Holes/Session 32.5

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Rhu puts on a mask and attempts to order a drink. He keeps accidentally walking through the bar until he rolls a natural one and falls through the floor instead. He falls into some sort of basement. The Basement of Reality.

There is:

  • A hairy cat embryo
  • Inside some hairy translucent liquid
  • Inside a hairy glass jar

(The hairiness is caused by the mask he's wearing so he can see at all, though that might not be relevant)

He tries to climb up a chute, but a sinister (left-handed) voice scares him and he returns to the room and hides behind a desk with far too many eyes. He starts hearing other, less-sinister voices, and is reassured; after investigating the walls of this room, he realizes that he can tear open splits in the wall relatively easily. He finds a giant toad-like eyeball, peers into some sort of teeth-covered room, and then gently rubs the eyeball, which provokes a reaction. The reaction is a tube opening up while the whole room shakes. Rhu enters the tube inside a rounded crevice, an artery or lesion of sorts

He keeps going. It's getting smaller. It gives when he pushes against it.

<Roll perception: 5+14 = 19> The walls are getting: smoother, muscular, and now they are throbbing (earlier, it seemed like they were moving subtly, but now they're definitely throbbing)

There aren't any eyeballs.

<Heal check: Natural 20> Clinically, you seem to be dead. You're not breathing, digesting, normal body function has stopped. It doesn't hurt. But you don't seem to be decomposing, or being digested by this . He still has scars from the sphinx. He's just not doing anything metabolically. At all.

<Roll 3> Your muscles continue to work. (Yay!)

"Where am I going?"

The voices all stop; it's all silent but thumping and liquid noises. Rhu has to push his way through like poop through the intestine. The further he goes, the harder it is to breather. Luckily, this doesn't matter, as he isn't actually breathing.

Now he's gasping, but shouting: "THIS ... TUNNEL ... HAD ... BETTER ... END ... SOO--"

Rhu uses his passive perception to notice the end of the tunnel. But there's no light. There's a space without any light in it.

It goes down around between 1-20 stories and slopes gently to level. There is an organ (globular and covered in closed eyeballs -- maybe?) suspended with tendons and weird tubes like inside-out tracheas. Everything is hairy, and covered in streaks of teeth.

Rhu sticks his head out through the hole, and a glob of viscous fluid falls on him. He pukes. Once he's done, he rolls down the slope. In response, the organ eyes start opening in the suspended organ above. Rhu shouts at it, but there's no response. He looks around for some way out, and sees several holes of different sides. One is Rhu-shaped. He picks that one.

He crawls as far as he can. Eventually, he can no longer crawl on all fours, but can stand and squish his way through as there is space for his head. He crawls, and crawls, and crawls, and eventually falls out into a void.

He tumbles out into a void. It's not dark, but bereft of surface, and therefore of hair. He emerges from a giant blob with one arm hanging off of it and reaching out over head. No skin, but fingers like tentacles. Rhu prays to Hazz'. Hazz' makes him aware of how much time has passed. Thank you Hazz'.

The further he gets, the more massive the blob appears. He tries vaguely to stabilize himself, but eventually he just lies there. As he gets further away, the hair becomes less well defined, which is weird and anti-physics. (He's seeing with hair)

He farts. It slows him down slightly.

Eventually he can no longer see the blob. He is now entirely alone. With his thoughts. He has reached a Dead End.