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Uh... everything? Buggrit.



  • Blacklight - (planned) shiny black skin
  • OpenMedia - (planned) simple, bold blue skin


  • Madness - extension to compile and pull lines out of a mega-list of quotes. Not finished.
  • Screenplay (with MatmaRex) - extension to format screenplays with intuitive legible-source syntax
  • MediaWikiAuth updates and extended functionality
  • Skinperpage fixes (updates for current MediaWiki)
  • Interwiki display improvements and global support (merged in shoutwiki interwikimagic)
  • Flow/UnFlow - designs for discussion extensions that weren't used/never got anywhere.

Miscellaneous projects

  • Scripts (with Jack Phoenix) to grab and import an entire wiki via the API
  • General project to move all skins out of core and get them on the same basic level of support as extensions
  • Random patches everywhere