Compendium:Dream 1352

A fragment of the Garden of Remembering

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You dream of raisins. You're counting them. You need to have a very exact number, or Mrs. Balshmere will be quite displeased, and Mrs. Balshmere is the scariest Kanai you've ever know, and you've probably known every scary Kanai who lives on the island. You seem to have a knack for finding them, and pissing them off, and then running away, and raisins.

The raisins don't want to be counted. They keep moving away as you get to the next one, and no matter how hard you try you lose count at around one every single time. The chicken isn't helping either. It keeps eating your fingers.

"No, no, eat the raisins," you tell it, but it seems to have gone senile in its old age and won't listen, and then you're out of fingers anyway.

The dream shifts, and you're in a cottage. Have you been here before? It's quite nice, well-lit and airy, full of plants and odds and ends and strange pictures on the walls. You head for the kitchen in search of tea, and suddenly you're there, sipping it, and it's good, normal tea, right and proper, the way you always liked it.

The woman who comes around the corner is Eapherod. She doesn't really look like anything in the dream, of course, but you know her and she knows you and you share the tea in quiet company for a moment.

Then she says, "We really blew it."

You could argue, but you don't.

She goes on, "You'll have to trust her. The Librarian. She was our sister, you know, and now she's all we have left. A sister who doesn't even know who she is. But that's fine. Nobody really does, anyhow."

Suddenly you remember. You remember what it was you needed to tell her, and you begin to form the words to actually say it as she looks on in quiet expectation, and suddenly it all shatters all over again. This was what happened before, when the last time, when the masks were exchanged. Was it a silvery mask, or a lace mask, or...

Who are you?