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Concept of a rather cheese-like world where the predominant colour is yellow. Spongy ground occasionally gives way to massive sinkholes. May or may not be any water involved. Anywhere.


Moon from which the modern Human empire supposedly originated. Radical historians claim that's bunk; say it's too pretty for that to make sense. Others say, 'Dude there's an ocean of blood. Like, a real ocean of blood. Wouldn't you leave?'


It is very red.


Concept of a world that probably doesn't exist anymore, and possibly never did. Appears only in dreams and memories, and tends to involve a fair amount of glowing stuff.


Homeworld of Iera kanai elves. Very superstitious lot; managed to chronically avoid an entire continent on the opposite side of the planet for thousands of years for no recorded reason. Lots of purple stuff in the soil, and tints also appear in the atmosphere especially around dawn and dusk. Theorised that this wasn't originally the case and it probably came from a very purple moon that was pulled into orbit after the planet's formation.

All images were rendered in terragen.