Compendium:Dream 207

A fragment of the Garden of Remembering

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It is a dream of sand, of a vast plain, a vast desert, a vast sea. It is any of these, and all, simply soft particles glittering in every direction, rising in waves and dunes and hills, falling into darkness and shadow. The sky is dark, and there are no stars, only clouds that glow and fade in the night, a softness that fills the world with a single colour. Blue. Blue. Only blue.

It is peaceful, quiet, and not quite right. We know the blueness, for we have come here often. We know this place like a second home, if only we could name a first. If only we could name it. But we know it, and it has changed. Gone are the seas that shaped the land. Gone are the mountains that held their fury. Gone are the stars that watched so silently. Gone is the name, erased from memory. Gone is the heart, the sorrow, the soul. It is old, it is dead, desolated by time, faded from memory, visited only by those who are likewise faded.

Insustantial. Memories. Whispers. Shadows. Clouds that drift away...

In this dream, we, too, fade to dust...