A fragment of the Garden of Remembering

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There was a little dream. Nobody knew who dreamed it, it was so small.
Nobody remembered.
The little dream dreamed itself and wondered. It would disappear.
Only if others dreamed it would it live...
So it dreamed of dreaming and thought of thinking and came up with the world.
It would find the dreamers and the dreams would find it and there they would become lost.
There, they would dream their own little worlds.

The first Alice was a dreamer of the spades.
She held her sword high, sweeping aside all before her in a swath of red.
She cut her path deep, deep into the forest...
And there she lost her way.
Only the path remains. Her dream lies forgotten.

The second Alice was a dreamer of the diamonds.
Quiet and hidden, he sang his song to the dreamworld, binding all around.
Surrounded by roses, many came to listen and dream...
And thus he died, rose in hand.

The third Alice was a dreamer of the clover.
Queen, she possessed a dream of distortion,
Creating a beautiful world for all of her subjects...
She made her country her own, out of the green.
But she could not escape her own rotting flesh,
And it consumed her, dream and all.

The fourth Alice was twins of the hearts.
They brought their curiosity and desire to the dreamworld,
Creating a doorway to anything and everything they could imagine.
Big sister is strong.
Little brother intelligent.
They were an Alice true... but their dream has yet to awaken.