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Alexis Shahanna, 32, had been a teacher not so long ago, but when her parents' health deteriorated and her mom needed a caretaker (dad could handle himself, but not the both of them), as most responsible and least-tied-down child, she came home to help out.

As the oldest of four siblings, Alexis figures she has plenty of experience with nutheads and even went back to deal with further nutheads in the schools, but now she is also secretly kind of glad to be away from them and finally have a break.

She has no experience playing videogames or table-top RPGs, and does not understand her brother Darren who does (and lives in the basement and is apparently completely useless), but even so she joins the game - either to keep her little brother out of trouble or perhaps just to just annoy him.

Alexis plays Diane Hopkins in the game world of Sarathi de.

Diane Hopkins

Character: Diane Hopkins
Nickname: Hopkins
Profession: Paladin
Weapons: Shortsword and staff-gun
Experience: Experienced
Age: 42
Alignment: Lawful Good
Religion/Deity: Murias
Race: Human
Size: Medium
Appearance: Fair-skinned and dark-haired, with her hair always in a braid and smile always at the ready
Personality: Good natured, jokes a lot (in fact finds the entire universe to be something of a joke), in a strict D&D setting Diane wouldn't last two minutes as a paladin. Too practical to do things according to tradition and too stubborn to drop the cause, Diane Hopkins crusades for whatever cause seems the most needed - even if it's just a noodle dinner.
Background: Paladin of the god Murias and a member of the Hallorian chapter of the Adoris na Taliria'tarsis, which not a secret society, merely secretive.

She has a goat named Kelly.