
And since a shift is 1 square, you cant shift into a square of difficult terrain.
Except this dude.
Kelly (GM): Elfy.
Frezak (GM): Two types of Immediate actions.
Both can't be used on the creature's turn, or more than once a round.
Reactions happen after attacks are resolved, interrupts before.
So 'Not So Close' doesn't let them evade attacks.
But would let the archer not be in melee on their turn, so able to move instead of shift and try and find a better spot.
Kelly (GM): In melee?
Frezak (GM): Yeah, in melee range of a guy. touching on the grid.
Because the other thing that can give people a chance at an Opportunity Attack (OA) is making a ranged attack while someone is within melee range.
So if the archer tries to shoot with a fighter next to him, the guy can swing at the elf.
Same with PCs.
If the Artificer tries to cast a spell while a goblin is next to him, he's risking stabbination.
Unless he shifts first, in which case the goblin can just move 1 next turn and stab again.
Kelly (GM): And if he runs away like normal, that also risks stabination?
Frezak (GM): If he walks away, yes.
Every turn, you have a Standard action, a move action and a Minor action to use.
Any of these can be 'devolved' into the next one.
Kelly (GM): What?
Frezak (GM): So if the caster REALLY wants to get away, he can shift and then use his standard action to move again instead of attacking.
Kelly (GM): Ah.
Frezak (GM): So, you can use your standard to attack or use most powers.
But you can also charge.
WHich means you use a standard to give you a move in a straight line and an attack, both part of the standard action.
So you could move 6, then charge to move up to another 6 AND attack.
Making it tough to get out of melee range for most characters.
Kelly (GM): Eeek.
Frezak (GM): Yeah.
But there are a lot of things to help with that.
For instance, My guy can create a zone that mean that people leaving it are knocked prone.
Being prone means you have to spend a move action just to stand up.
ANd there are some powers that give you shifts as part of attacks.
Like the Ranger Nimble Strike power lets you attack, and shift before or after the attack.
Frezak (GM): Leaving your move action intact.
And there are power to deny shifts and whatever, but generally, once a melee guy is laying into someone, he's gonna be tough to shake off.
DMs will like to have someone harrying the flimsy casters.
Kelly (GM): Kill them back, then.
Harry everyone!
Frezak (GM): Keeping them on the run and denying them positioning.
I'll find a few monsters and set up an encounter for next time.
Let you have a look at the things and what they do.
Kelly (GM): Fun.
I hope.
The Gravedigger: Tessting
Frezak (GM): Hokay, tap the little blue page picture. And go to the other map.
Kelly (GM): Whoaaah.
Frezak (GM): tadaaa
With the monsters for easy reference.
Though they're in map layer, since GM layer makes them semi-transparent.
I can send you the monster blocks seperately if you want.
Also, if you drag one of the player names from the Journal, i'tll pop a fresh token.
That refers the HP listed in the journal entry.
Kelly (GM): What monster blocks?
Are they somewhere?
Frezak (GM): Far right of the map.
Kelly (GM): I see nothing.
Frezak (GM): That's odd.
Five squares past the archer?
Off the pretty map?
Kelly (GM): Just white.
Frezak (GM): Bugger.
I'll email them to you, then.
Kelly (GM): Shovel.
Frezak (GM): Do you see the thing now?
Kelly (GM): Yes.
Frezak (GM): Any of it not make sense? >.>
Kelly (GM): A missed attack never damages a minion? What does that mean?
Frezak (GM): Some powers have a thing where they deal damage even if they miss.
What this means is that effect doesn't count on minions.
Kelly (GM): Ah.
Like a fireball, or like something slightly more... nuanced?
Frezak (GM): Sort of.
Most daily powers have a miss:half damage thing on them so they're not totally wasted if you rolled poorly.
Kelly (GM): Huh.
Frezak (GM): Check yer token permissions, Gan-of-Gans.
Ganelon: All good.
Frezak (GM): brill.
Ganelon: Except you should probably stick to his first name so it doesn't cover too much space.
Frezak (GM): done;
Kelly (GM): How tall is the gravedigger?
Ganelon: Things worth knowing about R20:
Gigantic player name icons are annoying. Fix them by going to the top-right and clicking on the gear tab.
Frezak (GM): I'm... Whatever the higest I can be.
Kelly (GM): o_O
Ganelon: Set them to names only. In the same menu you can also give yourself a nickname in the campaign.
Frezak (GM): or just remove the names on tokens.
Since we know who is who.
damn, that sliding looks so fancy.
Ganelon: How are you doing that?
Apheori (GM): What's the green number?
Frezak (GM): Action points.
Ganelon: Number of action points.
Frezak (GM): You gain 1 ever two encounters.
Apheori (GM): That are those? >.<
Can I hijack people's characters?
Frezak (GM): You can spend one a turn to get an extra standard action.
Yes, you can.
Ganelon: Probably.
Apheori (GM): Eeexcellent.
Ganelon: Yeah, there you go.
Apheori (GM): >.<
Frezak (GM): That sort of thing.
Get awkward when you hikack by accident.
The Gravedigger hits Radek with a shovel.
Apheori (GM): So how do you do it intentionally properly?
Frezak (GM): Yeah.
Like that.
Apheori (GM): Like, I mean, without it being weird?
Frezak (GM): How do you do things intentionally? >.>
Apheori (GM): Maaagic.
Ganelon: You just use the slider below the chat to change who you're sending messages as.
Apheori (GM): I mean, when would it be appropriate to do it?
Frezak (GM): Eh.
Ganelon: When you're speaking in-character, of course.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Frezak (GM): I'm gonna keep thinking that Radek is a dwarf.
Ganelon: I can't see other peoples' health bars, by the way.
Presumably they exist.
Frezak (GM): oh, right.
Apheori (GM): I can't see the goblin ones.
Ganelon: You probably should be able to, though the players shouldn't.
Frezak (GM): The goblins don't because they are minions.
Apheori (GM): Ah.
Frezak (GM): For the monsters, red value is HP, green is bloodied value and blue number is XP (for when I was setting them up)
You see HP bars now, Gan?
Ganelon: Yeah.
Frezak (GM): delicious.
Okay, so when we run this.
The rocks and deep foliage provide cover.
Apheori (GM): Cover?
Frezak (GM): Which is -2 to hit people behind it.
So Radek shooting the closest fire beetle would have -2 to hit.
Also, enemies provide cover for each other.
So here the goblin is providing cover for the archer.
Ganelon: The toolbar on the top left is pretty cool.
Apheori (GM): Where do I get backgrounds for the maps?
Ganelon: I typically use freehand to show how I'm moving.
Frezak (GM): Use the image search, or look for 'em yourself.
This is the Bandit Road.
Because bandits.
Ganelon: You could also do what I do and just draw them using the tools here.
Apheori (GM): Is there anywhere you might suggest looking?
Frezak (GM): >.>
Apheori (GM): For... like... oh, bugger.
Frezak (GM): You can always make them yerself.
Apheori (GM): I've never seen anything like what I'd want in my life.
Ganelon: I mean, the most I can really do with lines is draw walls and other things of notable import.
Apheori (GM): Don't have a tablet.
Ganelon: Oh, you don't need a tablet.
Frezak (GM): I don't mean draw.
I mean put tiles and things together.
Ganelon: Like, here.
Apheori (GM): ...tiles?
Frezak (GM): um
Apheori (GM): Oh.
Ganelon: This is how I do it.
Frezak tends to have images for floors and stuff which he arranges instead.
Apheori (GM): Greetings, bear soup guy.
Bear Soup Guy: Right
Ganelon: Either method works fine. Usually you're going to have to describe what the players are looking at no matter what.
Bear Soup Guy: Hello
Frezak (GM): You might want to kill flash.
Or disable video stuffs in the config.
Apheori (GM): Dammit, it WAS Atascht!
Ganelon: Yes.
Go to the top right of the window.
Gear icon.
Scroll down until you get to the video part and set them to neither broadcast nor receive.
"Names Only" also helps.
Apheori (GM): Yes.
Apheori (GM): So can you fit four people into a five-foot square room?
Frezak (GM): I don't think so.
Ganelon: No, 5 ft is one square here.
Frezak (GM): Unless they're squeezing?
Apheori (GM): But they fit just fine in reality.
Ganelon: 5ft is the space that a creature can at least choose to occupy.
And allies aren't supposed to sit on the same square. Plus it just makes things really hard to follow.
Frezak (GM): Mostly that.
Apheori (GM): But what if it's important?
What if everyone needs to fit in a closet?
Ganelon: Then we're probably not fighting.
And it's okay.
Frezak (GM): That.
Apheori (GM): Good point.
Ganelon: I'm not aiming a high tech rifle while sharing a 5ft space with three other people.
Frezak (GM): My shovel would get in the way.
And I am not a small dude;
Apheori (GM): What is it, a snow shovel?
How small are you?
Tell me.
Frezak (GM): A dirt shovel.
Apheori (GM): Those have points.
Frezak (GM): About... 7ft?
You're thinking of spades.
Apheori (GM): Oh, that all?
Ganelon: Is that short for an elf?
Frezak (GM): A unagi or whatever I am. Unaci?
Apheori (GM): Not short, but not necessarily that tall, either.
Frezak (GM): I am very brawny.
Apheori (GM): I should figure out what those purple elves were.
Ganelon: I mean, Lhoryn's an abnormally large gnoll and he's 8'1".
Apheori (GM): There's a chance one of you is supposed to be purple.
Frezak (GM): I hope I'm not purple.
I'd look silly.
Apheori (GM): You might be.
Frezak (GM): *gasp*
Apheori (GM): But I don't think so.
I think those were... something else.
I don't know.
Ganelon: If you need someone to be purple, I can edit the image.
Apheori (GM): Point is the purple ones were 7' tall on average.
And they and others get taller.
But I don't know.
Things will be weird enough as it is.
Frezak (GM): What, are they all stick insects?
Apheori (GM): No, just large.
It's the large fat ones you need to watch out for.
Apheori (GM) hopes Gravy isn't one of those.
Frezak (GM): I'm not fat?
I work.
For a living.
Apheori (GM): Good.
Frezak (GM): With muscles.
And posing.
Apheori (GM): Hey, you could be fat and muscley. Some are. >.<
Frezak (GM): Artistic Ihumation.
Apheori (GM): Well, anyhow, are you huge or not?
Frezak (GM): What's 'huge' ?
Apheori (GM): Although...
More than 8 feet tall.
Ganelon: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f5/Andre_in_the_late_%2780s.jpg
For reference, this is 7'4".
Frezak (GM): I'm a coke machine with limbs.
Apheori (GM): He's human.
Ganelon: And this guy weighed over 500 lb.
Apheori (GM): Pfft.
Frezak (GM): Andre the Giant!
The French dude.
Unless he was Corsican.
Ganelon: Yes, him.
Apheori (GM): Okay, it's unusual for elves, even uneca, to be over 8 feet tall.
Bear Soup Guy: Giants are, by definition, quite large!
Apheori (GM): They're probably largest.
Frezak (GM): NO SHIT.
Apheori (GM): The purple ones were probably a subspecies or something.
Bear Soup Guy: I'd just like to point out that my token looks super mystical and awesome
That is the end of that observation
Frezak (GM): Good.
Bear Soup Guy: :D
Apheori (GM): Yes.
Frezak (GM): I can always poke it if you want.
Ganelon: Radek looks suitably tired, though not of people's nonsense.
Frezak (GM): He will be.
He will be.
Ganelon: Oh, I'm sure, but the token looks more like typical old-man tiredness.
Apheori (GM): Gravy looks alarmingly like an uneca.
Frezak (GM): I'm actually using a Tiefling token.
Apheori (GM): No wonder.
Frezak (GM): Have you read the chat log, Bear Soup Guy?
It has some rules that could be useful to know.
Apheori (GM): Oh gods rules...
Apheori (GM) cowers.
Ganelon: The slider below this chat box lets you speak as your character, for instance.
Bear Soup Guy: I did see that, that's pretty cool
Were there other important rules?
Ganelon: Probably.
Frezak (GM): Moving.
THough I can recap if you want.
Opportunity Attacks.
I will do a lot of charging.
Bear Soup Guy: Oh dear
I'll read the thing
The Gravedigger waves his shovel menacingly
The Gravedigger: COME AT ME BROS
the beetle remains unfazed.
Frezak (GM): I can actually make people come to be buried.
Greibel: Woah man, I just got a head change
It's crazy, bro.
Ganelon: So we're armed with handguns, right?
Frezak (GM): I will tape mine to my shovel.
Ganelon: I'm just making a note of it for inventory purposes, as always.
Bear Soup Guy: Are these attributes and abilities...accurate?
Ganelon: Most likely no.
Bear Soup Guy: Oh okay
Ganelon: Unless Frezak spent a long time setting them up for you.
Bear Soup Guy: Is my character sheet somewhere?
Ganelon: I'll have to send it to you.
Bear Soup Guy: Okay, thankie
Frezak (GM): Your HP and surges are accurate, as far as I know.
Ganelon: Yes, they should be.
Apheori (GM): How do you say things as non characters?
Ganelon: You're doing it right now.
Unless you mean as NPCs, in which case you need to make a character (as far as R20 is concerned) and put in their name.
As the DM you can speak as anyone, so just speak as that name and you're set.
Kobold Horde: Like us.
Bear Soup Guy: Woooo, scary
Kobold Horde: Totes.
Frezak (GM):
(To GM) rolling 1D8r+4+1D6
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D8r+4+1D6
Bear Soup Guy: Woohoo character sheet!
Ganelon: I recommend for the sake of your own convenience that you mess with the journal for your character here in R20.
You should be able to see mine, so go take a look at it and see what I've done.
It's a much more convenient way to track what you're lugging around, especially money.
To my understanding, right now we have nothing resembling currency.
Bear Soup Guy: Okie dokie
Ganelon: I wrote down stuff for ammunition but that's probably never going to be releveant.
Relevant, even.
So, are we going to explain combat or is this just setting R20 up today?
Bear Soup Guy: I guess everybody went to refill their magic...
Ganelon: Actually I'm testing something out. Let's see if it works.
[Weapon Attack - Rifle]
rolling 1d20+3+5+0
Yeah, it works.
Bear Soup Guy: How do those work?
Ganelon: If you go edit your character in the journal you can make macros.
So I've added attributes (that are relevant to my attacks) and set up a macro to make those attack rolls using them.
Next I'm going to add ability rolls, assuming they hit.
So, stuff like the damage and automated descriptions of their effects.
Bear Soup Guy: Ah, right on
Ganelon: They're actually really easy to do.
Just gives you a box and everything you put in it comes out in the chat, so you can have it say something, roll dice, and use attributes as variables by hitting "@".
Bear Soup Guy: okie dokie
Ganelon: [Implement Attack]
rolling 1d20+5+0
Bear Soup Guy: Sexy
Apheori (GM): Sorry, had to make a pie.
Ganelon: [Aggravating Force]
rolling 1d10+5+0
The next ally to attack the target before EONT gains a +2 power bonus to the attack roll.
Apheori (GM): How did whoever it was have the world do something?
Ganelon: All working out quite nicely, yes.
Apheori (GM): It was like THE WORLD...
Ganelon: Try /desc.
Apheori (GM): Ghuh.
Oh, how cute... I named this thing 'holes' and we've got a guy who really likes digging holes...
Ganelon: [Thundering Armor]
Primary target gets a +1 power bonus to AC until EONT.
rolling 1d8+5+0
Push the secondary target 1 square away from the primary target.
Apheori (GM): So I'm playing all the npcs? Is that how it works?
Ganelon: Yes. Both the ones who want us dead and the ones who do not.
Apheori (GM): Do npcs have to roll?
Ganelon: Out of combat? Rarely if ever.
In combat? As much as players.
Apheori (GM): Mmkay.
Ganelon: If you're having NPCs roll out of combat it's usually if they're trying to sneak past us or lie to us.
In which case, try /gmroll so that only you can see it.
Apheori (GM): Can I be lazy and just use dice?
Ganelon: Also totally acceptable, yes.
Apheori (GM): How do you use these?
Ganelon: What, roll on this site?
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d12
rolling 1d10
rolling 1d8
Ganelon: You can just type /roll 1d12.
That also lets you add them together, ie: /roll 1d6+2d8+4.
rolling 1d6+2d8+4
Apheori (GM): Ah.
rolling 1d6 +4 > 5
So I think everyone's going to want you dead.
Do I need a reason why?
Ganelon: Not confident about your ability to play a wide host of characters?
Apheori (GM): Well...
Ganelon: [Ethereal Chill]
rolling 1d8+5+0
Until EONT, any enemy that attacks the primary target takes 2 damage.
Apheori (GM): I'm not good with details.
Ganelon: [Thundering Armor]
Primary target gets a +1 power bonus to AC until EONT.
rolling 1d8+5+0
Push the secondary target 1 square away from the primary target.
Whoops, that was accidental.
rolling 1d6 test
Ganelon: I can't help you there, I'm afraid.
Apheori (GM): Merp.
Ganelon: [Aggravating Force]
7 Force damage.
The next ally to attack the target before EONT gains a +2 power bonus to the attack roll.
23 Acid damage.
The target takes a -2 penalty to AC until EONT
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D10+0+0+4
Melee 2. Pull 1
[Axe attack]
rolling 1D20+4+0+2
[Roots Of Stone]
Burst 1.
Frezak (GM): Effect: Zone until EOYNT
Hit: /r 1D10+0+0+4 , targets leaving the zone are knocked prone and take 4
[Roots Of Stone]
Burst 1.
Effect: Zone until EOYNT
rolling 1D10+0+0+4 , targets leaving the zone are knocked prone and take 4
Frezak (GM): [Roots Of Stone]
Burst 1.
Effect: Zone until EOYNT
rolling 1D10+0+0+4
Targets leaving the zone are knocked prone and take 4
[Axe attack]
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20+4+0+2+0
Close burst 1.
rolling 1D10+0+0+4
Miss: Half damage.
Effect: Each marked enemy takes 4
Frezak (GM): [Gore]
Charge Attack or Opportunity attack.
rolling 1D20+4+0+4
Hit: /r 1D6+4 and target is prone.
Charge Attack or Opportunity attack.
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20+4+0+4
rolling 1D6+4
and target is prone.
[Axe attack]
Frezak (GM): [Gore]
Charge Attack or Opportunity attack VS AC
and target is prone.
Frezak (GM): [Strength of Stone]
Gain 4 THP.
[Strength of Stone]
Frezak (GM): #Axe-attack
Gain 4 THP.
[Strength of Stone]
Frezak (GM): VS AC
Gain 4 THP.
[Strength of Stone]
#Axe attack
Frezak (GM): 7
Gain 4 THP.
[Strength of Stone]
Frezak (GM): Gain 4 THP.
[Strength of Stone]
Gain 4 THP.
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 0
rolling 1d20 + 0
rolling 1d20 + 3
Frezak (GM): 17 for beetle
Apheori (GM): Giggly plank.
Frezak (GM): The Dreaded Giggly Plank of Tor Bibble.
Kobold Horde claps
Kobold Horde dances
Kobold Horde is so great
Gaurav V.:
rolling 1d20
Frezak (GM): That better not be initiative.
Rhu: Oooh, fancy.
Frezak (GM): The fances are ON.
Rhu: I'm just rolling out the low numbers so I only roll high numbers when the game starts.
Ganelon: Is Apheori here?
Frezak (GM): If the big rolls don't appear until the end I will be sad.
Apheori (GM): I need to send an email.
Gaurav V.: Looks like the gang's all here!
Frezak (GM): All five of us.
And the DM.
Apheori (GM): There are six?
Frezak (GM): Brünhilde, my best shovel.
Apheori (GM): I... see.
Frezak (GM): SO.
Apheori (GM): YES.
Frezak (GM): First things is initiatives.
If you have real dice then you can just use those for this bit. because DM.
A D20+ you initiative modifier. (usually your dex mod)
On the monster blocks, it's top left.
I just rolled 20.
Frezak (GM): Because I'm great.
Once you've rolled our init you can put it next to your name in the tracker.
The box thingy >.>
rolling 1d20+2
Apheori (GM): So do I roll for each npc thingy?
Frezak (GM): yup
I have a macro for that, though.
Apheori (GM): How?
Tell me.
Frezak (GM): um
Apheori (GM): TELL ME.
...what's a macro?
Are those like those weird things you define in C?
rolling 1d20
Frezak (GM): THings >.>
Apheori (GM): ...yes?
Frezak (GM): 3
Apheori (GM): What about their initiatives?
Frezak (GM): That is their initiatives.
It' just not showing roll details.
So that player don't know what the initiative modifier is for each monster.
Apheori (GM): Don't the characters need to add their modifiers, though?
Frezak (GM): Yep.
Ganelon: Uh, you do know that I can just mouse over these inline rolls to see their equation, right?
Frezak (GM): I did not.
That is nice to know.
Apheori (GM): Odd. The only die I couldn't find was the d6.
Gaurav: You can type "/roll 1d6" to roll a die in the chat window.
Apheori (GM): Yes.
So it doesn't matter.
It's just ironic since that's the die that's all common everywhere else.
Gaurav: I have a d6 in my Dice Roller popup thingie.
Frezak (GM): I think she means real dice?
Apheori (GM): Yes.
My d4 is missing a chunk out of one of the corners.
I probably shouldn't use it.
Gaurav: ... you're rolling actual die? That's hard core.
Frezak (GM): I often use real dice.
It's fancier.
Apheori (GM): And faster.
Well, faster for simples.
Frezak (GM): Huh.
There are graves on this map.
Apheori (GM): Is your guy going to dig them deeper?
Gaurav: Graves. What about the elf in the tree? I wasn't expecting an elf in a tree.
Frezak (GM): I may have to exhume the bodies to check the craftsmanship.
He's in a bush.
Apheori (GM): Buggrit, I need tea.
Gaurav: You check the craftsmanship, I'll check for any valuables buried with them.
Frezak (GM): Go make some. We're still waiting on Bear Soup Guy.
Bear Soup Guy: Huh?
Sorry, I went outside
Frezak (GM): YOU'RE BACK
Now please roll initiative.
Bear Soup Guy: How do I do that?
Frezak (GM): "/r1D20+ your initiative modifier.
Bear Soup Guy: Okay
Apheori (GM): WHOOO I HAVE A D20.
Frezak (GM): SO DO I.
Bear Soup Guy: Apparently my initiative modifier is zero
Apheori (GM): I just rolled a 1.
Frezak (GM): I can believe that.
Gaurav: My d20 is in Boulder :-/
Bear Soup Guy: Okay
Gaurav: It is also bright orange.
Apheori (GM): I've never used mine in a game.
Frezak (GM): Init is your dex mod usually.
Bear Soup Guy: Oh okay
Oh wait, but mine is Con because of Guardian isn't it?
Frezak (GM): Nope.
Ganelon: No, that's just for AC.
Bear Soup Guy: Oh okay, that's something else
Oh right
Frezak (GM): I SEE A WHORE.
Bear Soup Guy: Unrecognized command: /r1D20 + 11
Frezak (GM): space after the 'r'
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1D20 + 11
You need a space.
Bear Soup Guy: AH
rolling 1D20+11
Frezak (GM): +11?
Apheori (GM) smacks this thing for not recognising leading spaces.
Bear Soup Guy: WOOHOO
Bear Soup Guy: I am so lost
Dexterity is 11
Frezak (GM): Your dexterity modifier, not your dex.
The number to the right of it.
Bear Soup Guy: Oh the modifier
Okay, that's zero then
rolling 1D20+0
Frezak (GM): Well, at least you beat Radek.
He's busy... snorting magic dust.
Or something.
Greibel: Hey, help a brother out with some of that dust.
Frezak (GM): IT BEGINS.
Also I begin.
Apheori (GM): Wait, so THAT's what the babylon 5 dust was?
Radek: Not on your life.
Greibel: So be it.
I'll just sit here with my bear soup
Frezak (GM): I will start with a move.
Ganelon: Frezak, your shovel is augmented.
Frezak (GM): It is?
Fuck yeah.
Ganelon: I say it is.
Speed 6.
I think.
Ganelon: You know how that works, but I'll explain for these two.
One thing Radek can do between fights is augment weapons.
This means that when you attack with them, you can add +2 to the attack roll once, and then it stops being augmented.
So if you make a near-miss, you can turn that into a hit.
Greibel: Sexy
Frezak (GM): Free action to Mark anyone near me.
That means that they have -2 to attack people that are not me. And I can get a free poke at them if they try to.
Apheori (GM): So it's like a coating?
Ganelon: It's some kind of minor enhancement.
Frezak (GM): Little chained heart symbol to signify markage.
Ganelon: Likely magical.
Gaurav: ... did you just mark that bug with ... love?
Frezak (GM): I have marked his love.
With brambles.
Greibel: We're all one love man
Gaurav: haha
Frezak (GM): I will use Strength of Stone on him.
Ellemerr: I've a certain feeling this isn't the best time to be stalking. But screw that. Stalking!
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20+6
That... is a low number.
The bug has more AC than that.
So I have failed you guys.
Gaurav: The bug sniggers at you.
Apheori (GM): The bug doesn't notice.
Frezak (GM): And, time for this goblin.
Apheori (GM): So I snigger at you.
Frezak (GM) is hurt.
Apheori (GM): Am I the goblin?
Frezak (GM): Emotionally.
You are the goblin.
Apheori (GM): What do I do?
(From Ellemerr): Out of curiosity, this should whisper the both of yeh?
Frezak (GM): You take a turn, like a player.
Standard action, move action, minor action.
Apheori (GM): Ellemerr: How do you whisper folks?
Ellemerr: Wit h/w
Apheori (GM): Yeah, but... what...
Ellemerr: And then a name
Frezak (GM): You can peek at the sheet to see what this dude can do.
WHich is very little.
Ellemerr: To whisper the gm(s), /w gm
Frezak (GM): He can poke or throw a javelin.
Ellemerr: To whisper me, /w Ellemerr
Apheori (GM): How do ranged distances work?
Frezak (GM): Range is number of squares.
If there are two ranges, like 10/20, means range 10 is normal, and anything from 11-20 has a -2 to hit. 21 is no-go.
Apheori (GM): So 10 is two squares?
Frezak (GM): 10 is 10 squares.
Apheori (GM): Oh.
Frezak (GM): Ya can use the ruler, too.
Ellemerr: But one square is... some lenght. Hell if I remember the number.
Apheori (GM): So I can have it try to kill Rhu?
Frezak (GM): You could.
Frezak (GM): And he can move first if you want to throw at Radek.
Gaurav: You can try.
Apheori (GM): And get rid of the rocks in the way? Or do we care about those?
Frezak (GM): Rocks provide cover if they interect an attack.
THat's -2 to hit.
So if you want to throw stuff at those squishy guys, you might want to move first.
Apheori (GM): So if the goblin is behind the rock, does that affect it, or just anything aiming for it.
Apheori (GM): ?
How do you USE cover?
Frezak (GM): You use cover just by having it in the way.
Apheori (GM): Why would a goblin go after you? You're huge.
But you can't shoot from behind it?
Frezak (GM): Sure you can.
oh, I see.
(From Ellemerr): Never mind what I said about having gone throught this. I forgot you were learning to DM. *shifty eyes* BUT I'M CONFIDENT YOU CAN STILL LEARN IT! Yeah.
Frezak (GM): Well, presumably if you're right up against it when you shoot, it wouldn't hinder you.
(To Ellemerr): SEEEEE?
Apheori (GM): Oh.
Frezak (GM): I'm not an expert on cover rules >.>
Just make it up.
(From Ellemerr): *cackles*
Apheori (GM): I need more of a frame of reference. I'm like Coraline-lost, here. I've already gone beyond Fern-lost.
Okay, so move the thing and attack?
Gaurav: Yup! You get three actions: a standard, a minor and a move. You can do them in any order. So you can move first, then attack, then a minor. I think.
Frezak (GM): yup
Apheori (GM): What's a minor?
Frezak (GM): Monsters usually don't have powers that use Minors.
Apheori (GM): Ah.
So the things are listed as 'minor'?
Frezak (GM): Otherwise it' stuff like pulling out a weapno, picking something up, opening a door.
Ellemerr: Yes.
Apheori (GM): Ah.
How do you move things?
Just drag them?
Frezak (GM): yep
Ellemerr: If you had a cleric, your heals might be minors. Unless that's just me. I'm pretty clueless.
Frezak (GM): All Leaders have their healing thing as a Minor.
Apheori (GM): What do I add together to attack?
Frezak (GM): Look at the power.
In this case javelin is +6.
Apheori (GM): Whazzat mean? +6 vs AC?
Frezak (GM): Means it's a D20+6, and if the roll is equal to or higher than the target's AC, you hit.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 6
What's his AC?
Frezak (GM): So now your target tells you >.>
Unless you have player sheets at hand.
Gaurav: Who did you attack?
Apheori (GM): I probably should but I don't.
Ganelon: Oh, then it just barely hits.
If you tie with someone's defenses, it's a hit.
Apheori (GM): So it hit. Now what?
Ganelon: Tell me how much damage I'm taking.
Ellemerr: Could someone be so kind as to provide the stalker with a quick who's-who? :3 The stalker would much apreciate it!
Ganelon: I'm playing Radek.
Apheori (GM): How do I know how much damage he's taking?
Gaurav: I'm Rhu. Bear Soup Guy is Greibel.
Ellemerr: You roll for damages. Probably.
Apheori (GM): It says 4 damage.
Ellemerr: Thanksies.
Apheori (GM): What does that mean?
You take 4 damage?
Frezak (GM): That means it's a straight 4.
Most minions don't roll for damage.
They just do shit damage.
Apheori (GM): Whooo I hit a player character!
Ellemerr applauds Apheori!
Rhu stands stock-still as a javelin whooshes past him.
Ellemerr: Go you!
Apheori (GM): Should I... er...
Apheori (GM) pokes it.
Apheori (GM): It didn't hit?
Ganelon: It did.
Apheori (GM): Oh, right.
I'm mixing you up.
Gaurav: It whooshed past Rhu to hit Radek.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
So if you took damage... how...
Ganelon: Also, Frezak, I can't see Rhu's health.
Apheori (GM) gestures vaguely.
Ganelon: I can subtract it myself.
Frezak (GM): Yarr.
Apheori (GM): Good.
Ganelon: You'll have to do the same if I hit something.
Apheori (GM): You'll have to tell me how.
Ellemerr: You click their health blob and type in either the new value or the -whatever
So -4 in this case.
Ganelon: Doesn't apply to minions. They just die if you hit them.
Apheori (GM): Okay, so now what?
Gaurav: Elf!
Frezak (GM): Now it's the elf's turn.
The shooty one.
Frezak (GM): Shh.
Trust the magic colour line.
Apheori (GM): Agh.
Gaurav: What is the elf's speed?
Apheori (GM): Normal.
Most things are normal.
Except things that AREN't.
Gaurav: I think that's ... 6 squares or something? He could run up to the next bush along and shot Gravy. For all the good that'd do him.
Apheori (GM): Actually...
Apheori (GM) grins.
Frezak (GM): The elf gets +2 to his attack rolls if he moves.
Gaurav: uh oh
Apheori (GM): And I've decided it's going after your guy. Congratulations!
Frezak (GM): Whose guy?
Apheori (GM): The one who gave me the idea.
Frezak (GM): AWESOME.
Gaurav gulps
Frezak (GM): He has 20/40 range. He can hit anybody.
Apheori (GM): So that's /r 1d20 + 2 + 7?
Frezak (GM): yup
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 2 + 7
I was hoping it'd actually do it inline. >.<
Gaurav: Is that against AC?
Frezak (GM): Ya'll usually want to mention the defence it targets when rolling.
Apheori (GM): Oh. Yes.
Ellemerr: Whelp, more pie. I may or may not return at some point. Have fun either way! /me stalks off
Rhu: The arrow pings harmlessly off Rhu's armor (AC 16)
Frezak (GM): Yay for Rhu.
Apheori (GM): Rhu isn't wearing armour.
Rhu: He's wearing cloth armor
Frezak (GM): Pings off his hair?
Apheori (GM): ...sure.
Rhu: I get a +3 from my faith alone.
The Gravedigger: BURY THEM
Apheori (GM): Anyway, cloth armour isn't armour. Sorry, but NO.
Unless it's really heavy cloth or something.
Bear Soup Guy: What if it's kevlar?
Apheori (GM): Hmm, good point.
Frezak (GM): That would be more like Hide Armour.
Rhu: Your kind have infested these forests long enough. Prepare to die!
Apheori (GM): These people WOULD have cloth armour.
Frezak (GM): I'm wearing a flak vest.
Apheori (GM): And it'd stop bullets.
The cloth.
Like those things in stargate...
Rhu: I fire off a bond of retribution at the kobold closest to me.
Apheori (GM): It's a goblin.
Frezak (GM): Ac is your ability to dodge as much as it is physical armour.
rolling 1d20 + 4 vs AC
Frezak (GM): Clearly a goblin, man.
Rhu: Vermin are vermin.
Apheori (GM): Okay, so you hit it. What does that do?
Rhu: Yay!
Frezak (GM): Since he's a minion, he dies.
Rhu: Oh?
Apheori (GM): Oh, right.
Rhu: Shoot. I was hoping to do some more math and whatnot.
Apheori (GM): How
'd you do that?
Frezak (GM): THe right-hand white blob popup on token selectin.
Apheori (GM): Right.
Rhu: Okay, this power has another effect: the first time any enemy who is not my target hits me before the end of my next turn, he takes +2 radiant damage.
better not hit me, guys
Frezak (GM): That's cool.
Apheori (GM): They don't know that.
Rhu: oops
Frezak (GM): Correct.
Rhu: so how do I give up turn order?
Greibel: Now they know!
You fool!
Just say your done.
Rhu: I am done.
Frezak (GM): And a GM can advance the order.
Greibel: Okay
Let's do this!
Bear Soup Guy: How do I let's do this?
Frezak (GM): WHich do are you trying to do?
Bear Soup Guy: Which do should I do?
I have like, cool ranged stuff
And a staff for hitting
And I can be a bear
Frezak (GM): Look at your powers.
Rhu: Tactically, you could run up through us and attack the goblins ahead of us, or you could hang back and range-attack them forcing them to attack me or Gravy, which would be a very bad idea for them. All except that stupid elf.
Frezak (GM): Whip them thorns.
I'll stay here and attract dudes.
You go take out the archer.
Rhu: Re: the armour debate -- the cloth armour only gives me +1 AC, which really just means it gets in the way a bit. Most of my armour comes from an Avenger class benefit "Armor of Faith", which gives me +3 AC as long as I'm wearing light or no armour.
Ganelon: Cloth armor actually provides no protection.
Frezak (GM): Dude. Can you Fire Hawk the archer?
Ganelon: Yes. That.
Frezak (GM): Because then if he tries to shoot again he'll get hawked.
In a fiery way.
Bear Soup Guy: How do I...okay
How do I aim a thing at a guy?
Frezak (GM): Ya just say so.
But you'll need to get within 10 of him.
Bear Soup Guy: Okay, well there's a goblin on the right
Under the bug
And I will thorn whip him
Apheori (GM): You can move before fire hawking.
As part of the turn.
Bear Soup Guy: I can also do that, right!
How many spaces can I move?
Apheori (GM): Uh...
Ganelon: 6.
Rhu: It's your "speed" on your character sheet.
Bear Soup Guy: Oh right, the speed
Okie dokie
Apheori (GM): Right. >.<
Ganelon: It might be 5 because of your armor.
Diagonal movement costs the same.
Apheori (GM): I want to use total annihilation maps. Will anyone care?
Bear Soup Guy:
rolling 1D8 + 4
Okay, I did that to the archer
Rhu: hang on
Bear Soup Guy: And also it pulls him two squares
Rhu: your attack roll is always 1d20 + (something)
Bear Soup Guy: Oh
Rhu: I think? Greibel? I'm pretty sure you can't do an attack roll with a 1d8.
Apheori (GM): Ghuh, what's the skill description?
Bear Soup Guy: There's nothing on my character sheet that says 1d20
Apheori (GM): It probably says +4 vs something.
So it's 1d20+4 to see if it works?
I think.
Bear Soup Guy: Oh, 4 vs Fort
Apheori (GM): Remember, I don't know what I'm talking about.
Apheori (GM): Don'tletthemseeyou'reafraid.
Rhu: Frezak: "4 vs Fort" means "1d20 + 4 vs Fort", right?
Frezak (GM): yup
Apheori (GM): How do saves work?
Bear Soup Guy: Okay
And that's vs the opponent's fort then
Frezak (GM): Saves are: if you are under an effect that says 'save ends', then you roll a D20 at the end of your turn. 10 or higher, and you're cured.
Apheori (GM): This... is different from previous editions, isn't it?
Frezak (GM): Yes, opponent's fort.
Correct, Names.
Bear Soup Guy: Okay
Apheori (GM): Errrngh.
Bear Soup Guy:
rolling 1d20+4
Frezak (GM): Before you had to make a defensive roll in reaction to someone casting against you.
Bear Soup Guy: ^ vs Fort
Of the archer
Apheori (GM): So now what?
Frezak (GM): You check the Archer's Fortitude.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
What do I do with it?
Bear Soup Guy: If it's lower than 21 I hit
Frezak (GM): If the number he rolled is equal or higher, you tell him it hit.
Apheori (GM): You hit.
Bear Soup Guy: Awesome
Rhu: Woohoo!
Frezak (GM): ANd he tells you what happens.
Apheori (GM): Right.
What happens?
Bear Soup Guy: Okay!
rolling 1d8 + 4
That is the attack
And it also pulls him two squares
Frezak (GM): So. Bear Soup Guy indicates what square teh elf ends in.
He can move it 2 squares towards him.
Bear Soup Guy: Right
That one
The two diagonals
Close enough
Apheori (GM): >.<
What's the 7?
Bear Soup Guy: Damage?
Frezak (GM): If you're using the hand tool, hold left-click to ping a square.
Bear Soup Guy: Oh, sexy
So once more
Apheori (GM): How did it get pulled, anyhow?
Frezak (GM): Magic?
Bear Soup Guy: Because I hit him with thorns
And the thorns are on vines
And the vines pulled him
Apheori (GM): Scary range.
Bear Soup Guy: Indeed
Apheori (GM): With vines.
You doing anything else?
Bear Soup Guy: What else can I do besides moving and attacking?
Apheori (GM): No idea.
Rhu: That is a very cool attack.
Bear Soup Guy: I know, isn't it?
Rhu: You get one minor action. Check to see if you have any.
Bear Soup Guy: Okay
Frezak (GM): You can change into an animal as a minor I think.
Bear Soup Guy: That appears to be correct
I think I'll stay and Elf for now though
Apheori (GM): Okay, goblin throws a javelin over the rock at Rhu.
This happens too often.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 +6 vs ac
Ganelon: Becoming desensitized to the complaints of your players is also an important part of being a DM.
Apheori (GM): I think it hits, does 4 damage, and dies.
Am I wrong?
Rhu: Yes, yes and yes.
Apheori (GM) grins and Gan.
Apheori (GM): At.
Can you move this beetle? Or lock out his oppie?
Because i'd love to get up on the archer.
Ganelon: I can.
Alright, I'll move into this bush first.
Thundering Armor on the Gravekeeper.
Frezak (GM): Skinny old guy in a bush.
Bear Soup Guy: Do bushes provide cover?
Frezak (GM): Call me gravy.
Bear Soup Guy: heh heh heh
Ganelon: [Implement Attack]
rolling 1d20+5+0
[Thundering Armor]
Primary target gets a +1 power bonus to AC until EONT.
13 Thunder damage.
Push the secondary target 1 square away from the primary target.
Frezak (GM): fuck yeah
Rhu: Damn.
Radek cackles wildly.
Apheori (GM): Sorry, had to get lunch.
What's going on?
Bear Soup Guy: I have to go fix my idiot neighbor's stupid wireless card
Frezak (GM): Radek did magic.
Bear Soup Guy: So I might not be back because I have to do other stuff today too
Frezak (GM): gah
Bear Soup Guy: But I found this extremely cool and educational and I got to lasso an archer
Apheori (GM): >.<
Ganelon: Well.
Apheori (GM): Well, this was progress.
Bear Soup Guy: It sure was
Ganelon: Even if we're stopping, Apheori, could you please push that beetle next to the Gravedigger down a square and deal the damage?
Frezak (GM): If Gan has Greibel's sheet, we can carry on? >.>
Bear Soup Guy: heh heh
Ganelon: I could do that.
Bear Soup Guy: Well if we're going another round of turns I might be back for that
Apheori (GM): We also need to figure out when to meet next.
Bear Soup Guy: Actually no, it's 11:30 so I have to shower and stuff
Next Friday?
Rhu: This is definitely progress.
Apheori (GM): No sooner?
Bear Soup Guy: I could probably do sooner
Ganelon: I certainly could.
Frezak (GM): I have no life, so I can do whenever.
Bear Soup Guy: Okay, I have to go, so Isarra you can tell me later what day, or we can talk about this later tonight or tomorrow or something
Apheori (GM): Let's do monday!
Rhu: What day is today?
Bear Soup Guy: Okay let's do monday then XD
Today is Saturday
Gaurav: Then I can do Monday.
Bear Soup Guy: Yeah I guess I can do Monday too
And then actually that's better because I just remembered I have Christmas stuff for like a solid week after that
Gaurav: I'm out of town Wednesday through next Monday, so I won't be able to D&D then. But please go on without me! I'll get back in when I can.
Apheori (GM): Frezak: Did you attack that thing?
Bear Soup Guy: OKAY BYE GUYS
Frezak (GM): Radek did.
Apheori (GM): BYE,
Frezak (GM): I was resolving the effects.
Apheori (GM): Ah.
Gaurav: Good night everybody!
Ganelon: Put a "+1 AC" icon on yourself too, Frezak.
Apheori (GM): Cool.
Frezak (GM): You're going too, Rave?
Gaurav: I dunno.
Frezak (GM): >.>
Gaurav: I'm planning htings with my sister.
I can linger.
Let's play through to the end of the encounter?
Apheori (GM): Or at least the round.
Gaurav: Or until someone dies.
Frezak (GM): I WANT TO.
So, the beetle has a close blast 3 power.
Apheori (GM): Ah.
Frezak (GM): That means it can attack a 3X3 grid touching it.
Apheori (GM): This chat thing is awful.
What's clost blast?
Is that what colour spray was?
Gaurav: "close blast" = blast centered on the character itself of the radius indicated.
Apheori (GM): But what does it mean?
Gaurav: brb afk 5mins. Sorry!
there's also "close burst", which points in a particular direction. Or is it the other way around?
Frezak (GM): other way :P
Apheori (GM): So it could hit that square?
Or what?
Frezak (GM): as long as the 3X3 grid is touching the casting token.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Okay, so that on Gravy...
Frezak (GM): Awesome.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 4 vs reflex...
Frezak (GM): I deflect it with my shovel.
Apheori (GM): What's your reflex save? Now I'm curious.
Frezak (GM): I have... 13 reflex.
Apheori (GM): Ah.
Can it still scuttle away?
Frezak (GM): sure.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Frezak (GM): dead cutter.
Apheori (GM): Dead.
I try to chat, but the turn thing is still selectedso it switches turns.
Frezak (GM): >.>
so what does the other bug do?
Apheori (GM): Attacks!
Frezak (GM): EAT RHU.
I bet he's delicious.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 4 vs reflex on Rhu
Frezak (GM): that looks like a hit.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 3d6
For 9 damage.
Frezak (GM): He's not here, so you can take the 9 off.
Apheori (GM): Does he have that retribution thing still?
...whatever it was.
Frezak (GM): It's once a turn.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Oh, right.
Frezak (GM): And he's at half HP, so bloodied.
I'll use the red dot for that.
Apheori (GM): What's the significance of that for him?
Frezak (GM): I don't think it does, for him.
Actually, I don't think any of us have special bloodied things.
Apheori (GM): Okay. So it's just a dot and might affect attackers' responses?
Frezak (GM): Correct.
Did it move?
Apheori (GM): What?
Frezak (GM): Did the bug move?
Apheori (GM): Oh, yes.
Frezak (GM): I can't recall.
My turn, then?
Apheori (GM): Yes.
Frezak (GM): So, gan.
Bug or archer?
Are there only 2 of 5 people here?
Apheori (GM): >.<
Frezak (GM): Bah.
I'll go and mooove.
and cast my Roots of Stone encounter power.
Apheori (GM): Whazzat?
Ganelon: Hm.
Frezak (GM): CLose burst 1 means I hit anyone touching me.
One attack roll per target, so i'll start with the archer first, and then the goblin.
rolling 1D20+6
rolling 1D20+6
Against AC.
Apheori (GM): Hits both.
Frezak (GM): Awesome.
[Roots Of Stone]
Burst 1 Vs AC
Effect: Zone until EOYNT
Frezak (GM): Targets leaving the zone are knocked prone and take 4
And I'll Mark the archer dude.
Apheori (GM): What's EOYNT?
Frezak (GM): So they both take 13, and if they leave that zone before the end of my next turn, they're knocked prone.
End Of Your Next Turn.
Apheori (GM): Ah.
Frezak (GM): Means archer dude is fucked.
Apheori (GM): Aww/
Frezak (GM): And he's marked.
Apheori (GM): With love.
Frezak (GM): And my turn is over;
Gaurav: Is the archer dead yet?
Frezak (GM): His love is MINE.
Apheori (GM): Dammit.
Frezak (GM): Bloodied, though.
Apheori (GM): Stupid turns.
Oh, right.
Gaurav: As indeed am I :-/
Luckily I've go just the power for that
once the Elf does his thang
do Elves thang?
Ganelon: I can fix that for you, too.
Frezak (GM): At the very least, bloodied monsters indicate that you've been hurting them.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 7 vs ac on rhu
Gaurav: eeks
Frezak (GM): Wait.
he's marked.
Rhu: Son of a ...
Frezak (GM): SO I get an interrupt.
Apheori (GM): So you hit him, yes?
Frezak (GM): I get the attack BEFORE his finishes rollng.
Apheori (GM): Or what?
Frezak (GM): Soo
rolling 1D20+8 vs AC
Apheori (GM): Miss.
Frezak (GM): bah
I have that magic thing?
A +2 after a roll or something?
Apheori (GM): What does it do?
Frezak (GM): Not sure. Some Artificer thing.
Ganelon: Yes.
You have it.
Frezak (GM): I'll spend that, then.
To add +2 to that roll?
Ganelon: Yes.
Frezak (GM): 15 AC?
Apheori (GM): You can choose NOT to spend that? o_O
Okay, roll for damage.
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D6+4
And he is knocked prone.
Ganelon: The way it works is that he can choose to make one attack roll with a specific weapon/implement 2 higher whenever he likes.
Apheori (GM): That makes no sense.
Frezak (GM): It's a magic backswing power.
Ganelon: It's magic weapon augmentation.
Rhu: Is that only once an encounter?
Or can he use the +2 any time he likes?
Frezak (GM): Is this symbol the one we use for prone?
Ganelon: I pick the weapon that gets augmented in-between fights and can only do it at the start of a day and once more every two fights.
So at the end of this one, I won't be able to use it on anyone's weapons, but after the next fight I could.
Yes, it is.
Apheori (GM): Do you see a better one?
Frezak (GM): Okay, so being prone is -2 to attacks. Being marked is -2 to attacks that do not include me.
Gaurav: The half-heart might be a better "bloodied" icon than the red dot.
I'm not sure what the unhappy egg represents but it can't be any good.
Apheori (GM): The red dot is pretty clear.
Frezak (GM): Does... 18 still hit?
Apheori (GM): In that I figured it out.
Frezak (GM): Rhu?
Gaurav: Oh yeah
my AC is only 16
Frezak (GM): I TRIED, MAN.
Rhu: you did good, Gravy. you did good.
Rhu closes his eyes and waits for the arrow to hit
Frezak (GM): I just smacked him with my head, actually.
Apheori (GM): Rhu, you idiot, you tried to dodge; you just weren't fast enough.
Rhu: How much damage did that do?
Apheori (GM): Er, right.
Do the prone/marked things affect damage, or just hitting?
Ganelon: Hitting.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d10 +4
Rhu: Gurk.
Apheori (GM): You're dead!
Or something.
Rhu: I forget how the death rules work.
Apheori (GM): Well, not quite, but...
Frezak (GM): oh dear
Rhu: I think I'm unconscious first? Or something?
Frezak (GM): Yeah.
At the beginning of your next turn, roll D20.
20 lets you spend a surge and get back up.
1-9 is a strike.
3 strikes and you are really dead.
Rhu: Sweet.
Rhu crumples to the floor.
Rhu crumples to the forest floor.
Apheori (GM): Is it possible to finish them off?
The Gravedigger: MORE BODIES TO BURY.
Frezak (GM): Yes.
Apheori (GM): How?
Frezak (GM): You can walk up and poke him.
Rhu: o.0
Frezak (GM): Coup De Grace, since he's unconcious.
Frezak (GM): +5 to hit from being unconcious, attack deals max damage.
Apheori (GM): Ajem.
Ganelon: They also fall prone, of course.
Frezak (GM): If he hits negative bloodied value, he also dies.
Gaurav: Running with ... what?
My bloodied is 13, so I'm dead when my HP hits -13
exciting times
Frezak (GM): Yep.
Gorram elves, am I right?
So does the archer do anything else?
Rhu: "Gorram elves", Rhu mutters weakly.
Apheori (GM): What else can it do?
Rhu: standard, minor, move
Frezak (GM): Stand up?
Rhu: oooh
Apheori (GM): Oh, good point.
Gaurav: right
Frezak (GM): And then quake.
Rhu: "You ... show him, Gravy ..."
Rhu tries to pull himself up on the rock next to him, but falls over.
Apheori (GM): So the elf gets up...
"Pathetic," the elf mutters.
The Gravedigger: Get back down. Your grave awaits.
Frezak (GM): So is he done,
Apheori (GM): Right.
Rhu: 1d20
rolling 1d20
Frezak (GM): Could be worse.
Rhu: So no strikes, but I stay dying and unconscious?
Frezak (GM): yup.
radek will get you back up, though.
Rhu breathes into the grass turning red with his blood.
Frezak (GM): Ew.
Apheori (GM): Sounds like something out of Twilight.
Gaurav: I'm dying, give me a break.
Frezak (GM): If you sparkle I'm cutting off your head my next turn.
Apheori (GM): Now you just need to add some self-deprecating introspection...
And flowery descriptions of your true love.
Who is probably Gravy.
Apheori (GM) runs.
Rhu is dying, unconscious, struggling to hold onto life, but by all that is holy he is NOT sparkling.
Frezak (GM): "She was sweet, like this grass. But like the grass, she is soiled by my tainted blood. Oh, woe."
Ganelon: Right then.
Gaurav: Gravy? The guy who keeps advising him that if he lies flat the rigor mortis will be much easier to deal with when fitting him for a coffin?
Ganelon: I can't actually move Greibel but if I'm in charge of his actions...
Frezak (GM): just point.
Ganelon: Call Forth the Spirit Pack.
Frezak (GM): dat pack.
Ganelon: Beetle, then elf.
rolling 1d20+4
rolling 1d20+4
Frezak (GM): What.
Did you just blow his Red?
Ganelon shrugs.
Ganelon: Evidently.
Apheori (GM): What does this mean?
Frezak (GM): Means he rolls bad.
What's it against?
Ganelon: It's a once-per-fight power.
Frezak (GM): gah.
Apheori (GM): So same roll for both, or what?
Frezak (GM): One attack roll per target, single damage roll.
But he whiffed both.
Apheori (GM): Ah.
Frezak (GM): So is that it for Greibel?
Ganelon: Yes.
Apheori (GM): Is that elf wearing leaves?
Frezak (GM): Possibly.
Apheori (GM): Snrk.
Frezak (GM): He really likes leaves.
Apheori (GM): Triangle math is the worst.
Frezak (GM): So when the bugs go, roll a D6 to see if their fire recharges.
Ganelon: First things first. I toss a syringe at Rhu.
Frezak (GM): Throwing-dart syle?
Rhu: (Does that mean I get to spent a healing surge?)
Rhu the syringe embeds itself into Rhu's face
Ganelon: Yes.
Set your HP to 0.
Then add your healing surge value +2.
Frezak (GM): The adventures of Rhu the Syring.
Ganelon: Don't spend a surge to do this.
You just get HP.
Frezak (GM): Badass.
Ganelon: You are no longer unconscious or dying.
You're still prone and bloody.
Rhu: Guys it was a syringe named Rhu. What are the odds?
Frezak (GM): FATE.
Rhu: Aye. Thanks a million!
The syringe literally had my name on it.
Frezak (GM): >.>
Radek: Well, of course it did.
A little customization never hurt anyone.
Except for elves.
Apheori (GM): I'll be sure to try to prove that wrong.
...wait, you are elves.
Ganelon: Alright, that was my minor action..
I think I'll take aim at the beetle.
[Weapon Attack - Rifle]
rolling 1d20+3+5+0
What's its AC?
Frezak (GM): low
Apheori (GM): Hits.
Ganelon: [Scouring Weapon]
13 Acid damage.
The target takes a -2 penalty to AC until EONT
Frezak (GM): nice
Apheori (GM): Which beetle?
Ganelon: Put a thing on it to indicate that its AC is lowered.
Frezak (GM): UNderbarrel acid grenade launcher?
Ganelon: I'm thinking hollow ceramic bullets.
Frezak (GM): Fancy.
Ganelon: And I'll convert my move action into a minor and use it to reload.
That ends my turn.
Apheori (GM): Okay. Explain the recharge.
For the beetles.
Frezak (GM): Beginning of your turn.
Roll a D6.
Apheori (GM): Yes.
rolling 1d6
Frezak (GM): 5 or 6 recharges the power and makes it ready to use.
Apheori (GM): Hey, this thing can get to Rhu?
Rhu: Technically, it's the beetle further away from me whose turn it is now.
Apheori (GM): And it's IN RANGE.
Frezak (GM): yeah, she just measured the distance.
Rhu mutters, "goodbye, cruel world" under my breath.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d10 + 4
rolling 1d20 + 4
Rhu: vs AC?
Apheori (GM): Helps if I roll the right die.
What's the bonus attacking a prone?
Frezak (GM): +2.
Ganelon: 2.
Apheori (GM): Okay, you survive... FOR NOW.
Rhu will take what he can get as the fire beetle's attack narrowly missed him.
Rhu: misses* etc.
Apheori (GM): Okay, no recharge on that one either, so it goes to try to bite Rhu as well.
Frezak (GM): what did you do?
Apheori (GM): I accidentally deleted it because the chat thing wasn't selected again, didn't I?
Rhu glares at the beetle until it vanishes into thin air.
Frezak (GM): Ctr-Z ?
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d20 + 4 + 2
Rhu: hang on
do I get an attack of opportunity as it moves from the stone to right next to me?
Frezak (GM): I tihnk so.
Apheori (GM): How?
He's flat on the ground and it came at him from behind a rock.
Frezak (GM): It moved out of an adjacent square.
Rhu: If an enemy moves from one square next to you to another square next to you, you get an attack of opportunity.
Apheori (GM): It had a rock.
Rhu: You could just have the beetle stop on the rock. Then I don't get it.
Frezak (GM): If it can walk over the rock, then he can see it.
Rhu: It came over the rock, and I whacked it as soon as I saw its head.
Apheori (GM): It went around the rock. >.<
Frezak (GM): right >.>
No, that's fine.
Rhu: okay, yeah, that works. continue!
Apheori (GM): aSDHFj
This chat thing is horrible.
Like... awful.
You can't even click on the chat thing in general, no, it has to be the specific box...
There don't seem to be any standard hotkeys to trigger it either...
Rhu: So that was 15 vs AC including +2 for being prone, right? Or do you want to reroll?
Apheori (GM): I should be moving each... er... square. Yes.
Yeah, I think that was it. Did it miss too?
Rhu: Yup. 16 AC.
Frezak (GM): wow.
Rhu phew
Frezak (GM): You have lucks.
Rhu: As many lucks as one can have when surrounded by a goblin corpse and two angry fire beetles, yes.
Frezak (GM): Right.
I'll smack this dude.
rolling 1D20+6
Rhu: Could one of the GMs give the other fire beetle its initiative of 3 again? I suspect we'll still be playing.
righteous smack
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D10+4
And I gain 4 temporary HP.
Rhu: YES
Rhu kicks my feet about in a celebratory fashion
Frezak (GM): Then I will move.
And take the opportunity attack.
So roll that bite.
Apheori (GM): Opportunity attack?
Frezak (GM): He gets a free bite as I walk around him.
Apheori (GM): Oh.
How does that work?
Frezak (GM): Just make a bite attack.
Apheori (GM): Oh, I got that wrong before. It's +5.
Rhu: If you move from one square adjacent to a character to another square also adjacent to the character, the character gets to interrupt your move and make an attack.
Apheori (GM): 22 vs what?
Frezak (GM): 22? What?
Apheori (GM): I rolled a 17 and added 5.
Sorry, lazy die.
I'm lazy.
Frezak (GM): says AC on the box, so AC.
That hits.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 2d4 + 2
Frezak (GM): Barely felt that.
And I will Mark both these guys.
Apheori (GM): I'm surprised you feel anything.
Rhu: He feels deep sadness when he sees an inadequate grave.
Frezak (GM): And my turn is over.
Gaurav: Those heart logos are the cutest.
Frezak (GM): oh, wait.
I had 4 temporary HP from my Stone Strength attack on the elf.
So I only took 3 damage.
Temp HP sit on top of ordinary HP and get substracted first.
And NOW my turn is over.
Rhu: I can change my move into a minor action, right?
Frezak (GM): Yes.
Rhu: So I stand up as a minor action. No longer prone!
Frezak (GM): Standing is a move action >.>
Rhu: oh
then I use my move action to stand
Can I spend a healing surge as my minor? Is this what they call a "second wind"?
Frezak (GM): Second Wind is a standard >.>
Rhu: hmm
Frezak (GM): But it DOES give you +2 to all defences for a turn.
So if you stand and Second wind, they'll have a tough time biting with my mark on them.
But the fire will hurt >.>
Rhu: Fire always hurts :-/
This is a practice encounter, right?
Frezak (GM): Yes?
I mean, we can say it happened as we were on your way somewhere or something.
Rhu: I have a daily that lets me spend a healing surge as an effect.
Frezak (GM): But if you die, you won't DIE.
Rhu: Are these fire beetles minions?
Frezak (GM): gods no.
Rhu: sigh okay
I'll use my standard for a second wind
Frezak (GM): Radek shot one with an acid bullet.
Rhu: so I spend one healing surge and get a +2 until the EOMNT?
Apheori (GM): Just stab them.
They'll die.
Problem solved.
Rhu: I don't care too much whether they die or not. I do care that both beetles are guaranteed to attack me, given that it's either me or Gravy and Gravy is built like a rock.
Frezak (GM): That's what Second wind does. As well as the HP.
They have a penalty to attacking you.
Rhu: Healing surge gives me 6 HP, so I am no longer bloodied! Could you please remove both prone and bloodied icons from me, please?
Apheori (GM): If you kill them they can't attack you.
It's kind of a... rule.
Frezak (GM): You can do that yourself.
Click the token and then the white dot on the bottom right.
And add some fancy shield thing.
Rhu: oh it scrolls
okay hmm
so I have a minor left
Apheori (GM): Yeah, the ui styles they used could be better.
Rhu: I turn to the beetle has the lightning strike on it (the one right behind me) and swear an Oath of Enmity on it. Until one of us dies, I am foresworn to end its existence in the most painful way I can find.
and that is the end of my turn
it's nice to not be lying on the grass bleeding to death
Ganelon: Will that be all?
Rhu: Yup! End of my turn.
Ganelon: Greibel turns into an animal of unspecified nature.
Rhu: A wombat.
Ganelon: (I wish he had specified)
Frezak (GM): I don't think he can stand on that square.
Ganelon: Charge and pounce.
Apheori (GM): Rock.
Well, he could.
But it'd probably take a bit of effort.
Ganelon: Better?
rolling 1d20+4
He probably misses.
Apheori (GM): ac?
Ganelon: Reflex.
Apheori (GM): He misses.
Rhu: Is this a good attack? Once per encounter I can get someone to reroll an attack against my Oath of Enmity target.
Ganelon: Absolutely.
Rhu: :D
Ganelon: Oh, but.
This attack is just an at-will.
Does that someone include you?
Frezak (GM): Het gets rerolls for free.
*he gets
Like, every attack.
Avengers, man.
Ganelon: Ah. Then you might as well use it now.
Rhu: only if they're the only enemy adjacent to me, which is not the case
unless you destroy this beetle
rolling 1d20+4
I'm the best.
Apheori (GM): Snrk.
Rhu: ah well
such is life
Ganelon: That's his turn.
Alright. Rhu, have another syringe.
Surge +2.
Rhu: whee!
Rhu enthusiastically sticks that syringe into my arms
Ganelon: Again, don't spend a surge to heal this way.
Just heal as if you had.
Frezak (GM): If you can slam on beetle off him, I can yank the other.
Ganelon: Which beetle?
Frezak (GM): And i read "Stick that syringe up my anus"
I have a Melee 2 pull.
I can shift and yank.
Rhu: Shift and yank. Damn. Gotta love controllers.
Frezak (GM): I'm a defender.
Rhu: That's a controller-y thing though.
Ganelon: Okay, Thundering Armor on Rhu, targeting the southern beetle.
Apheori (GM): I can have a monster try to stick a syringe up his anus sometime. Would that be wrong?
Ganelon: And I'm a Leader.
Frezak (GM): It would not, Names.
Apheori (GM): Excellent.
Ganelon: [Implement Attack]
rolling 1d20+5+0
vs. Fortitude.
[Thundering Armor]
Primary target gets a +1 power bonus to AC until EONT.
12 Thunder damage.
Ganelon: Push the secondary target 1 square away from the primary target.
Apheori (GM): Hits.
Frezak (GM): bonk
Ganelon: Remove the cracked shield on the other bug.
It expires.
And Rhu gets a shield icon himself, meaning +1 AC.
Rhu: sweet!
Frezak (GM): Damn.
Serious magic.
Ganelon: I relocate.
Frezak (GM): Hide behind the meaty people :p
Ganelon: You know it.
Frezak (GM): That's a bad place.
If these guys reload the fire spray.
Apheori (GM): I think you've moved more than six squares.
Ganelon: I un-moved.
Apheori (GM): I see.
Frezak (GM): R-r-retcon.
Ganelon: There.
Now my turn is over.
Rhu covers his face in preparation for fire beetle mayhem.
Apheori (GM):
rolling 1d6
rolling 1d6
Heh, they're both useless.
Ganelon: Rhu still needs a shield icon.
Apheori (GM): Anyway, this one... which is this one?
Ganelon: Mouse over it in the turn order.
Frezak (GM): what.
I am so taking that guy down.
Apheori (GM): It runs away. Can it run away some more?
Frezak (GM): It can move twice.
By turning it's standard into a move.
Ganelon: Standard actions can become moves.
Apheori (GM): There.
This one gets a 9 to bite Gravy and misses.
Or maybe bounces off something.
I dunno.
Rhu: heh
Frezak (GM): I have a big shield.
And pecs.
Apheori (GM): So it runs away too.
Frezak (GM): um.
We all get opportunity attacks.
Ganelon: It provokes three opportunity attacks, then.
Apheori (GM): fh
Frezak (GM): I'll try to prone.
Apheori (GM): This thing is HORRIBLE.
Ellemerr: Poor bugs...
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20+8 AC
Gaurav: Ellemerr: poor, fire-spewing beetles of death and doom
Frezak (GM): That's 10 damage and it is prone.
Ellemerr: Very poor bug indeed.
Rhu: gasps.
The Gravedigger: BEHOLD YOUR END, BUG.
Apheori (GM): And the rest?
Frezak (GM): Go crazy.
Ganelon: Greibel isn't even armed, so... this won't do much.
Gaurav: haha. he swats at the beetle as it scurries by, I guess?
Frezak (GM): I just flipped it over with a shovel.
Like a pile of leaves.
Ganelon: Normally a beast-form druid could use powers as a replacement for basic attacks (which are used during opportunity attacks)
But since he has none...
rolling 1d20-1
rolling 1d4-1
There's an unarmed melee.
3 damage.
Apheori (GM): Rhu?
Gaurav: I don't get an opporuntiy attack, since it walked away from me.
Frezak (GM): Dudes, you have CA.
It's prone.
We all attack before it finishes moving that square.
Poor bug :/
Gaurav: It never moved from one adjacent square to another adjacent square relative to Rhu. Or did I miss something?
Ganelon: If you start a move while adjacent, it provokes.
If you move into a square and then move adjacent, it also provokes.
And if you make a ranged attack while adjacent.
Gaurav: huh! so I and Gravy should have had an opportunity attack against the first beetle as it ran away from us?
Ganelon: No, because I pushed it away from you.
Gaurav: oh, right
okay, thanks for sorting that out! I am less confused now.
Rhu: My standard weapon maul attack is 1d20 + 2 vs AC, so ...
rolling 1d20 + 2 vs AC
good enough?
Ganelon: You have combat advantage from it being prone too.
Apheori (GM): Yes.
rolling 2d6
Do I get CA +2 on damage as well? or only on the attack roll?
Frezak (GM): Just to hit.
Rhu: aye
Ganelon: Just attacks, yes.
Rhu: so 10 points of damage
Frezak (GM): Poor bug.
Bye bye, bug.
Ellemerr quickly swoops in to steal the bug-on-a-stick for her collection.
Ganelon: I can hit this other one without even moving, or taking a range penalty.
Gaurav: I have a friend who can mount insects.
Frezak (GM): I can't get to him >.>
Ganelon: You know there's no trigonometry in 4E, right?
Apheori (GM): Well, that's daft.
Ganelon: The world is square.
Apheori (GM): And you're traversing rhombuses.
Ganelon: And the hypotenuse of a triangle with two sides of 5 is also 5.
Apheori (GM) runs away screaming.
Gaurav: bolts fire diagonally travel X times further than those fired at right angles to the lines of latitude and longitude
strange but true
(and I think X = sqrt(2) but guys it's 3am here so my brain left a while back)
Frezak (GM): I'm gonna throw an axe at this guy.
Heavy thrown.
Range is 5/10, so i have long range penalty.
rolling 1D20+4
Frezak (GM): That's me done.
Apheori (GM): Rhu.
Rhu: I move six spaces towards my quarry.
Frezak (GM): Damn.
I should have just picked you up and carried you.
Rhu: I use my minor to declare this new beetle to be my new Best Enemy For Life
and then I use my Radiant Vengeance to attack it as my standard
rolling 1d20 + 4
Ganelon: I assume that's a ranged move?
Frezak (GM): He got vengeanced.
Rhu: vs Reflex
ranged 10
Apheori (GM): Hits.
Frezak (GM): I'll want my axe back.
rolling 1d8 + 4 radiant damage
Frezak (GM): NOOOO
Rhu: and I gain 4 temp HP
Ganelon: So, where does the Avenger's striker damage come from? Pure reliability?
Frezak (GM): Yeah.
Rhu: Radek: you can definitely hit this guy from where you are, right? Otherwise I could spend an action point and hit him again.
Frezak (GM): He's dead.
Rhu: oh
Frezak (GM): MONSTER.
Apheori (GM): You killed it. Good job.
Ganelon: I could shoot, minor reload, AP and shoot again, move reload.
Frezak (GM): I'll wipe my shovel clean and start diggin holes. Once I got my throwing axe back.
Apheori (GM): And this chat interface is still horrible.
Ganelon: But it's dead.
Radek: Alright, who wants to make a donation?
Rhu: So if I choose not to spend healing surges, my HP stays at 22 instead of 26 until I sleep, right?
Apheori (GM): Outt of combat, can you basically do whatever?
The Gravedigger: ME ME ME
Frezak (GM): Pretty much.
Unless you have DM reasons to not let us do things.
Apheori (GM): Shiny.
Rhu: Out of combat is the best. We just chat and make stuff up.
Frezak (GM): I have 14 surges a day.
Rhu: And skill checks. Love 'em skill checks.
Radek: Lovely.
Gaurav: I only have 8 ... 7 now
Apheori (GM): A search check to even find the axe?
Frezak (GM): I'm immortal.
Apheori (GM): Or does this still have search?
Frezak (GM): I'd Take 29.
Basically spend a long time unhurriedly doing something.
*take 20
Rhu: I assume the ax is visibly lodged into the beetle's carapace somewhere
Ellemerr: Where the hell are you getting all those surges? O_o
Oh, but you might actually need them. Getting hit and stuff does that. Right. *shifty eyes*
Frezak (GM): I might have just missed it.
Ganelon: During a short rest (5 minutes), all of your encounter powers recharge, and you may spend any number of healing surges to heal.
Apheori (GM): You threw it. You probably know where it went.
You're not THAT stupid, are you?
Ellemerr: ... Seriously that's a lot of surges in my head...
Apheori (GM): ...are you?
Frezak (GM): I have 9 from being Warden. 4 from my con mod and 1 more for being minotaur.
Ellemerr mutters.
Rhu: If anyone's organizing a search party, anyone within 5 spaces gets +1 on their perception checks.
Ellemerr: You're a minotaur?!
Frezak (GM): I'm moderatlely intelligent.
Mechanically, yes.
Apheori (GM): Minotauroid.
Ganelon: Because Radek is a mad Artificer, his healing syringes are refueled by taking surges away from willing allies during short rests.
Ellemerr: ... You look like a thiefling, though. >.>
Frezak (GM): Because I get that badass prone opportunity power.
Apheori (GM): They're all elves.
Ganelon: So the price of you not paying surges when he makes you heal, is someone paying them later while you rest up.
Apheori (GM): He just happens to be of a similar size and general shape...
Demonoid elf.
Frezak (GM): I look like a god of nature.
One that likes holes.
Apheori (GM): You look like a bloody demon.
That likes holes.
Ellemerr: Sounds... uh, lovely.
Gaurav: Why demon? Those aren't real horns ... are they? I thought they were part of the uniform.
Frezak (GM): Nah, they're real.
I use them to poke people.
Apheori (GM): They are real. He's unesca. They look demonic and tend to be quite tough.
Ganelon: The Stranger should heal people like this.
Who needs gods when you have blood transfusions?
Apheori (GM): Blood runs out.
Do gods?
Ellemerr: Shush! You are not touching my gods. MY GODS!
Frezak (GM): eventually.
Ganelon: I don't need your gods!
Frezak (GM): Just less quickly than blood.
Apheori (GM): Ellemerr: Technically they're these folks' gods too.
Ellemerr: You clearly do. In the other other game. Since they're giving me the power to keep you alive.
Apheori (GM): And they're ALIVE.
Ellemerr: Awesome.
Ganelon: I think it would be more accurate to say that they're giving you the power to give me the power to keep you alive.
Ellemerr: I'm looking forwards to jumping into this game at random and... random. Possibly talk to a god at some point. *nods*
Apheori (GM): You can talk to several gods.
Ellemerr: Hah. You might have a point, Gan. Okay, so we all need one another.
Frezak (GM): I don't need anyone.
Apheori (GM): Not evern yourself?
Frezak (GM): Nope.
Apheori (GM): Oh.
Frezak (GM): Because I'm not anyone.
Apheori (GM): I see.
Frezak (GM): I'm speshul.
So, what have we learnt today?
Ellemerr: I need you.
I really wanna find a mic somewhere.
Gaurav: death rules
Apheori (GM): Encounters are scary.
Gaurav: you can attack something if it skitters away from you
people die. sometimes they get better.
Frezak (GM): OAs are super important.
Apheori (GM): How many guards can I reasonably throw at you when folks see Gravy and come to the obvious conclusion?
Ganelon: Are they minions?
Ellemerr: What's the obvious conclusion?
Frezak (GM): I don't look threatening.
I have a shovel.
Ganelon: Because if they're minions, the answer is "a lot."
Apheori (GM): That they're a bad group of outsiders and need to be killed and/or arrested.
Ganelon: Although, I could make him flash-freeze any minions to successfully hit him, so that might become a pretty easy fight.
Frezak (GM): Well, I can outrun the Artificer...
Gaurav: that's a good point, does anybody have good area attacks?
Ellemerr: It also depends on what outcome you want. If you actually want them to get arrested you'll need enough guards that the players don't get their characters killed trying to kill the enemies. Which will likely take a LOT of guards.
Frezak (GM): My daily gives me resist all 3 and slams all my marked guys for 4 when I hit with an attack.
Gaurav: all my attacks are individual only, but I suppose that's a pretty avenger thing to do.
Ganelon: Area attacks, eh?
Frezak (GM): I can just stand there and mow them down.
Apheori (GM): I WANT them to run away, but I can't guarantee they will.
Frezak (GM): I'm very tough.
WHy would I run?
Apheori (GM): Alternately they could get arrested, but they would have to surrender...
Frezak (GM): That doesn't sound like fun.
Apheori (GM): Or they could stand around trying to kill waves upon waves of guards and then get a horrible price on their heads across several kingdoms...
But chances are they'll just die.
Although that would be funny.
If they wind up wanted felons everywhere.
Frezak (GM): It would be weird if we spend all day killing dudes.
Apheori (GM): Oooo, that could be really funny.
Frezak (GM): 4-man Helm's Deep sort of thing.
Apheori (GM): Helm's Deep?
Gaurav: One nice loophole in D&D 4e is that all deaths are optional: if you get someone down to 0 HP, you can choose to keep them alive if you feel like it. So these guards could "kill" us all, and then we wake up in prison with a handful of HP between us.
Apheori (GM): What are the mechanics of reinforcements showing up?
Frezak (GM): Up to you.
Gaurav: Whatever you want them to be.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Ganelon: I've done that before.
The amount of carnage I put one of my parties through with reinforcements was... kind of crazy.
Gaurav: All day killing dudes doesn't sound _that_ fun. It took us a bunch of hours to kill a couple of minions, fire beetles and an elf.
Ganelon: But it does let you have a fight which involves far more than the normal XP budget worth of enemies.
Frezak (GM): I mean all in-game day.
ANd this was slow because of newness.
Ellemerr: Frezak lies. It takes ages anyway. *shifty eyes*
Frezak (GM): SHHH.
Apheori (GM): Less ages.
Especially with a guy with a shovel to mow them down.
I hope.
Frezak (GM): Waaait.
Apheori (GM): >.>
Gaurav: Could we do a couple of skill challenges also? I've always wanted to try some that were more interesting than "you have to pick six locks to open this door"
Frezak (GM): We could just take on the guards and non-lethal all of them.
Ganelon: Anyway, neither I nor Greibel have any area attacks, HOWEVER.
Apheori (GM): Non-lethal? Would Gravy do that?
Frezak (GM): i've never found a way to make Skill Challenges not really weird.
Ganelon: Give me the materials and I can create Alchemist's Fire.
Frezak (GM): I've buried lots of people.
I want to bury NEW things.
Of gravedom.
Gaurav: I read somewhere about a skill challenge which is just all the PCs chasing a MacGuffin down the street, dodging carts, finding the fastest way through the city, convincing people to join them, and avoiding the local police who want to stop the madness.
Ganelon: And I can give Alchemist's Fire to any of you if you can get me whatever I need to make it.
Ellemerr: Bluff skill checks are the best skill checks. Just, so you know.
Ganelon: It lets you do a ranged Burst 1 area attack. Not that damaging but excellent for immolating minions.
I can also modify it to be fired from a weapon.
Unfortunately I don't think it lets me add the weapon's proficiency bonus or damage to the attack, just the range. That... kinda sucks.
I would love it if we could ignore that rule so I could have incendiary rounds.
...Well, actually, I'd need dexterity to shoot those. Never mind.
Apheori (GM): Er.
I know a lot more about plot things than mechanics.
Ganelon: Don't worry about it.
But I can basically make weak firebombs.
Apheori (GM): You guys may need to keep track of those.
Gaurav: Good. Plot's the thing that really makes a game shine for me. Mechanics is just fun along the way.
Apheori (GM): And not... go overboard.
Gaurav: Anywho, since the clock has just struck quarter-past-three-in-the-bloody-morning-o-clock, I should head off.
Thanks for the encounter! See you all 1700 UTC Monday Dec 23?
Apheori (GM): Looks like.
Ellemerr: Keep having good games.
I won't be stalking then but I might back-read. :3
Apheori (GM): I'll bring vodka.
Ellemerr: And back-reading is better if you have good games. So have bloody good games, you hear me?
Gaurav: Do these logs get saved somewhere? They'd be fun to re-read sometime.
Frezak (GM): Yarr.
Ellemerr: Scroll to the top, click the green.
Frezak (GM): the greeeeeeen
Gaurav: nice!
Ellemerr: It is.
I would be so dead in my own games without it. Since I have no memory of my own.
Frezak (GM): None at all.
Gaurav: Good night, everybody! See you Monday!
Frezak (GM): Sometimes she goes around forgetting what species she's supposed to be.
Ellemerr: Even the game I DM is all flailing about looking for notes and checking what I've said in the past...
Frezak (GM): have fun, Rave!
Ellemerr: I'm a species? O_o
Sweet nightmares Rave!
Frezak (GM): "supposed to be"
Apheori (GM): I have notes for these things.
Ellemerr: Oooh.
Apheori (GM): And I need all your character sheets.
For notes.
Frezak (GM): sure
Ellemerr: Character sheets are important.
You can turn moves into minor actions! I... think I might have known that sometime in the past. Now I know it again! Whee!
Apheori (GM): I should probably sort out the story.
Ellemerr: Story turns out to be kind of important.
Apheori (GM): Very.
Frezak (GM): ehhhh
Ellemerr: I'm gonna move from this computer to the laptop. I'll still be on skype but I might not reply to anything until... later. *shifty eyes* Anyway. Uhm.
Ellemerr poofs
Apheori (GM): Byes.
Frezak (GM): She's a poofer.
Apheori (GM): Yup.
Frezak (GM): IN this day an age.
Such poofage.
Ganelon: I'll send you ones for Radek and Greibel.
Frezak (GM): I'll need to see if I have any last-minute changes to make >.>
I will abuse my GM power to show you my childhood.
Gaurav: noooooooo
Bear Soup Guy: O_O
Gaurav: oooh
Frezak (GM): THAT is a bunny.
Bear Soup Guy: HOGS
Frezak (GM): What?
Bear Soup Guy: Wait
Crocodile men?
Gaurav: I think it's a kobold? I assume everything is a kobold.
Or a heavy metal cow.
Greibel: Right on, man!