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General non-comprehensive list of projects I've done/been a part of. This is my portfolio. Very little of this was done exclusively by myself.

The Garden

A set of wikis and services hosted, well, here.

Stuff onwiki





  • CollaborationKit - Extension to set up and manage collaborative workspaces on a wiki. Part of the WikiProject X IEG.
  • Madness - extension to compile and pull lines out of a mega-list database of quotes. Part of a series of bad php/mysql hacks used to maintain the overall list.
  • Screenplay - extension to format screenplays with intuitive legible-source syntax (wrote up specs and styles, parser functionality implemented by MatmaRex)
  • MediaWikiAuth updates and extended functionality
  • Skinperpage fixes (updates for current MediaWiki)
  • Interwiki display improvements and global support (merged in ShoutWiki InterwikiMagic)
  • Flow/UnFlow - designs for discussion extensions that weren't used/never got anywhere

Miscellaneous projects

  • Scripts to grab and import an entire wiki via the API


On-wiki things:

  • WikiProject X - a grant-funded project to research the needs of Wikipedia's collaborative spaces (WikiProjects) and design and develop more flexible and automated solutions
  • A gallery of uploads of picture contributions/edits; other minor fixes, watermark/border/whitespace removals, and simple vectorisations are not included


The server.

  • twm: twm article in twm style
  • Defacebook: If the wiki truly were Facebook, it'd have looked like this
  • SOPA blackout reskin
Other things

Student projects

  • A prototype for an IPv6 multi-nested router configuration, built on OpenWRT and flashed onto several routers to provide a functional demonstration
  • Designs for Synapse - An app for online education participation
  • Paper protypes and user research for Easy Events - A website and app for finding and scheduling events based on location
  • Dead Poet Jokes - a database of jokes that shows jokes based on viewer interest/ratings; was, sadly, populated by other students. Was developmentally sound enough to have unit tests, but not enough to have any useful error handling/logging, and is now completely broken as a result (with no indication how to fix it).