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Gaurav: <>
"Frezak (GM): Gravy would steal the bits of beard that got stuck to the table."
When this game restarts, I insist htat "bits of Radek's beard" go into Gravy's inventory
it might be important
Apheori (GM): Chat has been archived to: http://wiki.zaori.org/wiki/Holes#Sessions
This will eventually be formatted and some of the random chatter removed, but the originals will remain in the page histories.
Frezak: Per guarav's request, I added 'bits of Radek's beard' to your inventory (since you'd said you'd pick them up). Feel free to remove them or whatever if that's wrong.
Frezak (GM): I need some... honey.
Apheori (GM): Oh?
Frezak (GM): To stick the beard to my face.
If i'm going to be Acting Grump
Gaurav: They should have honey in the bar, I guess.
Or you could fall through the floor and stick the beard on with all the gunk in the basement I fell into.
It's very squishy.
Frezak (GM): Somehow that is not an appealing proposition.
Apheori (GM): Rhu tumbled out into space.
I don't recommend it.
Does he go insane?
Gaurav: It's very relaxing.
How long has he been out in space for?
Apheori (GM): Forever.
Gaurav: I think he'd be more likely to go catatonic.
No hunger, no metabolism, no fear, no change.
Apheori (GM): Okay, a few hours.
Gaurav: He'd wait, and wait, and wait.
He'd pray. He'd meditate. He'd sing songs. He'd tell stories. He'd start talking a LOT to himself, except mostly in his head, because of the whole no-air thing.
Apheori (GM): When Ellemerr gets back, I propose Amadi sit on him.
Gaurav: Rhu'd protest if he could, but how would he protest? He's all out of farts.
Oh, you know what?
No metabolism, no hair growth. No hair growth, no beard.
So he's neither mad nor bearded.
Frezak (GM): I forgot that Rhu was undead.
Gaurav: ... so did I, actually. I thought that was the basement.
Apheori (GM): He isn't.
Frezak (GM): Damn.
Apheori (GM): Is he?
Frezak (GM): When you were blind I should have just gotten some fresh eyeballs.
Gaurav: o.0
^- from two different people
or like, one from a cat
no metabolism, no immune system, no organ rejection
Apheori (GM): No organ taking, either. Things need to heal together.
Gaurav: Hmm
I feel like Radek could fix that
with chewing gum and chicken wire
Apheori (GM): EVERYONE.
Rhu is tumbling through empty space in some weird nightmare plane, not really dead or alive.
Gaurav: How long has Rhu been floating in space for now?
Apheori (GM): And I am arbitrarily decreeing that Amadi is sitting on him.
Ellemerr: I can do that.
Apheori (GM): I'ma go with a long time. Several days at least. Long enough for his mind to basically shut down.
Gaurav: Ooo
When did Amadi appear?
Apheori (GM): Rhu: Amadi is suddenly sitting on you.
You may or may not have noticed right away.
I don't know what she's doing. Is she doing anything?
Gaurav: I only have two points of time reference: when I passed out from under the Giant Arm, and then when the Giant Blob disappeared in the distance
Ellemerr: I'm slowly spinning head-over-heels, I think.
Amadi: Wheeeee
Amadi does whatever to make the spinning go faster.
Rhu: HEY!
Wait. Am I shouting in my head? Ow.
You up there. Stop shouting "Whee". I'm trying to sleep.
Amadi shouts "Wheeeee" very quietly.
Gaurav: I assume Rhu hasn't bothered to open his mouth or attempt to take a breath given, y'know, space. I also assume that this doesn't matter.
Ganelon: Where and when are the rest of us right now?
Rhu turns around to look
Rhu: You.
Of course it had to be you.
Where's Dave?
Ellemerr: Where's Dave?
Apheori (GM): You all are probably in the guardhouse. Gravy was sleeping, Radek was doing worky stuff, and Greibel was... also doing something resembling sleep. But now it's morning.
Dave is... elsewhere.
Actually I have no idea.
Should I be concerned? Are you concerned?
Amadi whispers "Elsewhere."
Ganelon: About Dave?
(To Amadi): Also Rhu has to be dead and not in any living realm or you wouldn't be able to sit on Rhu like this.
Ellemerr: Works for me! :P
Rhu: Hmm. I guess that makes about as much sense as anything.
Ganelon: Dave is so far beyond Radek's ability to control that she might as well be dubbed the Quantum Godling.
(To Amadi): Considering he doesn't have the key, and all.
Gaurav: Incidentally, Rhu has been praying every few hours when he remembers to. He remembers less often these days, but I'm going to roll his last religion check just to see how his intergodal relationships are progressing.
Frezak (GM): You can control Amadi?
Apheori (GM): Also Rhu is just sort of talking in his head. Trying to talk. Knowing what he means to say. But no words coming out. Whereas Amadi is actually making words, but it's not quite clear how. Regardless you both can 'hear' each other.
You're, like, in a vacuum or something.
Amadi whispers, "Whyyyy are you trying to sleeep? They say you don't need to sleep when you're dead."
Ganelon: Okay, fair enough, but clearly quantum entanglement is at work here.
rolling d20+9 religion check, but Rhu's long past the point of actually asking Hazz' for anything: it's just a general prayer of blessing for the world or something.
Rhu: There wasn't anything else to do until you came along. I don't know how long it's been. There was a giant blob monster, but it's gone away now.
Amadi bonks Rhu on the head.
Amadi: Why're you here in the first place?
Silly place to be, really.
Apheori (GM): Rhu: You hear laughter from time to time. It sounds a bit like Hazz.
Gaurav: The bonk causes Rhu to start spinning the other way, breaking several really very important laws of physics in the process.
Ellemerr: Psha, important laws of physics. I've no patience for them!
Rhu thinks for a bit. Given Amadi and Rhu's current state of weirdness, this might be minutes or hours or days.
Radek: Alright!
Apheori (GM): Gods, it's dry here.
I had yo spray superglue with water just to get it to set.
Rhu: I guess I could say that it started when you handed me the mask, but it didn't really, did it? In some way I've been heading here my whole life.
Rhu waves at the darkness and the void
Gaurav: Oh oh, sorry, I meant to ask but I forgot: this place isn't like Midnight, in that I can't make this appear by thinking about them, correct?
Ellemerr clambers over Rhu's head to dangle her own in front of his face, peering at him through narrow eyes.
The Gravedigger: Wasn't me!
Amadi clambers over Rhu's head to dangle her own in front of his face, peering at him through narrow eyes.
The Gravedigger: It was totally someoene else that sole your hair.
Amadi: This about Hazz, is it?
Apheori (GM): Yeah, it's more... real. Or less.
Did Gravy actually attach the beard bits to his head? >.>
Radek: Stole my-
Radek does a quick, desperate beard-check.
Frezak (GM): No, he just has them in a bag.
Ellemerr: I'm imagining this whole head-business in chibi style, by the by.
Gaurav: Ellemerr: bear in mind that Rhu's face is (1) blind, so maybe his eyes look weird, (2) but he's wearing the mask you handed him, (3) but it's covered in the remains of some globby viscous fluid with scratch marks in it, and (4) has a faint hint of puke about the lips. So, enjoy.
Does Amadi look hairy to Rhu?
Rhu nods.
Ellemerr: Amadi won't have any problems with that.
Rhu: I think I've worked it out. I think this is a dead end. My dead end. Maybe The dead end. I don't know. I don't think I want to know.
Apheori (GM): She's a lot less hairy.
Radek: ...Never mind! I'm not accusing anyone this morning. Not unless George sees fit to keep us waiting any longer.
Rhu: What I want to know is .. what happened to Azariphale?
Apheori (GM): She's hairy.
Ellemerr: ... Azariphale? Is this something I've missed or forgotten?
Gaurav: Rhu probably doesn't remember exactly how hairy things looked earlier, so he wouldn't notice the difference.
Ganelon: Forgotten, most certainly.
Apheori (GM): Aziraphale was with the party at the initial village and hole (the one in the sinkhole with the tree).
He wound up going mad and diving into the hole, never to be seen again.
Ellemerr: Ooooh!
Rhu: And that cat. The talking one. And the other one in the capsule.
So many loose ends. The story can't end with loose ends. And yet, here I am.
Amadi: Well what are you sitting around here for, then?!
Rhu: Well, here *we* are. Unless I'm imagining you.
Amadi: That's just stupid.
Hm? Oh, I'm here because you're here.
Rhu tries to poke Amadi, except he seems to have forgotten how arms and fingers work.
Gaurav: When are you guys meeting George?
Amadi: ...Though I'm not here because you're here in the same way as I would if Greibel was here.
Amadi nods sagely to herself.
Rhu squints at Amadi, then stops and sighs.
Radek: Where's Greibel?
Rhu: Where is Greibel? And the others? Are they okay? Have they figured out how to cure the Holes yet?
Ganelon: Unintentional!
Frezak (GM): I think I dragged the druid into a room to recover.
Amadi gives a long snrrrk, trying not to sound too judgemental.
Radek: I would ask about Rhu as well, but he has a tendency to /show up/.
Amadi: They're um, getting there. Probably.
Rhu nods.
Apheori (GM): Yeah, Greibel's on a bed sleeping it off. Unless Gravy left him on the floor.
Frezak (GM): I doubt it'd be any effort to pop him onto a bed.
Given my manly muscles.
Gaurav: I've always thought of Greibel as more of a smoking-it-off kind of guy.
Amadi: So, do you intend to just stay here, or...?
Rhu sighs
Gaurav: And I just want to clarify that all these sighs are in his head, because no air.
Rhu: That's what Dave asked me back in ... that place. Arah. She was very upset that I wanted to wait for the others.
Apheori (GM): He's sleeping off what he smoked.
Ellemerr: And the nodding is... also in his head, eh? :P
Bear Soup Guy: He'll gladly partake in some hair of the dog though as well :P
Amadi: Well, it IS pretty disappointing, I must say.
Gaurav: It *is* his head!
Rhu stops trying to poke Amadi and tries to shrug instead.
Rhu: I don't want to try. I don't want to fail. It's peaceful out here. Peaceful and quiet.
Amadi raises her eyebrows, giving Rhu the "Really? That's your excuse?" look.
Rhu: There's so much time to think. It's all I've been doing, thinking. And sleeping. And dreaming.
Gaurav: Has Rhu been dreaming? If not, he's only been imagining it.
Apheori (GM): He's been imagining it.
Amadi: Dreaming? Here? Don't make me laugh.
Apheori (GM): Unless, of course, this is a dream.
Radek takes a moment to blaspheme Hazz in Rhu's absence.
(To Amadi): For all I know that's how you've managed to show up.
Gaurav: haha
Apheori (GM): Radek: Could you give specifics? I want specifics.
(From Amadi): Yeah, but that still makes the idea of dreaming ridiculous.
Frezak (GM): I'm cool with blashpemy.
Gaurav: "Thank fucking Hazz' Rhu's not here"
Bear Soup Guy: XD
Apheori (GM): BSG: By hair of the dog, do you mean Greibel smokes more of the really stinky hallucinogens?
(From Gaurav): oh, you asked me to remind you that Greibel should be able to see into the future or something
Bear Soup Guy: Indeed
A small amount
Apheori (GM): Gravy: The place is really starting to smell awful.
Gaurav: A pick-me-way-up
Bear Soup Guy: heh heh
Ganelon: Well, firstly, he'll start with an utter lack of reverence for the guy.
Talking him down like he's Radek's old college roommate - and like the only way in which he exceeds mortal limits is in his capacity to be a wretched nuisance.
That might not be blasphemy, mind you.
Gaurav: Hmm, I wonder if Hazz' has an ego.
Amadi outlines the mask with a finger against Rhu's skin, grinning slightly.
Amadi: Would you like to dream again? Properly?
Rhu squints at Amadi
Rhu: No.
Apheori (GM): Also, guys, I have to apologise. I just got a new tablet pen in the mail and it's really distracting me.
Rhu: I don't know.
Gaurav: Nice!
Amadi gives an exasperated harumph.
Frezak (GM): Even the godlings have little respect for gods.
I think you can blashpeme as much as you like.
You need a god-killer bomb.
Apheori (GM): I don't even know what is blasphemy around Hazz.
(To Ellemerr): Especially since Hazz' great joke is that his entire domain doesn't actually exist.
Rhu closes his eyes
Rhu: Is there really a way back?
Apheori (GM): Greibel:You're in another room from the other two, right?
Amadi: Do you actually want one?
Ganelon: He'd possibly throw around a few assertions about how "being inconvenient and frustrating" is the "worst domain" and it's not even respectable like a lot of the actually evil gods out there.
Apheori (GM): Heee.
Rhu shuts his eyes tightly, and is silent for a while.
Rhu: I would like that. I would like that very, very much.
Rhu opens his eyes
Amadi grins again, widely and devilishly.
(From Amadi): What effect does the mask have on him? Would it help or harm to take it off?
Apheori (GM): Greeeeibel.
Bear Soup Guy: I can't remember what building we're in
Apheori (GM): You're in the guardhouse.
Bear Soup Guy: So I'm in another room if the beds are in another room
Rhu grins along with her, although he's clearly not sure why.
Apheori (GM): I guess you're sitting on the floor smoking now or something?
Bear Soup Guy: Makes sense
Amadi: So... this dead end is a complete waste of time? Right?
Bear Soup Guy: Sorry, I'm being distracted by Windows not knowing how to handle speakers and apparently being unsatisfied with my activation key
Gaurav: If nothing happens for long enough, Rhu's grin with turn hollow and confused and wrong.
Apheori (GM): Ahahah windows... wait, I was being distracted by it being too sensitive.
Quicky: Greibel: Do you do anything besides smoke?
Greibel sings Push It To The Limit and makes trucker horn cord-pulling motions
Amadi: And dreams are much better. Well, of course they are.
Radek gives Greibel weird looks.
Amadi: But what we want riiiight now...
Ganelon: Wait wait wait.
How GOOD is his singing?
Apheori (GM): What's a skill to roll for singing?
Amadi: Out. Outoutoutout.
Bear Soup Guy: Charisma?
Apheori (GM): Right, roll to sing, add charisma modifier and half-level or whatever.
Rhu starts grinning again at Amadi's evident excitement
Apheori (GM): Or is that already in the modifier?
Ganelon: It doesn't exist anymore. There used to be Perform (various stuff) skills.
Apheori (GM): >.<
Amadi suddenly tears off Rhu's mask and puts it on herself. Unless she takes a copy of it and it actually remains. I'll leave that detail to the GM.
Ganelon: You'd roll 1d20+1/2 level+Cha+(5 if 'trained' in singing)
(To Amadi): Mask lets him see, but turns everything hairy. I dunno what else it does. That's up to you.
Bear Soup Guy: For now I can just do like, 1d20+modifier+half level, can't I?
Apheori (GM): The mask comes off Rhu like the tearing of flesh. His face feels raw with out it, explosed.
Do it.
Gaurav: Aren't you trained in singing? I can't imagine that Greibel has never been in a band.
Bear Soup Guy:
Apheori (GM): Is he trained?
Bear Soup Guy: In singing?
Rhu screams in surprise, then gasps at the rawness of his faces. He reaches up to touch his face, and though his arms still aren't working properly, he gets there in the end.
rolling 1d20+12 heal check to see what's going on with my face
Apheori (GM): Rhu: You feel the shape of the mask still there. It just also feels missing. Your face, that it. You're a bit confused.
BSG: Yeah.
Bear Soup Guy: I don't see "singing" on my character sheet, so...I assume not?
Ellemerr: I think you decide on that right here and now.
Apheori (GM): That. It's backstory.
Bear Soup Guy: Well then
Ellemerr: I know Amadi is trained in it.
Bear Soup Guy: Greibel was in a band in college, and he has sung in many a dank and dirty bar
Rhu looks at Amadi in confusion and fright
Ellemerr: What does things look like to Rhu now?
Apheori (GM): Hairy and weird. With the queen of the hairiness sitting on top of him.
Radek: Come on, we have someone useful to meet. And keep singing that, Greibel. It's quite inspirational.
Gaurav: He knows exactly which plants to smoke to make his voice smokey, deep and rumbly.
Ganelon: If only my gloves included Ghost Sound.
Gaurav: Oh, so Rhu is no longer blind?
Amadi slowly disappears, leaving her grin, Cheshire style.
Apheori (GM): He's still weaing the mask.
Gaurav: oh, right
Apheori (GM): I don't know if he's wearing his FACE anymore, though.
Rhu: Um. Okay.
Apheori (GM): Greibel: Fortitude to not fall over.
Er, not fort.
Strength or something?
Rhu waits for ... minutes? Hours? Days? And then he sighs again.
Amadi 's grin edges slightly to the side, whispering enticingly, "Are you coming?"
Rhu: Oh. Er. Yes?
Rhu reaches out towards the smile
Ganelon: I'll try to incite a Wizard of Oz style musical march to the tavern (in the morning no less - aren't /we/ hardcore).
Bear Soup Guy: Uh, strength roll, right
rolling 1d20+1
Gaurav: Acrobatics? To fall over and catch yourself?
Apheori (GM): Gravy, Greibel: Do you go along with Radek's musical march?
Bear Soup Guy: We march on!
Ganelon: Oh, Radek's not signing. Not unless you tell me he's like Christopher Lee as well as being a brilliant scientist.
Apheori (GM): Rhu: You feel the smile pulling you in, to something. Something different, twisty, and full of hair.
Greibel falls over. This may or may not interrupt his singing.
Rhu goes with it.
Gaurav: I gotta ask: am I literally being pulled into the smile, in between the lips, or is the point of the smile, at one end, tearing a hole in space and yanking me through it?
Radek sighs.
Radek: Could you at least stick to the narcotics that leave your motor functions impaired, Greibel?
Ganelon: That don't*
Sorry, big distinction there!
Apheori (GM): Amadi: You'd have the best answer to that.
Ellemerr: ER.
Apheori (GM): Greibel: It feels like a somewhat large weight just fell on you.
Greibel: Well, I prefer to keep an open mind
Frezak (GM): If he has no motor control he can't get into trouble!
Greibel: Oof!
Apheori (GM): You're not sure where the weight actually is.
Ellemerr: I think it might be both.
Apheori (GM): But it knocked you over.
You can get up by rolling strength again.
Ellemerr: The smile tears a hole, and keeps it open with... itself.
rolling 1d20+1
Ellemerr: Or something.
Apheori (GM): Greibel fails to get up.
Ganelon: Gravy, could you?
Frezak (GM): NO
Apheori (GM): Rhu: You're pulled through into weirdness. You catch a glimpse of Amadi, then suddenly you're somewhere else.
Gravy, don't be a wuss.
Frezak (GM): I'm just going off precendent!
Amadi makes childish "I won" sort of noises at Hazz.
Frezak (GM): Athletics?
Gaurav: ^-- see, that's how you blaspheme Hazz'
Ganelon: Foul recriminations are the best I've got!
Ellemerr: To be fair, Amadi has had a lot of time to practice.
Apheori (GM): Athletics, then.
Does Gravy pick up Greibel?
Gaurav: Greibel: try rolling the weight off yourself?
Bear Soup Guy: a 4 on strength dictates that I failed rolling the weight off of myself, I think
Apheori (GM): Gravy: Do you ignore him?
Frezak (GM):
rolling 1D20+8
Apheori (GM): What do you do?
Is this to pick him up?
Ellemerr: I think it is.
Apheori (GM): Okay.
Gravy picks up Greibel. He feels slightly heavier than usual.
Frezak (GM): Yeah.
Prop him up against a wall.
Apheori (GM): Gavy goes to prop Greibel up against a wall and suddenly finds himself holding not just Greibel, but Amadi and a rather sticky Rhu as well.
Amadi: Wheeeee
Greibel: Oof!
Rhu looks forward, then over this shoulder, then down at the floor. Then he goes down like a felled ox.
Radek: ...
Rhu gasps.
Rhu just lies there.
Amadi clings to Gravy, hoping for more fun riding around times.
Radek: I should have taken /bets/.
Rhu flops around like a dead fish.
Gaurav: Err, dying fish
Ganelon: Of WHAT SIZE?
Gaurav: Rhu-sized.
The Gravedigger drags Rhu and Amadi to the nearest water source
Rhu mutters "I'm okay ... I'm fine ... I can walk ..." while being dragged, while clearly being only barely able to move
Apheori (GM): There's a well in the middle of town. A bit of a pool behind it, for whatever reason.
Amadi goes "Wheeee"
Radek practices his spiteful grumbling.
Gaurav: Okay, by all rights Rhu should now take several hours or days to figure out how to move again given all the time he's spent in space doing nothing, but since that would drag the story down unnecessarily, can we come up with a good/funny reason for this not to be a problem for him?
Ellemerr: Amadi could give him a massage?
Massages do wonders to me.
And she IS part god.
Gaurav: (y)
I thought God was part her?
Ellemerr: Er... Let's leave that open.
Why are we being dragged to the well?
Gaurav: I think 'cos Rhu is gross and covered in strange crap. Not sure why Amadi is being dragged along also.
I wonder how Rhu's crap will interact with the silvery stuff we found way, way earlier.
Ganelon: Oh, he's covered in strange crap?
I take a sample!
Also a blood sample!
Gaurav: On his face. Unless he left it behind when jumping through Amadi's smiles.
Rhu: (mumbles) Ouch.
Radek: Oh, suck it up. These aren't even my big needles.
Apheori (GM): He still is gross and stuff, yes.
Ellemerr: So we're dumped in the well or the pond? :P
Radek: So where were you /this/ time?
Not the barkeep's cellar, I imagine.
Gaurav: Rhu is going to ignore all questions until getting Gravy stops dragging him.
Amadi: He was dead and gone!
I got him back!
I'm really clever.
MUCH better than Hazz.
Not DEAD dead, mind. But dead-and-gone.
Gaurav: I think Rhu is going to give up worshipping Hazz' and start worshipping Amadi instead. This is the second time she's saved his life, not counting the time she saved us all from out of Midnight.
Ellemerr: I'm not sure she'll appreciate that.
Gaurav: Eh. I'm not sure Hazz' appreciates Rhu much right now, either.
Ellemerr: Heh...
Frezak (GM): Sure, I'll put you guys down by the well.
And start bringing up some buckets using manly strength.
Rhu continues to flop around, looking strangely happy to see everybody and everything.
Radek: So what's the difference between "dead" and "dead and gone"?
Amadi gives Rhu a stern look.
Amadi: We're not fishes, you know. Not for the time being.
Gaurav: Heh. "Close your mouth please, Rhu, we are not a codfish."
Ellemerr: Yeeees! ;D¨
I love Mary Poppins a lot.
Gaurav: It's an awesome movie!
Ellemerr: It is! :D
Amadi nods to herself, then repeats to Radek, "Mostly emptiness."
Rhu splutters politely
Radek: I see.
Radek plainly does not see.
Amadi has long since given up on explaining anything to Radek.
Ganelon: Worlds apart, these two.
Ganelon: No that's cool.
Frezak (GM): I can perceive science.
Gaurav: That's what having Gravy vision will get you
Rhu is still flopping about, but his flopping seems more coordinated. He tries to take a sip of water, but winces. He reaches up to feel his face.
Apheori (GM): Greibel: d20, please.
rolling 1d20
Gaurav: Well.
Bear Soup Guy: \o/
Apheori (GM): Dammit.
Greibel: You know what Amadi is talking about.
Amadi: What are you talking about?
Ellemerr: Er...
Ganelon: Oh noooo
Ellemerr: The... difference between... being dead and being dead-and-gone. Gravy has been dead. Rhu was dead-and-gone. And those are different. Clearly.
Gaurav: Gravy has been dead?
Ellemerr: *shifty eyes*
Unless it was Greibel. Or both. I think they both might have had some death experiences.
Which would make it simpler for Greibel to understand what she's talking about.
Frezak (GM): I... don't think I've been dead?
Ellemerr: You got holed, buddy.
Frezak (GM): B..b... BUT
Ganelon: It's hard to tell when someone dies!
Like when Radek blew up a hole from inside his portable hole.
Did he die there or just escape the boundaries of the universe?
Gaurav: I was wondering how we'd all survived for so long. Evidently, the answer is ... that we didn't.
Ellemerr: *cackles*
Apheori (GM): Heeee.
So Greibel: All of that, with a bunch of nature of the universe/multiverse tacked on. The deadity, it's another reality. Lots of realities, really, all layered on top of each other. That one had emptiness where Rhu was, and this one has emptiness elsewhere, but everything, really, is mostly emptiness. But some of them, you're dead. Some of them are death. Something something. CHALK.
I drew Amadi.
Ellemerr: You did?
Apheori (GM): I dunno hooooow.
Ellemerr: And yeah, I'm not sure how well Amadi grasps the difference between being IN death and being dead.
Since she cannot do the latter.
Gaurav: But she understands that we can be dead?
Otherwise she'll just take us to one of the Death Universes and, oops. End of campaign.
Ellemerr: She knows it's bad, yeah.
Apheori (GM): http://wiki.zaori.org/wiki/File:Amadi_counter.svg
Ellemerr: She MIGHT not be entirely clear on NEVER GOING BACK EVER.
Apheori (GM): Terrible, I know. >.>
Ellemerr: Whee ^^
She looks so happy
Apheori (GM): Isn't she?
Ellemerr: Most of the time, she totes is! :D
Gaurav: Aww, cute!
Apheori (GM): Er, so Rhu gets washed by Gravy? Is that what's going on?
Gaurav: Rhu has sort of got fine motor control back now, I think.
He's feeling his own face to see if he's still got a mask on.
Also I'm not sure if he's blind again.
Apheori (GM): Rh got massaged by amadi/
Is he wearing the mask?
Ellemerr: He can.
Frezak (GM): Not so much washed as having a bucket of water dumped over him
Rinse and repeat.
Ellemerr: Heehee
Ganelon nods approvingly.
Gaurav: Amadi ripped the mask off his face before he left the Other Place, but could still feel it there. I'm not sure how that's changed, if at all.
Ellemerr: I think the GM said it was still there then.
So I actually ripped off something else entirely, turned it into an exact copy of the mask, and put it on. :P
It could happen!
Apheori (GM): Yup.
Gaurav: Oh! I read that as you ripped the mask off, leaving behind an invisible mask that I could feel over my face.
Apheori (GM): Spoiler: It was Rhu's face.
Gaurav: Which mask was Rhu's face?
Or are they all Rhu's faces now?
Apheori (GM): Nothing, nevermind.
Gaurav: Okay. So. Is Rhu competent enough to walk after -- weeks? months? -- floating in space, or will he need more recovery time/Amadi-intervention?
Also: I should probably leave soon, as I have to be somewhere in about an hour. But I guess Rhu could be put into bed and ignored if need be.
Apheori (GM): I apologise for this not getting anywhere.
Gaurav: ... except for Rhu, who managed to get himself rescued out from an Void Without End.
Ganelon: Nah, it's cool. I'm half-asleep anyways just because of scheduling stuff.
I've been awake for over 24 hours now, I think.
Gaurav: Woah!
How much longer do you have to keep going for?
Ganelon: This session.
Apheori (GM): Man, and I thought I was out of it.
Bear Soup Guy: And I apologize for being many kinds of distracted today
I'm also very grouchy but you can't tell :P
Gaurav: Is that 'cos of the Windows thing or do you have other reasons?
Bear Soup Guy: There's Windows things and I have a cold
And I want to turn the air conditioning on but my mom won't let me
Gaurav: Ugh, sorry to hear that.
Bear Soup Guy: Ain't no thang
Ellemerr: So um. Are we sleeping now?
Well. Am I sleeping now? And Gan, and whoever else needs it?
Frezak (GM): Pffft sleep
Gaurav: I have to eat lunch and then attempt to save this presentation from the depths of despair
Apheori (GM): I had to take out my air conditioner last night because it was in the only not-locked window.
Apheori (GM) shakes a fist.
Apheori (GM): Also man, I think...
Ganelon: Calling it, then?
Apheori (GM): Yeah, sorey.
Ganelon: Nah, it's fine.
Usually my sundays aren't this busy.
Ellemerr: Sleeeeep.
Sweet nightmares all. Thanks for the game.
Gaurav: See you all next Sunday at the usual time?
Ellemerr: Er, no.
I am visiting Frezak. Frezak is being visited by me. *shifty eyes* Or actually we might be back here on sunday. But still... no game.
We MIGHT put you off for all of october, but we'll let you know after that first weekend. Don't expect too much, though.
Apheori (GM): Blimey.
Ellemerr: Yoop.
Gaurav: We could shift off weekends for the month, then, or something.
Or Saturday.
Ellemerr: I'm not promising that would help, though it's certainly possible. :P
But we'll come back to you on it. Promise. Just... nothing for this week.
Apheori (GM): You'd better.
Gaurav: Okay, I gotta run. Let's discuss alternate dates on Skype over the course of the week?
Either way, thanks for the game and see you all when we meet next!
Bear Soup Guy: Bye everybody!