Compendium:Dream 1340

A fragment of the Garden of Remembering

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You dream of roots. You're trying to dig through them, but it's not working. You try to dig around them, but they move to block your path. Don't they understand you need to hurry, you need to get down there, there's not a lot of time...?

The dream shifts and you're standing in a tree, the same tree whose roots blocked you so adamantly before, now holding you aloft in its leafy branches, high in the sky, well above... nothing. There's just nothing as far you can see, and you can see pretty damn far, just charred ground and cloven earth, horrible rifts and chasms opening up in utter disarray. Utterly shameful. You could do so much better.

Then you remember. You were the one who did it, and now you're there, doing it, digging the chasms, pushing the earth apart, because down there, down there somewhere, is something that shouldn't be, and you need to get it out. Some things must not be buried, some things cannot be buried, so now here you are, digging, pulling, prying at the earth, tearing it to pieces, not even putting the removed earth itself anywhere in the process.

Somewhere in the back of your mind you realise how utterly wrong this all is.

Amadi turns you around with a gentle hand, but this Amadi is as tall as you are. "Come," she says, drawing you away. "You're strong, stronger than anyone. You don't need to do this. You can put it right."

And then she hands you a shovel. It's perfect.